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There is a new shark in town boys!

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his voice sounds exactly like marine very cute!!!

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Got a link?

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Legitimately cute voice and excellent presentation of character. I can almost forgive him being Malaysian.

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Checked. Because OP is a massive cum-guzzling faggot and didn't post the link, here's the debut stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGz0lkcLUME

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Moe is based, i love him.
The only small nitpic i have that very quickly his Tetris with viewers streams turned into flexing battleground of some top tier players and poor C-Rank worm like me just gets obliterated in less than 5 seconds every round.

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>Very funny
Oh no

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Appreciated contribution to this hellhole of a thread.

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My pleasure.

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Is he himself any good?
Could he beat Suisei?

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He's okay, bit above averange but it's not top tier level. Usually gets his ass kicked by others. Definitively not Suisei level.

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>Filtered by a dick.

My sides.

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This dude's pretty cute ngl. His rigging is shit though, did he do it himself? Only the mouth seems to move and it does so in a weird way.

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rigging is bad, why call yourself a shark when you have nothing identifying you as such, cute though. Looking forward to the lewd art of her.

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>height: 3.4 meters (200 cm human size)

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That wasn't even the most kekworthy part of the profile


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Kinda eh personality-wise, would suck his feminine penis, tho

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You know artists don't give a shit. It's cute, it's going to get art of her.

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The character is a male, though. That was my point.

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That's an obviously female voice

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Is this an actual guy or girl I legit cant fucking tell

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I think it might be a Tamaki situation, where the character is meant to be a crossdressing dude, but the person talking is a girl, maybe?

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>I was born with pp.
Fun fact, sharks have two penises.

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You guys really need someone to explain everything?

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nice man, just like artia is a nice woman.

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He sounds Filipino, cool. How the hell is he friends with Chii then?

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Glad I saw this thread before it died

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Subbed for cute benis

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yeah I do

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I can't take the moe!

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man I dont care if this is a guy this is cute as shit

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He has a wife

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holy fucking shit

hither and fucking thither

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I thought I would hate them, because anyone who does a shark now after Gura is obviously just copping the popular thing instead of trying to do something original. But they're actually cute and entertaining unlike Artemis, and I like the design.

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He's streaming now, boys.


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"I am Man"

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It was a good stream

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how does a guy do that kind of voice
is it a tamaki case

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So it is a femboy, noice, Kei has the same problem as Kaoru but I can get behind this shark's voice.

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That or he found a good setting for his voice changer, this is an even higher pitch than Mashiro's.

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That looks more like a gremlin

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Go back

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learn to t-spin and memorize at least one opener playing 40 lines until your fingers bleed

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What's up with the fucking sharks lol? I remember a few monts ago I checked out some indies and found several shark-themed vtubers most of which have debuted within a month before. I mean, I know the obvious answer why it's like that, but it still boggles my mind that there are so many of them.

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It helps that sharks are just a good theme, and (actually a shark or not) shark teeth are top tier. If I were becoming a vtuber I'd avoid a shark theme for the obvious reason, but if it wasn't for that there's like a 40% chance shark-tuber would be within my top 5 ideas

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Is she hot?

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