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>makes pedos seethe daily for over a decade straight
Has any streamer or vtuber ever BTFO subhumans as hard as nyanners? We're talking a large percentage of their "lives" spent just seething at this pink creature.

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bait thread don't reply

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Gura and IryS.
All of Tempus
Most of Nijisanji
All of the above generate unimaginable seethe for no real reason, and it's great. More popcorn is needed.

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can you point to them in the room anon? the ones that are seething i mean
looks like no one cares to me.

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Why is pink cat being spammed daily again? Her numbers dropping?

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How'd she do that?

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i am a seething pedophile.

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low quality bait thread
was it worth it op?

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Making childfuckers like you seethe so hard you reply multiple times is always worth it, sure

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you've lost, the kings of normalfags are lolicons

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Unironically Mori
>Hated so fucking much
>made fun of daily
>It's currently playing persona 3 WHILE being sponsored by atlus
>Had a concert on a stadium for 13k+ people (sold out)
>UMG contract
>Her albums always get top 3 in japan and sometimes worldwide
>Actually goes out with Holo senpais
>Thanks to the fat shaming she's getting into shape again
You can say fuck Mori as much as you want, she just straight up won.

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>Goes on 4Chan the site that Nyanners hates to say this
Are you a fucking retard, go back to Twitch

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>can't beat tempiss playing a shitty MMO

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Gura blew her the fuck out by being a loli and the most popular streamer despite never ever streaming.

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>Conviniently ignores the music, concerts and contracts
You ain't doing yourself any favors.

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Post her income from those.
Oh wait, you can't.

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Not a vtuber.

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Nyan be gaming,

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Aether looks like Destiny? and why is nyanners wearing a dumb mask - her ugly mug is the first thing that pops up in google images

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Damn, she got that hunched over low self esteem stance

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now heres a thread made by a faggot

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>forgetting that she used to pander and bait said pedos

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Bros how could Nyanners betray us like she did....she could've been the Pippa before pippa...

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trying to keep her relevant
nobody cares about this backstbbing whore, so threads needs to be spammed

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Pipshit is a cringe Grifter, who tries to be pre Vshojo Nyan but with 1/10 the edge.

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LMAO fuckin Collinsworth...

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lel, the /b/tards really live rent free in her head
>dump 4chenz for tumblr VA crew
>tumblr drops you, too talentless and no rep to speak of
>become e-girl
>luck into vshojo
>pretend you're worth something
are /b/tards the only comparison where she wins?

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I mean it's bad enough that she's a hypocrite. It's an entirely other thing that she's used goods. I do not watch whores. Especially active whores and not a recovering one.

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What about married chuubas? Besides corpos, there are some comfy indie ones.

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The fact Nyanners is still a thing never ceases to amaze me.
It's like if Boxxy suddenly became a Vtuber.

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Who's to say she didn't become one? Nyanners would've stayed in mid-3view territory if she didn't enter a corpo. Hell, corpos are an automatic 4view ticket nowadays.

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It's because pink cat good.

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Married is fine so long as they don't have a conspicuously whorish history.
Marriage means loyal and dedication, and that is respectable. Bitches who have previously trifled and then marry will almost guaranteed commit adultery, and that is not respectable.

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Remember when Nyanners cucked fanbase insisted she was a lesbian? Lmao.

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I watch nyanners because she’s funny
You watch your oshi so you can fuck her

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Depends. There's this fleshie-turned-chuuba that tried to hide her bf for a while and then gave up, but he's been consistently the same in at least 3 years, and I think they live together.

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Woah, this is as badly done as milhouse. What is this supposed to be? It's as retarded as an anti-drug ad.

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Vtubing saved her from being boxxy status. She was already a washed up has-been before joining Vshojo.

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