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I wish i could meet and charm Risu, date her, impregnate her, all while she continues to play the innocent squirrel girl character on stream. Maybe make her have a ringfit stream and fuck her live on stream while her fans watch without knowing that behind the screen their favorite idol is getting my massive 6 inch cock. She knows exactly what she is doing with all the nut innuendos she does, acting lewd all the time without breaking Indonesian laws. Right on the edge of the line. That squirrel is 100% a freak in bed. Make her cosplay as her Vtuber persona and fuck her while she does her squeaky voice. Giggling and making funny noises like the retard she is while i fuck her ferociously.

Holy shit i wanna fuck the squirrel so bad.

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Animal on bed

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yeb hehe

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Ok, let's get some discussions going here. What's your favorite reason to like Risu? Despite her being my third favorite i still cringe a lot on her exaggerated reactions, but i love her for being frisky. The pop the cherry got me in love with her. Right up there with Marine and Watame. I love this lewd squirrel that can't be explicitly lewd cause of laws and is an absolute retard making weird and random noises constantly.

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Risu slowly grown on me. At first I only though about her as haha funny squirrel that browsers 4chan and can sing well. But the more I watched, the more I liked her personality. The way she loves her prisuners. How she would rather do her own thing than chase numbers. What cemented her as my favorite is that integrity she has. Not bending to demands, singing when she feels like. Having guts to tell people to fuck off if they don't like what she is doing. Never change, based swqurl.

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shes underrated and needs more art

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at first it was her signing voice and choice of games like bastion and coffee talk, her making it look like she's just there having fun with the game and how she can have some serious talk moments later, she's also very creative with several weird stream ideas like the BRR and all the NNN posting while still coming up with stuff to talk about while doing it, also every time she starts humming to the game OST it's absolute heaven, I don't mind if you do few karaokes because those moments have me losing it you funny squirrel

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built for bee bee sea (me)

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When did you guys drop the Ayunda Risu in all fields tradition in the OP? I just noticed it.

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I think it's quiet appropriate that Risu threads are not very organized

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Like oshi, like fans.
But hey, at least those threads are pretty lively!

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Where are the lewds /vt/?

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The banter. Most are trying to be "seiso" and shit so Risu feels like somebody you could actually chill with

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There are so many threads with Risu's pic in the original post, it's making me confused, which is the real Risu thread? Is it this one?

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Risu collab with mtg

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Risu attracts many YEB posters. This is the Risu thread.
Speaking of which, Risu, please open your twitter DMs at some point, I need to speak to you, I promise it's not weird, it's just not something I want to do in public.

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>What's your favorite reason to like Risu?
She feels like she's herself. Feels like most english vtubers are always forcing shit, hoping someone watching laughs and makes an ebin viral clip, but Risu is always chilling doing what she enjoys.
Also the lewds

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just send a super and tell her not to read it

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draw a lot of lewd of her. Maybe some black dicks too, she'll probably follow you after

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you shouldn't send dick pics to vtubers anon

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With hindsight, ignore me, nothing is worth the amount of dickdics you'll get.

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Just write it here in all caps, I'm sure she'll eventually read it that way

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Can't rape the willing

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She would outrape you.

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Be careful what you wish for anon. She would suck your nuts dry

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I've never seen Risu's sad-face before. does she even have one?

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God, I wish I could fuck Risu.

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I like to call her Ayu instead or risu. Sound more innocent name rather than Risu, which is sound like tiny screeching treerat

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no. Her angry face is just angry eyebrows. Think she has sad eyebrows but the smile stays no matter what

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Ohh that's little smiley mouth. I could imagine it sucking my dick. Her cutesy and smug face perfect combination to be raped

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Risu is by far the lewdest Vtuber in the industry.

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God I wish

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If Risu asked you to take her out on a date, where would you take her to?

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I would immediately vomit from nerves than proceed to tear out (what's left of) my hair as I'm a 28 year old virgin that's had no female contact outside my family for over 15 years and have no idea what a date would entail

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You're not gonna get her to take your nuts like that.

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No woman ever will regardless of what I do

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Easy, Strargazing. Risu said on stream she wants to visit a really dark place to see the stars. Plus she will be cold and need warmth, and it will be too late at night to drop her back at her own house.

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She had collab with Gwent as well!

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Why do I think about hurting (pleasuring) this tree rrat sexually?

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You're the one who would get hurt.

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Chubby baby

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Do you like the song?

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So, how the fuck do you get so tired by assembling the desk that you are unable to stream for whole week?

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She is streaming, she just doesn't feel like making a schedule ahead of time for when she does.

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M eliterally

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Fast Risu Bebe

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Risu please stream...

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What is she gonna do with that bat?

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I want to use her lap as a pillow and I don't care what she might do with the bat

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A lot of Risu threads today, huh

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>Risu liked this
What did she mean by that?

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Bros I think I'm Risu

>> No.4180913

It means she will get your ass whatever you like it or not.

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Now i want her to cover this.

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Hey, me too!

>> No.4186995

I want Risu all to myself

>> No.4187109

A gloryhole.

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ogey rrat

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Good morrrning

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goo morrrrrrning risu!

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Predict what Risu's going to do today!

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Risu Bebe

>> No.4214321

Flick her bean while fantasizing about a really fat cock ravaging her virgin asshole.

>> No.4214322

Stream soon

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Holy shit, that's a cute Risu! Even cuter than usual!

>> No.4214676

Risu would you pretend to gag on my micropenis? I know you're reading this don't avoid me.

>> No.4214705

Please use this for the op in the next thread.

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I love games where Risu can unleash her chaotic potential

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Squirrel things with Risu!
Almost 3h stream, what a treat. What other games Risu can play where she can DESTROY thing?

>> No.4218153

I want to DESTROY Risu thigh hole

>> No.4218389

You should try some steam kusoge like "Just Die Already" or "Teardown" I think Risu will have a lot of fun playing those

>> No.4218400

Red Faction: Guerrilla

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Anon are you ok?

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>haha de pun

>> No.4231557

Hey Risu, how is your day?

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she's irrelevant now... what went wrong bros?

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I want Risu to gargle my nuts as I teabag her face while she's in the same position as pic related

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File: 2.39 MB, 640x360, another yeb hehe [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Figahdz.mp4].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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She has awoken!

>> No.4252837

Don't care, still love her

>> No.4252910

Shes not ollie

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Stream onegai?

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The unironic truth is she doesn't really care about staying relevant and doesn't even try to get much attention from clippers or trendchasers anymore. Her fans think this is positive, others can think it is negative. All depends on your perspective.

>> No.4255588

I think she is underappreciated and deserves better. But if she is content with what she has now and doesn't want to put in extra effort to become bigger, I can respect that.

>> No.4257886

She doesn't want to become bigger. She wants us be bigger for her

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No guerrilla today...

>> No.4258282

I'm a big guy for Risu.

>> No.4258427

Don't play innocent Risu.
You know exactly what I meant! and we know you love them BIG

>> No.4258701

Recommend me a fun Risu stream, preferably not a collab. Never gave the IDs a chance but Risu got me interested.

>> No.4258857

Honestly the last one was super fun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBVDrIJklj0

>> No.4258878

I wholly recommend you to watch it all.

>> No.4258926

Arsonist simulator for maximum chaotic energy
VA-11 Hall-A. She flexes her voice range and voices every character in the game
Bubblewrap popping

>> No.4258998

This >>4258857
Pretty nice game, tailor made for Risu's chaotic energy

>> No.4259102

If you like singing stream, I recommend her 6th month anniversary. Here she mostly sings city pop

This the latest one, Yoasobi song stream

>> No.4259223

Speaking of singing here is the 40k celebration archive

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Thanks a bunch for the recs anons. Watching yesterday's stream now, she seems fun so far and unexpectedly I really dig her voice.

>> No.4259398

>and unexpectedly I really dig her voice
boy, you haven't seen anything yet

>> No.4259545

>really dig her voice


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>> No.4266500

Queen of Nuts

>> No.4267532

I just remembered her KING cover has 3.5 M views
That's a lot, even by JP cover standards. Truly the queen of nuts.

>> No.4270347

Wdy think about this bros

>> No.4272981

well? where are my lewds?
I am here to collect them, you better have them ready

>> No.4273563

Ask for them onstream you stupid squirrel. Also specify how big the cocks have to be.

>> No.4273647

no cocks like I said, do you even watch my streams?

>> No.4273727

Beggars can't be choosers. You already got your toys and you didn't even tell us if you think they were any good and if they needed changes.

>> No.4274341

I still haven't drawn a single lewd with toys. How does that make you feel, Rius?

>> No.4275917

Sorry Risu. Next lewd will be Ayunda doing you with her futa cock.

>> No.4276000

waste of time, not going back here again

>> No.4276492

It'll be out when it's out!

>> No.4279750

Do people still really believe she has come here more than once?

>> No.4280322

yes, as she said herself on stream

>> No.4282102

Please don't be joking. I need this.

>> No.4284334


>> No.4286417

Horny people have no rights!

>> No.4286738


>> No.4286870

I watched this and holy shit I need inappropriate Risu EN collab in my life.

>> No.4287323

based, dubs confirm

>> No.4287600

I'd gladly renounce my plunger and bigos just to install based squirrel dictatorship in my country. Kocham tą jebaną wiewiórkę, anonchama. Kocham ją z całego serca.

>> No.4287736

Someone in this thread could be risu...

>> No.4287927

Well Poland is basically upside-down Indonesia

>> No.4288014

Yea, crazy right?
Imagine being Risu, haha...

>> No.4290071

What are her traits?

>> No.4291091

No joes. This is the artist which is doing it but it will take a while like 2 weeks or more

>> No.4292779

You get your lewds when you post you damn legs.

>> No.4293076

You don't deserves her feet uncle biff

>> No.4298488

No prisuner night? Big sad

>> No.4298561

table assembly. It takes time

>> No.4299263


>> No.4299517

Finally, a prisuner's night I can catch live.

>> No.4300453

The November Nut Arc was the best

>> No.4301402

When is Risu going to edge us with JOI again?

>> No.4302403

edging her singing stream is already enough

>> No.4302755

Has Risu been busy with irl lately? Don't see the week's schedule

>> No.4303020

She mentioned on her member stream that she had a hectic week prior to her custom table arriving, that's it. I won't go on much detail because member stream obviously.

>> No.4303847

Vtuber legs are gay, all it does is pander to footfags

>> No.4306331

So you wouldn't lick Risu feet if you got chance anon? That's not based you know

>> No.4309728


>> No.4310183

Is this rumour about you actually true, o treerat?

>> No.4310500

In the words of one Christian Weston Chandler,

>> No.4310565

How many times does it have to be fucking said they pay for it god damn!

>> No.4310633

How is that a rumor? Considering that most of Moona singing is a cappella, and you rarely see any archived karaoke from any of the girls.
Also, Matsuri talked about how she wants to make an original song, but she has to pay for its production completely out of her pocket, and it costs like a car.

>> No.4314178

>Listening to a kiaracuck
please don't

>> No.4316420

Sorry Risu I would do anything for love but I won't do that

>> No.4317363

Producing stuff costs money. And who do you thing will pay for it? Surely not Cover.

>> No.4318076

I can see it already >>4309728

>> No.4320792

It's not a rrat. Despite the networking and advertising being an employee of a Japanese company is the biggest nerf a vtuber could receive. Mori's TTRPG campaign nearly collapsed at the least minute but some deadbeats messaged the publisher of the game she wanted to use and managed to secure a bunch of freebies for the girls AND get the rights to stream the game, in less than an hour after her mentioning the issue, despite Cover having MONTHS to just secure the rights.
In case you're interested, Cover are currently recruiting an EN manager, but you have to live within commuting distance of their Tokyo office.

>> No.4320871

>Despite the networking and advertising being an employee of a Japanese company is the biggest nerf a vtuber could receive.
You know, despite the fact that all of them made more money in 6 months than they made in previously in their entire life combined. (Ignoring Reine who doesn't count for obvious reasons).

>> No.4321736

Both the girls and Cover would make even more if the company didn't fuck everything up.

>> No.4321996

it's not about the money, it's about providing unique content and "idol" shit
when girls have to finance and make every project themselves, no wonder there are so few of them

>> No.4325017

Can they even make some profit or at least break even with the song? Or the only use it has is promoting the talents?

>> No.4329645

does a 22hour flight count as "within commuting distance"

>> No.4329677

Hi Risu

>> No.4329702
File: 128 KB, 581x443, UtAXSFK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I asked the same but it turns out none of their ching chongs speak brit bong so we didn't get all that far in the interview process.

>> No.4330706
File: 703 KB, 661x954, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here is the real deal.https://twitter.com/TrueUnknownPony/status/1398570826367213569

Ayunda enjoying Risu thight pussy a LOT.
Just look at her

>> No.4330996

Absolutely based

>> No.4331015

bless you anon

>> No.4331213


>> No.4331221

Artist also tweet it and some moran tag official GambaRisu fan art # to it.
Thank god it's only comment so it doesn't show image when browsing it but man some people...

>> No.4331224

I kneel, good job anon

>> No.4331528
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The reason Risu choose to have member stream on sunday because she know most of us will be watching HolofightZ today.

>> No.4332893

Because she's going to watch holofightz herself*

>> No.4334636

That's the most retarded shit ever. They don't even use the real instrumentals (which almost never exist anyway these days). Just shitty recreations

>> No.4334695
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>> No.4334710
File: 790 KB, 601x916, face.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to fuck Risu till her brain melt and she looks like this.

>> No.4334872

I want Risu to fuck me till my brain melts and I look like this.

>> No.4334955

I want to watch while holding Risu's squirrel paws till my brain melts and I look like this.

>> No.4335336

I want Futa Risu to fuck me up my ass while I fuck non Futa Risu until all 3 of us look like this.

>> No.4338559
File: 286 KB, 529x744, 1622299057893.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Confess anon. Who sent this to Moona ?

>> No.4338612


>> No.4342161

way too based to be real

>> No.4344515


>> No.4344766

she jobbed

>> No.4344791

My oshi is a jobber, let's fucking GOOOOO

>> No.4345640

Risu will win an actual fight someday... r-right bros?

>> No.4345724

Once a jobber, always a jobber

>> No.4350217

Alton vs. Risu. BOOK IT VINCE.

>> No.4351071

Whe Aloe debuts at holofightz they are going to make her fight Risu for easy wins.

>> No.4362513
File: 397 KB, 1680x2048, E2kDJ7vVIAAUuMy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.4370319


>> No.4370992
File: 313 KB, 2325x2235, [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Ftzh1hf.ogg].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.4375132
File: 109 KB, 1400x788, y42ymyu7qqa31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stream doko?

>> No.4376599

She is bored with all this streaming shit. Give her some space.

>> No.4377137

Okay. While waiting I'll make good use of new lewds.

>> No.4379661

I wonder what Risu thought about that newest lewd. I wonder if we should ask her on member stream.

>> No.4379687

Did she ever comment on lewds and if so what stream?

>> No.4379853

Let's not push it too far

>> No.4379895

I actually made that clip. I heard that she talked about it on her membership stream but nobody in this thread was willing to tell me which one.

>> No.4380060

She did

I don't say to ask her blandly. But sneakly.

>> No.4380096

there was some lewd Risu stuff posted in the writing thread recently too. highly doubt she'd want to read it though

>> No.4381228

Who knows Anon

>> No.4381792
File: 91 KB, 1200x1168, Evev4ubU4AALJLo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is Risu ogey? I am kinda worried.

>> No.4382023

Anxiously waiting for the stream... I hope she just overslept.

>> No.4383493

where's my sunday nutters stream, risu?

>> No.4383941

You can nut when I say you nut.

>> No.4384263

I don't think it's going to happen, bro. There's really not a lot of Sunday left.

>> No.4384276

>Last twitter activity was 5 days ago

>> No.4384742

Yeah. I think it won't happen today.
Or maybe it will be super late night unarchive JOI ASMR member stream hahaha

>> No.4385696

At this point, I'd be happy even if all we got was a 6 second shitpost stream.

>> No.4386387


>> No.4386791
File: 82 KB, 1024x576, gosling06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't mind me I'll just lie there for a bit

>> No.4390198

It's over guys... she lost intrest in her fans

>> No.4390274

Does she actually browses 4chan and /vt/? Is she actually LEWD irl too?

>> No.4390323

Ollie said her outfit is like neighborhood onee san

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