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This is neither the pink cat, the screeching Latinx, the literal prostitute nor some of those political shits like Veibae. Thinking about it... who's that?

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No, everyone in it is garbage

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yes, her and Vei are the only members in that group that are genuinely terrible

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No, I wouldn’t think any better of them if they didn’t have Nyanners

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What an astute observation lmao I'm pretty sure Nyanners is the only reason VShojo is as hated as it is. Even Veibae wouldn't be getting that much shit if she wasn't associated with Nyanners.

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>fishing for compliments
Do popular vtubers really?

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Only people that are even ok is mouse and ironically Melody.

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You forgot Froot.

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who is this

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The entire group is shit. Who was that one member that cheated on her husband or something?

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She did >>4111465

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> menhera posting to gain reassurance
Jesus christ please

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no one here actually has principles related to hating vtubers

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Honestly? Yes

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sort of, i mean i still wouldnt have a very high opinion of it

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Why did these girls even come together? What does vshojo even provide outside of a name? It's not like Holo/Niji where they joined the company and they provided them with brand name/models, Vshojo was made by indies who already had fanbases.

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I haven't really watched much of vshojo, but I always figured she was the one holding the rest of them up. Isn't she the most popular one of the group by a long shot?

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4chan pedos would have a better opinion of them
otherwise no, getting rid of your most popular member would not make vshojo more popular

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it was literally for clout once HoloEN became a thing, everything would still be the same if they were solo

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Isn't she the most popular one?

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You give into dumb faggots once and they'll think they own the joint. Stupid. I'd give antis the middle finger.

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To get hook up with opportunities they wouldn’t be able to get as indies. Like that Nyanners and Kizuna AI concert crap.

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Yeah, but would anyone care about VShojo if she wasn't attached? Maybe with Melody and IronMouse but I'm not sure the others would be able to draw creators to join on their own merits.

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Here? Obviously, Melody would probably make them pretty popular there without her

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I hate Veibae far more than I hate Nyanners so no

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Who cares? She's saying this to bait her fans into showering her with compliments so she can stroke her ego, not really worth its own thread

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Around these parts maybe, but not by much. People have issues with other members of Vshojo too.

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You know a lot of people in Hololive probably share these views but just dont talk about it right?

What do you just assume everyone with Japanese blood is based and redpilled?
Grow out of your delusions.

All you're doing is preventing fun for them. Making their lives harder.

You're just an autist.

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This. Kiara and other vtubers do the same thing. Everytime you THINK you're btfo'ing these girls, you're actually just fueling more sympathy for them, which results in their fans simping even harder. Everytime you make a vtuber depressed, she wins.

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>but just don't talk about it
That's the entire point, dipshit. I don't know what my oshi thinks about transgenderism or calling people retards, because she doesn't broadcast it. Do you seriously think there's no difference between holding views privately and expressing them publicly?

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No! Mai pure holowaifu loves lolis and goes to the park with me to pick up lolis! Dont you dare think otherwise!!!

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Saviorfags are a great source of income.

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It would be a lot better if none of them were in it. A vtuber group comprised of twitch thots and literal vhores was never going to win any seiso points.

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>but just don't talk about it
Good, I like my women to shut the fuck up about the dumb things they believe.

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Someone post that screenshot compilation of holos loving loli

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No, I'd call her on her bullshit no matter the company she's in.

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>but just dont talk about it right?
Yes that's exactly the point. They don't, she does.

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I think generally people would have a better opinion of life if Nyanners wasn't in it.

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