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You know who I fucking love? Silvervale. She's cute, inoffensive, kind, sexy, and entertaining. I wasn't able to appreciate her at the start but with the benefit of time, I can see that she deserves more credit than she gets.

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Plus Silvermom.

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Yeah, her mom's hot too, but I prefer poons that still have a few years left on them.

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I don't care for her streaming content, but would be glad to find MDD porn of her avatar

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she gets a pass for being my oshi's friend (or so i've heard) but that avatar hard filters me

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What are you, gay?

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Literally who?

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Agreed, but she needs a better model.

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the hooker aesthetic is just gross. it turns me off even in porn

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Yeah hillbilly. It's like "unoffensive" but grammatically correct.

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Why does she have a pink penis?

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That's just you being a faggot anon.

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Silver is very sweet and kind, she is the team mom who cares about every one of the people she knows and works with. People who have an issue with her avatar just boggle my mind. Is that all you got? Then what's your problem? I would love to know who you do watch so I can go take a look at their model and see what you find appealing.

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Did her model get any better since joining VShojo?

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Yeah, she now has Snuffy mouth tracking tech. It doesn't look as good on her but hey, Silver is 96% tits anyway.

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>Premise: there's something wrong with her model
I reject your premise to begin with, so no.

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Never watched her but I've been wondering, is she supposed to be a cat or something?

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She's based off of that old PS2 game Okami. But, like, a woman... wearing club clothes.

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Amaterasu already was a woman though, way to be sexist anon

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I feel bad for Vshojo fans, it seems like there's some good girls in that group but they'll never be respected on this board just because of Nyanners' influence and that sucks

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I know you're just a Nyanners shitter, so here's your free (you), but you're daft if you think that's true. Other than you Nyanners shitters shitting on Nyan and blaming her for everything, the rest of the anti-VShojo fucks on this board will throw whatever bullshit they can find out to justify their beliefs. It doesn't matter who is in VShojo, they just hate VShojo.

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They hate Vshojo because Nyanners is in Vshojo, that's it really, most people on this board just associate Vshojo with her. Like this hate for the group didn't stem from nowhere.

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There are literally only two genders.

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The only people who hate Nyanners specifically on this board are turbozoomers trying to pretend they’re not b8. The vast majority of Vshojo antis are just regular newfags projecting their Stacy insecurity and thus the specific Vshojo member is irrelevant.

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And Veibae is just the target du jour.

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no anon its called having standards.

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Now is your chance to state what your standards are. Also, please point out your oshi. Oh, and do please be honest.

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I know almost nothing about Silvervale because he model completely turned me off from ever watching her. It just feels awkward to look at, which is a shame because I'm sure her actual content is fine.

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She seems like a genuinely sweet and cute girl
She just needs a bit more energy when she streams, she kinda comes off as a bit of bg streamer

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Same. Its basically the archetypical twitch thot in bootleg Westernized anime form.

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What is it with the abundance of 3d models in western vtubers anyway? For that matter, why is this weird and kind of jarring mouth tracking even something so many people use?

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Same, just looks terrible to me.

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I watched Silvervales FFXIV wedding and i just didn't like her. She seemed like a preppy college girl with booba humor. I dont like her model either because it reminds me of a bratz doll. I'm also just not a fan of her coom baiting. I find this type of content way too fixated on coomer monkeys for my personal taste. The only shojos i can stomach a bit at times are Mel and Mouse. Zen can be alright too. The others just aren't for me. I dropped Veibae completely.

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You dislike Silvervale for coom baiting, but you like Melody... the actual porn star?

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Do you think i watch her CB streams? No i dont. And Mel haw been rather well behaved the times that i watched her.

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She actually had an Amaterasu cosplay when she was playing Okami. I wish she would bring it back

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My personal impression was that vtubers (both western and Japanese/overseas) started off as 3D because that was how it was popularized through Kizuna Ai. Then L2D models started gaining traction in the past few years and are now seen as the "standard".

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A major improvement but her eyes are still strange.

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