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Is bread good for you?

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No it's pretty bad. You should try to only have small amounts and never white bread.

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i'm not replacing my bun with lettuce you fucking liberal

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Bread makes you fat

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Don't eat bread, u will die

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Whole wheat bread is not bad for you unless you have issues with gluten. The fiber in it is good for you. There could be better options out there for fiber that are more nutritious, but at long as you eat eating bread in moderation there should be no issue.

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First thing my dietician had me do is cut off white bread and it worked.

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dubs of truth

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people really be out here eating bread made from high-gluten wheat flour, spray dried with herbicide (residue left on), made via shitty chorleywood bread process and then tell everyone "bread isn't good for you"

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i thought it was a meme. but when i stopped eating white bread and other heavy carbohydrates, i stopped being lethargic. crazy

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What other heavy carbohydrates?

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cereals, rice and pasta

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Refined carbs are bad because there's an 80% you're overweight and getting chronic diseases later in your life because of that and you need to lose weight and you won't if you eat carbs as a primary macronutrient.

That being said, if you're fit and eat some bread once daily it's fine.

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Bread makes you fat!?

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Bread makes you fat.

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Korone is bad for you

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Any food can make you fat if you eat enough of it.

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If you are a skinny fuck like me yes

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yeah its pretty wonder-ful :^)

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