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Ayame spent New Year's shitting her guts out

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She's pregnant with a second baby.

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with all of these supposed health problems she has it's a miracle she isn't dead yet

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I wish I was the toilet.

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Ponder the aroma

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God Imagine the smell..

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>My stomach
No that would be your intestine you MORON

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>Believing any of Ayame's tweets after the Christmas lie
Yeah I bet her guts are full of semen.

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Ayame's brown stained yukata

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Good I hate ayame so much. She always such a bitch to marine and can't just play along to be nice sometimes.

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too much anal
semen filled

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Shower sex

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scat bros already belong to Shylily
Ayame would never be able to destroy a toilet by herself

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Imagine the Ayame giggles when she's shitting on your face

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Honestly I might do the same as well. Past month my entire digestive system started fucking up.

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she has bad genes.

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yeah her guts are full of bad genes

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What was the Christmas lie? I missed it?

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its old and only a few people nowadays know about it but it's basically the origin of every ayame meme on 4chan

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>tummy hort

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Ayame said she was recording voice lines on Christmas but her rm account showed she was on a date with her bf.

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Double's advocate- the japanese diet consists of shit like sushi and wasabi. She probably has a bad reaction diarrhea-wise to uncooked food and spicy beans or whatever the fuck wasabi is. She should unironically just cook her food and stay away from spicy shit, this fixes IBS in most cases.

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>her bf was in the next room listening to her shitting her guts out
Yeah, me

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It's true, probably Ayame's only real bad point.
I think she broke up with the guy sometime in 2021 though. Not sure what's she up to nowadays.

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I need to eat Ayame's feces

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Sorry she was farting out my cum

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Her never streaming and only coming back to milk her paypigs is another bad point.

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Meh, if she doesn't feel like streaming, that's her choice and acceptable.
It's not fun if the girl doesn't really want to be there.

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/vt/ doesn't now about Ayame's leaky ass history

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Emergency baby fund stream incoming

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another excuse

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Isn't like... her job or something, to be there for her fans, there are many good and talented vtubers who never got the chance to be in hololive and will never have 1 mill subs no matter how hard they work
Meanwhile some lazy bitches like ayame don't really care

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Yeah and she gets by fine doing her job how she does it.

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Gura deflection and samefagging thread.

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kys scat fags it means she got wasted way too early, probably woke up like this

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you know what's worse than shitting every day? not shitting every day. god damn bleeding hemorrhoids are making the toilet bowl look like spaghetti sauce

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>ToT ToT
>ToT ToT
Is Ayame a lolicon?

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she likes to pretend to be a crying baby unironically

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wasabi is approximately horseradish
the only way it'll give you the squirts is if there are remnants of "organic" fertilizer in it

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I feel like she would have said she she was puking if that was the case. Puking isn’t embarrassing like shitting.

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Gotta pre-seed the lies about her health problems so she doesn't lose paypigs on her next hiatus.

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Yeah, on me

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Too much sparklies

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She probably ate an expired natto or bought a shit new year osechi

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If she streamed it she would make so much money.

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no you wouldnt

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If they put up with it, they deserve it.

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>expired natto
isn't natto fermented onions beans? i don't care what you spoiled cunts think, fermented foods don't expire

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Yeah, it's true. I'm the toilet.

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reply this to her

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she should take some meds

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>New year
New baby
>Stomach hurt
Because of giving birth(hence the crying emoji)
I'm too intelligent for these women to fool me.

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Be kind. She saw what K*rean dog Ina in the main offices and in holo no graffiti and she got violently ill.