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There's this weird feeling at the back of my skull that Amelia will try to pull the Enna stunt soon. I don't know why...

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(You) need this more than I do.

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Aloucuck/Ennafag deflection thread

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Tell me more about the voice inside your head.

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That’s just the tumor talking, but I still trust that more than any tempiss shitter.

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Probably at some point, but the difference is that Ame actually knows to have content that isn't themed around pissing off unicorns for the sake of it, so it will actually be watchable rather than just kind of cynical to watch.
She might implode afterwards but at least the stream itself will have a reason to exist

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It's the way she has been overly kind and lovingly of her teamates recently... She doesn't do this unless she's preparing for something controversial.
Considering she was in Magni's chat today helps this weird premonition of mine.

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There's absolutely SOMETHING coming you're right. Ame and Kronii prior to the cat incident had been acting too normal.

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Did this really need it's own thread? Post it on Global or something you autist

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Actually she's done much worse. At least twice, even. It's time for her redemption arc... if only she intend to stop, of course.

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She definitely hasn't done worse. Enna's cuck arc outdoes Mori's condom money meltdown, it's definitely as rock-bottom as you can get without digging up vshojo streams.

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suppress your fantasies anon, we don't want to hear about them

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You just want more drama to cry about. Stop making threads.

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I don't see any Enna's die hard fan who's actually mad about it tho. Only the falseflagging ones. Back on Mori's yab arc, someone even managed to draw a legendary fanart. Hell, even Reddit cancels her. You know something is genuinely bad when fucking Redditors who have rock bottom standards are pissed off.

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>cockolding stream
I will now watch your oshi

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meds please

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She doesn't need #drama for /numbers/ though

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She kinda does after Gura gave her the boot

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welcome to Aloupeeps

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>I don't see any Enna's die hard fan who's actually mad about it tho.
I assume it's because the non-cucks saw the writing on the wall and left already. This wasn't exactly a sudden surprise, from what I've read.

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So we've reached a point where you make thread about things you fantasize about happening

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It's more like a weird premonition, not a fantasy.
I don't like ntr fantasies.

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Do cucks made up scenario deserve a thread now?

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Why are nijiniggers like this.
Just say you want another yab so people stop talking about enna, which will happens soon anyways since no one cares about her

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You must have total brain rot if you think Ame still has unicorns. Did you miss that entire early Tempus arc? She told them to fuck off and they did. She learned her lesson but unicorns don't forgive.

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Ame reveals her real fujo power levels and tells chat she'll Pay money to see them violate each other's butt holes

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>implying she wouldn't
There's nothing Ame wouldn't do out of spite. She'll do an offcollab with males without a second thought if she gets pissed off enough. You know it's true.

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Because every one of these Enna threads and all the kek threads on /vt/ are made by sea holobronnies who for some reason are obsessed with this shit. This includes you OP!

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People who don't watch ame have the weirdest fantasies about her

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If you were an ex teamate like me you would understand where i'm coming from.
I watched enough Ame to know how she works, she's kinda like an evil mastermind.
The lovey dovey streams she's doing for teamates is most likely just a facade to prepare for a tempus collab so she doesn't lose most fans.
I learned to see through betrayal

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are schizos always this chuuni?

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She set up Tempus collabs to pwn da haterz. So the idea that she'd also set up Tempus offcollabs to pwn da haterz is hardly a stretch.

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what else did this ame that lives in your head do

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She should keep doing it to chase out the incels. Unicorns aren't welcome in the vtuber space.

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The excuses these teacucks use are so low effort. It's kinda sad.

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Tranny spotted

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Anon, she's been a big fan of holostars even before she even joined hololive...
Tempus is simply the only stars that she can properly communicate with, also shien keeps ignoring the rocks that she's been slingshoting through his windows so she had to make do

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dude practically admitted in his reply, are you trying to deflect in his stead?

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Knowing how paranoid Ame can be sometimes i don't think she would off collab with a Tempus guy since they are male, it's possible though.
But a Tempus collab on christmas? Definitely something she would do.

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just like halloween

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>an en vtuber
>a fan of other vtubers

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Ame never struck me as paranoid about men. The way she talks about her brothers always makes it seem like she's one of those girls who's borderline "one of the guys".

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this thread is the weirdest shit, it's just a bunch of giftcard discordfags who project their cuck fantasies

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Definitely yeah. But she has gotten paranoid over the years.

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No anon, they have managers you know, not like Enna

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Yeah, Omega

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Anon, the meds weren't for thinking that she would or wouldn't. The meds are for thinking it matters if she does in the first place.

You going to that as your response is just more evidence that you need to take your meds.

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Hololive is not Nijisanji anon. An off collab will definitely matter.
Hololive watchers aren't c*cks

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You can't be a cuck if you weren't in a relationship with the person in the first place.
You are only adding more and more to the "you need to take meds" pile.

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Okay roastie, keep trying to ruin this hobby. At least we still have the japanese girls, we don't need EN.

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The cucking gets so progressively bad even with protesting that they probably just learned to quietly leave when the level of cucking becomes too much to handle.

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Hopefully she is smart enough to ignore Axel since he is trying hard to bait controversy by constantly sexing "Ame-chan" in NSO

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I hope she does, watching teamates defend Ame is the funniest shit ever.

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I'm male.

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>Ame actually knows to have content that isn't themed around pissing off unicorns for the sake of it

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>for the sake of it
It would be for the sake of having fun with a colleague/friend, you idiot. Pissing off unicorns is a side effect.

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>calls others autist
>intentionally misquotes

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so true, sister! how were your estrogen treatments today?

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I'm a cisgender male.

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What? She's going to do an off-collab stream with NEET or something?

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Op, she's already uncomfortable when going out with the girls, what makes you think she'll go to an off collab with males?

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>There’s this weird feeling at the back of my skull
Anon, that’s a brain tumor.

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this faggot posting pill since yesterday, where tf do you think you are?

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take your med schizo

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This guy is based

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t. Joseph

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Unicorns are the financial backbone of Cover corp.

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She already has a bf and has gotten blacked too.

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We're not talking about enna though

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Because she's voiced mutiple times her dissatisfaction with not only her viewers but the company. They're obviously all guaranteed spots at cuckcos if they sabotage their positions

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that sure is an attempt at english, I think

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My condolences, ESLhater-kun

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Here's a weird feeling at the back of your skull.
*loads shotgun*

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no need for condolences, not being to understand your post is a gift sent straight from heaven

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lmk if you need any more mana golden showers

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She would never. Ame can be an idiot sometimes but she's not stupid.