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Why nijien didn't play ER? And why Luca suddenly stop playing this game without explanation after only 1 stream? No Bamco permission to monetize it?

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They did play

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GOW was better, elden mid was thrash

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Nijisanji fans are ......... Females. Also yeah they couldnt monitize it so lots of them decided to farm superchats instead.

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Post proof.

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t. snoy

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Filtered Zoomer stay mad lmao

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I know alban and vox played it.

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They couldn't monetize

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>Why nijien didn't play ER?
vox luca and alban played it on stream.

>And why Luca suddenly stop playing this game without explanation after only 1 stream?
he did two streams

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Shit thread OP. Please reconsider your life choices.

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Seethe more fag. Elden Ring > God of trannies

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Bill Clinton stopped it

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DId this actually win the game of the year?

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t. snoyger who's not smart enough to play anything other than interactive movie

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My retarded daughter Hayama played it, couldn’t give a shit if ENs touched it or not.

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Watching her beat Rykard and Malenia with that dumb ass dagger of hers was incredibly fun.

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Enjoy your $70 movies, snoy.

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>This ancient shit gets brought in /nijiEN/
>Suddenly a catalog thread about it
Do ESLs hang out in there just looking for shit to make bait with?

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It just won GOTY you dumbass

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I loved all the Souls games, Sekiro and Bloodborne but still haven't beaten this game despite spending like 70 hours in it. It's good and I really would like to beat it, but I don't really think I liked it as much as Sekiro or Bloodborne.
Yes. I do not understand what motivates the people who do this.

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Calling someone a dumbass for not paying any mind to the Game Awards is an interesting choice

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Yea I know but specifically someone mentioned this shit recently in the nijiEN thread, then this thread showed up.
Its to much to be a coincidence.

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>ESL thread

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Retard who is just a threadwatcher, also the game is not good for streaming either, you may want to play it yourself but watching someone else play, it's just boring and the bunch of autistic ppl backseat in the chat

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There used to be someone in /nijien/ who lurked in /#/ often, people there monitor the thread just to bait. I swear you can trace every single bait thread back to /#/.

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More like, God of Yawn, am I right bros

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Don’t forget God of Woken

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I'm not entirely convinced that the people who post in /#/ are human beings.

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Imagine paying 100$ just to watch some marvel spin off.

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considering how much nijien loves to talk about numbers (both fans and members) it's no surprise there's overlap

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Do you also need your food to be chewed for you?

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it was pretty ass. i've been playing souls games since 2011 and i can replay dark souls as much as I want but can't be bothered to replay Elden Ring

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while i wouldn't call it great, nothing better came out this year so i get it

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elden ring.. more like overrated mid

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Luca and Vox played ER with monitization on and got elden ring perms removed for abit
By the time they got it back the fad is gone and you need to turn off superchat which NijiEN doesn't like