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Just asking why

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idk i just wanna beat her up

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She said the n word and we don't like that over here, fagchama

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bright colors make people angry

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I think it's just a meme at this point

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she baits antis and collects saviorfag paypigs, she basically wants us to hate her and we play right into her hands

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This nigger saying the N word.

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She's achieved everything anon wanted to achieve: fluently speaking Japanese, lived in Japan, but returned to a greater western country, success in life and last but not least: She's getting paid for all of that.

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I don't hate her but she can be annoying, especially in group collabs.

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cunt irl leaks into her persona

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Current yabs aside, how the fuck did she pass auditions? Compared to her genmates, she offers nothing of value. There’s nothing particularly unique of outstanding about her. Who did Cover have to reject at the final auditions for Kiara to get in and why?

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Because I'm 6'7" and jacked

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To be fair, her past experience actually shows prominence. She actually was an idol before joining Hololive.

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I used to dislike her (nothing close to hate of course, I just didn't watch her stuff) but lately I warmed up to Kiara, she can be cute and entertaining, the fact that she hates niggers also helps.

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She a slut

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well theres a rrat that she was meant to be in polka's gen before she got poached and so they bumped kiara down to EN because she spoke english too

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>he's lacking in knowledge

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Wrestler rape

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>Gura get's emotional, talking about how fun she had being in hololive
>BirdBrain time to generate drama
>GUrA ArE YOu CryInG?! OmG DOn'T CrY GurA

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You are the most retarded person in the thread right now.

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kneel before dubs peasant

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she reminds anons like >>3850322 of all the beautiful girls that he adored but told himself to never have a chance with.

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>She still didn't apologize

This is my 5th warning to Takanashi Kiara

If she collabs with VShojo I'll drop the biggest dox bomb on her the world has ever seen.
I'll continue where Orcschizo left off. But I'll be fair and give her a chance to CORRECT herself.
Be careful, Kiara. Cancel DigiKomi. Tick Tock. Make the wise decision or your life is over.

What can you expect?
>Fat camel toe
>Thicc Pussy lips


Emails, archives, transactions and more! I will drop this bomb at 7:30pm CEST during DigiKomi primetime. So be READY to be here.

In the mean time here is Orc retards old archive if you want to enjoy some videos :)


Scroll down for a gravure Video ;^)

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I think it might be this, I really cant think of any other explanation

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bitch, please Kiara got nothing on Ame

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As someone who is usually a Kiara schizo, she's not really that bad, she is narcissistic and annoying but that's about it, her singing is not amazing but is ogey, her freechat/stream skills are ogey, knows 3 languages which 2 of them are of important relevance for cover, in terms of numbers she makes good money with her superchat reading streams, like a lot, if we take into account the total superchat revenue from last month and the subcount of each holo, she would be top ten

And the funny thing is if that really happened, it means that someone else could have been trashed to fit Kiara in, which would explain certain new chuba's rant about being a hololive reject or certain schizo lolcow actions.

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meds seriously
i thought you stopped being shizo orc-san....

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Did you get bullied into posting here youwillneverbeorcschizochama?

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EN Ollie

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Holy schizo

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Shes seems least autistic at glance and isnt that shy compared to other girls, she is perfect presentation material.
From what ive seen her only real downside is how egocentric she is at times, which gets really bad at bigger collabs they do.

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Mostly because of her 3D debut

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what is the time period on that graph i wonder

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I wanna beat you up.

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>To be fair, her past experience actually shows prominence. She actually was an idol before joining Hololive.
Yep. Yagoo would definitely see someone with "actual Idol training" as something desirable.

But in the long run, I see the main benefit of Kiara being the Senpai of the Europe branch. That is the timezone that is still being neglected and the only reason hard core fans still had time to sleep. You really shouldn't have too many overlap streams, so have new girls in different time zones is a most.

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just release it now schizo, i want to see my oshi patreon set

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>perfect body
>puffy pussy
>perky chest

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Release it all now you fucking pussy, we all know its not getting cancelled

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Not Orc, she had a redemption arc https://rentry.co/yue3t
These are those kids from that kraut discord.

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One month, last month

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Because fags like you keep making same posts.

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I don't hate her. I do find her a little 'loud', if that makes sense. Boisterous maybe is a good word. Over-animated. She doesn't do it on purpose. It just reminds me of when a group of fat women get together and you can hear them cackling and whaling from halfway across the restaurant.

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I don't hate Kiara but I hate pink cat and that other Veibitch.

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Thanks for your sacrifice!

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You are legitimately insane. Like, someone should put you on a watch list.

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man, some actual criticism, at last! while i highly disagree with you regarding the "not on purpose" (her real voice is far nicer imo), i respect your opinion and understand where it comes from. I love it, some don't

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just need to find her being racist or some shit, can't be that hard sine she's austrian

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>I don't hate her. I do find her a little 'loud
She is the opposite of Ina. And in general as not-Japanese as you can get. She is just a very normal extrovert girl who also happened to be a weeb.

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What's funny is Kiara doesn't even give a shit about this. She's not ashamed of it and is pretty sexual anyway. The idea of bribing her with it on the assumption she's ashamed is absolute high schizo tier.

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Anon... look at the other folders

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stoopid bitch doesn't know that acknowledging it only makes it worse hahahahahahahahah
im waiting for the moment she breaks

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>it's kinda embarrassing and im gonna skip a huge chunk of it to get it over with. but basically: i was applying for Gen1, got told they are interested in me and i should standby. i was one of the first to apply for this. then at the last minute they suddenly canceled everything. i was mad and seething. then later i found out that Kiara was the latest to apply and got instantly accepted. i assumed it was because of her japanese skills. basically "she stole my spot"
Holy shit I was right lmao, she took her spot, I was only guessing without proofs but my rrat got confirmed, now which one of the nijis is orcschizo?

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nah, don't worry. this will not damage anything at all. Most people actually see any dox as a conspiracy and don't believe it no matter how much prove is out there. he's just a schizo

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>Be careful, Kiara. Cancel DigiKomi. Tick Tock. Make the wise decision or your life is over.

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>i highly disagree with you regarding the "not on purpose"
Well, I was trying to be nice. I don't know her. I only know a character she is paid to play. So attacking her like that psycho doxing her up there doesn't seem fair.

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actually feel bad about kiara for dealing with this many shiczo holy shit

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Folders aren't information you dumb fuck. I know there's nothing in those. Keep acting like a mentally ill little tart though. You probably have had a hard life up till now because of your stupidity and I think you're going to forever live a hard life. Suffering. Bitter. Seething. Meanwhile Kiara will be happy.
That's justice btw.

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I-is that water?

>> No.3850972

>"she stole my spot"
Women. Seriously. She didn't steal anything. It was never yours. You were waitlisted. That means you were always 2nd choice and never a priority.

>> No.3850974

Reported to Cover.

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no they just watched a polka vid
it's cum

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When we're comparing to her immediate peers she doesn't necessarily stack up in viewer numbers, but outside of the vtuber sphere the chicken would be seen as a runaway success.

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Now I have reason to save her.
Thanks anon.

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how the fuck a literal who gets 7 millions

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This proves that these anti-threads have some sort of value. I always come out of them with one more new reason...

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imagine praising your simping hole hell

>> No.3851043

if her cameltoe gets out she'll be no better than an onlyfans thot, orc 2.0 is going to ruin hololive's purity

>> No.3851048

>Pewd that low
End of an era, huh

>> No.3851100

>hololive's purity
Anon, I...

>> No.3851101

Why are you americans like this?

>> No.3851105

She is Austrian

>> No.3851119

He means the original shizo poster who complied all the stuff.
They admitted they lied about things and edited things

>> No.3851131

>Scroll down for a gravure Video ;^)
Even normal idols do/have done gravure

>> No.3851134 [DELETED] 

>he doesn't know

>> No.3851136

Orc says she never had Kiaras address though.

>> No.3851139

Genuinely, how the fuck did you find the her gravure cosplay set before any KFP?

>> No.3851170

It's interesting that in archive you link, there's another link to the person who actually compiled all the pictures and videos and they straight up said they lied/made up things like the rape because they were mad Kiara took her spot for EN gen 1.

tldr: the archive is a rrat created by a lolcow user jealous Kiara passed and she didn't

>> No.3851172

>ruin hololives purity
Oh you poor innocent bastard

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Reading through the schizo’s pastebin is a fucking trip. It’s hilarious how a woman can be this pissed off to spend countless hours of her life because she’s jealous of another woman.

I debated between replying to this bait or the dr disrespect bait but I have fun pewds fact for anyone interested, peers actually donates 100% of his super hats to various charities that get voted on each month by his memberships. I’m just adding this barely on topic addition because I feel like this thread is gonna have a lot of deleted posts soon.

>> No.3851188

That's kind of what I just said

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Imagine if she had spent all that time working on improving herself and creating content. She might've already been accepted to gen 2.

>> No.3851238

I'm on your side here for once KFP but Jesus, you insult game is underaged-tumblrite level. What are you even doing on this site?

>> No.3851240

>donates 100% of his super hats
So that's why he's always hatless, like a peasant, good to know.

>> No.3851256 [DELETED] 

because that's the exact type of people Kiara draws in...

>> No.3851316

Dedicated Larp. Someone who writes like this isn't capable of receiving an interview in the first place.

>> No.3851322

>>3850335 >>3851204

Yikes, can you racists go back?

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>Kiara might actually be a virgin

>> No.3851391

Wait, when the fuck did Kiara go the fucking hard R route?

>> No.3851405

That's the dumbest bs and bait I've ever seen kek, he did no research

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Whats wrong with giving miggachi some love? are you trying to say black vtubers aren't allowed on this platform? sound like something a RACIST would say. you RACIST.
Apologize to her face anon. you RACIST.

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>> No.3851445

Hey buddy I know you are a tourist who doesn't watch clips much less streams but Kiara talked about this before. During the interview she said to Yagoo's face, in Japanese, not hiring her would be a mistake. Her white gigastacy energy was too much for the Japanese

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Fuck, I think I know now who orchizo is and it makes me fucking sad cause I really liked her the most, I hope nothing happens but the KFP probably will want revenge and she will get Aloe'd

>> No.3851450

Seethe some more germ.

>> No.3851451

It's 2021. Get with the times or get left behind, chud.

>> No.3851464

Annoying design, annoying personality and, more importantly, annoying voice.

The worst thing is that her new design isn't complete trash, that she could use a normal voice and that, I don't know, maybe she could even work on being less annoying overall. The fact that she chooses to be annoying is the most annoying thing.

>> No.3851465

>did no research
>in this interview she said
>she travelled between these years according to
Holy fuck you are actually mentally ill. Chop your dick off and kill yourself you fucking freak.

>> No.3851472

Where the fuck is the drama? You retards CONSTANTLY bring this up like it's the worst fucking thing she has ever done, but I can't fucking see anything wrong with it. She heard Gura crying, and asked her if she was okay. That's it.

>> No.3851475

Everyone is welcomed on /vt. we are a board of inclusiveness which includes all racists. Now get out you non-inclusive fag.

>> No.3851477

She didn't even join Hololive, schizo.

>> No.3851499

But who was Orchizo?

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i'm black.
Stop acting like you speak for me. Niggachi is funny.

>> No.3851508

Good luck trying to convince the mentally ill they're wrong with their thinking

>> No.3851514

Maybe this post should be deleted? Hello? Anyone?

>> No.3851517

get in the chopper, you gonna skydive without parachute

>> No.3851523

>He says yikes unironically

>> No.3851546

I rest my case.

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>I'm black.
Ogey, You just posted the most sterotypical cis white man lie on the internet.
And even if you are black, your internalized racism is showing. Read a book.

>> No.3851553

> Turned out it was a mistake all along
Ina is a professional artist who works with anime and videogame industry, Gura is great at singing, Amelia is amazing at videogames and videoediting, when Mori is the biggest tryhard of them all; not good at streaming because she's building her confidence, but her music and passion for it are amazing. Even when she would make songs as Mori, she would also help creating music videos and sings as her roommate. Truly a gem.

With Kiara, her only "talent" is doing menhera shit so people would feel pity for her and donate to her sorry ass, and did you know that she knows Japanese... she created a "show" just to leech off holos, she makes everything about herself, does shitty music collabs where she is the center of attention and so on.

I honestly feel like she would actually fit Vshojos instead of hololive.

>> No.3851577

No but she could get the same treatment now

>> No.3851578

Touch grass

>> No.3851589

you need to go back to twitter like rn

>> No.3851599

A german site interviewed her and she said she is actually a futa with a 10 inch cock. Just trust me bro.

>> No.3851607

it was fish lol

>> No.3851633

Imagine actually believing the overexaggerated bullshit Kiara tells every time.

>> No.3851635

Reach out
Touch faith

>> No.3851643

It's ironic, obviously, though what the punchline is is up to you

>> No.3851647

Putting their identity into question instead of just shutting up and listening to POC?
That's a yikes from me. It's like you don't even want to elevate their voices
Typical false white ally.

>> No.3851650

Naw, it sounds like you do.

>> No.3851652
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Yep :(

>> No.3851653

Absolute COPE. You really are a fucking mentally ill freak aren't you? Have you alienated your family yet?

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File: 55 KB, 548x462, apologize to her face.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You just posted the most sterotypical cis white man lie on the internet.
what you meant to say was:
>Black guy doesn't conform to what twitter has told me
>must be white!
Apologize to her face. and to me. for being a pathetic RACIST.

>> No.3851676

Forwarding this info to the KFP FOB as we speak.

>> No.3851680

i don't

>> No.3851687

Wtf I love Kiara now

>> No.3851692

Oh I'm not the original guy. I'm just telling you about the German interview. It's very enlightening, you should check it out.

Although I'll be honest with you bro, you sound unhinged. Literally. Get some help if you can, it's tough but worth it in the end. I'm praying for you bro.

>> No.3851696

/pol/chud hate her because she support blm

>> No.3851699

It’s called code switching, anon. You don’t talk differently between group messages and work emails and school writing assignments? I change up my writing and punctuation styles regularly when I’m casually posting in threads. It’s like you don’t even think about spreadsheets that the spreadsheet anons work so hard on.

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i knew it, she was trying to take /vt/ away from kiara all along

>> No.3851709

I'm black and this thread offends me.

>> No.3851718

No one cares Kraut. You're a fucking roach stain on humanity. Keep seething about losing every war ever.

>> No.3851729

It's time for the truth. /vt/ hates Kiara because she's super talented and beautiful. Most retards immediatelly recognised that Kiara's angelic voice and her entertaining personality, like the John Oliver of VTubing, endangered their own Oshi's place in the hierarchy. Kiara at her full power level would push everyone down, every single VTuber would look second rate compared to her. So a lot of people in /vt/ are engaged in a collaborative effort to keep Kiara down like spreading dox, getting her channel banned and bombarding her 24/7 with rrats and all that to remove her focus. They will influence other Holo's to pick streaming times that will clash with Kiara's (lets just refer to her as Queen from now on), they will try to sabotage her glorious collab plans like the upcoming 10/10 VShojo con, they will delude themselves into talking down her obvious achievements like her singing part being much better in the collab song than Matsuri or Gura or her outfit being, without a doubt, the best outfit reveal of 2021 for Hololive. Ultimately, it's working. Our queen would have at least 4 million subs without these efforts but she's still brave and hanging on despite all the disadvantages she is facing. Truly admirable.

>> No.3851744

I thought fish was incompetent?

>> No.3851745

Wow, i think you need to take meds but for a totally different reason...

>> No.3851749

Lmfao how fucking even. I'm American bro, the only thing I seethe about is that we haven't droned striked enough middle eastern children.

>> No.3851772

I thought it was pretty obvious both her and pomu selfpost

>> No.3851775

>the only thing I seethe about
The only thing you should seethe about is your missing foreskin Josh.

>> No.3851800

If I'm gonna be naked, so is my dick

>> No.3851804

I don't hate her, but im not fond of her because she hates people like me, she has said she hates men. Why she chose to become a vtuber if she hates men (among other demographic) that i don't know.

>> No.3851812

Fish is definitely going to become a numberfag even though she said she hated them in her previous life.
The moment gen2 debut to massive success she's gonna get salty.

>> No.3851815

I am not a nigger and I agree

>> No.3851838

300k vtube byebye
She and polka were both nico users for many years, and polka was much more famous than she was at the time
She was well aware of polka's experience and mental state, but in order to escape her mental disadvantage to gura, she used the tactics you can see in comics, that is, to find a new weakness to establish her own mental superiority
Translated by deepl

>> No.3851841

The term is jewishly mutilated you freak.

>> No.3851864

>translated by deepl

>> No.3851881

Quiet, I'm cranking my mutilated dick to some yandere angel hentai

>> No.3851882

she is the exact type who creates infighting, even has the voice and pick-me memes, complete burikko package

dragon was boring and pomu was kinda obnoxious but they seemed genuine atleast

>> No.3851903

>pick me
What are you even doing here r/fds?
Go back!

>> No.3851906

Fish is the obvious third wheel. Dragon and Fairy were indie friends already.
I expect drama once EN2 debut and NijiEN recline starts happening.

>> No.3851930

Bro take a step back and look at the whole picture. Mori and Kiara were probably the 2 Cover hired first.

Cover keeps saying they are an idol agency even though that's clearly not true. You then get 2 white women who speak conversational English and Japanese; one of them already a vocalist, the other is a junior idol who's done idol training and follows idols and makes people pay their Hello Project idol tax every karaoke stream. It's like 2 people materialized from Yagoo's dream of English speaking, Japanese-style idols walking through the door asking for a job.

Amelia and Gura are the ones you should be asking about

>> No.3852095

She has always been hated, from before they even debuted people hated her for her shitty design, then for her shitty mic, then people dug up her dox and created a billion of rrats, none of which are true but people still believe to this day (ie. her anti-Discord unironically thinks she used to prostitute herself). Her menhara attributes and borderline PTSD invited even more antis who only do it because they smell "weakness" and get a kick out of ruining someone's life.

Then she made enemies with the /hlg/ EOPs for speaking Japanese and collabing with JP, then she made enemies with SEAniggers for collabing with Pekora (seriously the spike in anti-posting after that was fucking massive, it was night and day), the list goes on.

For every supposed yab and genuine offense she does like being "rude" or "selfish", she was already hated long before that so it's clearly not the real reason why people dislike her. Who knows, maybe it's just instinct. They don't like the voice and subsequently invent "real" reasons to make their hatred look rational.

>> No.3852244

>They don't like the voice and subsequently invent "real" reasons to make their hatred look rational.
I believe this, to be fair it' is a very annoying voice

>> No.3852283

What is this about?

>> No.3852332

Veibae drama, but schizo thinks it's about his fake dox dump she totally read because the world revolves around him.

>> No.3852351

It's neither of those

>> No.3852357 [DELETED] 

Are you too retarded to check the archive of this thread?


>> No.3852366

>shitty design
Stop reading. Huke is god-tier, you pleb.

>> No.3852381

because she wears two hats

>> No.3852430

yeah good luck with that buddy i'm 6'7 and jacked

>> No.3852437

she unironicaly lives rent free in my head. Just yesterday i had a dream about Kiara. She was one of my classmates and I tried my best to shield her from doxxschizos.
She isnt even my fucking oshi. GET OUT OF MY HEAD KIARA

>> No.3852447

I like that she plays RPGs, I watch Pekora a lot for the same reason.

>> No.3852454

They unironically felt pitty for her, she would be working on nijisanji if the audition managers had done their work right

>> No.3852499
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Nice joke

>> No.3852509


>> No.3852512

all of her anti starting to trigger my saviorfag instinct help

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In the beginning, I did not like Kiara because of the debuff games, then for some reason I began to annoy her character, but after her new costume was released, she begins to like me more and more, and slowly takes the top 3 out of 5 HoloEn girls. But I agree that she can be really annoying during collabs and still likes to hold streams hostage.

>> No.3852528

The only godtier designs are brs ones (and that's all because they are black and don't let you see any details), everything else is shit

>> No.3852529

Fucking terrible

>> No.3852547

Go back

>> No.3852558

Why does that schizo think she cares.
She was still selling her stuff months after debut. Only stopped because people kept charging back.

>> No.3852561
File: 22 KB, 480x360, 1cbef32e580f17a83955cee3e75b7c99.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> Terrible design
> Annoying voice
> Narcissistic
> Has the most punchable face in the entire Hololive
> Ruins every HoloEN collab she's in
> Huge numberfag
> Leech
> Roommate is an actual SJW
> Fanbase filled with schizos and falseflaggers

If Kiara graduated Hololive would be a better, healthier group, I guarantee you.

>> No.3852579

>her last boyfriend was some austrain
Shit tier rrat. A simple roomate rep would reveal otherwise.

>> No.3852605 [DELETED] 
File: 754 KB, 2341x1034, Warning to Kiara 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm still not banned top kek
Time to post it again

If she collabs with VShojo I'll drop the biggest dox bomb on her the world has ever seen.
I'll continue where Orcschizo left off. But I'll be fair and give her a chance to CORRECT herself.
Be careful, Kiara. Cancel DigiKomi. Tick Tock. Make the wise decision or your life is over.

What can you expect?
>Fat camel toe
>Thicc Pussy lips


Emails, archives, transactions and more! I will drop this bomb at 7:30pm CEST during DigiKomi primetime. So be READY to be here.

In the mean time here is Orc retards old archive if you want to enjoy some videos :)


Scroll down for a gravure Video ;^)

>> No.3852615

Don't it's very likely that she hates you anon. Do some roomate reps to see what she really thinks about her dear KFP employees. Hint: If you are a man and not a commie, she doesn't have good things say about you.

>> No.3852662

Go ahead. Make my day.

>> No.3852688

Nobody will ever believe your fake dox. The fact that you need Orcschizo's content as a crutch tells you everything.

Oh looks "coincidentally" there is no collab at Digikomi (something everyone already knew) so "luckily" you have an excuse not to post your non-existent dox.

>> No.3852701 [DELETED] 

You discord trannies are amateurs who give us actual doxchads a bad name. Stop spreading your false weak rrats and let the big boys handle this. Just come to /hlgg/ at 7:30 cest during digikomi you nigger. You will be rewarded.

>> No.3852704

I honestly thought here voice was terrible but i was willing to overlook it, then i watched her getting overly emotional about some guy in her chat saying something about how her speaking too many languages kinda makes it hard to enjoy the stream (he said it way differently, i'm just mincing words) and she made it overly dramatic and then her fanbase attacked him despite her even asking for people's opinion on what she could do to make the stream better which is why he even brought it up(Once again mincing words). Also that weird Mario Kart stream where she talked about shoving the controller up her ass and letting it vibrate?

Then Minecraft when she tried to get the chat to feel bad for her during a collab because everyone was making fun of her and she made herself small, went silent and tried to get pity points, her extreme number bragging phase where she did it during an actual collab stream (might've been the christmas one?) and it just got worse from there. I essentially stopped watching her after the Mario Kart one because that was so early on because it wasn't even funny but just kinda weird (especially when it was so early on in her hololive streaming debut). Don't really car about her previous life shit because that's dumb to me but her current stuff as a Hololive member is what really matters. Then after seeing both the "N-word soft A and hard R edition" I just kinda went "sounds about right" sighed and went on with my day.

>> No.3852705

> He doesn't know

>> No.3852706

Bro, look at the dokomi schedule...

>> No.3852715
File: 59 KB, 300x346, 1620081144344.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3852717

>Oh looks "coincidentally" there is no collab at Digikomi
You're telling me Kiara would be so scared of the schizo that she'd avoid V_____?

>> No.3852731

It's all cool, but no one will care.

>> No.3852732


>> No.3852744

More like the schizo knew there would be no collab from the very start since it was never on the schedule to begin with so he made his LARP post knowing he'd never have to follow through with it.

>> No.3852755

kill yourself

>> No.3852762

I don't follow her so I don't know what she's like currently, but her trying to be every cliche at once, forcing yuribait onto calli, talking over people and number faggotry were really off putting, the fried chicken theme was cringe and her design is ugly and over complicated.
That's not to say I hate her though, I don't.

>> No.3852776

Chill dude, your whiteknighting disconnects you from reality. Get a drink or something

>> No.3852778

kill you'reselves's

>> No.3852795

No matter, the collab is inevitable anyway. She even called Veibae "Cutebae".

>> No.3852804

>C-C-Chill with the beatdown Master!!

>> No.3852936

I want to see chicken and fish as first HoloEN NijiEN collab

>> No.3852984
File: 842 KB, 1905x1570, vt_kiara_40.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can you imagine the entire catalog being nothing but orange and green for hours?

>> No.3852995

Drop the bomb now coward!

>> No.3853003

Ngl, i be pretty happy if an actual femanon gets into niji or hololive. Better than the SJW EN crew we have right now. Orchizo seems like a major schizo tho.

>> No.3853070

you know you may be onto something

>> No.3853121

Why are chickenfags like this?

>> No.3853168

a harder question would be why would anyone love her

>> No.3853186

mental illness

>> No.3853205
File: 45 KB, 395x577, 93479298324759.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3853226

He’s just gonna go back to spamming wojacks lol

>> No.3853265

Was this all the work of orcschizo?

>> No.3853282

welcome to kfp brother
get your hat and uniform from the restroom in the back and get ready to start your shift.

>> No.3853445
File: 429 KB, 900x1600, 1617911192152.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't do my university reps because of Kiara. I just can't focus, she is always on my head.

>> No.3853477
File: 2.47 MB, 2056x2741, always rent free on my head.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm on a fucking battlefield and I can't focus as well, she is always on my head

>> No.3853552
File: 306 KB, 280x487, 1614385218992.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't hate her, in fact I love her, she's my second favorite holoEn, and my opinion it's the only one that matters to me :)

>> No.3853612

Hope you doing fine anon

>> No.3853714

Is kikkeriki your war cry?

>> No.3853882

good question, I think the thread spam is by the doxxcord, but i might be wrong

>> No.3853886

Reading this thread I'm actually astonished at how hard these underaged kids are trying. Don't they know orcschizo tried this exact same thing and failed miserably? The only real "doxx" info in those folders is either shit everyone already knew or stuff completely made up. I'm curious what makes these guys think that this'll do anything

>> No.3853938

Why are your equipment look brand new? Sounds like bullshit to me

>> No.3853962

he meant ASG

>> No.3853984

absolute legend

>> No.3854023

Just pretending like they are accomplishing something is already enough dopamine release for them.

>> No.3854031

Doxxcord is responsible for the wojack spam, the twenty threads was most orc
Supposedly another doxxcord already doxxed these kids and are just sitting on the info for now

>> No.3854120

Only (You)

>> No.3854212

>why does your equipment look brand new
Have you ever even been near a professional armed forces? Do you know what happens when you turn up and your shit isn't pristine?

>> No.3854235

it's not rape when the whore is doing it for the money

>> No.3854424

nice milsim, bro

>> No.3855004
File: 110 KB, 320x320, 062b13a1c3e52ad58cc324ed0aa860ed30e80127.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>Supposedly another doxxcord already doxxed these kids and are just sitting on the info for now

>> No.3855786

Idk even her roommate isn't all that pretty

>> No.3856591

>Bright colors
>loud noises
Kiara triggers autists

>> No.3857700

>It's time for the truth.
This has to be bait, but I will read some more so no one says I didn't give anon a chance.

>/vt/ hates Kiara because she's super talented and beautiful.
And I'm done. If you're going to ruin your bait post after the second sentence, the rest of your post is just worthless. Try getting people to read your "gaming journalist" op-ed before they have a chance to save time.

3/10 - replied for criticism of you as opposed to your content cause I didn't read it at all.

>> No.3857739

She has the audacity to befriend people like Veibae that disrespect her agency based on lies Artia told her

>> No.3857817

do your reps

>> No.3857977

Undertale syndrome. Both her fans and haters won't shut the fuck up about her so I'm already annoyed just seeing her face.

>> No.3858017

Me too, holy shit that would be so kino

>> No.3858133

>Kiara's angelic voice
lost me there bud, not even tried to hide the bait

>> No.3858145

What a simp faggot white knight!

>> No.3858188
File: 3.59 MB, 334x298, 1621263734099.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>can sing pretty well
>personality that contrasts with and bounces off her genmates well
>offers nothing of value

>> No.3858212

I'm european

>> No.3858213

spot on lol

>> No.3858297

meds now

>> No.3858329

wtf is that

>> No.3858348

I just find it funny how she's one of it not the most frequently talked about vtubers here. Whether it's hate or love, there's always so much Kiara around.

>> No.3858349

>shitty nasal chicken voice
>nobody gave a fuck about some teutonic grunts
>obnoxious and self centered
cope harder

>> No.3858387

truth has been spoken

>> No.3858417
File: 309 KB, 2048x2048, 1621306579082.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Who did Cover have to reject at the final auditions for Kiara to get in and why?

>> No.3858444

no wonder i hate her, my commie radar was going off the whole fucking time

>> No.3858461

the most popular pick is Veibae, methinks

>> No.3858522


>> No.3858559

You are dumb af


>> No.3858570

chickens are so delusional...

>> No.3858581

I ain't clicking that shit nigga

>> No.3858600

its a fucking text, like a pastebin

>> No.3858609
File: 224 KB, 800x377, loser.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3858627

schizo kfp blogposting, kys

>> No.3858653

Nothing weird about it, she's legit annoying and her fans are delusional whiteknightfags.

>> No.3858658
File: 326 KB, 1443x2048, huke makise_kurisu pantyhose steins;gate_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nice cherrypick

>> No.3858665

Speak of orcschizo last night I randomly fucking remembered a post many months ago (near beginning of HoloEN) where someone posted a YT stream to a German indie who supposedly got rejected from HoloEN after applying. I vividly remember how awful her voice was (common for Germans, really) and the thread basically went "no wonder she didnt get in".

I'm now convinced this was orcschizo but I have no clue how to find that post again.

>> No.3858671

>not knowing who orcschio is
Being this new...

>> No.3858693

It's especially ironic since he's most likely a discordtranny who was manipulated by orcschizos rrats kek

>> No.3858706

she has false teeth

>> No.3858776

You are on 4chan

>> No.3858787

orc shizo is not german....

>> No.3858798


>> No.3858800

>trilingual - basically anyone from Europe and Asia is multilingual, some Ukrainians i met spoke 4
>Sings well, as if there's not shitton of people who sing
>personality that clashes with her gens, so she needs to collab with JP to stay relevant
>that is true

>> No.3858839

She was born and raised in germany retard, that makes her german

>> No.3858848

Not him. But she describes herself as European who lives in Germany. So there is possibility that she learned the accent.

>> No.3858871

>raising a chiken in a barn makes it a horse

>> No.3858929

that's below average, there are hentai artists that put more effort than this

>> No.3859113

kill yourself nigger

>> No.3859133

Just something bothers/annoys me about her instinctually. I don't have this feeling about people very often, but the few times I have had it those warning bells turned out to be right (most recent example being a coworker who turned out to be a wife-beater/meth-head who constantly fucked shit up and made my life more difficult)

>> No.3859157 [DELETED] 
File: 317 KB, 1024x530, 1621316224841.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can someone post the current list of KFP boogeymen?

>> No.3859171

She's rude, she's loud, I just don't like her. And she's friends with veibae, I dislike her more for that

>> No.3859191

Nice fucking pencil figure faggot
Why do people think Shits;gateway designs are good anyway, they're fucking garbage. And you don't button up the first button of your shirt god damn it

>> No.3859251

the anime fixed them a bit, but the OG VN CGs are fucking atrocious

>> No.3859278

stop being a contrarianfag

>> No.3859342

stop having shit tier taste

>> No.3859415
File: 1.24 MB, 720x809, 8bi24q.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>transitioning to generic anime art style is "fixing" it
holy fucking SOULLESS

>> No.3859447

either Pole or Balkan I guess.

>> No.3859596

How does she clash with her genmates exactly? And even if she did doesn't that have its own appeal? This just seems like you nitpicking because you don't like her style of humor. Also, you definitely are downplaying her talents, probably for the same reason.

>> No.3859614

>less fugly

>> No.3859686

by being a sperg and forcing yuri element on Mori, like this bring the awkwardness to collabs and makes the atmosphere stale, as they don't know how to react...

>> No.3859808

If you like any of the other HoloEN girls you should thank Kiara, because if it wasn't for her people like orkschizo might hyperfocus on your oshi instead. She's the lightning rod of EN.

>> No.3859824

shes holding back holoEN
she makes holoJp look bad
her roommate is a whore
shes a talentless chuuba that has to leech of her genmates to stay relevant
literally only relevant due to savior fags that feel bad for her
she will be cause the ultimate yab and be the of Cover
etc. etc.

>> No.3859859


>> No.3859975

>If you like any of the other HoloEN girls you should thank Kiara, because if it wasn't for her people like orkschizo might hyperfocus on your oshi instead. She's the lightning rod of EN.
lmao, poeple already found out how Gura looks like, Ame said nigga, Mori had other singing persona

>> No.3860350

I just became an anti, link me the anti discord

>> No.3860591

nice try yagoo

>> No.3860676

Are you by any chance 6' 7 and jacked?

>> No.3860855

Memes and faggotry, the usual.

>> No.3860955

Hahahahahahaha holy shit I swear that this place is a veiled insane asylum to keep you crazy fuckers in one location to keep tabs on you.

>> No.3861035

because she wants to collab with Vshitshow

>> No.3861152

She's a bit narcissistic, but it's mostly a meme. She's my second favorite out of EN after Mori, honestly, and the only real deciding factor between them is that I want to fuck Mori more.
>Compared to her genmates, she offers nothing of value
She's way better put together than any of them. you blind faggot. She can pull off the pseudo-managerial role like Coco where she's constantly setting up crossover events with other talents and is charismatic enough to strike up a rapport with anyone. Out of EN, only she and Ame can do the latter.

>> No.3861247

Kiara antis masquerading as critic

>> No.3861315
File: 32 KB, 576x576, EiYPodWWkAc55Eo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>and the only real deciding factor between them is that I want to fuck Mori more

>> No.3861413

They agreed to the yuri bit before they even debuted, anon. I know either Calli or Kiara has mentioned this in the past.

>> No.3861474
File: 146 KB, 588x370, explainplz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Kiara antis masquerading as critic
bird brain coping

>> No.3861478

Quite simply, both her voice and personality are grating. I only ever see her in collabs and every time I find myself either wishing she wasn't there at all (for groups) or replaced by literally any other holo (for duos). She just lacks chemistry with any of her genmates. Her singing voice is aight, but nothing special. I don't care about any of the other roommate stuff people seem to care about here, I think she's just really bad at her job.

>> No.3861488

Orkchama pls you have to let go

>> No.3861502

She posts here for validation from us and succeeds at it

>> No.3861503

This should become a copypasta if it isin't already.

>> No.3861506

>They agreed to the yuri bit before they even debuted, anon. I know either Calli or Kiara has mentioned this in the past.
no sauce kek also no arc for the yuri thing makes it forced

>> No.3861548

>She's a bit narcissistic
>is a bit narcissistic
>a bit narcissistic
>BIT narcissistic

>> No.3861570

how's 4chan for you, tourist-kun?

>> No.3861611

Take your meds.

>> No.3861634

why indeed

>> No.3861661
File: 1.49 MB, 1679x1000, EwouqtjWQAEb_4U.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.3861684

You expect a full fledged character arc from streamers? And you can write off the Calli and Kiara agreement thing if you want, I don't blame you. I was pretty sure it happened but I also don't want to go digging for it. It's kind of a moot point anyway, because if Calli really hated it the bit would've been dropped long ago anyway.

>> No.3861738

She burns the coal.

>> No.3861748

Tbh i used to like her during her early days, but then she collab with pekora making her uncomfortable with her fake cry or whatever u can call it, she just so fake bruh

>> No.3861754

so you expect them go this tired route whole fucking career? you gotta be kidding... shit's forced more than communism on peasantry.

>> No.3861822

i forgot that happened, more reason to hate this talentless bitch
kiara is really scum

>> No.3861833
File: 865 KB, 2894x4093, 1620057888417.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

your thread is trash. dont mind me im just gonna use some image slots

>> No.3861859

Why do you assume Kiara's was a fake cry, but not any other time a VTuber cries? Seems like a bullshit reason to me, but you do you.

>> No.3861905

i just dont like her, simple as

>> No.3861944

anon you need to spend more time with women

>> No.3861946

I never said that, why are you resorting to putting words in my mouth? I get it if you don't like it coming up time and time again, but we were discussing her clashing with her genmates. There is no reality where Calli would let that shit slide if she hated it.

>> No.3862010

Pretty sure that's not the case, but stick by your half-assed justification for something that doesn't even need one. You're allowed to just not like her.

>> No.3862016

>oh ok a joke, i will go along with it
>oh, you put me in your songs how nice
>makes Sims that look like them and plays whatever fantasies
>no turning back now...

>> No.3862026
File: 575 KB, 850x900, dfff752d92c1d6b646969c5a5cc0a4bb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kiara is fake.
you want to see a real chuuba cry?
go watch aquas reaction when she lost marika cup to suisei

>> No.3862047
File: 320 KB, 2048x1444, 1620261851097.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.3862074

imagine being upset losing to the apex human

>> No.3862085

Go outside, find life anon

>> No.3862129

>tears of joy for Kiara
>tears of frustration for Aqua
You know those tend to sound different, right anon? Not to mention they're two very different people. Explain to me how you know Kiara was fake crying without saying "You can just tell" or "I just know" I'm genuinely curious how you explain this.

>> No.3862170

>G-go outside!
Is this the new "Have sex" because it's just as shitty of a deflection.

>> No.3862179

8ft wedged ultrachad here, I want to break her face with a hammer.

>> No.3862186
File: 469 KB, 2500x1300, 1618496668680.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.3862331

not that anon but the fact that she switched to fake cry mode out of nowhere is a dead giveaway

>> No.3862798

You mean when Kiara started to open up to Pekora? That's pretty normal, and it seems really cynical to assume that it's fake if you ask me.

>> No.3863500

you really don't need to go outside stat, women fake cry is very distinguishable, if i cared i would clip kiara and some random thot from twitch and you would think both are real

>> No.3863535

get a load of this simp

>> No.3863653

Jesus Christ some of you are high up as the most spiteful people I've ever seen, Christ.
Did the orange woman killed your mum or something?

>> No.3863755

she killed my enjoyment of collabs just by making her presence knows...

>> No.3863903

So you don't have an explanation, are talking out your ass, and are making baseless assumptions about others as usual. Good to know.

>> No.3864027

she's on vid sounding fake, its not my problem you are deaf to woman being disingenuous...

>> No.3864544
File: 2.00 MB, 1366x768, 1621049439619.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3864580

So how do you know and why are you avoiding any sort of explanation? You keep doing exactly what I said you would by claiming you can just tell and I can't. That's grade school, "just trust me bro" bullshit.

>> No.3864749
File: 124 KB, 1280x905, wheezing_mio_by_nlpsllp_de2xhhg-fullview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how is just trust me bruh, when it's not something hidden, like motherfucker simple search would give you the result you are being a nigger rn and avoiding doing any conformation...
Anyone curious can go and search it, provide evidence to contrary etc...
I ain't wasting my time editing some 3sec clip just for you to go;
>uuuuuuh that's sounds like real cry

>> No.3865100

How are you gonna say I provide no evidence to the contrary while providing none yourself? How is...
>It sounds disingenuous
Not a "just trust me bro" moment. Fucking how is it disingenuous? I asked you this three times, if you don't give an explanation you're adding nothing to the conversation. I watched the clip long ago, and I gave my explanation earlier in this thread. Stop being lazy and answer it, or fuck off.

>> No.3865192

>Kiara being the Senpai of the Europe branch.

EN 2 is screwed.

>> No.3865232

>...and forcing yuri element on Mori
This one i've never got
Hating the yuri? Fine, it's not everyone's taste, specially her brand of yuri.
But why do you guys talk about it as if you knew Mori's personal feelings on the matter?
I mean it's pretty logical that they like each other, the amount of collabs, music duets, and that they even went on vacation are pretty good evidence of that, but if Mori felt like the yuri was too much she could just talk about it with Kiara on private, I mean hell you're talking about Mori as if she was an idiot without the agency to tell someone to stop if they are making her uncomfortable.

>> No.3865255

i watched it too and it's sounds exactly like a drama bitch... i really don't care about convincing you at this point

>> No.3865348
File: 770 KB, 689x974, 8353b6d4cbc7fcce03fd4b93ae959ccb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lmao responding to 3h post, that dude is long gone...
My opinion is that kiara makes it impossible for other relationship to bloom, like Mori has so much more fun playing with Gura even tho technical difficulties made it really scuffed

>> No.3865410

Well I'm not responding to that specific anon per se, but more expressing what I think about the "Mori hates the yuri bits" In general.

>> No.3865415

Good, because you're really fucking terrible at it. Side note, you just did the "it just sounds like it" again with no explanation.

>> No.3865468

you think doing same bit isn't tiring?
She's too kind to tell it to Kiara

>> No.3865562

and explanation that it doesn't sound like it is same tier, so you can fuck off...

>> No.3865651

Constant "LOOK AT ME!!" behaviour. Kills collabs for me.

>> No.3865722

>proving a negative
Bitch, fuck off. You know that's not how this works. You're either lazy or lying through your teeth, but either way you made the claim so the burden of either proof or at least an explanation is on you.

>> No.3865810
File: 393 KB, 524x575, youfirst.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3865919

I do think it could be, which is why she toned down in comparison to their earlier days.

>> No.3867006

holy fuck
kfps are fucking mental
how much of the kiara koolaid have they consumed

>> No.3867164

>decide to check out one of her streams for the first time in months
>its nier atomata finale
>she doesnt get true ending because she got mad at end and left negative message

you would at least think that she would take the message of the game to heart at least a tiny bit.

i dont like her very much.

>> No.3867679

A lot of /vt/ autists just hate on every vtuber except their oshis, it just happens that the biggest overlap is on her.

>> No.3867725

Based and actually reasonable

>> No.3868893

>Getting this butthurt over being called “racist”
Chill, it is just a word

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