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All you had to do was listen to me when I kept telling you to not fall in love with the anime girl on your screen.
How are you feeling now?

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Only eops didn't know that peko is a whore

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oh god. i wanna slice open that watermelon so bad and gulp it all down my throat....let it drip all over my neck...

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And miss this copefest? No thanks Trip. I'll think I'll stick around.

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I'm having a great time right now
>My girl is an idol because she doesn't collab with men! Japan knows best!
>She decides to do an idol variety show and invite hypno oji-san, followed by a whole bunch of groping and other acts
>N-no! That's not what being an idol is about! It's this instead and JAPAN IS WRONG!!

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Keep seething :^)
No unicorn thinks of that as a yab

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Keep telling yourself that.

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You have an entire thread now denying Pekora as a unicorn chuuba. >>38265798
Yes unicorns truly do think of it as a yab, keep coping.

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Falseflaggers you mean lmao
Last holofes they had a wrestler and that drummer guy on and nobody cared
Nobody also cared about this hypnotist guy except for falseflagging dramawhores
Irys and Gura dramas didn't work out so now it's a dozen threads about Pekora

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So did you enjoy seeing Pekora getting felt up by a fat bald ojisan?

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Don't talk about marine like that

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cope. cope everywhere.

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Stop coping then dumdum