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Am going for the tomboy loli vibe, any feedback? Color scheme recs?

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Just don't stream.

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>that design
Try again retardchama

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White and gold.
Looks like an angel more than a devil
Skin indentation on shorts and thigh
no leggings

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Big fat oppai loli tits and a crotch tattoo.

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It's good but that doesn't look like a tomboy, seems just like a dark skinned loli, unless you put some work on the voice for the tomboy vibe, the design is lacking.

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The idea isn't bad but I think you're not playing up the tomboy angle enough. Also fairly simplistic design, what's the character concept for her?

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This isn't very tomboyish desu. Add spats, shorter hair and i'm quite partial to tanlines (of the one piece variety) and then we're talking. You also need to have a certain type of voice to play a tomboy character.

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Dont even try if you dont have the voice for it

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Long sleeves dont go well qith tomboys.
Also maybe tanlines.

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Remove all cloth and just put on a lingerie and add a womb tattoo. Maybe also add tanlines for pure gold.

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Vampire has been done to death

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It’s not that tomboy-ish in my opinion but the design is still really cute. Hope you keep us updated anon.

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Are there tomboy angels?

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I have no advice but you should definitely build on this design and then draw her getting fucked.

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nah draw her getting punched in the gut and doubling over with tears streaming down her face

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You should be asking how is that a loli or a tomboy in the first place

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Give her a cap and microbikini (optional), keep the chest as flat as possible, and ensure a lightly toned belly.
Make her skin darker and give it a more natural hue, as per my design document.

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stealing your design, thanks sucker

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based ryonachad

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Thanks for the feedback, anons o7
Any way I can salvage this, or just start over? Making it an angel might not be a bad idea either

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I don't mean it as an insult, but you need to think about the character you're making in much more in-depth rather than just attaching labels like loli or tomboy. You have to prove in some way, shape or form that what you're presenting is a loli tomboy and not just some random mislabelling.

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Kanata is the only one that come to mind but there are multiple angels. Though now that I think about it being too original can get you stuck in indie single digit hell. So follow your heart anon.

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I like the design. It's simple but interesting enough to catch the eye.
Personally I feel that tomboy is in the personality of the character. As long as you act tomboyish I think you'll be fine.

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Need navel piercing and crotch tattoo peeking out to make it more slutty.

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Ear and navel piercings would all work for a tomboy, but I think a crotch tattoo is pushing it too far.

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those hips are disgusting also needs tan lines.

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I'm under the assumption that you're making it for yourself. I think you should solidify the concept behind your design, like name, backstory, personality, likes and dislikes, etc. Using that, flesh out your base design with additional trappings and flourishes.

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Should be pregnant

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Gold, jewelry, face paint or flower

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This looks cute, I'll take that in mind! Thank you!
Got it, will make my concept clear and then go from there o7
Thanks for the reality check anons, I hope I come out of this with a better design

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Remember, it's still your character. It should be something you like.

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anon, that is not how tomboy works

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Kys tryhard

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op are you a dude?

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bigger booba pls

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Honest opinion - you don't seem to understand what a tomboy is, and this looks like a trap.
Decent drawing skill though. Has some Disgaea vibe?..

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cant u read retard
they asked for a loli tomboy aesthetic

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Kind of reminds me of Ramlethal from guilty gear.

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>he doesn't like wide-hipped lolis
This is a good idea.

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Now put a baseball cap on her

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I still think long sleeves dont go well on tomboys. They are fashion but doesnt reflect the physical activity of tomboys

>> No.3761917

I hope it comes out better and less cringe next time o7
I'm a girl, unfortunately
Tanlines are kinda nice too, I think I might be able to incorporate? since she's supposed to be the genki type
Which parts are the bad parts, if there are any in specific? Thanks for the art compliment though o7

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very nice

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Demon/succubus design is overused and those wings are too generic. Drop that heaven and hell theme and find something more grounded interesting. Countryside girl from Kansas would be more original than angel #3496 or generic cute demon #6667. It's not like you going to build deep lore around it anyway.

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>removing the stockings
You guys are huge fags.

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keep the cunny, less clothes, make her white

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If I were you I wouldn't take advice in this particular thread too seriously since it's mostly people posting what they personally are into instead of what is best for the design.
We have a thread dedicated to upcoming chuubas that might be more helpful when it comes to things like these >>3700683
That being said, I would personally advice you to consider adding some sort of theme on top of being a demon, because demons are a bit common and you want something that helps you differentiate your channel from similar designs. For example, you can have a sailor theme on top of being a demon, or a doll theme on top of being a demon, etc.

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Isn't this design just that fucking Froot apricot shit head? Except Froot misleads and claiming the vtuber is a "lich" when it clearly fucking isn't. There's nothing undead about it other than her personality.
>tomboy design
You use that word, but it doesn't mean what you think it means.
So what's the objective here?

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make a familiar as accessories, either a hat, belt or necklace.

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At that point, with the hat. Why don't you skip trying to go for this weird design and go for something like "automobile mechanic"? Make your vtuber character into a grease monkey.

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Go back.

>> No.3762480

>vtuber greasemonkey
Well seeing as how vtubers have constume changes, why doesn't she go with a regular outfit and then have a secondary costume to be a greasemonkey at some points?

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> Which parts are the bad parts, if there are any in specific?
No, I don't think it's bad, just reminds of vtuber femboy(s) and trap mmd characters. Then again THEY remind of naughty lolis, so this all is confusing, I admit.
I guess we could remember Kaolla Su from Azumanga Daioh, and that's basically what you're going for?..

PS - If you really want a devil aesthetic, it's your call, but at least don't make it heavy on the details, keep it simple. Designers really try hard with adding a ton of clothing and accessory bits, character ends up like a slutty christmas tree.

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Make her wear long t-shirts
Place band aids on nose and arms
Make her wear some bling

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literally ask anywhere else

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Looks great. If the skin had a little bit more tan, I would love it. Maybe leave her barefooted? Maybe give her kneesocks except that there is a whole at the end so the bare feet can be seen?

>> No.3762668

if you are going for stockings/ kneesocks. wear stirrups desu.

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Keep it simple stupid is the philosophy I'd advocate for. go with outfit colors that would compliment and meld well. This also incorporates skin tone, hair color, and eye color as well. If you have too many bright colors, it can become very obnoxious on the eyes and you wind up with a kiara 1st costume or Snuffy's 1st model kind of situation where the colors are too "loud".
Don't think you have to cram everything into one kind of design for what you're going for. If you're also being artist and doing this for yourself, well as some other anons pointed out, you can create different alternate costumes for various different looks. Want to wear a swimsuit for a stream? Go for it. That "grease monkey" fetish shit? All up to you. Angelic or devilish? Again all up to you. But having multiple outfits or looks would give you the variety to prevent from over complicating your character's design.

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actually is spats

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Where's the porn? Asking for a friend.

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Only if your voice fits, I don't want another loli with roastie voice

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The most important part is those creases in the arms.

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I will watch this vtuber, great design.
Maybe remove the top part that covers her neck/clavicle though.

This is shit, it doesn't retain any of the charm of the original outfit and just cranks the slut up to 11. Not every fucking tomboy needs to wear a cap, even Subaru's original tomboy outfit is shit compared to her other ones.

>> No.3763596

Voice recording

>> No.3763605

Also, prepare to be demonetized by youtube if you ever become remotely successful unless your content is exclusively in Japanese.

>> No.3763739

>doesn't like wide-hipped lolis
Well, yeah then he might think they're legal.

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some suggestions

>> No.3765363

>Gorilla Grip

>> No.3765530

turn it into metal fist or claws like strength.

>> No.3765641

Buff tomboy loli with metal gauntlet claws would be dope.

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>> No.3765718

Add womb tattoo and I will watch

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Drop the bay wings. It's the most overdone trope for western chuubas

>> No.3765800

Please drop the bat wings. It's the single most overused trope for western chuubas. The simplistic designs can work it it's heavily stylized

>> No.3766000

shut the fuck up

>> No.3766027

Feisty one, aren’t you?

>> No.3766036


Also womb tattoo onegai

>> No.3766702

add tanlines and it'd be a 10/10 design

>> No.3766909

>cute face and hair style
>exposed armpits and tummy
It's a winner, but loli vtubers have it rough if your voice mismatches the design and faking a higher pitch voice can have disastrous results if poorly executed. It's a gamble, if you nail it i'll sub and promote you (for free)

>> No.3766990

First and most important step: be born a biological woman
Sorry, back to the drawing board for you I guess

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needs womb tattoo

>> No.3767342

Back to the drawing board, drawfagchama. That's a teenager at least.

>> No.3767348

Uten Hiyori is a bokukko angel as well. Tomboyishness is debatable.

>> No.3767664

based lolichad educating plebs

>> No.3768921

Honestly, just look at the peak tomboy performer, Oozora Subaru, and take hints from her initial outfit.
1) Tighter and slightly longer hotpants/shorts/spats.
2) Top shouldn't be a bra, make it longer and less tight like a t-shirt, but keep navel exposed
3) Maybe shorter or straighter hair, but that's debatable.
4) Not a fan of oversized sleeves, especially for tomboys. You're supposed to be sporty, ditch the sleeves for something like armbands/elastic bandages.

>> No.3768940

That just looks like loli froot

>> No.3768993

>lewd brown loli VTuber
Why isn't this a thing yet?

>> No.3769041

and that's a good thing.

>> No.3769330

Youtube and Twitch will shut her down pretty quickly?..
If they indeed will categorize her as a lewd loli.

>> No.3769422

There's Dlive but for how long anyways.

>> No.3771756

Is OP dead?

>> No.3772355

Am OP, passed out on table lmao
A lot of feedback was given while I was asleep, so thank you very much! I think I'll take the criticism and try to create something more thematic/unique, thanks anons o7

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Ganbatte OP.

>> No.3772880

Best of luck, tomboy loli. Remember to visit the aspiring vtuber thread.

>> No.3774028

Make a Chinese zombie/vampire but she knows martial arts so she uses spats

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Do this, but with dark skin and tanlines. Bam, instant 100k subs.

>> No.3778534

Record yourself saying something

>> No.3778642

This, we need a solid proof we can use later if OP becomes popular that it was all thanks to "us" and our "tips".

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wear a silly hat

>> No.3779201

What is a roastie voice?

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Kill yourself and never stream.

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>Kill yourself and never stream.

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Big clawhands are cute
they made Pandemonium Wizard Village great

>> No.3781556

Subaru didn't even incline until she dropped the tomboy outfit for the donald duck one.

>> No.3782509

easy there damascus

>> No.3782846

You might want to add a backwards cap

Maybe a little mud on her face
A 1/2 hoodie that’s been unevenly unprofessionally cut with scissors
Throw in a band aid on that face or neck

Lastly go for a farmer’s tan look
Pale legs tanned arms
Black or brown hair
I say red hoodie with some dirt strains in it
Shoes and socks can both be black

>> No.3782892

Put my penis inside her

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>> No.3783042

Doesn't matter

>> No.3783070

I love symmetry, but I see that asymmetrical is what appeals more.

>> No.3783283

If by loli tomboy you mean loli tomboy that has been groomed into being a free-use cumdumpster by her male friends then yeah, spot on design.

>> No.3783388

Not all girls who wear caps are tomboys
But all tomboys wear caps

>> No.3783447

Yep lolis without a loli voice lose everything

Lolicons are pretty picky people

>> No.3783570

I wouldn't consider myself picky.
I appreciate anyone that caters to me even if they can't get do everything perfectly.

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less is better

>> No.3783702

Looks good. Shorter hair for tomboy look. Extend top cloth downwards a bit as well, same reason. "More skin = more girly". You'll have to balance it with your (or the talent's, you didn't specify) stream personality.
I think wings and horns are overdone, but that's just personal opinion, it's not important.

>> No.3783717

I will now watch your chuuba

>> No.3784501

Looks good to me.

>> No.3784730

How many cumtributes do you want on your model?

>> No.3784774

Cunny chuuba

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Joking aside, I'm actually a big fan of your original concept art, good luck

>> No.3786136

Anything lower than Sailor Moon, don't worry about it

>> No.3787349

Understood, I'll upload something on Vocaroo in a while! I honestly don't know how others will see my voice, so this will be a good reality check? lmao
Definitely will, thank you! o7

>> No.3787495 [DELETED] 


>> No.3787530 [DELETED] 

All your favourite chuubas are closed pedos

>> No.3788583

avoid domoarigathanks like the fucking plague. Dude's a creepy groomer faggot that will try to coerce your entire social media pr behavior into "lol sex". He coerced indies into doing face reveal and accidental self dox.
Avoid at all costs. Do not interact. Mute him or block him. His whole "career" is preying on new upstarts.

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I think it looks fine so far. My personal suggestions:
>change the top so it only covers her breasts and not the upper area
>instead of detached sleeves, give her a half jacket like pic related (doesn't have to be the same style, just the idea), open so you can see the top

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File: 2.18 MB, 3992x7700, etjaerha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No need to thank me

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>brown cunnytuber

>> No.3800210

With arms like that she could become a cop. Nobody can escape the long arm of the law.

>> No.3800866

Too bad she's german.

>> No.3801751


>> No.3801845

>ruin beautiful feet
into the trash

Though those floating signaling hands for wings do look aesthetic and awesome as fuck. if you do something with her normal arms like metal claws or mgs monsoon-like magnet arms it'll look pretty interesting.

>> No.3802444

Is not a matter of lolicons just being picky, the whole point of becoming a chuba is to give life to a character, if there is a mismatch on how the chuba looks and how it sounds and/or acts it breaks the immersion, then why become a chuba in the first place? roasties don't get this, having an anime avatar is not enough, anyone can do that, but having your personality merge perfectly with the character just a few can do that, Pekora and Kana are good examples of this, they are really committed to their characters.

>> No.3804351

So far the design is adorable. I love the big ahoge! Sorry for not being useful...

>> No.3804450

It has nothing to do with loli and everything to do with having a voice that fits the character. Trying to play a loli when you can't pull off a cute loli voice is just as bad as trying to play a buff manly dude when you can't pull off a deep manly voice.

>> No.3804628

Looks more like a annoying little sister, not bratty just annoying, like “onii-Chan I love you so much” type, go for blacked shiny leather suit keep the design but consider covering a little more maybe gloves and boots, white hair and a gang that looks cute, purple ayes and you are set

>> No.3804711

And put a little hat on it too

>> No.3804996

Holy shit that looks cool as fuck.
Legs a kinda ugly though.

>> No.3805043



>> No.3805063

It's cuteee!

>> No.3806766

OP's voice, please tell me if it's too annoying. Sorry for it being a little quiet, didn't want to disturb people outside ;_; I normally speak with more energy lol

>> No.3806864

Better recording, I guess?

>> No.3806882

>Draw a guy
>Call it a girl also modify her to have feminine traits, or else you'll end up with final fantasy looking ass characters
This is how you succesfully make a Tomboy. Get on it.

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I will now watch you. Please get a decent mic for streaming, tho.

>> No.3806975

You are aware you need to be a female to be a female vtuber

>> No.3807042

>Get a decent mic
Even if you have the most scuffed png that bugs out, people will be less annoyed than if you have a crappy ass mic that distorts your voice to hell.
Sound > Graphics

>> No.3807045

So start with the concept of a guy, kinda? I think that makes sense
Thank you, I'm saving for a good one! o7
I posted my voice already though orz

>> No.3807051

This is cute but doesn't really fit a tomboy. Tomboys should be genki and loud and have a more boyish or at least masculine voice/tone/etc.

Your original design also doesn't seem very tomboy.

You should just drop that personality and go for a cinnamon roll moeblob that just happens to dress slutty because that's how everyone dresses in the demon world or something.
That kinda gap moe is really popular.

>> No.3807062


>> No.3807079

I will now watch your chuuba. Like anon said, get a better mic. I hope you can maintain that voice in the long term (I'm assuming you are doing a cuter voice than your normal one, unless I'm wrong).

>> No.3807126

I think it’s hard to judge you properly until you get a better mic. Also if that’s the voice you’re going with I don’t think a tomboy character would be a good match.

>> No.3807131

You have an amazing voice, but yeah like what the other anons said, you need a better mic. There's nothing more annoying that having a mic that randomly cuts out and distorts the voice when streaming

>> No.3807142 [SPOILER] 
File: 281 KB, 509x1000, 1621245110175.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

By the way maybe try something like this with a less curvy and more "flat" figure. It's not really a criticism but just something worth considering as an option.
I like your original concept a lot compared to all the shitty critiques you've received. It's simplistic and easy to appreciate, albeit will probably piss off Youtube. Maybe try giving her a loose fitting t-shirt like Kana Kamiko does to accentuate the cunny factor while not triggering the algorithm.

>> No.3807159

Fucking hell...

>> No.3807162
File: 680 KB, 688x999, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

something like this for example would be unlikely to get you in trouble while still being both cute and lewd.

>> No.3807166

Sounds decent, but how is your natural voice? is this range comfortable for you? I'm asking this cause remember, you will have to keep this voice acting for hours, if it is straining your voice too much you should try other range, try to talk non stop for for around 15 minutes, if you feel comfortable with it then probably you should keep it

>> No.3807172

Chirst you sound like a 15 year old jesus

>> No.3807229
File: 1.11 MB, 2128x3536, i tried.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tried to give it more tomboyish elements like the tie and the bandaids on the legs + slight side smile. also added elements that I just personally like, like the big sleeves, fluffier hair and horns.

>> No.3807256

Thank you! Yeah, I think finding something to fit my personality might be better o7
Unfortunately this is the voice I speak in normally, am ESLchama so I guess my English is a little unnatural/stunted orz
Last time, let's hope the quality of this is at least kinda better? :'>
This is super cute anon! The bandaids look really nice, I think I want to consider that when redesigning

>> No.3807260

I don't find it tomboyish, but it's a definite improvement over OP's design.

>> No.3807270

I like everything except the bandaids, they seem out of place.
She looks like a demon lord or succubus or something, why would she get injured?

Honestly just give up on the tomboy thing, it's not gonna work. This concept is already good on its own.

Also the long puffy sleeves are a great idea but I'm not sure it fits with how skimpy the rest of her outfit is. I'd suggest if you wanna go with that then make the rest of her outfit puffier too like a gothloli or something.

>> No.3807288

oh lol i thought you were OP, didn't see the new IP.
still overall quite good.

>> No.3807295
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This is triggering my audio autism immensely. Please god get a better mic. If you just have a phone right now download a proper voice recording app and get a file in the highest resolution you can and upload it to catbox so it doesn't get janked by vocaroo. Download something decent like Auphonic Recorder and get a proper 24 bit WAV recording with the highest sampling rate available. I can't deal with 16khz audio quality.

>> No.3807304
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>> No.3807311

I think you can simply drop the tomboy motif, and keep the tanned skin if you want. "Tomboy" doesn't suit your voice.
Like another anon mentioned, you can mix the demon motif with something else for variety, like a doll or maid.

>> No.3807314

I just don’t see it as very “tomboyish”. Seems like a normal slutty demon to me. I think OP should start over if I’m being honest. Then again their voice isn’t very “tomboyish” either, so maybe drop that aspect entirely...?

>> No.3807318

yeah i'd fuck you

>> No.3807319

But there are no woman on the internets...

>> No.3807326

looks like generic vshoujo design

>> No.3807334


>> No.3807358

glad you like it! agree with the other anons that you sounds more cute than tomboyish, and honestly a curvy succubus loli is hard to de-feminize without losing a lot of sex appeal design-wise without just straight up drawing a shota. I wish you luck though!

>> No.3807379

It actually looks like a lolified version of that froot whore.

>> No.3807392

That's why I think she should go for something like >>3807142
Less curvy and more reverse trap, then you can put it in boyish clothes like a t-shirt and shorts while keeping the brown skin and it'll look fucking good.

>> No.3807415

Remember the most important factor of all, tanlines

>> No.3807430

This, onegai...

>> No.3807440

>Unfortunately this is the voice I speak in normally
Then it is ogey, your voice fits well for a loli, but I'm not sure if it is the same for a tomboy tho, are you sure you want to go that route? usually a tomboy is not that feminine and shy, but of course, you can ignore the typical tomboyish behavior and just use the image of a tomboy if you want too

>> No.3807442


>> No.3807450

agreed. I thought about drawing longer shorts but assumed she would want something sexier and kept the hot pants. I think either ouji-style clothes would suit the tomboy gothic succubus look, but it would be cool to see a sporty succubus too.

>> No.3807477
File: 612 KB, 695x887, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Literally just use this old design from the 4chan vtuber contest that Hiro ran and then cancelled. Nobody owns it and nobody is using it. It checks all the boxes.

>> No.3807498

What if hirojew or the autor files a copyright claim?

>> No.3807515

Someone please do it. For my dick.

>> No.3807522

just be a moeblob type. your voice is perfect for it.

>> No.3807532
File: 449 KB, 410x589, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Something like this is probably the maximum "tomboy" you can get while still being lewd. Or maybe this https://files.catbox.moe/vqsni1.jpg
Also it occurred to me that tanlines would be better than fully dark skin if she wants to stick with the tomboy concept.
I do think OP's concept is already great though and the tweaks in >>3807229 were a big improvement too.

>> No.3807549

Hiro doesn’t own it. It didn’t even win the contest.

>> No.3807580

Mm-hm! Tanlines are def gonna be included, I like them and I think a lot of people here do too! o7
Yeah, think I should be a loli type! But loli demon succubus is too overused, maybe I'll go for military/shikigami/anything where I can spam my o7 in messages lol
Thank you anons for all the advice!

>> No.3807607

loli shogun would be based

>> No.3807612

>nobody drew any porn of this character
It’s an absolute travesty...

>> No.3807621

>loli shogun

>> No.3807625

loli demon? probably.
brown loli demon? no way

>> No.3807626


>> No.3807634

FWIW, I don't think you have to give up the tomboy design. I feel like you could the idea and use a ctuber voice, you'd just really have to the sell the tomboy personality when you stream. Do you have tomboy hobbies? Are you genki? Do you think people would compare you to stereotypical tomboy characters in chinese cartoons/games/etc? There might be a disconnect with the audience if you can't really convey the idealized tomboy character through your mannerisms and personality. See Shimada Tiger: tomboy design, plays fightan, is a tomboy IRL with real tomboy hobbies, but her voice and mannerisms don't fit the tomboy archetype so it causes a bit of dissonance with some viewers. Just something to consider.

As far as design, I imagine there's something that would fit everything you want to be, but the succubus/demon thing might be hard to fit into the loli tomboy thing. Not that doujinshi is perfect example, but I don't think I've ever seen "lolicon", "tomboy", and "succubus/demon" tags all in one image/doujin. Spats and tanlines make for an easy tomboy-ish design, at the very least. Maybe tank tops,overalls, or sports jackets would work, too? Cut-off jean shorts, cargo shorts? Baseball cap for a bratty tomboy? I haven't done my tomboy reps in a long time, gomen.

>> No.3807656

ye, go sleeveless. dem sweaty tomboy pits ugh

>> No.3807713
File: 1.78 MB, 4000x7700, there's a market for it.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Trust me

>> No.3807720
File: 79 KB, 724x1024, 07e90f6811331a7c4d8a2efd83a2ff4e5e24dee6_hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But a shogun/sword woman is too ugh strong/manly for her voice

Here is my suggestion, I have not seen a snake girl, if you're going the japanese lore route, you could make a loli version of yamata no orochi, a taned one so you don't get rid of your original design and you just need to add the snakes

>> No.3807761

I have to say, that’s pretty impressive. 10/10 for creativity.

>> No.3807771
File: 138 KB, 500x670, 273927539857.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another example.

>> No.3807803
File: 2.91 MB, 1600x1032, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know what anon, I really fucking wish there were more robot or doll vtubers. That concept is very underutilized and any character concept with joints and machinery is very cool.

Your idea is a bit too based for the average vtuber fan but I appreciate it and hope someone takes note of the demand for more robochubas.

>> No.3807864

Probably not, I think... my acting skills aren't strong enough to sell the idea well orz
The Orochi concepts look really pretty, I panic whenever I see moving snakes though so I might die on stream if I use that lmao- will be researching more fun legends, thank you for the idea!
Kinda scary, but also kinda cool! Respect o7

>> No.3807908

What do you sound like when you're not speaking English

>> No.3807945
File: 172 KB, 507x473, 1617013476483.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3807947

Well I think your voice fits for something like Kana or Ayame and both happen to be based on japanese lore, so it should be good to look around there

>> No.3807965
File: 2.18 MB, 4000x7700, 500% improved.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've done it again, the instant design enhancer.

>> No.3808042

Around the same pitch/tone lol, just no cringe accent like I have in English

>> No.3808098
File: 440 KB, 705x1000, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your voice is genuinely suited for a moeblob girl that milks paypigs through GFE.

Like Uruha Rushia or something without the yandere.

Try to go for something "cute" but not too childish. Some sorta monstergirl is a good idea.

Maybe even a girl with a disability or deformity like pic related for maximum gosling feels to optimize the paypig milking.

>> No.3808099

You’re an ESL, OP?

>> No.3808133

just don't over design your character and don't go too far into niche fetish or weird ass designs and you'll be fine.

>> No.3808151


>> No.3808212
File: 1.40 MB, 4000x7700, fingerchuuba.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm on a roll tonight

>> No.3808280
File: 514 KB, 1446x2048, cr7wx2amagq51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3808300
File: 75 KB, 925x580, 20210512_144509.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not lewd enough, don't be a pussy OP, commit to the ultimate cunny

>> No.3808312
File: 1.40 MB, 4000x7700, finger cunny.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My brain is expanding

>> No.3808357

now do a snowman cunny

>> No.3808398

I like the upper half but still not convinced by the bottom one. Ankle socks in particular are very ugly imo.

>> No.3808724

Thanks, I'll try that concept out! Will do my GFE reps too and see if I can pull it off o7
I am, but I'm not sure if that's the right word, since I'm not American?
I didn't need sleep tonight anyway

>> No.3808780

Looks like every western vtuber ever, to finish things up, give it fishnets and multicolored hair. You'll be hired by vshojo in no time

>> No.3808789

What’s your native language?

>> No.3809005

Japanese + Chinese, both around the same level

>> No.3809053

Looks boring.

>> No.3809100

Nah, that's more gal than tomboy.

>> No.3809113


>> No.3809129

So you can speak Japanese, Chinese and English? Interesting.

>> No.3809141

Tan tomboys are athletic and should have abs. If you're going the angel route consider having a removable headband that's a burning wheel covered with eyes.

>> No.3809161

if mando you'll get shit on. any other chinese and you'll be fine.

>> No.3809162

We got a sleeper agent here. Possibly a zhang glownigger.

>> No.3809175
File: 420 KB, 674x675, 1596626775620.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i missed you artia

>> No.3809184

shit taste

die, judas

>> No.3809287

Artia hate.

>> No.3809336
File: 459 KB, 2800x2800, 1603174978545.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ntr arc already


>> No.3809436

I'm fluent in Hokkien, not Mandarin :'> Didn't think people were curious enough to ask the difference, should have specified orz
Ples no

>> No.3809976

If it's not a secret, how is it that you have both Chinese and Japanese as native languages? Also your English seems good too, so wow, this is impressive and definitely will help in vtuber business, with different audiences, I truly wish you well.
What about rigging? Did you find someone whose prices you can afford, or do you plan to start as a png-tuber?

For some reason I keep thinking DyaRikku should make your live2d. But it's just my small opinion.

>> No.3810041

When I hear this voice I expect long frilly dress, not belly button.

>> No.3810070

If I remember correctly, it's easier to learn from japanese to chinese and the other way around than any other western language, probably because similarities in kanji between these languages

>> No.3810098
File: 171 KB, 900x1253, Rokurokubi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Has anyone done a rokurokubi motif? Would it be too hard to show off?

>> No.3810107

Kanji is just Chinese characters so of course Chinese speakers can read them but the Japanese meaning is different sometimes. I still don’t know how someone can have two native languages.

>> No.3810160

When both parents are from different nationalities they tend to teach their sons both languages

>> No.3810177

Of course, but I'm curious how come both are stated as native.
Also Japanese basically took a lot of kanji from Chinese, but they sound different. And Chinese is a much more tonal language, so if someone says Japanese is hard - it's true, but Chinese is harder.

>> No.3810212

Thank you! Japanese is because well, I'm Japanese, and Chinese is to communicate with my extended family in TW (+Asian pressure to learn more talents, lol)
Rigging is a difficult one. I'm a broke student, so will probably save up till I have enough to get a good one. I'll do what I can in the meantime o7
Maybe, a lot of people have suggested moeblob type and I think that would suit me too :O
Would be really crazy having the head zoom around screen lmao

>> No.3810327

just stream as a png first. don't do any debut stuff until you get comfortable with streaming and have a rigged model.

>> No.3810400

You’re a Japanese student who posts on 4chan and wants to be an EN chuuba? kek

>> No.3810530

Yes, I came because I don't know what other SNS there are to get honest opinions. Making this thread seemed to work, though, so 4chan isn't bad
My English isn't the best, but it feels less awkward to broadcast in English lol

>> No.3810549

If you want to make friends and get your footing just DM Vtubers like Koopa fortune

>> No.3810599


>> No.3810619


>> No.3810692

I'll have to do that once I actually have something to show of my efforts, I'll keep working till then! o7

>> No.3810802

>so 4chan isn't bad
Uh don't be that confident about that, if there is yin there is yang and in this website you will find both, as there were people willing to help you on your plans, there are plenty of people waiting for someone to make a mistake and eat him/her alive.

>> No.3810948
File: 31 KB, 112x112, tiapat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3810995

What do Japanese think about 4chan? Another Japanese chuuba that posted and advertised here was Beatani and she’s doing pretty well I think. Overall there’s a lot of good people here but they can be temperamental.

>> No.3811021

To be fair this is probably the only place on the English internet that would be encouraging to a loli vtuber. Reddit or Twitter or whatever would rip her apart for daring to pretend to be a virtual child. For as bad as 4chan is, in like every other way basically, its one positive is not being as hateful towards loli.

It's not complicated anon someone can be native to multiple languages if they come from a bilingual family that speak both languages at home and have mixed heritage.

>> No.3811121

>I'm Japanese
座敷童子 it is then.

>> No.3811155

I don't know what Japanese think but I'd warn any Japanese person who comes here that 4chan is extremely tribalist and will abandon you over the most petty bullshit if you offend their autism. It's best to be careful what you post here and not reveal your affiliation with this site if you become a vtuber because it's generally frowned upon to openly act like a member of this site in the normie internet.

>> No.3811202

Is not Miki also japanese or I need my meds?

>> No.3811258

Meds. Now.

>> No.3811305

fuck off newfag, discouraging people from breaking containment is correct.

>> No.3811352

I know not everyone is good, but at least the people that criticised me gave useful feedbacks, but this is an anonymous site after all so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
It isn't heard of by most people, since Twitter, Insta and Line are what everyone uses. In any case, 4chan is an English site, but maybe people might think of it as dangerous like 2chan?
Youkai theme that doesn't scare people off, yay! This is a good idea, thank you o7
I understand, thank you for informing me!

>> No.3811378

I only watch degenerate lolicon chuubas, are you a lolicon? I need to know

>> No.3811396

Miki is Japanese though she only posted here one time and has never mentioned it or responded to feedback. Seems like she's giving up on being a vtuber anyway.

>> No.3811419

>In any case, 4chan is an English site, but maybe people might think of it as dangerous like 2chan?
Yeah it's a pretty dangerous site. Most wouldn't like it be known if they do come here. Some own it though, look at Kumagai Chisato, she's fine being associated with this place.

>> No.3811464

That post is doing more than telling Anons not to break containment.

>> No.3811538

>You are a newfag if you don’t hate yourself and this website
Do 4channelers really...?

>> No.3811779

I really like loli, but I don't dislike other types either lol. It depends on the overall look, whether it can fit together nicely
I will have to research her, I wasn't aware there were Japanese Vtubers coming here :O

>> No.3811879


>> No.3811883

It's fine and all to "own it" but you'll be disappointed if you think everyone wants to welcome you as part of a community like reddit. It's an anonymous forum, you're only as liked as the quality of your posts. If you do something retarded you'll get called a retard or hated regardless of how much of a public figure you are. It's good to be aware that it's not the kinda place to chase clout or try to build a personality cult. We only care about the quality of your content and hold no loyalty if you become shit or try to shill yourself for money.
Go ahead, call me a schizo, I deserve it, but I'm right.

>> No.3811916

So who want to post the thing where someone call her a nigger

>> No.3811957

Eh, /wvt/ has a few schizos, but for the most part people are pretty forgiving of the vtubers that are part of their little community.

>> No.3812010

Or maybe she got selected by cover

>> No.3812046

Wow, her content is very unique! I was surprised that she has many English fans, are they from 4chan also? That's cool!

>> No.3812121

Yeah, you're right, this board is generally nicer than others. Hell there's even threads for Artemis and Vshojo despite how hated they are and they're mostly left alone. Still though, I don't want newfags to get the wrong idea before they learn the culture.

Most of her viewers are from 4chan, she's pretty special though, being a degenerate herself that fit in pretty well from the start.
They won't ever acknowledge it again but I'm pretty sure Pomu from NijiEN and Risu from HoloID browse this board as well.

>> No.3812199

Pomu is a massive otaku and almost certainly used to post on /jp/.

>> No.3812255

So surprised by how fucking cool she turned out to be.
Every vtuber should aspire to be as much of an otaku as her if they want my money.

>> No.3812274

>and they're mostly left alone
>he doesn't know
Kek, half the thread gets deleted by the jannies for all the >she posting, and it happens all the time

>> No.3812356

Shartemis threads are made solely for shitposting in. Nobody posts in them seriously.

>> No.3812395

Literally the only thing you need to know for /vt/ is to not be a tranny, not openly support trannies on stream, and not be mainland chinese or support mainland china. also don't openly have a boyfriend or be flirty with males on stream if you are going for GFE or trying to attract goslings.

>> No.3812499

Also remember that reddit lives rent free in anons head so don’t mention it often.

>> No.3812501

cringe post
nothing wrong with having a boyfriend or a penis or being chinese, just be open about it from the start so the schizos don't have their hearts broken and try to doxx you.

>> No.3812659


>> No.3812690

this thread got so derailed
sorry OP, your cunny is cute, would take home and breed.

>> No.3812737

>so be open about it so nobody cares about you
Well it is the right thing to do

>> No.3812752

Right, they're all symptoms of a need for honesty driven to a mildly insane level.

>> No.3812807

I am none of these, so I guess I'm safe? lol
It seems like 4chan is used by some overseas Vtubers too :0
Thank you all for your information about 4chan and the Vtuber culture! o7

>> No.3812825

right, nobody harasses the various babiniku or openly trans vtubers. artemis just gets targeted for lying about it and gaslighting people who ask.

>> No.3812977

Babiniku isn’t comparable to trannies, retard. Give me some examples of trans chuubas that /vt/ likes.

>> No.3813024


>> No.3813106

>Babiniku isn’t comparable to trannies, retard.
A babiniku who insists they're a woman would definitely be called a tranny though.
>Give me some examples of trans chuubas that /vt/ likes.
Melissa from Nijisanji is non-binary and pretty well-liked. Never said /vt/ has to like them though, just as long as they're open about being whatever they are they won't get harassed by schizos.

>> No.3813209

List 5 openly trans vtubers that aren’t literally whos.

>> No.3813266

Moving the goalposts, nice try faggot. I wouldn't know any more, I don't browse reddit or watch EN vtubers outside of Prism/Niji/Holo/Kana Kamiko/Beatani. Everyone else is cringey as fuck.

>> No.3813334

>nobody harasses the various trans vtubers
>okay, list some trans vtubers
>erm umm well uuuuh, this one Niji is non-binary

>> No.3813363

If they're invisible then nobody is harassing them you fucking retard.

>> No.3813425

I’m pretty sure nobody is harassing them because they don’t exist.

>> No.3813706


>> No.3813724

The reason they're not harassed is that they are gatekept from /vt/ and don't interact with the /vt/ community on 4chan. this discussion is pretty much only about chuba interacting with /vt/ on /vt/

>> No.3813827

Bright colors that contrast with the tan, like red
Also I hope the final is as UOOOOOOOOOOH as it should

>> No.3813956

Not sure I believe this, if someone posted some rando vtuber that happens to be trans would anons really go out of their way to make anti posts and shitpost about them as much as Artemis/Kiara/etc get? You generally have to do something negative or be annoying to get that kinda treatment.
Even if some newfag tried to start shit it'd just be ignored. Again everyone knows Melissa is LGBT and no one cares because she doesn't stand out and is a good streamer. That wouldn't change if she were more widely known, and she's already more known than Artemis to begin with. You can go over to reddit and find a bunch of trans vtubers and try to spam their name here to start shit but you'll be told to fuck off.

>> No.3814058

not to sound rude, but you don't sound like a Japanese ESL (or at least the ones i've heard anyway).

>> No.3814100

that's what i'm saying. you'll only get shit on for being a tranny or zhang if you're shilling yourself or interacting on /vt/ as the chuba. If you're one of those and not being your chuba persona on /vt/ no one gives a shit unless your forced on the community like artemis by fans/antis.

>> No.3814140

ah alright, my mistake then.

>> No.3814191


>> No.3814293

Calm down anon she hasn't even debuted yet. Besides she probably left the thread once the argument about Artemis started.

>> No.3814508

Is that so? What does it sound like? I try to copy English entertainment voices in my speech pattern, so I'm sorry if it ends up sounding messy orz
I don't have these things yet, I haven't properly started, so I thought that gathering opinions here will be good as a start

>> No.3814557

Not that anon but you don't sound like you have an accent, your English sounds very natural. Most Japanese ESLs have a very thick accent, so it's surprising.

>> No.3814752

Really? Thank you very much! I don't know if it's really natural, but hearing you say that gives me confidence! o7

>> No.3814802
File: 116 KB, 640x480, 5684.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

On my way, Sir!

>> No.3814808

I think it’s because of the crappy mic, it doesn’t pick up details.

>> No.3815223
File: 16 KB, 200x200, 1615038373782.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you sound like every loli Vtuber that tries to put on a loli voice, though I can't pin down which one

>> No.3815387

Buddy what are you talking about, Coco is the reddit holo and she's /vt/'s board icon

>> No.3815472

Also never speak ill of Loli. Nyanners spoke out against it 6 years ago and now her threads over here only exists as designated shitting threads.

>> No.3815482

Why are holofags so full of themselves?

>> No.3815536

Why are you so new?

>> No.3815567

>board icon
A what?

>> No.3815774 [DELETED] 


>> No.3815840

How is the reddit dragon a “board icon”? She doesn’t even have a general here and I rarely see threads about her unless she’s doing a meme review and then it’s mostly just shitposting.

>> No.3815869

You didn't look hard enough.

>> No.3816905


>> No.3816926

Are you an EN vtuber? Here's my opinion. Don't bother.

>> No.3816969

Legendary thread.

>> No.3817152

Is a japanese woman becoming an EN vtuber the equivalent of dubbed anime?

>> No.3817185 [DELETED] 

I want to believe she merely went to sleep.

>> No.3817197
File: 111 KB, 600x600, glow-nigger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, FBI-chama, I'll definitely watch you

>> No.3817284

EN vtubers - dubs
JP vtubers - raws
JP vtubers speaking English - subs

>> No.3817603

I was just passing by but I decided to have a go at your design.
I can't post images so please click the link


>> No.3817833

Should put a bandaid on the nose too and maybe some tanlines for contrast.

>> No.3818127

>no armpits
A valiant attempt with the boots, jacket and bandaid combo but the horns and no armpit is a deal breaker. Her hair is perfect no accessories or horns up there for me.

>> No.3818511

I wonder if JP-chan will make another thread after this one gets archived.

>> No.3818823

Why exactly are the armpits not showing a deal breaker? It's not like she's ever going to raise her arms up or something. Maybe the jacket can be removable.

>> No.3819685

I hope

>> No.3824562

Very uoooh

>> No.3824698

You will never be Japanese.

>> No.3824917

sounds like any loli voice

>> No.3824951


>> No.3825331

There should be more anorexic loli vtubers honestly.

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