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For context:
>Juna Unagi is part of Idol Corp
>During a group collab, she decides to place her mic near her butt and fart loudly
>Everyone gets freaked out from the sound
>Juna continues to fart while laughing in silence


Did Juna go too far with this?

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>only ever watch hololive
>decide to give other corpos a chance and watch the new jew corpo debuts
>fall in love with the eel

>this happens
guess I'm sticking to holos

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Oh nononononono deadbraps our oshi is getting upstaged by a jew

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You picked the Jewish corp expecting something good?

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Like a pregnant woman who writhes and cries out in her pangs when she is near to giving birth, so were we because of you, O Lord; we were pregnant, we writhed, but we have given birth to wind. We have accomplished no deliverance in the earth, and the inhabitants of the world have not fallen.

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Serves you right

You trusted a JEW!

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Imagine the smell

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Read that in Cartman's voice

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I kneel
so I can sniff her computer chair and sweary slippers

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It was a Roboco-quality fart. I'll love this eel forever.

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>only ever watch hololive
>decide to give other corpos a chance and watch the new jew corpo debuts
>fall in love with the eel

>this happens
guess she's my new oshi

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>""""""""""idol"""""""""" corp

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This will be my oshi now

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jews love scat, they are disgusting

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Jews also love blacked but NijiEN just stole their gimmick

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I wish to sniff that

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You're thinking of krauts, there's just a lot of crossover.

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Duality peko

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Yeah, the pure Holowives would never fart on stream, unlike those WHORE IDOLENs

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Don't worry I hate the brapper too

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