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By February vtubing will be less popular than pre-vtweeter craze
By June vtubing will be less popular than pre holo-EN.
By October vtubing will be nonexistent.

It’s time to go back to anime. This season is so good and the shows will help you rediscover your love for anime girls, not skinwalking demons who just wear the appearance of an anime girl

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There has never been a time where a crash wasn't the best thing to happen to a hobby.
Come back in a couple of years once normies latch on to it when it gets a 2nd boom

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The normies finally leaving is a good thing

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After the crash the golden days never return, just look at vocaloid.

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The Jews entering the industry was the final yab

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>Come back in a couple of years once normies latch on to it when it gets a 2nd boom
this is never happening

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>It’s time to go back to anime
Non-sequitur. I stopped watching anime well before Vtubing took off.

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Why do you enjoy low quality entertainment?

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>insert xkcd comic about extrapolation here

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> trend's median going up

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So before this thread disappears, I do like the irony of OP's statement.
Anime girls have never felt more shallow and 2 dimensional in their shitty writing.
Vtubers are far better characters, that is why they have more appeal b4eyond the interactive element.

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before I watch any vtuber, I make sure to google the term "vtuber" and nothing else so they know my interst is captured

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Non-sequitor, loaded question. You have no interests other than Japanese-made mass consumer-oriented media and will kill yourself before you're 40.

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I just started watching older shows. Currently watching Stargate SG-1

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Youre writing a autobiography on yourself?

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I loved stargate as a kid. How does it hold up in 2022?

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Yeah, and next we'll all go back to playing vidya in mom's basement alone or with a neighborhood friend and we'll never watch anyone stream video gameplay ever again.

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Well as someone who never saw it? Its pretty damn good to me. Started season 6 recently

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I discovered the train thread in /jp/ and i have to say lately I'm enjoying trains more than vtubers. It's also always gonna be safe from normies because trains filter people

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It deserves it desu. Most vtubers are not interesting at all. Oh wow, you have an anime girl screaming at a game, what a spectacle to behold, I will continue watching it forever.

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