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alright nijibros, what are the rrats here?¿

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too busy having sex with me

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Panic attack, the pressure got to her

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That's honestly pathetic.

>> No.3748888

it was all in the plan

>> No.3748895

She didn't eat enough chili beforehand she needs to get her braps ready

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Nijisanji anti who got through auditions with the sole intent to destroy the new branch

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She's watching Coco's meme review.

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this will boost her popularity, all calculated

you idiots will talk about her as a joke, then tune in to her next stream anticipating spaghetti but end up liking her more

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She is having sex

>> No.3748976

publicity stunt
zoomers will love this

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with me

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Waiting until reddit review is over for holofag buff

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Too busy shitposting on a mongolian basketweaving forum and missed her train

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Man, he really can't resist trying to constantly advertise in other people's streams, huh?

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Formerly Finana's Stream and Ream

>> No.3749582

she got the coof

>> No.3749608

I’ll definitely watch the stream just to see what she’s like but missing her own schedule debut doesn’t leave me a good impression honestly. I’m hooked on the Elira train currently

>> No.3749669

And I still want to see her more than the other two.

>> No.3749757

A vtuber watching vtubers? Crazy.

All 3 are friends with her anyways so get ready for a collab.

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Ran out of gas

>> No.3749845

Hana just said she's skipping her debut to come directly to the event

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This is a red flag anon. You’re on a road headed for disappointment kek

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She was saving a huge brap for the stream, but couldn't hold it in and ended up shitting herself.

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I love the fish now.

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If this happens, it will forever cement Hololive as the only acceptable chuuba company

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thanks unsubscribed to every nijisanji for hiring shartemis friends

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she wants to force 007 meme

>> No.3750087

Someone throttling her internet would be a realistic possibility.

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transbian are not lesbian
he is a straight heterosexual male
he will never be a woman
he will never be a lesbian

>> No.3750120

shes there

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Are you implying she wouldnt do "i shat myself ASMR" on debut?

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Debut speedrun and graduation speedrun...

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A failed streamer who leeches off other people's popularity comments on every big company streamer's chat under their main account? Crazy.

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Oh damn, I thought I'd at least give NijiEN a try. Time to watch something else.

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she's dead. she committed suicide. she thought this would make her happy, but it's only making her feel worse. with no options left, she looks at her only friend, the noose, for an escape route.

>> No.3750367

the shaking camera makes me think this absolute specimen is doing this on a city bike.

>> No.3750371

Bro considering how many haters he has if there is a collab between Artemis and anyone who doesn't have self-respect, their careers over.

>> No.3750394

her voice is so fucking cute fishchads won already

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>how many haters
Like 5 spamming antis. I mean Coco has the entire population of China hating her and it doesn't change things.

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I'm waiting for someone to beat her record

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any other chads who invested in fianacoin?

>> No.3750535

That's the problem, she can't do it because the shit already came out. She wants to shit herself while on stream

>> No.3750538

Please don't tell me this is real...
Holy fuck Nijisanji...

>> No.3750544

Imagine cutting your dick off so that you can be a lesbian. Bro just be a tom girl.

>> No.3750600

Cry me a fucking river and swim in it BITCH

>> No.3750601

Who? I'm watching The Fish Tank.

>> No.3750620

What was her time anyway?

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Dead on arrival

>> No.3750698

Yeah but the difference is Coco is actually strong, talented, and not absolutely insufferable.

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which one would you regret seeing the most after waking up from a one-night stand

>> No.3750712

indeed, trannyfuckers are attracted to that smooth feminine dick not gashing bloody axe-wound, don't @ me

>> No.3750725

Just do something like Asacoco+Watame's internet and turn it into a gimmick/meme.

>> No.3750744

It's fucked.
5 days until she graduates.

>> No.3750758

Buy the dip now. Soon this fishcoin'll be swimming to the moon.

>> No.3750772

she wont recover from this, graduation is imminent

>> No.3750779

None of them

>> No.3750808

>One-night stand
You mean no-show right?

>> No.3750812

Okay, it's unironically good.

>> No.3750869

>not absolutely insufferable
her voice is

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I think it's technically negative since she graduated before she ever debuted.

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Finana is the new CEO of Sex
Pomu's gonna have bleeding pussy from me forcing my dick in so there's all the cunny blood to consume for fun

>> No.3751073

Ichikara is a small indie company please understand

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Middle. Look at her. Post-nut clarity will reveal the truth

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I'm fucking homeless now, I invest it all on this goddamn fish...

>> No.3751153

HoloAlt -> NijiScenario

>> No.3751166

Holy shit she's so shy I feel bad

>> No.3751178

22 days technically. Her debut was on June 3, she was terminated June 25.

>> No.3751217

Diamond hands motherfucker

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I was mildly disappointed by fairy with her Vshojo jokes but I was really hoping for dragon. She sings fine but her hobbies made me lose all hopes. Fish hasnt debuted yet

>> No.3751287


literally doing it on purpose for the controversy so we are here discussing it.

>> No.3751332

Oh no anons I'm gonna saviorfag for the fish....

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Is it too tinfoil to think that this whole technical difficulty ordeal was all a planned stunt?

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"You get a piece of the moon"

TF does that even mean. Niji what are you even doing

>> No.3751468

>wake up
>9cm fairy is dead
>wake up
>fish is dried up
>wake up
>pet is blinking with three eyes, right in your face

they can be whores all they want, I guess

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idk bro, fucking some fish creature would be a new low for me. What if I end up impregnating her salmon eggs or some shit?

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I-I'm fine guys, please watch my debut

>> No.3751508

The most realistic scenario is that she fucked up her debut and could fix it in 10 minutes. But since the debuts are like 30 min at most she decided FUCK IT and is now doing it for the meme

>> No.3751519

She was getting boned

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>> No.3751541

based rrat

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Get the fuck out, my Oshi beat her by a wide margin. Her roommate almost speedruned too. Beat that

>> No.3751588

With how quiet she is, she probably feels pretty bad. I don't think it was planned

>> No.3751593

Never bought any cause of the brap "joke". I was investing in dragoncoin, but she turned out to be cringe, so I switched to fairycoin really quick. I like Pomu a lot

>> No.3751598

That depends, did you skip your daily dosage today?

>> No.3751600

is it an accident that she's crying on her schedule?

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>doesn't debut
>can now hype up her "real" debut for a couple more days
>gets twice as much viewers as a result of people coming in to check
>has most subs already anyway
this fish is gonna make it

>> No.3751621

the Lunar Embassy is selling little pieces of land on the moon for people to name.

>> No.3751625

by me

>> No.3751632

>Normalfag games

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>Might change

>> No.3751646

>she drew a crying version of herself
lmfao cant make this up

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>> No.3751686

Some people the world just beats down constantly. She probably fucked up a little and then had a panic attack which made it spiral out of control

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File: 1.67 MB, 1280x720, fish.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fish schedule

>> No.3751695

Nijibros im getting a heart attack caused by the fish

>> No.3751718

A gachikoi in the making

>> No.3751724

They're treating her like a mentally retarded child, jesus...

>> No.3751725

Her voice is kind of odd... Not exactly in a good way. It's like she's talking directly into my ear.

>> No.3751759

either the egg will hatch or it will crack

>> No.3751779

Ahh yes, you mean like those "Name A Star" scam gifts? Gee wow, very cool.

>> No.3751786

Finana sounds like LilyPichu did 10 years ago. Aka a forced as fuck cutesy anime girl voice.

>> No.3751826

Why is her voice so fucking fake? I mean c'mon, that's textbook kawaii uwu weeb bait

>> No.3751839

>superchat reading in her first week
>didn't even get to debut
>zero superchats

>> No.3751862

She lasted a lot longer than Raito

>> No.3751864

I mean, its exactly what you get, it'll be officially named what they call it.

>> No.3751872

Doesn't the Niji rapist guy hold the record with like 48 hours?

>> No.3751877

First time seeing a Ninjisanji stream, this is pretty fun

>> No.3751878

This fish was born dead

>> No.3751882

Hmmmm no

>> No.3751952

Being the fish is suffering

>> No.3751955

I could buy that if she didn't act like an ironic shitposting memelord on Twitter.

>> No.3751964

The fish's voice is doing things to my dick

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>Niji rapist guy

>> No.3751983

she's not witty enough to pull this off either, christ

>> No.3751997

Told you there would be revenge for Aloe.

>> No.3752012

>dorito factory in minecraft
Cute retard

>> No.3752025

she's probably faking more cause of the situation, for example her laugh, it's hard to laugh in this situation

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>> No.3752086

Dorito factory kek

>> No.3752181

pakoraito you newfags

>> No.3752232

I never got to watch Aloe before she graduated. It's surreal to see a soon-to-early-graduate Vtuber in real time.

>> No.3752326

Sounds legit.

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>> No.3752379

Dude joined Niji. Caught saying he only joined to try and have sex with the girls. Some sort of date rape shenanigans maybe? Fired and scrubbed from the annals fast af.

>> No.3752435

Wow japanese nijifans are vocal about the missed debut and are not happy. Theyre discontented with the disrespect towards the company and the loss in viewers due to the delay. There's even a petition that's garnered thousands of signatures to have her graduated. Obviously that wont happen but it shows how unhappy they are.

>> No.3752485

she won't graduate cause china isn't out to get her

>> No.3752490

Finana's probably already graduated and this is just a guy with a heavy-handed voice changer, trying to soften the blow

>> No.3752492

Shindou Raito, his roomate twitter and blog was full of stories about tricking girls online to have sex with him. The absolute smoothbrain even posted his master plan of joining nijisanji to offpako the shit of the female talent.

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>> No.3752502

Anyone know who the fish used to be? Just curious as to what to expect

>> No.3752518

thread link

>> No.3752612

oh no fishbros...

>> No.3752618

Hana seems nice

>> No.3752630

I dont really care about Niji and those debuts proved me right

>> No.3752697

just pay attention for a vtuber unexpectedly coming back from a recent retirement

>> No.3752726

a debut tba vtweeter

>> No.3752736

nice fiction
everybody is super supportive, more than I expected

>> No.3752753

I hate this meme

>> No.3752828


>> No.3752876


>> No.3752914

>next video was the fish tank stream
>they're talking about fruits

>> No.3752915

>yellow hair
>blue hair
>green hair
come to brazil

>> No.3752925

Debuts are almost always bad, people called Ibrahim a background character after his.
Of course there are exceptions like Kagami and Fuwacchi.

>> No.3752926

There is no sauce retard, its fake, how can't you tell?

>> No.3752957

Are you all retarded holy shit this is a copypasta

>> No.3752970

Oh no wonder her debut crashed and burned, she never knew how to stream in the first place

>> No.3753000

She was a pre-debut vtuber that showed up on other people's streams and did collabs before ever having a debut herself. Kinda hilarious that fate prevented her from debuting and forced her to show up on someone else's stream once again.

>> No.3753021
File: 30 KB, 700x400, sum-41-still-waiting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3753073

I think this is the most believable option right here.
And considering that management didn't even speak up and her seniors didn't even help (they went as far as to continue without her), a panic attack isn't out of the question

>> No.3753109



>> No.3753217

>>newfags dont know this is pasta lmao

>> No.3753241

>Joined so he could have sex with the idols
Fucking based

>> No.3753388


>> No.3753417

Good luck, 100% of my savior energy is already spend for almost a year now. Its very taxing.

>> No.3753523

>an ironic shitposting memelord on Twitter.
That's just how all gen z act

>> No.3753576

lol, she was watching The Fish Tank and missed her own debut.

>> No.3753598

Gotta name, my guy? I gotta check this out.

>> No.3753638

Waste his time 2021

>> No.3753733

she wiped all her content

>> No.3753752

The doxxposts didn’t help

>> No.3753782

Either way I want a name too

>> No.3753816

Mom I want to be Shindou Raito when I grow up

>> No.3753826

>finally a vtuber that you can totally bully
>retards wants her to disappear already
just because you can't have fun doesn't mean everyone else can't

>> No.3753851

meh im going to bed, will watch archive

>> No.3753893


>> No.3753975

Damn, every time. Drop that name anyway, my guy. I have the unfortunate disposition of being around the indie/TBA scene on Twitter a lot. Maybe' I'll recognize her.

>> No.3754059

Shirogane Yui

>> No.3754061

they already wanted her gone, these are just excuses

>> No.3754235
File: 372 KB, 591x659, yui.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I think he's talking about Shirogane Yui, a vtuber who failed getting into hololive, became a vtweeter/tba never on twitter, and then ditched that as soon as Nijisanji did EN auditions. Can't say for certain though, but this is the one that matches the description

>> No.3754268
File: 154 KB, 1024x1024, Ayu-Sho_1024x1024.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

there you go

>> No.3754314
File: 17 KB, 186x153, 1597672212629.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You could say, it was fish TANKED

>> No.3754326

if it's really her, how embarassing

>> No.3754347

You know what, that actually does sound familiar. Not, like, familiar enough that I'd know who tf it is. But enough to have seen the name once or twice.

>> No.3754379

that's a pretty damn nice design, if a little on the nose

>> No.3754423

waste of good design

>> No.3754464

>thinking of a stunt that will lose face even temporarily
Its definitely not planned

>> No.3754476
File: 27 KB, 1078x680, fishbait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

finally over

>> No.3754542

Alright. That was... something. Im outta here lmao

>> No.3754543

I wonder how much she seethed after seeing Holo opening auditions for EN 2 after applying for Niji.
But with the humor she had shown on twitter and now her voice, it seems she is a nyanners fag.

>> No.3754570

>so good she didn't even have to debut to get into the biggest vtuber company
She's too powerful. I KNEEL!

>> No.3754601

>only one of the three who didn't do a short
>missed her debut
off to a great start

>> No.3754669

Too bad she choked on her fish and chips. This probably wouldn't have happened if Susan didn't take Elira's and Pomu's subs to make Finana #1 sub in her gen. She'll recover if she doesn't let this little setback weigh her down.

>> No.3754680

>"OBS was working yesterday!"
maybe it wasn't and her no-short laziness bit her here.

>> No.3754689

This is why she's going to have a graduation speed run. Better sell your fish coin.

>> No.3754717

Her voice and the way she conducts herself is basically a dead ringer for Nyanners back when she first started streaming years and years ago.

>> No.3754751

>make up some shit about her streaming software not working to not have to stream in Niji's awful scheduling
Smart move

>> No.3754798



>> No.3754845
File: 17 KB, 559x305, 86CF98D3-D2E6-4DC5-B1DA-F5F9D50B8DD1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She likes loli, though

>> No.3754960

She did
Let's see if she acknowledges liking loli in her current persona or if she acts like she never liked it now

>> No.3755013

Is Pendora Ryusei Nova? why did indie viewers want her to be one of the Nijis so badly? gets only got the good singing voice but Nijisanji's not going for idols.

Is Debi a babiniku or troon?

>> No.3755050

>Goes full nyanners and 180s just for clout
Even the thought of this makes me short the fish stock

>> No.3755053

Take your meds.

>> No.3755109

So does Nyanners

>> No.3755171

Doesn't Nyanners have big tits now though?

>> No.3755206

Well technically speaking, her debut is whenever she is able to stream. So it’s postponed.

>> No.3755231

>Cheater fetishist
>Loli voice
>pppoopoo jokes

Yup, she is pretty much discount nyanners.

>> No.3755242

compared to when she was underageb&, yeah

>> No.3755271

Yeah she loves it so much that she decided not to play Nekopara because of the characters' ages lmao

>> No.3755339

She's good at keeping up appearances.

>> No.3755351

>and her seniors didn't even help (they went as far as to continue without her),
I've always wonder why Nijisanji can be so fucking terrible. I'm always hearing about infighting and other bullying related shit that's just downright unsettling. Not saying Hololive might be any better but Nijisanji is more idol than Cover is in these aspects. I'm actually worried that Hololive will someday become like this too once they get too big and have too many people. I hope that it won't get as bad a Nijisanji though cause its such a painful thought if it does happen.

>> No.3755434

The fuck do you want them to do? Cancel the entire stream because the fish is having a panic attack, and draw more attention to her?

>> No.3755454

People blaming her for that are fucking schizo
Imagine a real situation where a fresh out of college guy applies to the most successful company in his area but don't get the job, are you blaming him if he tries the second most successful company ?
Brand tribalism is retarded.

>> No.3755460

No she decided not to play it because she got called a hypocrite and was forced to double-down on her thoughtless virtue signaling instead of admitting she was wrong. She still likes Nekopara she just can't admit it because she's a retard.

>> No.3755500

Niji is sink or swim, the complete opposite of how hololive presents themselves. Someone like her is going to get eaten alive and laughed at.

>> No.3755516


>> No.3755553

>are you blaming him if he tries the second most successful company
Yes. If you don't achieve #1 then you are honour bound to commit sudoku, or else you're a bitch.

>> No.3755557

The most logical thing they could have done is scrap NijiEN before this happened.

>> No.3755577

What even is the appeal of acting like that anyways. You have to actively stop doing shit you like just to appease dorks who do the shit they rail up against anyways.

>> No.3755673

she didnt miss her debut.
she speedran it in 7s.

>> No.3755704

that's the intention

>> No.3755735

In a perfect world management would have stepped up and helped her. Or one of the senpai would have hopped on discord to calm her ass down.
> This kind of stuff happens don't start crying
But it's pretty clear to me none of that happened. And if it did happen it was too late.

>> No.3755739


>> No.3755768

Truly Nyanners 3.0

Gura was the second, but more loved one. Let's wait for the breakdown of this dugong.

>> No.3755774

It's an Us vs Them tribalism thing. If she instead ignored it or admitted she likes loli she'd be "canceled" by normalfags for being a pedo enabler or something so she pre-empted them to try to protect her career. Can't say it didn't work but it sure makes her seem totally soulless.
It's more corporate pandering than anything since being associated with lolicons would interfere with her ability to secure sponsorships and shit.

>> No.3755794

>game has sequence breaks

>> No.3755825

>Gura was the second, but more loved one.
But Gura didn't do a 180 and disavow her old content and anyone who liked it, she just ignores it.

>> No.3755838

Nijisanji is fucking dead to me.

>> No.3755856

as if she could fucking make hololive in her wildest dreams

>> No.3755866

>she clipped OoB into the commentary stream without debuting

>> No.3755871
File: 41 KB, 452x697, 1531617654228.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>It's more corporate pandering than anything since being associated with lolicons would interfere with her ability to secure sponsorships and shit.

>> No.3755887

and she doesn't even entirely ignore it. She references it on occasion. She just really doesn't like chat pushing it on her.

>> No.3755909

>NijiEN literally let her coworker drown
>Meanwhile Ame was helping her genmates since debut

Yeah, once Cover lose the person or team that does the casting this situation will be their future.

>> No.3755962

Yeah that shit has no effect on Japanese chuubas or Japanese companies but Nyanners is a greedy whore that wants to break into the mainstream, not just doing gacha shill streams like HoloEN.

>> No.3756203

Ideally, Hana’s watchalong should have handled it like FBK’s baba stream, which took away the heat from Marine-Shion. But FBK is a veteran who’s probably seen every sort of fuck up in multiple angles. Niji would need somebody on the level of Mito to create an amusing show while this was happening and she wasnt available

>> No.3756210

Remember Korone debut ?

>> No.3756251

Based Arty filtering chuds before they infest a new chuuba branch.

>> No.3756266

Not to mention, HoloEN's manager straight up hopped in a Left 4 Dead game so that the girls could have a complete team and stream the game.
While their actions are not perfect like that one time Calli canceled suddenly, so Ame, Ina and Gura ended playing 51 games, you can see that there is both teamwork and leadership to make sure everyone succeeds.

I feel like Nijisanji is nothing but a team in name.

>> No.3756284

>not just
what's she hoping for, a billion dollars a year?

>> No.3756427

If you were around for the shitstorm that went down with Mocca, then you know that this sort of behavior was going to happen sooner or later when things even hit the slightest bump.

This is what actually happens when clout chasing sharks get bigger and they don't get consequences for backstabbing or throwing people under the bus early on while they're still starting out and learning stuff.

>> No.3756430

Remember fish debut?

>> No.3756518
File: 1.57 MB, 945x1080, Lulu1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Newfag here, please explain

>> No.3756542

Anon please, she's already drowned

>> No.3756555

Still better than this

>> No.3756620

At least she had a debut

>> No.3756740

You just know the JP nijis are laughing at the fish

>> No.3756800
File: 18 KB, 565x40, unknown (12).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Still find it funny when the dragon girl listed this with her goals

>> No.3756812

They turned around and tried to cancel Mocca, turns out their roommates + Lyrica were just being fake friends with Mocca and did it to chase clout even further.

What was Mocca getting cancelled over? Something perfectly sensible as Mocca telling people, "Don't spend hundreds or thousands right away for vtubing only to find out you don't like it when you start streaming, so start out cheap with a PNG and practice being a good entertainer first, instead of relying on your expensive gimmicks like your model and rigging".

They did not patch up their relationship with Mocca up to the very end, and just snubbed him openly.

>> No.3756866

low hanging fruit, try harder

>> No.3756876

who is "they"?

>> No.3756897

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>H E R

>> No.3756916

Fairy and Dragon's past lives

>> No.3756991

Somehow I don't believe you're being totally honest about them canceling someone for telling people not to waste money on an expensive rig.

>> No.3757009

Wtf is happening, there's a rrat where Mermaid was actually left to fend for herself that's why she missed her stream? Like yeah, i woul'dve expected them to have some allowance since that'a frickin 20mins debut and help her.

Her genmates actually hate her?

Another thing nijifag ogs, does Nijisanji have that 2 or so months bonding before debut and 1 month restriction with other gens/livers? Or they can go and collab with all of Niji immediately and don't bother building that group bond?

>> No.3757079

Yeah, even fbk billboard dream is easy compared to this

>> No.3757086

Was fish crying? I swear she was...

>> No.3757151
File: 351 KB, 594x761, 1614644171796.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yv_orgsOYgU memes already starting

>> No.3757187

>Management should have helped
Has Management ever helped Coco with her spam since its started? its been almost a year now right?

>> No.3757197


>> No.3757210

>group bond
Oh you sweet sweet summer child

>> No.3757293

She got propwr chat mods like 3 months ago, timeloopchama.

>> No.3757296

They tried. Key word "tried"

>> No.3757304

Wait for me Fish, I'm gonna saviorfag so hard for you.

>> No.3757413

And ironically they shouldn't have done so given the result.

Well, at least Coco breaking down mid-stream and Kanata having to kick the door down, stopping the stream and dragging her out the room helped unite even the most indifferent people against the chinese

>> No.3757424

Yeah no thanks to cover

>> No.3757443

she was, you can hear it in her voice when they ask her to speak

>> No.3757454

Is there a video up?

>> No.3757548

I think there is in YouTube if you search, pretty sad video tbf

>> No.3757595

Not him, but a different /wvt/ lorekeeper, and I can back up everything he is saying. Moccas tweets were completely reasonable, and the two girls were part of the cancel brigade who tried to smear him over it. They are shithead clout chasers who saw an opportunity to move up the social ladder at someones expense and they took it.

>> No.3757651

>Hololive backed out of the Chinese market because of the drama against Coco.
>They made Nene change her outfit from a Chinese inspired dress to new one with no plan to reuse the original.
>They got mods on Coco's stream chat.
There's been a ton of stuff done for Coco, granted she's also one of their biggest earners.
I don't think the Coco situation shows poor management but just how persistent these bug men are.

>> No.3757719

While you should not believe 100% anything here...considering there were some actual indies mad at Mori's Off with their heads it seems possible.

>> No.3757722


>> No.3757744


>> No.3757793

Please back up the claim with archives and screenshots. I'm not believing until we get some proof.

>> No.3757799

Cover modded a fucking chink who proceeded to ban all of cocos regulars and then drug out the process of unbanning everyone to the point where coco had to do it herself, they couldn't have fucked up any harder If they tried

>> No.3757838

Holonigger antis smell blood in the water. Fish will do well and be a happy girl. She will not graduate. Focus on Shion's and Korone's graduations soon.

>> No.3757846


>> No.3757848

I was unaware of this blunder.
Holy fuck, the mafia goes deep.

>> No.3757886


>> No.3757888 [DELETED] 

I will screencap this to either laugh at her failure or seethe at her fame later.

>> No.3757897

This is what makes Cocofags so utterly obnoxious. The company totally backs her (inb4 muh short suspension is unfair), caters to her needs over the rest of the talent and they still act like spoiled children who didn't get the candy bar they wanted.

>> No.3757900


>> No.3757919

I'm an indie chuuba, and I can tell you the only people who were mad about OWTH were faggot vtweeters. Anyone who actively produces content were no joke popping bottles of Champaign and celebrating the night that song dropped, we were ecstatic that worthless no-content niggers were getting called out for shitting up the community and trying to act like authorities when they dont contribute fuck all

>> No.3757943


>> No.3757960

Go back and thanks for filtering yourself.

>> No.3757966

Yea those are mods. Cover has been useless in helping her. they even made things worse by modding antis.

>> No.3757968

Fish will be the ones anon push

>> No.3757976

I'm confused too. It seems like people don't actually know what happened?


Also are you the same person as this? Where in the world do you see "turbodenial" about any of this in any Niji thread? or wait, that post was made after this one.

>> No.3758003

>the guy pushing the Shion and Korone narratives is a nijinigger
Why am I not surprised

>> No.3758029

Post link to channel or forever be a vtweeter

>> No.3758038

after half of year of cover sitting on their asses until she broke down on stream. within 5 minutes of coco modding some tatsunoko the chat became usable again

>> No.3758043

I think her almost total silence except when directly prompted speaks more to that

>> No.3758092

that too. So far, the fish is peak suffering

>> No.3758131

>Implying I watch reddit dragon
I'm not saying they don't have her back, but there is no denying they fucked up there. Ironically it was the best thing they ever did for her since coco was able to handle it immediately

>> No.3758134
File: 612 KB, 1090x639, 1620773234590.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Removing plausable deniability

>> No.3758137

This is a rewrite of a post about Gura's shitty rigging. Ignore it, it's a rrat

>> No.3758240

It goes back farther than that, it's a copypasta from the SnK threads on /a/

>> No.3758258

Someone need to watch overseas nijis. NijiID and NijiKR are very connected on their waves, plus the ones who debut togetherare very close.

>> No.3758278 [DELETED] 

I agree with you on the excessive Coco pandering, even YT is using her account to beta test anti-spam filters/other special functions (the chink spam bot died with that) but then again, had Coco not exploited the EOP flooding back when the Holo-memes started, we wouldn't even have half of this ecosystem of EN friendly chuubas, no HoloEN, NO NijiEN.
Whether we like it or not, Coco was and might be (still) vital to this entire sack of funny BS, which is something that I fear because if the Holos start graduating, there's a small possibility the entire EN scene dies with them, it's very small and dies a little everyday when more EN chuuba content from other sources appears but we nearly had Korone start this "FINAL YAB" like less than a week ago, it's a thing that is honestly quite scary and I hope won't happen.

>> No.3758420

let's be honest here, mods cant do shit about spam brigade, it's like trying to stop locust swarm with fly swatter. You have to implement some automatic mechanism, Thanks to YT spam detect, Coco can stream without worry. I remember YT spam detector start doing its job when Coco reveal her adidas outfit, not a single zhang in the chat iirc

>> No.3758434






There were several twitter replies to this that were scrubbed up later in January.

>> No.3758602

Damn... They did a nigga dirty.

>> No.3758606

Wake up now! Wtf happened????? Aloe style incident???

>> No.3758646
File: 24 KB, 128x128, 1616384160431.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, just people overreacting. Fish had a rough debut but nothing really bad

>> No.3758655

Why did he delete his reasonable takes and keep up the dumb one? Do you have archives of Mint or apparently Lyrica?'s replies?

Streaming being a craft isn't wrong, and you shouldn't expect to just randomly start being an entertainer to suddenly get tons of views, but "your only chance to get eyeballs is your debut" isn't something you can back up without data and puts needless pressure on people to quit if they mess up a debut.

What is he responding to in the deleted tweets? Did someone tell him to upgrade his model or is he responding to another tweet telling people they should invest in an expensive model?

>> No.3758660

>Wake up now!
I am woked up anon chama

>> No.3758736

i love how she just keeps digging the hole deeper for herself professionally yet there are still retards that are optimistic

>> No.3758759





We can keep going with this.

>> No.3758800

I forget the source but someone actually tracked over a hundred debuts for a month and charted that indies who stream for experience before debut actually did consistently better, but indies who didn't have debuts at all were totally dead in the water

>> No.3758841


I wonder how Mocca felt at Off With Their Heads.

>> No.3758979
File: 490 KB, 618x683, 1614053783179.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good move, anon.

>> No.3759039

This is the statistics table that you actually meant to talk about:

Consider the advice cautiously, because this is Ace Fortune giving advice.

>> No.3759107

Well considering what happened when Cover tried to give her mods, I think she's far better off without Cover """helping""" her, desu

>> No.3759171

actually it goes back even further to a certain chinese mobile game

>> No.3759203

I mean, no shit, his first take was stupid. His deleted ones give the context needed, why did he delete them anyways?

Experience > no experience usually. The second part of his take isn't wrong. The problem is that having streaming experience prior to debut doesn't only improve your debut, it usually improves you as a streamer overall. His first take implies that even if you have streaming experience, if you botch your debut, you're donezo.

This Lyrica person's anecdote is also cringe as the point completely flew over her head, but I don't see any cancelling here?

>> No.3759277
File: 65 KB, 1281x532, NOTHING.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3759344

Mocca is a menhera, by his own admission. Hes a good guy and is right on 99% of his takes, but can be unstable and erratic with some of his decision making

>> No.3759505

Peter the Great lost every battle in the Great Northern War except one. He won the war decisively. A series of setbacks does not mean victory is impossible.

>> No.3759600

So I read through the rest of the threads too and christ what a shitshow/nothingburger.

So he tweets a dumb take (albeit partly out of context) and people start to quote rt it to their followers and call him out in public. He tells people to go read the context because he's not going to explain it again and then they both just burn the bridge when he could've just changed "your debut is your one chance" to "your debut is extremely important"?

It seems like he responded positively to Mint's reply? Do you know if something else happened after to cause a fallout?


>> No.3759646

What was Mint's reply? It's hidden for me

>> No.3759750

Yea essentially they 'mistook' theban list for the list of long time followers to be modded. It wasn't just 1 chink, it was quite a few.

>> No.3760349

She did it on prupose to stand out and get all the saviorfags with her, disgusting move making it awkward for her genmates for her own benefit

>> No.3760670

Is there proof that it was a panic attack?

>> No.3760972

christ what the fuck did I miss??

>> No.3761076

Literally nothing, she just so happened to have "technical difficulties" right before her debut

>> No.3761101

yeah thats what I thought

>> No.3761176

>Giving the keys to the enemy
How the fuck does a company mess up that bad? Jesus Christ what an embarrassment.

>> No.3763176

Please understand, small indie company, etc.
I don't think I've seen any company that's particularly good at supporting their talents. Considering that all vtubers require this PC and internet thing, you'd think companies would hire at least some knowledgeable people, rather than leaving it to the talents themselves to do all the fucking work.

>> No.3763489
File: 76 KB, 801x814, 1616803112571.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3763535

she had sex with me and forgot her debut cause she passed out from all the cumming she did cause my dick is 15 inches you see

>> No.3764894

>fish is a whore and dragon and fairy are human garbage cancel mob participants
Yep, dropped this shit like a hot potato.

>> No.3765275

Proofs of fairy being bad? I don't remember the ghost being that liberal

>> No.3765304

Big if true

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