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Which holo is the best singer?
and who has the best songs?

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I miss her so much. At least she was Christian so I know God is keeping her safe now

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Best Singer is Suisei
Best Songs probably goes to Marine

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>best singer
>best songs

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she streamed today bro

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Where's her general? I'm convinced that I saw it a few days ago

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Sora is good, but sometimes when she goes high it cause pain.

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>Best Songs probably goes to Marine
Super depends on your definition of best. She has the most popular ones, but a good portion of that is trading substance for coombaiting. If I could only listen to one chubas songs again, it wouldn't be hers. I'd probably pick Suisei or Polka.

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Unison and Gensou Holoism ?

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Suisei is the best overall singer, especially live
Best song is Palette

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technically speaking very true, songs are very subjective tho

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unironically none of them, other companies and a few indies got better voices, but the fact that the holos get most of the attention is actually good, thanks to that actual real singers and composers have enough time to grow peacefully.

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Sora likes idol songs and steers her career into that kind of soft pop as much as possible.
It's a pity because she could go for more interesting style like Metronight from her originals, Uso or Kaibutsu from her cover album.

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Some lyrical singers are said to be able to break glass with their high notes

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>Which holo is the best singer?
>and who has the best songs?
Suisei in my humble opinion, but Marine is a close second
I know it's normie taste but their songs are popular for a reason and no amount of coping will change the fact that Suityan songs are bangers

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Sorry Sora fans. I think she's mid. I fail to hear her technical abilities in her voice and she sounds nasally. Nene is also mid but I think she sounds better.

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yeah you think because you know jack shit about technical stuff, if you don't like someone's timbre don't confuse it with technique, no matter how good it sounds for you,someone who sings on mid key like C3-C5 are technically below someone who can sing on either very low or high key because they are objectively harder

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>best singer
Probably Suisei or AZKi, but I'm far from knowledgeable about singing
>best songs

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Hologram Circus was the first Hololive song i heard and i loved it.

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this, actually

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