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Recently graduated/terminated vtubers in need of archives:
>Saki Ashizawa
>Emi Suika
>Makoto and Akira

Popular archive list - https://rentry.org/vodarchives

Previous thread: >>37326248

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>>37426586 (me)
if you have other archives reply with the link and i'll add it to the rentry

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thank you for your service

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is this just a thread to feel sad in?

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Op of the original thread here, yeah that's basically what I made it for, there was a ton of threads being made about graduated vtubers so I figured just making them into a single general would lower the clutter. It's meant to be like an actual graveyard, a place where the dead come to remain, so those who miss them know where to find them.

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ha ha

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I've seen a few JP vtubers I really liked retire, and when I checked out their roommates, I found it hard to get into their content because of how different it was, or because they had another group of friends. Lulu is a bit of an exception with this, you watch her, you get her playing games

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/grave/ died

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Reminder to seed once you're done downloading a torrent if you can

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Is this the EN3 waiting room?

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I wonder if I'll ever really get over it.

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There are two archives for ragtag and nyaa so please include both on the pastebin. These should both contain the same content, it's just a failsafe.

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One of the few 10/10 chuuba designs wasted

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No, the wave 7 waiting room.

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It's been 7 days. I am doing a dad check in. Showing support for one another. I need six dads to POST this message, to show you are always there if someone needs to talk. Let's go, dads.

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this is my wife
i miss her very much

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Oni... come back...

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The graveyard is back. And is finally starting to archive streams.

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thanks for the heads up

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one of the vtubers i miss the most is kyusai, the only reason i ever visited /meat/, she even visited /here/

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tell me about her

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I jusu noticed "Chuuba" is now spelled properly than the last two threads.

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>Saki Ashizawa
Wait, what? Isnt she that one girl whose content was 95% song covers? Wdym she graduated? I checked her videos from time to time since she sounds nice

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please translate i dont speak moon

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She streams every day but the archives aren't saved for more than 2 weeks.

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Damn, what chuuba was this?

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Otogibara Era

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I didn't recognize her! Is her channel still up with her videos or is an archive needed? I one day saw various clips of her but never got around to watch her.

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dads are cringe discord namefags and should immediately an hero

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I only watched these guys' graduations but it was still sad

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I miss her soo much too, anon. I need someone like her right now. I really need her. I need her so much ;-; </3

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fuck off canna

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dad here
i'm doing good

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after leaking some more dms

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Rushia talking (lying) about how she was bullied by a certain Apex player in the company

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Bros, I miss Moruru like you wouldn't believe, when will she reincarnate as another chuuba?

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did some digging and found her archive! i'll add it to the rently too

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Any anons here who never really got into the reincarnations of their chuubas? I tried getting into Gibara's and Lulu's but... I just can't and have no idea why.

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i loved megbert but i cant watch menace, just isnt the same

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I still miss Taya...

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artia's second incarnation only streamed in chinese and her third incarnation could barely stream at all...

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anyone got a carol archive?

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ask ziasan

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I kinda miss Magnet. She was the VOMS who pushed the others to collab with the outside

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Oh I remember Carol. I wasn't around for too many of her streams but she was a variety of fucked up that I appreciated existing for the time that she was around.

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fuck.. its been a week already?

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>releases this amazing outfit
>graduates a month later
gibara you fucking bitch.. i miss you
where are you now...

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Gone people cute

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>Zettai Tenshi Kurumi-chan.

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I miss Gumi.
It's not the same with Choko.
I miss Gumi x Mei.

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>Poo in the loo

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Seems notSaki is already at 10k.

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Gone people very cute

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bea was a waste of time and good intentions, she deserved none of what she was given and she never really valued it.

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>literally 40-something anons who never grew up thinking they're gonna get some teen pussy
Can't do anything for them really. Some people are content to wallow.

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>teen pussy
are you talking about bea? she was closer to 40 than 20, that's why she was such a bitch.

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>Pussy they thought was a teen but lied about her age
Some people don't learn. Can't do anything for them really.

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Did you even watch her? she wasn't very gentle in calling her viewers losers.

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I mean, it's not hard to find her.
One of the 100 pink chuubas post graduation.

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Groomers don't care about that they just think maybe they can score. That's the whole point of being a groomer, putting up with some mentally ill reiwa girl because maybe she's off her meds and will consider them.

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>slugma archive
Horry shit. Based. Thanks guys!

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he ever make one public?

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updated the rentry with the makoto and akira archive

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And a lot of other as well, this general is starting to earn it's continuity with the number of Vtubers in the Rentry.

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anyone got a kira or kaoru archive?

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If one of these two was the trap that was at Holostars then I also want that archive.

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