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What did we learn last thread?

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am i missing something, this is their tournament number???

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Hololive sites

Nijisanji sites


Full list at https://pastebin.com/nCGZL1Lp

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am I missing something, this is the tourny number?

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Recent clip numbers

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that wasn't an official suspension, they took a few weeks off and worked on it behind the scenes (mainly Miko) so the fires would burn down.

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Fuck I want to fuck Aru.

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>internal misconduct
It does sound like it's sexual harassment, if it was something else they wouldn't be legally required to tweet this.

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Yes, it wins the day but it can only be considered a failure for nijisanji with an event.

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Why does /#/ use a lot of Blue archive characters as the OP picture?

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I thought Magni would be the first kek

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He smoked crack, snorted cocaine and smoke marijuana, then went and slapped Yagoo in the face while he was talking with Magni, and then he grabbed a pocket knife and stabbed Magni 3 times, only to then go and rape Gura and being detained by the police and having to pay a big fine.
Rate my rrat.

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>41,567: Koyori (Hololive)
>26,985: Aqua (Hololive)
>26,506: Kuzuha (Nijisanji)
>23,320: Kiara (Hololive)
>18,803: Nerumero (Indie)
>18,424: Fubuki (Hololive)
>17,544: Lauren (Nijisanji)
>17,042: Kanata (Hololive)
>16,909: Aqua (Hololive)
>15,350: Fubuki (Hololive)
>13,200: Koyori (Hololive)
>13,138: Lui (Hololive)
>12,974: Koyori (Hololive)
>12,889: Rikiichi (Nijisanji)
>11,081: Shion (Hololive)
>10,831: Watame (Hololive)
>10,652: Shion (Hololive)
>10,641: Fuwa (Nijisanji)

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I would kneel, then laugh as he was sued into actual homelessness or a jail cell for breaking NDA.

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He would have been immediately terminated. Unless they need a bit of time to put together proof.

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>This is the first time they suspend a faggot for yabbing behind the scenes. Suspend =/= termination.
That doesn't look good for him at all. Announcing to the public a 2-week suspension for something that happened behind the scenes, that must've been either really big or the management is pozzed with sjws because he called someone a nigger

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1) Pekora (Hololive) - 36,480 - Minecraft sports fes prep
2) Pekora (Hololive) - 53,106 - Resident Evil 6 w/Marine
3) Marine (Hololive) - 167,199 - 3rd anniversary 3D live
4) Suisei (Hololive) - 156,380* - 3D announcement live
5) Suisei (Hololive) - 39,554 - Zatsudan
6) Pekora (Hololive) - 134,642 - Fate/Grand Order gacha
7) Mio (Hololive) - 59,265 - Post sports fes totsumachi
8) Pekora (Hololive) - 67,639 - Trial stream
9) Yashiro (Nijisanji) - 44,737 - Yu-Gi-Oh lesson w/Orihimeboshi
10) Miko (Hololive) - 43,789 - Surgeon Simulator 2 w/Suisei
11) Flare (Hololive) - 39,662 - Shiraken accessory reveal & presentation meeting
12) Pekora (Hololive) - 38,770 - Fate/Grand Order
13) Kuzuha (Nijisanji) - 41,078 - Fashion collab shilling w/Shiina, Ririmu & Fuwa
14) Lamy (Hololive) - 60,779 - NePoLaBo offcollab
15) Lamy (Hololive) - 87,608 - 3D birthday drinking party
16) Subaru (Hololive) - 53,405 - MioMikoSuba consultation office
17) Subaru (Hololive) - 47,065 - Sleepover w/Noel
18) Koyori (Hololive) - 41,567* - Mario Party w/Chloe, Marine & Korone

16x: Hololive
2x: Nijisanji

5x: Pekora
2x: Lamy, Subaru, Suisei
1x: Flare, Koyori, Kuzuha, Marine, Miko, Mio, Yashiro

>2022 GOLDS
211x: Hololive
98x: Nijisanji
6x: Indie, Neo Porte
1x: Kizuna AI Inc.

50x: Pekora
21x: Miko
18x: Kuzuha
17x: Aqua
16x: Salome
15x: Subaru
14x: Nijisanji
10x: Marine
7x: Suisei
6x: Hal, Hololive, Kanata, Mio, Toya
5x: Flare, Fuwa, Gura
4x: Koyori, Noel, Okayu, Polka, Towa
3x: Ayame, Chloe, Choco, Korone, Mayuzumi, Mel
2x: Ange, Botan, Fubuki, Ibrahim, Lamy, Lui, Maimoto, Mito, Mori, Mysta, Nene, Nerumero, Shion, Sora, Tsukasa, Vox, Yashiro
1x: AI, Aki, Axia, AZKi, Chima, Chronoir, Debi, Furen, Gwelu, Haachama, Hayase, Hoshikawa, Iroha, Kaida, Lain, Laplus, Leos, Luna, Masaru, Melissa, Mikeneko, Moona, Nagao, Naruse, Natsume, Ren, Roboco, Rushia, Sana, Sango, Selen, Shiina, Sukoya, Ui, Watame, Yorumi, Zeta

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Should have never debuted Tempus. We could have warned you, Omega, this was fucking obvious to anyone with a working brain

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Yea I don't get why she bled so much today
The stream was one of the better holoen streams in recent memory

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just like mel's manager was instantly terminated right

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Yeah, first day
Tomorrow should be higher

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Seeya later Tempiss

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The reason they cannot wait until Monday is because they found something actually really serious that Vesper did.

Look at Haachama, or look at the ENs openly complained about the management and outright defying them. This must be contract related rather than work related. Worse case is Vesper violating US Laws.

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>PekoMiko daughter

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Kinda doubt it, think it will be a straight firing if that's the cas.

W-Well, I believe cover won't be stupid enough to give him a suspension if thta's what actually happened. r-right anons?

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>EN Management are Twitter snowflakes and not doing their jobs for 2 years but the girls keep silent.
>Enter StarEN
>Vesper fed up with EN Management incompetency then slap their face in front of OMEGA

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If it was for sekuhara you're right
If it was for putting shitty management in their place for being worthless then you're wrong and they're based

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>rape baby

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Nigga mel manager was already fired when Mel posted that first legal statement, the fuck are you talking about

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Holy shit, maybe they suspended him because it's the weekend and they can't make a determination about a termination yet?
What the fuck will even happen to Tempus if 1/4th of them is terminated a few months in, talk about a fatal setback

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don't look at the catalog rn bros, sisters are posting self harm images

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Tempiss hater status?

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Talking about twitter, didn't Elon fired like 80% of the staff? The site is still working perfectly though so I wonder what those 80% of twitter workers actually did as their job?

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list of the dead/dying indies/small corpos

>RyeProject https://twitter.com/RyeProject
>Fen Riru https://twitter.com/fenriruvt
>Sylvia Sorano https://twitter.com/sylviasorano
>Castella Inomori https://twitter.com/CastellaInomori
>Melonbread https://twitter.com/melonbread_69
>Raina Chiwawa https://twitter.com/RaniaChiwawa
>Usami https://twitter.com/usami_vt
>Aozora Kurumi https://twitter.com/AozoraKurumi **
>Sayu Okami https://twitter.com/SayuOkami
>Selkie https://twitter.com/SelkieVT
>LexParteVT https://twitter.com/LexParteVT
>AisRiale https://twitter.com/AisRiale
>Chaos https://twitter.com/lordcommandervt
>MoonJelly https://twitter.com/moonjelly0
>Juliet Winters https://twitter.com/juiietwinters
>Suika Emi https://twitter.com/suikaemi
>Etherna Celine https://twitter.com/ethernaceline
>Etherna Helen https://twitter.com/EthernaHelen
>Makoto & Akira Misaki https://twitter.com/ggnlive_withyou
>Peari Morino https://twitter.com/MorinoPeari
>Orla Gan Ceann https://twitter.com/orlaganceann

places to end up for these girls include
>NijisanjiEN wave 7 if dual wave with Iluna exists
>HoloEN3 which has been running 'open auds' all year so far
>Tsunderia auditions entered "second stage" on Aug 27th low likelihood for some of these girls now

** RRAT: Aozora Kurumi is reincarnating into Indie vtuber Auregalia Aruri

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The suspension might be a prelude and give them time to dig through his DMs

>> No.37375352

You got my hopes up you son of a bitch

>> No.37375356

Would they have really announced a public suspension for yelling at a manager, even an important one? I think that's the sort of thing they'd handle with a behind-the-scenes suspension and have the talent announce they're taking a break (which I personally think has happened before)

>> No.37375362

>If it was for putting shitty management in their place for being worthless then you're wrong and they're based
Nigga we already have this kind of instance as a common occurence already. Even fucking chicken essentially have a management-shitting segment on every stream

>> No.37375376

nah, right off from debut, vesper runs his mouth more than he's supposed too. wont be surprised if he's sharing info to his friends like Fagni does. took a while for them to hit the brakes

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Nijinigger's narrative that for some reason people took it as a fact.

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big W

>> No.37375395

B..Based tempiss?

>> No.37375398

>I only know Pokemon and Bigachu
Tf does it mean?

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I thought they would post their own suicide pics

>> No.37375405

I mean in an actual direct way not a passive aggressive w*man way.

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>The site is still working perfectly though so I wonder what those 80% of twitter workers actually did as their job?
Literally nothing.


>> No.37375422

feeling fucking great

>> No.37375439

This is Real btw, can't into the details because of NDA

>> No.37375448

Cover management must know that everyone's mind will immediately leap to sexual harassment if they don't clarify just a bit more about what happened
They're gonna have to have Vesper explain what the fuck is going on if he's not going to be terminated

>> No.37375449

My sides

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WTF I didn't know /#/ was full of feet chads. I will now use your thread.

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>> No.37375463

>We could have warned you
>could have
Many times over!

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Just one step closer to the dissolution of the branch and then the dissolution of HoloEN so Cover can focus all resources on JP.

>> No.37375500

If he leaks company info that is a breach of contract. That is a termination not a suspension.

>> No.37375509

My fucking god, I can't believe it's real
People posted it in the thread when that collab happened and I had a chuckle but here we are and it actually happened

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Before Vesper. >>37372275
After Vesper. Pic related. You guys keep saying that this is not drama board. Somehow I don't believe you.

>> No.37375514

retard. twitter troons will twist it no matter what and blame it to unicorns rur

>> No.37375516

Now that I think about it, basically everyone in that image is either dead or on a steep recline except for Fauna. Watch out Fauna...the reaper is coming

>> No.37375517

Well i have no horse in this race so anything would be a win to me. Either leech faggot got suspended or retard management got real outed for being retard.

>> No.37375524

Now that you post Towa, wasn't Towa's an internal suspension too?
I think nobody brought it up in the last thread

>> No.37375535

They're already doing that right now.

>> No.37375539

Not really, Rushia wasn't terminated for the first time.

>> No.37375540

Either way, if they gonna suspend him then a statement is needed anyway and they have to include a reason no matter how vague
I think stopping at "internal misconduct" is good enough

>> No.37375546


>> No.37375548

Was that self imposed or ordered by the management?

>> No.37375557

>You guys keep saying that this is not drama board
You're literally in the drama thread.

>> No.37375561

the suspension is meant to evaluate the damage. notrushia's was severe case.

>> No.37375571

Huh, guess you're right. She lied and said staff was on her stream when they weren't.

>> No.37375573

I don't know why you're so shocked, this is the biggest HoloEN scandal since Mori's lean arc. It might even end up being way, way bigger since that was really pretty stupid if you think back on it

>> No.37375575


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>> No.37375586

She wasn't suspended either.

>> No.37375602

So, are they going to revoke permissions for Mario Party specifically for Mori from now on?

>> No.37375631

If Vesper comes back the first thing I'm gonna SC him during his SC reading zatsus is "so HoloEN did you rape?"

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90% of the jobs in tech industry are bloat

>> No.37375636

Regis or Magni are for sure going to leak something. My bet's for Magni on ult.

>> No.37375642

And here I thought Magni was going to be the first one out

>> No.37375650

gonna wait for a week for that termination notice kek. I'll take that to finally get Omega to realized that no one asked for Tempus.
for real tho I hope this nigger didn't sexually harass the holoen girls

>> No.37375653

Retard. She was friend with korekore before she joined hololive. There is no evidence that she leaked company info before the yab.

>> No.37375660

Yea but it was Rushia, the menhera herself. Cover probably slapped her and thought it was enough. Also no precedent.

>> No.37375662

you need to larp better, nijinigger.

>> No.37375663

Yeah I'm thinking Magnis alt and wouldn't be surprised if he exists after Vesper if he does go.

>> No.37375672

Imagine getting the easiest, best job of a lifetime, free money and success, and somehow fucking it up.
Hire me, Cover, I promise I can stream for you without yabbing in under 6 months

>> No.37375701

I think Axel will slip up and say some shit during a collab.

>> No.37375706


>> No.37375718

It's either fatal or the others ascend. I suspect it would be the former rather than the latter.

>> No.37375724

I wouldn't be able to help myself I would try my best to rape Gura

>> No.37375727

Holy shit, my sides.

>> No.37375753

You realize that not even Mori fucked up enough to get suspended like this
How the fuck did she do it

>> No.37375780

By unironically bringing more to the table than the homos

>> No.37375787

I wonder if half of HoloEN is sitting in the dark right now realizing that Gura just might have had the right idea all along

>> No.37375789

You know, I think I’ve been too hard on the girls after all
They truly are diamonds compared to the trash that is tempus

>> No.37375797

That made me wince

>> No.37375811

Vindicated once again, Gura wins by doing nothing.

>> No.37375825

>Myth nothing happens
>Council has a that graduates
>Tempus suspension after a couple of months

What the fuck happened to EN management and recruitment after Myth?

>> No.37375830

It's Saturday in Cover land. Wait til Monday for a real termination.

>> No.37375847

Wondifer if MariFure will beat it... oh its on the elf's channel. Well then nijigold today!

>> No.37375856

Have you just never watched an EN stream? They nonstop shit on management. Kronii literally blamed all her problems on her old manager

>> No.37375857

Most of the girls are not good entertainers but they tried their best to entertain us. Compare that to all Tempus who are not good entertainers but they tried to game the system to get numbers instead of trying to be entertaining.

>> No.37375869

Which Tempus are they keeping? Axel could join StarsJP and no one would care.

>> No.37375870

I don't know if the unity Pokemon tournament is gonna go forward bros...

>> No.37375876

>Myth nothing happens
Wait a few month for the ina announcement

>> No.37375889


>> No.37375906

>avoid drama and never air dirty laundry
It's like Gura and Fauna are the only fucking people on HoloEN who realize that people who watch Hololive
>don't like drama
>don't like to be reminded that they're watching 3DPD roasties
>don't like to be antagonized and talked down to
It's amazing honestly.

>> No.37375914

definitely fatal, a 3 person gen just won't work.

>> No.37375918

>and blame it to unicorns
The unicorns that didnt want Tempus? That would be funny to see how they spin it

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>> No.37375935

Mori killed them to channel their numbers into Fauna

>> No.37375937

currently at 49.35 posts per minute, they should have announced this a few hours ago if they wanted us to beat /pol/

>> No.37375941

Nah, let it go forward. The rrats will be delicious if Kronii joins the no-male one but not the unity one KEK

>> No.37375942

Me too anon. First time i'm too deep in a hobby that i can't guarantee not turning into a real schizo if shit really happened.

>> No.37375949

Mt guess is Magni and Vesper leave by the end of the year and Axel and Altare remain as the daisenpais.

>> No.37375961

Hey EN bros, you'll have the faumei collab tomorrow, don't be too upset

>> No.37375971

Cover specifically said she's leaked company info in multiple times retard, read the termination statement again.

>> No.37375990

pitiful. this had a month build-up, didn't it?

>> No.37375993
File: 297 KB, 719x503, GrimID.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do we save HoloID?
How do we save vtubing outside of Japan?

>> No.37376007

please save her mommy...

>> No.37376009

Mori is close enough friends with A-Chan to go to karaoke and invite her to an onsen/offcollab.

>> No.37376016

Axel would be happy just staying and making music. He has nowhere to go back to.
Regis has no reason to leave either and he seems to have settled into a good daily streaming groove. Even if his numbers arent great they're still better than they used to be.
The other two are gone.

>> No.37376025

Opinions on footfags in these threads?

>> No.37376029

Everything went to shit for Tempus ever since they collabed with Nijis. This is why you avoid them otherwise you get their dramavirus.

>> No.37376032

ignore it, the retard is trying to restart a timeloop

>> No.37376046

jesas, these are all terrible

>> No.37376055

You better hope so
They need moom to wake the fuck up if holoen ever wants to recover their numbers

>> No.37376064

Quick posted if up on catalog before nijinig denied it.

>> No.37376065

Wdym? This has been a great day.

>> No.37376071

>altar: fight me bro
dont think that attitude will last

>> No.37376084

>Implying there'll be another gen if this is a serious yab
Yeah the HoloEN fanbase will be thrilled to welcome more foxes into the henhouse

>> No.37376090

Talent rises. People who rely on brand do not.

>> No.37376092

From the streams that I watched, especially Vesper's zatsu, it seems like they are not trying to do their job which is to create interesting content but they are heavily invested in gaming the entire Youtube number system. Guess it finally backfired.

>> No.37376101

Good taste.

>> No.37376107

Who the fuck in EN pushed the idea of debuting ENStars1 before HoloEN3? Who thought that was a good idea?

>> No.37376121

>Axel and Altare remain as the daisenpais
don't sully that word anon. There's only one daisenpai in all of hololive production.

>> No.37376125

NowaOji I kneel, you saved HoloEN for us....

>> No.37376131


>> No.37376133

more butts

>> No.37376145

>Yakuza 3
Why the fuck she start with the shittiest game in the series

>> No.37376146

Yeah, Elira

>> No.37376150

Talk to her lawyer. Delta get into trouble because she made that claim too.

>> No.37376154

>Tempiss is graduating

>> No.37376162

Come to think of it, I don't think NijiCN ever had this kind of thing on their end, no "liver" has been suspended

>> No.37376167

That’d be me

>> No.37376177

they found vesper's posts on /vt/, he lurks /uoh/, /ggg/ and /wah/.

>> No.37376181

Omega got buttmad his debut project failed and everyone was laughing at him behind his back.

>> No.37376196

Well he likes cgdct so it wouldn't surprise me

>> No.37376203

I'm her lawyer, and I will say that you're retarded anon.

>> No.37376204

Niji is very lax unless it's a really big yab

>> No.37376220


3k shitter now

>Zeta, Ollie
1k shitters now

>Reine, Moona
3views now

>> No.37376241

That should be cause for termination not suspension.

>> No.37376248

Gura forever wins by doing nothing. Why wont people learn... WHY WONT THEY LEARN!?!

>> No.37376255

Worthless market

>> No.37376301

Fauna did. She learnt from the best.

>> No.37376334

sounds like promotion for me

>> No.37376342

Last thread we were just discussing how Tempus was the most coddled gen in Hololve, then all of a sudden, we get this news. Quite the coincidence

>> No.37376344

Should have just tried to be brotubers. Should have stayed in their lane, been respectful of boundaries, politely declined all those collabs. Should have stayed in their own Discord. Could have been so different, could still have been the brotubers 4chan actually somewhat liked. Look where we are now, as everything starts to collapse. It didn't need to be this way.

>> No.37376349

Another 300 (You) thread for me, thanks for breaking the news /#/

>> No.37376363

/MANS/ being delusional rn

>> No.37376365

This will make Omegay fired right?
We won't see another HoloStars EN right?

>> No.37376377

Migo and Senchou start in about 2 hours, I wonder how much Pegors will bleed if she does

>> No.37376386


>> No.37376388

Vesper is here, saw the numbers of the girls going down too, committed an hero so that the majority will stand with the girls and the girls will stop collabing with them. This explains the lack of collabs recently.

>> No.37376390

I keep hearing Vesper gaybaiting but I've never seen it. Can a sister help out and give some examples?

>> No.37376407

It's not a bad theory. More likely than sexual harassment I would say

>> No.37376422

No one ever blames management, or should I say, management always gets away with it.

>> No.37376435

Good old Lelouch strategy

>> No.37376440

They are fucking retarded. Nothing happened to La+ for that Rust server yab. This can be solved behind the scene instead of a vague announcement by Cover's main account.

>> No.37376451

This is actually peak brotuber experience.

.t juicer

>> No.37376452

I mean it's unironically a better theory than anything else that has been come up with. I assume Vesper was acting normally today so it's something that literally just happened.

>> No.37376463

anon, they have to retardly stop for the homo 3d debut

>> No.37376491

larp better, nijiniggerkun

>> No.37376498

That reason is still a bit too mild to warrant a public suspension. something like that might've given him a stealth one but not this.

>> No.37376506

Two fucking WEEK suspension for giving out the IP of a server, when nothing even happened yet? When no streams have happened? An announcement on twitter with a vague "internal misconduct" they they must know will damage his reputation?
... For giving out the IP of a private server? I dunno anon

>> No.37376510

she have to stop before they even start streaming lol

>> No.37376523

It all depends on how this all turns out, but if this due to him pissing off some salaryman then this as close to brotuber shit as you can get.

>> No.37376528

There wouldn't be a need to mention that publicly though, that's stealth suspension level. Now pissing off a sponsor, a public apology would be required.

>> No.37376538

Pekora will stop since homo 3D debut will start.

>> No.37376579

Nah, if our theory might be retarded but their theory just sounds like a big cope, desu. Because the sisters keep talking about "Why the fuck cover come out with that vague statement? Fix it internally".

Well the theory they said definitely fits the "fix it silently bts". The fact that Cover has come out with this public statement certainly means there's something more serious than just permission autism.

>> No.37376586

The fact that Vesper did not tweet anything out, voluntarily or involuntarily, speaks to how serious this yab is.

>> No.37376595

Has he said anything that bad on any sponsored stream?
Are any of his sponsored streams privated? Because they probably would have privated it if one was the cause of this yab.

>> No.37376611

I do think it's sponsor related since the boys have been playing fast and loose with that and it would explain why this is a public announcement instead of something they handle internally.
The sexual harassment theory is stupid on many levels. The girls have all been completely normal too.

>> No.37376627

This is the number thread. We talk about drama here.

>> No.37376629

nigga he can't do shit for two weeks, the statement said so.

>> No.37376650

This. Nene gave a public statement during the tracing yab. If he is not allowed that, it may be bigger than we think it is.

>> No.37376654
File: 96 KB, 262x360, 1660644979541264.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The girls have all been completely normal too.

>> No.37376655

What they have been doing till now WAS the brotuber route. I don't think it was successful either considering how they tanked the past month. The unfortunate truth is that they should have been fujobaiters but without the retarded baggage that NijiEN has and WITHOUT collaborating with the girls. That way they could have garbage collected the sisters who left NijiEN while also not pissing off HoloEN's existing audience. Just fucking keep them separate and tell Mori, Kronii, and Ame to shut the fuck up if they whine about it.

>> No.37376683

Oh shit...

>> No.37376700

During the offcollab, Vesper thought Magni was asking for it because he behaved in such a sissy way. On their last night together, Nowa oji just went for it and stuck his penis up the alchemist's butthole, with no warning or lube. Magni freaked out, because he never put something other than his dildo in ther. He immediately stormed out and they never spoke again.
After a few days he decided to report this homoerotic behaviour to management, shamefully.

>> No.37376713


yagoo is a fucking faggot when he saw his tempiss losing steam.

>> No.37376721

She's been very normal lately

>> No.37376725

less delusional then retards crying
>tempus killed holoen waaaaaaaaaaah
sit down nigger.

>> No.37376738

>tanked the past month
They had 8k streams, more than once. 8k is a better number than any girl not named Gura playing their neutral games.

>> No.37376744

you really think they were brotubers? fuck that's sad

>> No.37376753

It's time to split holoEN up into 2 factions
Gura, fauna, irys
Ame, kronii, bae, mori
Kiara, mumei and ina can choose whichever one that want and commit.

>> No.37376756

More like
>being forced by management to be normal

>> No.37376759

This is the kind of shit that can tank your entire branch. It's absolutely numbers related. Not releasing EN3 was a mistake.

>> No.37376785

they were successful as a brotuber before because people just look at them like their JP counterpart, a group in their own island separated from the main island that is Hololive.

The moment they start to "moved" to the Hololive island of fucking course it ended up pissing off Hololive fans who "tolerated" them before.

>> No.37376799

Go back to /MANS/ delusional sis. I hope Holostars get disbanded

>> No.37376804

Vesper fell for sexist trap of kronii

>> No.37376818

Tempus is monkey-paw'd EN3.

>> No.37376822

holy shit that amount of copium should be unhealthy

>> No.37376871

go back to /hlgg/ unicuck i hope your oshi keeps reclining

>> No.37376872

Why do whiny people pretend like /#/ isn't /news/ most of the day? And this is pretty big news.
Go back to /mans/

>> No.37376889

Imagine if Ina and IRyS came back tomorrow, wouldn't that be an amazing coincidence?

>> No.37376892

Another purpose for suspension is to prevent the talent from doing anything that might further make things worse, like releasing a public statement that might further inflame the drama
But there is no public yab right now. So it's weird

>> No.37376906

Stop coming here and pray that Vesper didn't sexually harass anyone, sis

>> No.37376918

That would fuel rrats so hard I would actually laugh.

>> No.37376931

IRyS will comeback with 2.0

>> No.37376934

That;s the issue! She's been corrected!

>> No.37376961

Other than Axels tweet twitter seems to be carrying on normally. I don't think Most of the EN fans on there are fully aware yet. None of the tallents or even the HoloEN page have said anything.

>> No.37376962

please god

>> No.37376978

Your only half right anon. What most people here wanted was a NO Girls allowed brotuber guild which they were for about 2 weeks. You had a fair portion from multiple fanbases from the girls vocal in supporting them and willing to give them a chance. Once Ame did that dumb shit with Altare, blue Boi should've immediately distanced himself from it or publically called it out if needed. And then the whole Kronii shit just accelerated everything. If they stayed in their lane then they'd be doing better than they are now cause atleast the holo fanbase would be okay with using them as dead air fillers.

>> No.37376979

Two weeks is just so serious, and with an official Cover tweet translated to both languages. If this really was something minor they need to seriously rethink their PR strategy.

>> No.37376994
File: 46 KB, 178x133, Koyo6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37376995
File: 112 KB, 463x454, 1637525236931.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The real rrat is way fatter than you might think and it could affect everyone in hololive. When Tempus did that soul link pokemon stream, they did something that was not allowed by nintendo, and Vesper was the one behind that. This public reaction from Cover was a way to placate nintendo so they don't mass revoke their perms. This was revealed to me in a dream.

>> No.37377011

AnimeNYC is still ongoing they would want to keep it cool

>> No.37377012

My schizo brain's already working on it
>Nowa has mad yellow fever and has been systematically hornyposting the asian girls
>Nowa is fabulously racist and wanted more atom bombs dropped all over asia

>> No.37377031

It's 2AM...

>> No.37377036

And that's the thing anon.
This is definitely not something minor, let's be honest here

>> No.37377040

YOU stop coming here little faggot i've ben here longer then your tourist ass wtf the audacity

>> No.37377042
File: 29 KB, 884x559, bad_end_night.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

was Bad End Night a sign?

>> No.37377057

So Vesper saw what happened on Gura stream. He sent her a message on Discord. She finally saw it today. Forwarded it to A-chan without. A-chan called a meeting with everyone for breaking the no first contact rules. Gura ghosted it. Vesper 2 week suspension.

>> No.37377061

Will only be proven if all of holopro stopped playing pokemon

>> No.37377067


>> No.37377071

I almost believe this

>> No.37377076

No it's 11am

>> No.37377087

>Two weeks
>tweet translated to both languages
> did it while AnimeNYC was going on
What could it be, that it couldn't wait?

>> No.37377090
File: 1.97 MB, 1920x1080, 1668851607565280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37377092

Stop malding sis or Vesper will come and sexually harass you

>> No.37377093

Is this related to how Kronii suddenly back to doing ASMR

>> No.37377094
File: 743 KB, 1920x1920, 1650128284071.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Graduation when?

>> No.37377095

The Pokemon stream theory is the only plausible one I've heard besides the obvious.
Japan is so strict and autistic about game perms and piracy, if Nowa did something dumb like use a modded switch to stream it or emulate it somehow or something, that would be really bad. That would certainly earn him a public suspension.

>> No.37377107

nice rrat but learn english

>> No.37377110

I belib

>> No.37377114


>> No.37377124

>Vesper is muted on the Regis pokemon VOD
It's true

>> No.37377130

One week from now, Rushia-style

>> No.37377136

My rrat, Kronii and Vesper are actually a couple, but the retard wanted to go public with it, saying shit like "It's fine, look at VShojo, no one cares that they have BF in the west". As retarded as Cover is, they still knew it was a bad idea, they had a fight, he got suspended, and Kronii got scared it was going to come out, that's why she is in full pandering mode this week, to soften the blow.

>> No.37377140


>> No.37377142


>> No.37377147

Mori Party is the gift that keeps on giving.

>> No.37377152

it's 5pm

>> No.37377153

People keep saying this but they would have come out and say it for once and two the damn VOD is still up.

>> No.37377155

Gura would just ghost him, she's not trying to get anyone in trouble for a sincere attempt to help.

>> No.37377180

just came back to this shit hole stale hobby to say fuck yeah, fuck stars. should have been EN3

>> No.37377188

There's no way Gura is that petty

>> No.37377198

>worst ritual poster

>> No.37377205

We should hope there won't be graduation - not because Tempus is so great, but as anon mentioned 3-man gen won't work, and with push HomoEN got, I wouldn't be suprised if they fasttrack HomoEN2 pushin HoloEN 3 further down the road

>> No.37377219

it would be made public if it was about game permissions, stop trying to force this cause it won't fly shart

>> No.37377226

Didn't Gura dox Ame's real name in front of 40k people?

>> No.37377238

That was obviously an accident

>> No.37377243

If that was the case, the tweet would have said the problem came from a on-stream misconduct, not off-stream

>> No.37377246

*cums on you*

>> No.37377249

i'm a teamate and i disapprove this message

>> No.37377252

Sorry I just woke up. I’m confused. I don’t watch the homos but I wasn’t aware they Vesper did anything at all externally that would cause Cover to publicly suspend him? I mean he just streamed today with them. Does no one know the actual reason and it’s just rrats right now? I feel like disciplinary measure being announced without anything to go on is just damaging for everyone involved, isn’t it?

>> No.37377260

Lol I would rather let them have some gold for once, they did take the time to prepare this tournament afterall

>> No.37377262

Talking about animeNYC (by Crunchyroll [TM]), the Kawaii girls are joining. Talking about them, I understand now why Miryu is rejected by holoEN. She is too one dimensional and not interesting enough. As a girlfriend she passed but as an entertainer she has a long way to go. This is the reason she fell below 3 view from time to time. Oceane however is more entertaining and can sing well, which is why she can get to 200 views from time to time. Too bad Cover will probably put her in ID instead of EN if she joins hololive.

>> No.37377266

I don't think the stream has been privated yet so it couldn't be that. Magni's stream where he ranted about Blizz got privated and he didn't even get suspended. If this really was Nintendo, then Nowa got off relatively easy since Nintendo would make the entirety of Cover publicly DOGEZA and serve Vespers head on a silver platter.

>> No.37377267

If that were the case, Cover wouldve done the whole "We do not condone blah, blah, blah," spiel.

>> No.37377269

Yes, suck on my dick more, sis. Oh yeah

>> No.37377272

I would think - hope - that the Holostars-pushing faction in EN management would be sufficiently chastened by something so devastating as a StarsEN graduation in the first half of their first year that they'd try to shore things up and distract the fans with a new gen before they return to their ways.

>> No.37377273

if this was a hologirl, would have been another termination. the suspension was leniency by grace of yagoo.

>> No.37377276

Keemstar video soon.

>> No.37377278

No that's you.

>> No.37377280


>> No.37377284

Anyone remember the pre debut rrat that Mori saddled Magni with Mr Hands as an attempt to kill Tempus in the womb? The Lelouch of Hololive

>> No.37377314

It only says internal so whatever happens must have been offstream. Some people speculate the reason why an official announcement was made is to appease whoever Vesper offended.

>> No.37377315

holos had played Nuzlocke before or made-up rules on how they'll play the game and turned out fine.

>> No.37377317

>maybe they suspended him because it's the weekend
AnimeNYC is still ongoing

>> No.37377319

what dick? LMAO you're a cuck keep that small shit in the cage like a good sissy
if you behave maybe you will get to lick vesper's cum out of kronii's pussy too

>> No.37377320


>> No.37377324

>girls affected by holostars 3d debut
>stars member gets suspended
Watamage was not having it, Yagoo

>> No.37377328

What most people here wanted is not what would have inclined them and kept them separate from the girls. Fujobaiting builds up an audience that does NOT want to see the girls, ergo they have an actual incentive to not collab with them. On top of that, they get to do damage and steal market share back from NijiEN.

>> No.37377349

/#/bros?. what are Kronii numbers for the last 3 streams?

>> No.37377353

Nah, she will just ghost him and be done with that. If there is anyone on Hololive who is the most likely to bitch about this to the management, it's Kiara

>> No.37377356


>> No.37377361

Ooohhh yeah, more. keep being feisty while sucking sis, I'm cumming hard now.

>> No.37377372
File: 93 KB, 981x120, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"first army", disgusting

>> No.37377379

He asked for nudes.

>> No.37377381

best news in a while now
for a suspension it has really lukewarm reception too kek
purity and "stay in your lane" fags vindicated

>> No.37377384

He got caught using the sisters site

>> No.37377385

>Kiara still mad about not being invited to Bad End Night

>> No.37377407

shut up koyoschizo, we're dunking on Vesper right now

>> No.37377411

seriously I hope this snowballs and Holostars collapses on itself so we can go back to the old days.

>> No.37377414

Elaborate. Do you mean looking up the details of the other talents? Because wasn't some Holo shown to have dox images on stream or something? I forget who

>> No.37377424

It's insane how fucking easy it is not to yab or do something stupid in their field and it's equally insane how only a couple of them know how to do it.

>> No.37377431

cope sister

>> No.37377434

>internal misconduct
>public announcement
>in japanese
I feel something connects all three key points. /#/anons help me think

>> No.37377438


>> No.37377462

Let's not do an EN3 timeloop again, we've all accepted long ago it can't possibly come out this year.

>> No.37377473
File: 1.28 MB, 2688x4274, 924781034177066c69fa062deddc3edd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

203x: Hololive
103x: Nijisanji
6x: VSPO
5x: Indie
4x: Neo Porte
1x: PRISM Project

49x: Pekora
28x: Kuzuha, Miko
20x: Marine
14x: Subaru
11x: Salome, Suisei
10x: Gura, Nijisanji
7x: Hololive
6x: Botan, Fuwa, Korone, Toya
5x: Fubuki
4x: Aqua, Koyori, Lize
3x: Flare, Hal, Lui
2x: Haachama, Kanae, Kanata, Lamy, Leos, Luna, Maimoto, Mayuzumi, Noel, Shiina, Tsukasa, Tsuna, Watame
1x: Akina, Akira, Alban, Amelia, Aster, AZKi, Beni, Choco, Chronoir, Debi, Ema, Gaku, Gatchman, Genzuki, Hayato, Hinano, Hololive Indonesia, Hoshikawa, Iofi, Ina, Iroha, Kaela, Kanae, Karuta, Kiara, Kronii, Laplus, Lauren, Levi, Matsuri, Mio, Mito, Moona, Nari, Nene, Nerumero, Okayu, Oliver, Ponpoko, Ramune, Ren, Rion, Ririmu, Risu, Ritsuki, Roboco, ROF-MAO, Rushia, Sara Nagare, Shion, Suzuya Aki, Toko, Towa, Uki, Vox, Warabeda, Yashiro, Yui

209x: Hololive
97x: Nijisanji
5x: Indie, Neo Porte
2x: Noripro
1x: 774 Inc., Holostars, VSPO

33x: Miko, Subaru
32x: Pekora
26x: Kuzuha
16x: Marine
12x: Salome
10x: Gura
9x: Nijisanji
7x: Toya
6x: Koyori
5x: Okayu
4x: Aqua, Botan, Chloe, Hal, Korone, Lamy, Mori, Suisei
3x: Amelia, Choco, Fubuki, Hayato, Iroha, Rushia, Sasaki, Shion
2x: Ayame, Fuwa, Gwelu, Hololive, Kanata, Kiara, Kobo, Lize, Lui, Mio, Mito, Mumei, Mysta, Nijisanji English, Nui, Shiina, Tamaki, Towa, Watame, Yashiro, Yorumi
1x: Aia, Aki, AZKi, Dola, Gatchman, Haachama, Ibrahim, Ike, Kaida, Kanae, Kazaki, Kyoko, Laplus, Leos, Luna, Magni, Maimoto, Mayuzumi, Mel, Minase, Nerumero, Noel, Patra, Petra, Polka, Ponpoko, Ponto, Rikiichi, Rosemi, Ryushen, Sora, Sumire, Tsukasa, Ui, Voltaction

>> No.37377474

>old days
lmao no you will never get old days back en reclined not because of tempus but because of lazy and toxic behaviour from holoen bitches
keep coping though you are a white knight simp afterall
keep coping

>> No.37377486

twas' Ollie. Image was of a fat lard she's great though

>> No.37377490

>very normal lately
yeah that the problem

>> No.37377489

he will recline even more
what a retard KEK

>> No.37377500

They may be doing this in an attempt to get ahead of something. Maybe he did something that will come to light tomorrow or sometime next week and they want to suspend him to get ahead of the drama.

>> No.37377506

Trying too hard, sis

>> No.37377510

>you scared me off already, congratulations, i won't defend her anymore, you can call her all the nasty shit you want
what happened? didn't you leave already? why are you still here defending your whore?

>> No.37377522

I mean that’s the issue about all this, isn’t it? Doing public suspensions for internal issues just breeds rrats that no single can prove, no? And such a thing leads people on a wild goose chase trying to pinpoint just how serious an issue it is.

I mean I say this as a Holo fan that the general wish I’d have is just having a girl go on a “break” to not cause such a ruckus in the fandom in general. It feels like it creates such a stain on that person’s image. I don’t even recall if Nene was publicly suspended. I’m pretty sure she herself took a break and apologized right?

>> No.37377528

yeah it's weird that it's on the official account and in japanese too.
vesper, wtf this you do?

>> No.37377529

How many suspensions has Cover done so far?

>> No.37377534
File: 566 KB, 1034x402, 2022-11-19 11_11_38-ぶいらび - Ouro Kronii Ch. hololive-EN.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37377535

Awwwww. Poor Tempiss sister is sad because her ragtag group of failures are on their way out. So sad.

>> No.37377541

Unless he does an explanation stream and has a really good story then yeah
They're going to have to explain this pretty thoroughly if they want to salvage his career, no sweeping it under the rug.

>> No.37377560

you are. cope. that expanation is better than anything your cuck mind was able to repeat like the goyslop eating faggot that you are
>sexual harassment

>> No.37377566

This isn't completely unreasonable.

It could be that he accidentally doxxed talent/manager. It's not like La+ where she just happened to use her work account to talk in a Discord chat.

>> No.37377573

Coco and Chammers for Taiwan
Mio for Capcom
Towa for lying about the male voice yab
And I forgot the rest

>> No.37377575

If Hololive was really big in western sphere we would have seen a Moist Cr1tikal video about it by now titled
>What went wrong?
>Shit just got real

>> No.37377590

How will this affect his noombers?

>> No.37377596

10k comeback buff stream and probably 1.5 million yen in SC.
This is a W for us vespies.

>> No.37377597

the multi POV in one screen must be the problem

>> No.37377598

i mean, elon suspended access of its employees due to possible sabotage in its infrastructure. did it stop people from speculations? no, rather it meant to retards twitter is shutting down rur

>> No.37377614

western vtubing will always be a joke

>> No.37377616

>Believing HomoEn 2 will be a thing after Vesper graduates
That's a big COPE. A graduation this early would destroy the HomoEn project. Kaoru graduating set the entire HomoJp branch back by YEARS. And Vesper being first gen would be more important than that to the homoEn branch. That'd honestly seal HoloEn as an all girl's group for the foreseeable future

>> No.37377618

I mean the clear thing about all this is that tweet was definitely an appeasement of, or for something.
We should wait to see whether something else happened in the next week or so.
As start we probably can gauge by looking at Axel's vibe tomorrow

>> No.37377625
File: 66 KB, 203x203, lilniggaogey3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't let all this Vesper yab distract you from the fact that Pekora bought a fucking monkey

>> No.37377634

>I’m pretty sure she herself took a break and apologized right?
Yes, as is the case with many of them, rarely do they get suspended in this way but usually it's "self imposed suspension", this is more serious than that.

>> No.37377647

>She think there will be a comeback stream
Oh no no no sis not like this

>> No.37377649

fuck off mori you fat bitch

>> No.37377659

Two more weeks!

>> No.37377660

>It feels like it creates such a stain on that person’s image
That's why people theorize they don't do public suspensions for minor issues anymore.
Think back to the Mori lean episode; she immediately went on break after the reddit posts, right? That could have just been her taking a few days off to destress, or that could have been a "soft suspension".
Public suspensions are serious. You can count the amount of times it has happened on two hands (I think?)

>> No.37377663

hololive should play chess

>> No.37377665

What if he doesn't explain anything but comes back with an eye patch and a demon horn?

>> No.37377667

what? meds you delusional coper

>> No.37377675

Nah, fujobaiting is unnecessary. They just need to go full CBDCT route, no collab with the opposite gender, collab with starsJP only and among themselves.

>> No.37377687

So in general it seems that anyone focused on Twitch for any length of time is a bad pick for hololive right?
Culture of that place is utterly opposite to the one that causes people to watch hololive

>> No.37377691

Didn't he already cancel a stream?

>> No.37377692

Malding so hard like this is not good for your health, sis. Let it go, Vesper sexually harassed anyone, be glad that it's not you sis.

>> No.37377697

VOD is still up, and why would he be the only one suspended for that ?

>> No.37377703

I accidentally sent my dick pics to the wrong server, everyone from holopro saw it. I'm so fucking ashamed!

>> No.37377708

is it good or bad? how do they compare to other girls?

>> No.37377709

>everyone who isnt a simp for lazy bitches is a sister now
mindbroken cuck...

>> No.37377710

sorry but kiara ruined this meme

>> No.37377712

VShonen soon

>> No.37377715

I think this is the first time an official suspension is *not* to protect the talent.

Aloe: in the middle of harassment
Haachama and Coco: in the middle of harassment
Rushia: in the middle of harassment (didn’t get suspended tho, but would if she didn’t get fired)
even the “pause to reflect on behavior” was similar
Marine-Miko: harassment
Moona: harassment
Towa: harassment
Nene: mild harassment

Based on the seriousness of this suspension and the out of nowhere nature, I say this is a
>the cat is on the roof
type of suspension to give them time to explain internally and gather evidence and he’s actually fired

>> No.37377721
File: 25 KB, 732x146, zz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37377722

A publicly announced two week suspension for an accident? Embarrassing the talent, potentially damaging his brand and earning prospects, and reflecting poorly on Tempus going into the key holiday season? It would be really dumb to do that for an accident unless it was gross negligence of some sort.

>> No.37377724

He said he will stream again tomorrow

>> No.37377730

Anyone not from Japan or don't understand Japanese entertainment showmanship and work culture is a bad pick for Hololive

>> No.37377737


>> No.37377745

I would hope that there wouldn't be another HomoEN, but we all know that EN managements sucks ass and does everything to fuck over girls that don't align with their Hololive EN vision. If suspension is connected to girls in some way, then girls Homo faction will lose their power slightly, but they're still would be backed up by management, girls wanting to destroy idol culture and Yagoo himself - unless it was really big fuck up on Noir's side

>> No.37377761

cope unicuck
your white knighting won't help holoen grow

>> No.37377765

Nowa has been an erratic little bitch lately. I hope this spirals down into graduation.

>> No.37377767

Must have been bad

>> No.37377787

wait she plays chess?

>> No.37377796

Stop white knighting a sexual harasser sis. It might be your fetish but normal people doesn't like that

>> No.37377797

What happened to Ina? What did I miss?

>> No.37377802

Isn't there supposed to be a Chadcast special at Anime NYC tomorrow?

>> No.37377821

Why should Vesper apologize if he has nothing to apologize for? He probably refused to suck some Japanese management boomer cock and told them to go fuck themselves, based of him.

>> No.37377827

isn't that shit prerecorded as fuck

>> No.37377834

>mistaking a diss for white knighting while parroting the other side
like a typical assblasted unicuck

>> No.37377835

ah fuck i missed sora's 2nd part live. was the second part worth a watch?

>> No.37377840

So then, who is actually a viable hire for HoloEN anymore?

>> No.37377842

Vesper has anal beads on his stream.

>> No.37377852

If this ends up being really bad, I guess the sunny upside is that the chances of EN3 being in the CGDCT faction will shoot way, way up.

>> No.37377853

She's on indefinite hiatus (until at least 2023) for long-term health issues.
Everything else is a rrat/

>> No.37377860

>vesper did nothing wrong
unfortunately sister, he's not watame and definitely not a saint either

>> No.37377863

>So then, who is actually a viable hire for HoloEN anymore?
There never were any. Western women simply can't into vtubing.

>> No.37377866

yes and she's fucking terrible at it. she's been in the anituber chess tournament for a year or two now, I forgot. I still don't fucking understand how she's worse than a 600 while having actual masters teaching her for days or even weeks.

>> No.37377875

7 years

>> No.37377883

No, Mori was talking about getting up at 5AM for her solo segment tomorrow and basically said CHaDCast was live.

>> No.37377886


>> No.37377888

Stop malding so hard that your asshole is bleeding sis, you won't be able to get fucked by Vesper anymore if you continue

>> No.37377889

There has been no new information about Ina beyond what she said in her last stream before her break.

>> No.37377893

Anon, shitting on management is not something special to Vesper. The girls do it. Hell, Magni does it and is still sitting pretty.
Dunno why you guys are trying to set him up as some hero

>> No.37377894

DM'd a HoloJP probably. EN branch might be lax but JP branch would not take kindly to a homo crossing the line.

>> No.37377899

Towa wasn't suspended, she made a public apology but revealed later that the two weeks of not streaming was self-imposed. I think the only talents who have ever had an official statement of suspension so far were Coco and Haachama.

>> No.37377910

>Doing public suspensions for internal issues just breeds rrats that no single can prove, no?
It means he either already had multiple offenses/internal issues or the issue is serious enough. This is the first suspension not intended to protect their chuuba.
This also serves as a reminder to anyone under Hololive to not mess around and find out. If Vesper ever gets kicked out, we know that he's already an offender to Cover.

>> No.37377925

Another Gura or Gura fan like Fauna

>> No.37377932

I mean even if it's a nothingburger in the end, any futur EN3 should see that all this drama by associating with them is not worth it, at all.

>> No.37377938

7 years of what? Finish your sentence

>> No.37377948

It makes a good plot line for their middle management fanfictions.

>> No.37377947

>comparing a woman to a real man
They only ever do it jokingly and don't take it seriously or threaten to call their fans to action, Vesper probably did it to their face.

>> No.37377950

Homolovers are delusional. More news at 9.

>> No.37377952

wrong board

>> No.37377965

You mean it's not worth risking your 7 figures+ in lifetime earning potential as a Holo to make friends with some random dudes you don't even know? What a shocking concept!

>> No.37377976

>under hololive

>> No.37377983

>Source: Trust me bro

>> No.37377987

When has Cover ever been competent? Some old nip geezer probably got offended by Vesper being outspoken and demanded the suspension be public.

>> No.37378001

That will be funny though, because listen to the guy and he seems to be pretty familiar with how it works in corpo environment. While everyone in tempus lamenting the entire permission autism he's the only one who immediately accept that it is how it is.

>> No.37378002

Homojps, holojps all butt heads with their managers desu. I am leaning he pissed of some sponsor or business patner desu.

>> No.37378021
File: 10 KB, 300x168, download (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is Cover attempts to bring the hype back before EN3 announced. Next week I believe

>> No.37378025

she pregnant with vesper's son

>> No.37378027

what did i tell you about homofaggots twisting it and blame others ruru

>> No.37378031
File: 829 KB, 1168x1358, 2B95F1D1-1824-40BF-8D13-9C9A9C48ADDE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37378045

Yeah. I think my issue about this is that Cover themselves have never established any record of doing such a thing, which makes this so jarring to me. Like I’m a sports fan, so when a player gets suspended it often comes as punishment for a dirty hit, or in the NFL’s case maybe something like getting caught with weed in their system or some shit, but it’s an established thing and you just chalk it up as something you expect. But when you look at something like this, it begs the question of what could possibly have happened that would warrant a public announcement of a suspension, as well as what it could’ve been that’s not enough to terminate them but still be subject to disciplinary action? You know what I’m saying? Like a fan can’t even judge accordingly because they themselves don’t even know what happened. Ah, this is a bit shitty of a situation all around. Especially when EN is trying to maintain footing as is

>> No.37378046

Another Gura or Gura like who just needs to be cute on stream and ignore any outside yabs. She doesn't even need to stream much or produce content

>> No.37378050


>> No.37378056

>Miryu is rejected by holoEN
Did she ever talk about it before?

>> No.37378059

What about Gura she's JP level popular

>> No.37378073

>Suspending and soon to be graduating a holostar to drum up hype for EN3

>> No.37378084

Miko/Marine and Oga also had similar official statements

>> No.37378098

Enna Aloutte.

>> No.37378124

>HoloProEN twitter won't tweet about vesper's suspension
roru rumao

>> No.37378126
File: 905 KB, 1161x813, brandofsacrifice.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37378128

Someone who idolized Gura. And when I said Gura I meant "Gura" just like Fauna, not HER.

>> No.37378138

She did not. But her not applying for holoEN is like a football player that doesn't want to go to NFL, nigh impossible.

>> No.37378139

Future is bright, more chances for future girls to tread carefully with homos.

>> No.37378143

>”Nothing negative about the Homo sorry”

>> No.37378159

Hopefully that means some EN manager got suspended too.

>> No.37378173

I'm sorry, is there still any doubt homos are a plague?

>> No.37378178

Nah, I want those retards to be fired instead

>> No.37378186

>Vesper was running the holoproEN account

>> No.37378191

Interesting observation

>> No.37378218
File: 103 KB, 481x1604, 19-11-22-rank.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

More clip numbers.
Busy rn so just gonna dump.
Split today is 16.5M(+860k) HL to 11.6M(+600k) NJ.

>> No.37378228 [DELETED] 
File: 53 KB, 601x521, israel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37378231
File: 2.51 MB, 2100x1180, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love these 2 dorks

>> No.37378239

kek, omega not wanting to admit that one of his homos shit the bed.

>> No.37378244

just looked it up. didnt know it was on the chess.com channel

>> No.37378261
File: 92 KB, 1764x793, 19-11-22-day.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37378266

this is definitely something big, because this also affect the starsEN branch perception as a whole. I'm sure if they can just silently solve it behind the scene they will take that option in a heartbeat.

The fact that they ended up making a public statement about it should already tells its own story.

>> No.37378269

>thought NijiEN boys are all yabs waiting to happen
>Turns out StarsEN is a bunch of rapists
feels good being a nijichad rn. Your branch's reputation will plummet more and more holobronies, and we keep getting more mindshares being good guys on twitter.

>> No.37378278


>> No.37378284

>Please understand that there may be changes to some pre-announced activities.
Did Vesper announce anything juicy that is going to get canceled?

>> No.37378286
File: 101 KB, 449x1604, 19-11-22-rec_rank.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

More clip numbers, recent only (<2 Days). Other here >>37378218
Split today is 5.3M(-50k) HL to 2.9M(+580k) NJ.

>> No.37378294

kingambit enjoyer

>> No.37378300

I'm kind of surprised that reddit/twitter aren't more up in arms at an EN talent getting suspended out of the blue

>> No.37378302
File: 60 KB, 597x551, israel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.37378310

>Not even 1k waiting for the JP Homo 3D

>> No.37378311
File: 78 KB, 1749x793, 19-11-22-recent.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37378322

They probably meant his scheduled streams, which well, changed to "no stream" now.

>> No.37378326

ogayu at korosan's stream

>> No.37378331

Do the Hololive twitters usually retweet the Cover Corp suspensions?

>> No.37378332

She had a whole arc mingling with the who is who from the chess playing ecelebs gearing up to their tournament.
She sucked so hard people got second hand embarrassment

>> No.37378345
File: 121 KB, 871x1082, 19-11-22-source.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

More clip numbers by source.

>> No.37378360

Because only a fraction genuinely cares about HomoEN, let alone HoloEN as parto f COverat this point

>> No.37378362

I don't care what he did, I want to see him do naked dogeza (no homo btw)

>> No.37378369
File: 84 KB, 240x290, 1638960139185.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just hope he didn't sexually harass one of the girls to warrant this reaction from management but I wish he did because it'd kill Tempiss.

>> No.37378370

What a horrific timing really, this suspension might have gotten a little less attention if it wasn't for this whole hour of no streams except the JPhomo

>> No.37378385
File: 22 KB, 480x360, 1662041407744332.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37378411

I can't believe Nowa fucked Petra and Rosemi

>> No.37378415

Anon...no one outside of JP has ever been suspended before. I could not tell you. It makes sense to me that the fucking EN twitter would inform its fans one of its talents got suspended though, and not just the jap one.

>> No.37378419

Everyone said the first major corporate yab would be on the NijiEN side but it came from Tempiss kek

>> No.37378422


>> No.37378424

i'm sure they've been assessing that for the past few days, only now they come to a decision

>> No.37378425

its kinda funny the quote tweets on the JP tweet going between ''Nowaoji...'' to ''who?''

>> No.37378430

The wording used in the Japanese tweet seemed to suggest it at least.

>> No.37378432

Nah, the timing is fucking perfect kek

>> No.37378439
File: 112 KB, 264x377, 1661677775264355.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No bro would flirt with their bros crushes and you know it. Once they start collabing with them they broke that one rule. They are not solid.

>> No.37378441
File: 10 KB, 227x222, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37378444

It's a pipe dream, but maybe it will be finally be enough to get through to these retards that advocating for mixed gender collaboration was and always will be an awful idea. Assuming they weren't intentionally malicious from the beginning.

>> No.37378452

I wonder if his recent cancelled streams might have to do with it

>> No.37378469

more chicken joke sisters

>> No.37378470

Holostar itself is not the problem. The problem is the kind of people EN manager hire. Where the hell did they find these people and who gave them the idea to hire them

>> No.37378477

money is power, without that there's nothing - Riku. your only option is to graduate yourself in niji.

>> No.37378491

What a failure of a branch Tempus was. Nonstop yabs, and for what?

>> No.37378510

Sanest post itt

>> No.37378517

what else? yo mama?

>> No.37378518

>Nowa fucked A-chan
>Axel was about to fuck Nodoka

>> No.37378519

actual proof that cover employed male vtubers especially from outside japan will never work

>> No.37378523

I agree

>> No.37378531

It's fairly negligent behavior. You get written up just for talking about people if you're a security guard, right? What if he ended up disclosing someone whose contact into isn't meant to be passed around easily? That along with is known history of talking more than what he should abount internal company affairs would warrant him a suspension if only to get him to straighten up.

Of course, it could be something else. I just don't think it's something as retarded as sekuhara considering this is the world post #metoo and that all their interactions are primarily via social media, which makes it hard to hide.

>> No.37378542

>3rd gen of holostars JP has their most successful star of the gen get taken out over trying to fuck a hololive talent
>3rd gen of holoEN has their most successful star of the gen taken out over trying to fuck a hololive talent

>> No.37378543

They could have waited until after this upcoming 3D debut and AnimeNYC weekend was over to announce this on Monday
They felt compelled to get this out there, after business hours at the start of a weekend. Basically as fast as fucking humanly possible. Probably knowing that everyone in the fanbase would speculate all weekend, and they'd have no more official communications about it.
What could cause that kind of urgency?

>> No.37378567

Fuck off, tempus isn't HoloEn

>> No.37378570

>most successful star
you could've said most superchatted

>> No.37378575

Tempus was a mistake.

>> No.37378574

I read this with his voice kek

>> No.37378577

Stalking gura

>> No.37378588
File: 2 KB, 124x122, 1655255760390s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its all coming together

>> No.37378601

Suspension would be an appropriate response since he has said or done something inappropriate not just once, but multiple times.
Since this is an internal matter of the production company, there is no way for outsiders to know. If it was a single incident, there would be no disciplinary action, but if it was multiple incidents, it was a conviction, and there would be no excuse.

>> No.37378603

I have been channeling my hate to kill Tempus for a while but I don't have full control of my power. I was going to leave Nowa for last. Sorry guys/

>> No.37378607

>3rd gen of JP have a Hololive talent trying to fuck eceleb

>> No.37378614

reading comprehension reps, my nigga

>> No.37378616

Keemstar or someone is gonna leak something so the announcement is to cover that base.

>> No.37378622

fuck I can't read nvm

>> No.37378625

keep coping enshart

>> No.37378628

Hello 5ch niki

>> No.37378635

It wasn't your fault, my friend. Mori's Mario Party Magic is too strong.

>> No.37378636

The Amemeru collab song sounds pretty decent...

>> No.37378640

>Holostar JP
Bro read READ

>> No.37378646

Do you mean Kaoru?

>> No.37378651

Stop coping sister. bend down, let me soothe you

>> No.37378655

>Both have long hair
Oh no no no no no

>> No.37378671


>> No.37378681

when is Subaru's live? I thought it was today

>> No.37378693

Both were married too...

>> No.37378700

this is the first yab though what are you talking about?

>> No.37378705

Tomorrow at 12pm jst, Ina will release a legal statement

>> No.37378709

It would have to be a Holo who would get offended enough to snitch him out to management. My money is on Luna

>> No.37378713

>If it was for putting shitty management in their place for being worthless then you're wrong and they're based
Tempus does not have the authority to bitch about management, they're no one. Maybe they did the exact same thing say, Gura would do, and expected management to take it lying down as if they were as unsuspendable as the girls.

>> No.37378722
File: 146 KB, 438x1001, 194F35BF-3808-4E40-9A04-716578EEAD52.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Even amidst the chaos /MANS/ can still joke around in their OP

>> No.37378731

keep being assblasted you delusional cuckold
your mald makes me laugh
imagine being a fan of kronii LMAO

>> No.37378739

yeah im skimming through it now.... its painful.

>> No.37378761

Yes, yes, tighten that asshole even more. Oof, keep that fire on, sister

>> No.37378760

maybe suisei
she is a prude and petanko which he likes
she prolly got creeped out by the ojisan and snitched to management

>> No.37378791

Tomorrow nov. 20

>> No.37378797
File: 335 KB, 463x453, pekostraw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is... quite the awkward situation.
It's the first time a Holo talent has been publicly suspended for something that was actually their fault (as per the statement).

Towa was never officially suspended, just "went on a break" for two weeks. Cover simply apologized for the "trouble caused by our talent" but never officially suspended her.

Mio was never suspended officially, but she "took a break" voluntarily and it was to save her channel from getting nuked by Copyright strikes during the Holocaust.

Coco and Haachama were "suspended" to appease China. The official reason given was "leaking Youtube analytics on stream" but they followed that up with stating that they would give more training to their talents regarding things like this - so it was an obvious PR reason.

Aloe was "suspended" to give her some time away from the spotlight and let rrats surrounding her past and the harassment die down. The official reason for the suspension was "leaking her Live2D before reveal" but it was obvious that she had management oversight for that stream - so it was an obvious PR reason.

Rushia was never suspended, just straight up terminated when the contract breach was found.

This is the first time that a Hololive talent have gotten themselves suspended for something that is ostensibly their own fault. This was purely an internal affair, so if they actually made it public - and made it through the Japanese cover_corp account first, it must have been quite the big fuck up. And very, VERY likely to have been something that involved the JP side.
And... worse than anything else, his audience/fans will be waiting with bated breath to hear about what happened. They will ask, nay, DEMAND and answer from him. And... I don't think Vesper has it in him to keep quiet about something of this magnitude. The man leaks minor management details like a fucking SIEVE and IF that was the reason for the suspension - that would be the best case scenario, since everyone could understand why Cover would want to keep their internal stuff secret.

But if it wasn't... then either Vesper himself did something bad enough to get management to stop his activities for 2 weeks - bad enough that they felt the need to publicize this, instead of resolving things privately behind the scenes like they normally do.

Shit like that... it's hard to recover from it. It changes the dynamics between the audience, the talent and management. ESPECIALLY a western audience, an audience who will feel ENTITLED to know why exactly their precious VTuber was suspended. Depending on the actual reason, this will harm Vesper, Cover or both.
If it was something that was morally dubious - if it was worse than simple management leaks, it will likely cause his audience to get disillusioned with Vesper.
If it was something to do with JP talents/management, Vesper will probably start getting JP schizos, and the JP - EN fanbase will be at war again.
If it was neither... and if it was some flimsy reason that the fanbase can't accept? Cover will burn again, after two years of peace.

The wait will be quite the long one. But this, this is an incident for the history books.

>> No.37378798

something unicucks with sticks up their asses could never

>> No.37378800
File: 1.92 MB, 1861x1425, 7375cb3a93b2ef3b447d688b7f9126d1fdfb5285.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Still no post about it or a retweet of the original announcement from the EN twitter account. Really makes you think.

>> No.37378802

Ah yeah she did have history snitching to management about the hole in HoloEN MC server. Though that was just a rrat

>> No.37378803

So can we do Magni next?

>> No.37378816
File: 34 KB, 500x430, 1668780172457577.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37378829

I 'gree

>> No.37378833

Yeah keep malding little boy UOOOOOOH

>> No.37378835

Japanese perspective anon?

>> No.37378839

They're the favorite child of Holopro anon, fuck what the fan and the girls think, they'll always an equal authority as the girl if not more given the kind of treatment they get, the most corpo supported generation ever.

>> No.37378840

No negativity for the homos allowed in that account anon

>> No.37378858
File: 125 KB, 271x272, zwenckypo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37378862
File: 337 KB, 1741x1283, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37378864


>> No.37378867

foobs? I'm assuming noir have the decency to dm jps who actually don't mind stars

>> No.37378868

Yes YESSSS. tighten that ass harder for my cock sister, EVEN MOORREEEE AHHHHH

>> No.37378870

Of all the akatsuki gumi only Aloe is the good one.

>> No.37378882
File: 436 KB, 1241x978, 1625346421360.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

inb4 Vesper or Tempus is going to be the actual FINAL YAB.

>> No.37378894

Wait he's actually graduating already LMAO

>> No.37378895

Homobeggars status?

>> No.37378900

holy fuck

>> No.37378908

You were on a roll until that last third, also
>If it was neither... and if it was some flimsy reason that the fanbase can't accept? Cover will burn again, after two years of peace.
You do know that it's a holostar we are talking about?

>> No.37378911


>> No.37378920


>> No.37378924
File: 715 KB, 1280x720, 1653654906692.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37378929

Tempus is popular with EN fans and EN fans make up the majority of Cover's support nowadays.

>> No.37378931

this is what lack of pussy does to a madafaka

>> No.37378934
File: 31 KB, 756x287, E9866117-A036-4572-8BE6-FFFDD886A8B7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The Reaper Curse
Is it real?

>> No.37378942

Beg so hard the homo now also have the girl drama, no number tho

>> No.37378941

in shambles

>> No.37378943

We already know he tried to DM a JP talent on discord. Keep up anon.

>> No.37378951

>CCV goes up
>needs to end her stream for homo

>> No.37378958

What? You want it in your pussy instead? It's ok sis, go lay on the bed now

>> No.37378982

but why?? it makes no sense ffs explain

>> No.37378989


>> No.37378991

>EN fans make up the majority of Cover's support

>> No.37378994

>reddit spacing
but good point.

>> No.37379008


>> No.37379019

See? I told you unicucks are closeted homos. Thats why they have such histrionic reactions to anything tempus related. Nigger is actually into them but doesnt want to admit his homosexuality.

>> No.37379026

>Tempus is popular with EN fans
Nigga those en fans better watch the talents then instead of lurking in twitter. Fucking Axel got more twitter likes than he has ccv or vod views

>> No.37379034

This is... quite the awkward situation.
It's the first time a Holo talent has been publicly suspended for something that was actually their fault (as per the statement).
Towa was never officially suspended, just "went on a break" for two weeks. Cover simply apologized for the "trouble caused by our talent" but never officially suspended her.
Mio was never suspended officially, but she "took a break" voluntarily and it was to save her channel from getting nuked by Copyright strikes during the Holocaust.
Coco and Haachama were "suspended" to appease China. The official reason given was "leaking Youtube analytics on stream" but they followed that up with stating that they would give more training to their talents regarding things like this - so it was an obvious PR reason.
Aloe was "suspended" to give her some time away from the spotlight and let rrats surrounding her past and the harassment die down. The official reason for the suspension was "leaking her Live2D before reveal" but it was obvious that she had management oversight for that stream - so it was an obvious PR reason.
Rushia was never suspended, just straight up terminated when the contract breach was found.
This is the first time that a Hololive talent have gotten themselves suspended for something that is ostensibly their own fault. This was purely an internal affair, so if they actually made it public - and made it through the Japanese cover_corp account first, it must have been quite the big fuck up. And very, VERY likely to have been something that involved the JP side.
And... worse than anything else, his audience/fans will be waiting with bated breath to hear about what happened. They will ask, nay, DEMAND and answer from him. And... I don't think Vesper has it in him to keep quiet about something of this magnitude. The man leaks minor management details like a fucking SIEVE and IF that was the reason for the suspension - that would be the best case scenario, since everyone could understand why Cover would want to keep their internal stuff secret.
But if it wasn't... then either Vesper himself did something bad enough to get management to stop his activities for 2 weeks - bad enough that they felt the need to publicize this, instead of resolving things privately behind the scenes like they normally do.
Shit like that... it's hard to recover from it. It changes the dynamics between the audience, the talent and management. ESPECIALLY a western audience, an audience who will feel ENTITLED to know why exactly their precious VTuber was suspended. Depending on the actual reason, this will harm Vesper, Cover or both.
If it was something that was morally dubious - if it was worse than simple management leaks, it will likely cause his audience to get disillusioned with Vesper.
If it was something to do with JP talents/management, Vesper will probably start getting JP schizos, and the JP - EN fanbase will be at war again.
If it was neither... and if it was some flimsy reason that the fanbase can't accept? Cover will burn again, after two years of peace.
The wait will be quite the long one. But this, this is an incident for the history books.

>> No.37379038
File: 269 KB, 1079x650, Screenshot_20221118_170650.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lamy vs Lamy. KEK KEK

>> No.37379046

big L

>> No.37379050
File: 69 KB, 1920x1080, HoloEN3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's the 3 connection, because at the end of the month there would only be 3 talents left.

>> No.37379055

Ah, much better

>> No.37379056

It's ok sis, you don't need to admit you enjoy it, you can go back being molested by vesper after this.

>> No.37379060

For a final yab, there isn't much flame in it. People are just going meh and moving on. Midgets will always be midgets.

>> No.37379067


That's not reddit spacing, this is reddit spacing

>> No.37379092

I keked. As it was foretold

>> No.37379093

Why is this tolerated? ERP should be a bannable offense, let along ERPing for shitposting purpose

>> No.37379123

They just want to fuck each other, could've done it without posting here

>> No.37379129

all me btw

>> No.37379134

Retarded. Without /vt/ in their corner twitter trannies(if they will exist in two weeks) and reddit have no power. Every single time reddit has given Cover shit it's just been /here/ anons on their reddit accounts.

>> No.37379140

yeah, all me

>> No.37379144

Stop talking about hololive.

>> No.37379151
File: 494 KB, 1280x720, [1280x720] vtime=[ 00_04_03 ], take=[ 2022-11-19 12.01.16 ].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, Uyu is doing a live debut too

>> No.37379150


>> No.37379160

We're not talking about Hololive

>> No.37379179

What are you on about anon, we're currently talking about Holostars, not Hololive

>> No.37379182

Holy graduations batman

>> No.37379187

Did they mention why they were stopping their streams now?

>> No.37379189

talk about VSPO instead.

>> No.37379202

? anon go kek your self

>> No.37379208

So what is Reddit saying?

>> No.37379240
File: 407 KB, 792x575, 166839262969311954676.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Met opening up to 20k!!!
It's her return stream

>> No.37379241

She just finished

>> No.37379246

What a fag

>> No.37379250

>Once again all streams ending for the homos

>> No.37379263

you know how the "overlap" rules have always been waived in the past for sponsored streams? do you think that's still the case?

if you sponsored a stream to overlap homo 3d debuts you'd have the entire holobox available for your product...

>> No.37379273

Holy shit.
You can't just do.that sort.of.thing.....

>> No.37379274

post screenshot

>> No.37379277

I skimmed the thread, they're basically saying "we'll never know what really happened" and "Let's support him when he comes back!", you know, the usual. A few people are posting the obvious fact that a 2 week suspension as a punishment is pretty much unprecedented, and aren't even getting downvoted to oblivion for it

>> No.37379283


>> No.37379299

140IQ move.

>> No.37379305


>> No.37379311
File: 71 KB, 806x181, battle.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

King mogged in a few minutes

>> No.37379312

Just got here from kaela's 11-hour stream. Anything interesting?

>> No.37379342


>> No.37379345

Grey homo from tenpuss graduated

>> No.37379347

Nah, no big news. Quiet evening.

>> No.37379348

Oh anon, you might want to sit down for this...

>> No.37379350

>talking about sex this much
anon do you want to tell us something?

>> No.37379385

Noir just ate a big fat L in the form of a 2 week suspension for 'internal matters'. Yes, it was that vague and now rratposting INTENSIFIES.

>> No.37379389

Literally anybody in HoloJP could start a SC reading stream right now and she would get higher numbers

>> No.37379400

Why is Met 25k on a return stream? Is she that popular? *Looks to Hololive* Oh wait, well played, met. Well played, streaming at a homo's debut.

>> No.37379414

It's sex, you don't need additional explanation for that, anon

>> No.37379441

rrats will die in less then 12hrs. I stopped caring about it after 10minutes of shitposting about it.

>> No.37379451


>> No.37379457

Her last stream was two months ago. So big buff

>> No.37379462
File: 139 KB, 463x453, 1649390816690.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37379478
File: 429 KB, 1280x720, 1649318667678.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why not just debut more girls at this point

>> No.37379487

Truth be told....yeah, I don't care enough to keep posting about it with so little info.

>> No.37379505

What's the record for hololive pokemon SV streams so far? Pekora with 29k?

>> No.37379510

>be Holo talent
>set up your own shell company to shill whatever
>sponsor yourself to stream during homo (3d) debuts
>earn back everything you had to pay for shilling some random product and make a healthy profit on top of it

>> No.37379514
File: 362 KB, 794x579, 1641212437840.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Entire holobox suspended for this, btw

>> No.37379518

wasting another hour for 3views.. this will eventually hit the tipping point of holoJOPs

>> No.37379526

29.9k with pegors.

>> No.37379530

She was a 7-8k shitter at most with buffed splatoons here and there. Doesn't mean she could get near 30k in 15 minutes

>> No.37379538

theyre trying to force it down our throats

>> No.37379545
File: 2.96 MB, 454x498, 1647277672059.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it's already leveling off

>> No.37379558

Yes, pekora 29k
Koone 28k
Aqua 26k
Aqua 21k
Fubuki 20k

>> No.37379559
File: 8 KB, 377x106, basedleeches.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kek the hololite group is trying it again. They're kind of boring outside of Era thought, would like to see a more relevant corpo try this shit.

>> No.37379562

I'm just going to watch King play Yugioh instead

>> No.37379569

Just look at reddit and twitter, most comments are yeah that happened and just moving on with it. Midgets are midgets.

>> No.37379573

You will watch this fag dancing and you will like it.

>> No.37379579

That would be unironically a big blow to HoloEN.
But I can't see it, if he actually did shit that was THAT bad, they would've straight up terminated him without any suspensions.
This is a slap in the writst.

>> No.37379582

New management is supremely retarded if they think we'd watch HoloStars. Shinove would've fended off this kind of bullshit.

>> No.37379587

Completely pathetic and embarrassing

>> No.37379592

unless there is something new, definitely.
maybe if some of the other homos (or Mori, Kronii..) say something spicy, people will talk about it again, or once he comes back from suspension (or graduates

>> No.37379593

Yes mistress

>> No.37379595

anyone tweeting about it? I only knew of this live because of this thread.

>> No.37379608

Can Miko get 30k viewers? I predict it's gonna be 28k or something https://youtu.be/LZ_xWvPtjok

>> No.37379623

Is ID the only branch with absolutely no drama?

>> No.37379629
File: 64 KB, 778x116, met 30k get.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know who this Met girl is but I rather watch her than dancing homos 3rd week in a row. Also 30K get nice

>> No.37379636

She gets a buff by a homo 3D funneling into her

>> No.37379638
File: 587 KB, 983x1024, 1658070671942.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shinove was actually protecting the girls by keeping the homos in line even on the management side. With him gone the crazy fujos that infiltrated management are going all out.

>> No.37379642
File: 1.10 MB, 1779x2596, holoen audition.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This was what people expected of Myth.
And barring Mori they haven't had that many yabs.

>> No.37379655

20k because cuphead will be kino and everyone knows it.
Botan will absorb some cultured haglovers too.

>> No.37379659

nothing of value will be lost. hololive enjoyers can have their entertainment in peace.

>> No.37379662

Possible, she will overlap with marineflare cuphead stream, chloe pokemon, and botan cod

>> No.37379684

He was protecting the men too, because this doesn't actually make their numbers better but instead just makes the entire Hololive fanbase mildly annoyed with them for an hour.
Instead of ignoring them out of apathy, they're purposefully ignore them out of irritation.

>> No.37379705

unitycucks are losing today sister

>> No.37379709

[Sad News] Uyu live in a bar

>> No.37379728

Yep. I MIGHT have checked them out out of mild curiousity for their 3d, now I'm 1000% going out of my way to not watch. Congrats Cover, you played yourself.

>> No.37379729
File: 65 KB, 1034x129, 1657816743274.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37379732

Already almost 3.5k people in the waiting room. It's still unpredictable though.

>> No.37379747

personally, i've gone from mildly supportive of holostars(tuned into oga's GG streams and sometimes roberu/astel) to mildly resentful of them

>> No.37379750

Utterly pathetic. When will they realize that forcing the girls to end their streams won't increase the stars numbers?

>> No.37379758


>> No.37379760

I actually watched all of og holostars 3D debut. but once it clears they forced entire company to stop streaming for them I'm pretty much just ignore them out of spite

>> No.37379778

Nope, niji ygo tournament 53k

>> No.37379786

The biggest thing I can think of is that he reached out to a JP talent without going through their manager first.
And it was likely someone he was a fan of and probably innocently wanted to make a song collab or something of the sort.
This is because the suspension statement was released by the JP side first.
EN management has never suspended one of their talents, and that + the above makes me think this was a JP side decision.

>> No.37379788

>just makes the entire Hololive fanbase mildly annoyed with them for an hour.
This place is not the entire Hololive fanbase anon. Most don't care and take the time to get dinner or do vod reps.

>> No.37379802

No, shinove was actually protecting the interests from both sides. He knew that the problem with stars is not Marketing or insufficient support, it's that the guys are literally unentertaining unlike Hololive. They don't have a single bit of knowledge on what makes people become popular overnight in the internet. One example is Gura's A and singing then it quickly snowballed from there. Another is Kobo getting deleted from YT then followed up with a karaoke and some buff games, the tourists turned into fans and it snowballed there. imo it's literally timing on them because they lost 2 good years of Hololive being at the top and stopped recruiting more people for the Stars branch. Then, comes new management who think he knows shit by asking uppermanagement to stop other streams during 3D debuts. It should only be applied to Stars only, likewise any 3D debut from the girls would have other girls stop streaming and not the boys.

>> No.37379803

Homos causing the slip either way

>> No.37379808


>> No.37379813
File: 1.66 MB, 2200x2200, 1661949604444.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>try to force your fanbase to watch homos
>they got to nijigirls instead

>> No.37379818

>pathetic number for homo despite the suspension of holobox
Isn't this proved that people won't turn into homosexual no matter how you condition them and ywnbaw?

>> No.37379824

Keep telling yourself that if you want, you obviously don't have an oshi in the same way most Hololive fans do. Or at least, in the way the really dedicated ones do.

>> No.37379835


>> No.37379850

She's not even a nijigirl, VSpo is Hololites just like isegye

>> No.37379854

met is not a niji

>> No.37379866

Anon, she is not Vspo either...

>> No.37379870

There is no holobox for the homos.

>> No.37379874

>already flat as fuck
Nice policy, retard

>> No.37379875

Isn't 774 like partially owned by anycolor or something?

>> No.37379888

Marine has had some great moments with Cuphead

>> No.37379894

She's not VSPO either.

>> No.37379895

someone remind me please, does met ever do a 3d live with suisei or was it someone else?

>> No.37379898 [SPOILER] 
File: 557 KB, 1280x720, [1280x720] vtime=[ 00_25_52 ], take=[ 2022-11-19 12.23.03 ].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37379911

this is embarassing.. can you two check out other vtuber agencies

>> No.37379914

Yagoo's obsession with male vtubers will never end and he will keep trying to find ways to make them incline.

>> No.37379915

More like that's the cause
People actually willing to give them pity view before

>> No.37379916

Wrong tab sis

>> No.37379919

What do I know, anon. I don't know much about Re:Act.

>> No.37379922


>> No.37379923

>Hello Pekora senpai It's me Noir Vesper
>gets smited

>> No.37379927

Either Matsuri or Towa I think

>> No.37379930

Yeah but isn't that exactly the thing where silently solved it behind the scene a more plausible scenario? the fact that they actually created a rrat-breeding nest about their own talent is actually very telling in its own that they just "had" to release that statement. Vesper is cover IP too, so what they did here is also concerning themselves.

>> No.37379938

No one cares about brown monkey girls

>> No.37379943

>Vspo is Hololites
>literally one of them got famous from a ship with a male chuuba
>constantly collab with male chuubas
>openly talk about not being virgins
Anon what the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.37379948
File: 87 KB, 900x900, ryen3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37379953

Sister really thinks /#/ is pro-homos

>> No.37379958


>> No.37379963

You may be thinking of the fact that they use their studios for 3D(I think), but no, they aren't owned by Anycolor in any capacity.

>> No.37379969

Silver lining: there's only going to be one more of these debuts for a long while
Well, maybe ID2 3D debuts within months, but if they get anywhere close to ID1 3D debuts numbers, I won't begrudge them
And the next EN debuts won't overlap JP at all

>> No.37379971

from hell’s heart I ignore thee; for hate’s sake I watch VSPO at thee.

>> No.37379972

Is this Thanksgiving Miracle?

>> No.37379984

Holyshit can she beat migo?

>> No.37379988
File: 166 KB, 1052x765, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37379990

Any virgins in vspo?

>> No.37379995

why on a Saturday then?

>> No.37379997

There is a contingent of /#/ anons that never understood /#/ only cared about homos to shit on iLuna. They think this was some sort of homo bastion thread and react like everybody who dislikes homos are nijiniggers.

>> No.37379998

Not only that, doesn't she have SCHOOL WORK SHE NEEDS TO FINISH?!

>> No.37380012

Not really, she's still be a sub 9k shitter

>> No.37380013

It's prime time in Australia, retard

>> No.37380020

There is something really charming about Met lisp, or is it an accent ?

>> No.37380030

why does met's growth looks like nijiEN?

>> No.37380041

Depending on content, met can reach 10k, she got 15k for the rust season.

>> No.37380053

>sub 9k shitter
did you ever look to 774 numbers anon, 9k is godtier for them

>> No.37380063


>> No.37380062

it's fine. it's not mario party.

>> No.37380065
File: 66 KB, 1034x587, 1668857302377.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If I remember correctly Met is one of those Vtubers that has suspicious graphs all the time.

>> No.37380070


>> No.37380080

kek, 1/3 Z.

>> No.37380083

at least it's not Super Mario Party

>> No.37380087
File: 105 KB, 1170x529, 927CAD51-8A11-44B4-917F-BC333BC5C2B9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What do you guys think about the big subathon that had 70k+ viewers on start that’s now down to 3k viewers in just a day/2 days

>> No.37380086

I trust Fauna to calmly explain what is going on with Vesper.

>> No.37380093

Lol latching onto every JP she can huh

>> No.37380095

Z on demand

>> No.37380097

>Doing a victory lap

>> No.37380104

Yeah, she's the z queen.

>> No.37380106


>> No.37380107
File: 4 KB, 320x29, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She was in her chat earlier too when Korone ended her stream
fucking wigger

>> No.37380112

Twitch meta doesn't work on youtube and thank god for that

>> No.37380116

are you niggers really this fucking ignorant?
her company name is written right there

>> No.37380140

Yes she's the one, but it's stupid to bot yourself unless you're super entertaining like speed

>> No.37380146

she's sleeping, but it is down from 9k yesterday, so it's grim either way.

>> No.37380148

uh... this thumbnail has the other version.. with nipples out

>> No.37380152

Well... that would be the make or break I guess.
If Cover suspended Nowa for something that wasn't really a big deal, and no one gave much of a fuck about it?
That would pretty much solidify that HoloEN regulars and Holo Unity viewers don't care about Tempus.
Remember, this is the same audience that whines about Irys remodel and "muh Council" every time HoloX get something announced for them.

>> No.37380160

I don't even know who "Met" is or why anyone is talking about her and I'm certainly not clicking on whatever this stream is.
But that doesn't mean I won't post

>> No.37380158

Oh, she's in HACHI's company right?

>> No.37380171

Anon, considering that Mori
>Did an early one on one Collab with Korone that spawned one of the early viral moments for HoloEN
>Helped hook her up with FAKE TYPE for her latest ori-song
This isn't entirely out of the blue. Like, of she randomly messaged Aqua or Pekora I'd be up in arms too, but this is sorta just eh.

>> No.37380172

When things like this happen publicly, it probably mean that collab is already decided, they're just hyping people.

>> No.37380177

i saw her say daisuki but didn't screencap it

>> No.37380181

what can you do besides trading pokemon?

>> No.37380182

L-Link it anon

>> No.37380184

She's in upd8

>> No.37380188
File: 8 KB, 814x70, 1655980303331.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mori's first triple 0.

>> No.37380193
File: 1.95 MB, 1280x720, source2[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2F9ngj6y.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

rrats are aplenty as usual I see

>> No.37380207
File: 12 KB, 334x86, 1650050135545.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I assume those anon use Googlechama and mistook it with VSPO

>> No.37380208

it's written in that very screenshot retard
i don't expect you to know moonrunes, but i do expect you to know it doesn't say nijisanji or VSPO

>> No.37380211

>Like, of she randomly messaged Aqua or Pekora I'd be up in arms too,
You're acting like she's a Star or something. Mori is still a Holo, she can message JPs whenever she wants and certainly does all the time

>> No.37380220

What is she updating?

>> No.37380224


>> No.37380229

Play together, new feature is to play together in the same world

>> No.37380228

>Helped hook her up with FAKE TYPE for her latest ori-song
it's her best song too. i hate mori but i listens to doggy god street everyday. I'm thankful for that at least.

>> No.37380233