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Don't you dare corrupt my IRyS, Mori!

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If she can't have female friends she'll just create one from a sheltered girl, sasuga groomer reaper

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she better fucking not, I will go full schizo

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All of these girls are shelterd and the fact that they think mori is to much cause she some what more outgoing speaks in volume.

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She already tried with Gura during the AirBNB fiasco and look how that turned out. No one on one collabs since and Gura stopped acknowledging her existence on her own stream.

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Irystotocrats hate mori, watching this stream outs you immediately as a fraud

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Pic is from an IRyS clip channel, anon...

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Mori and IRyS and Watame definitely went out to adult izakayas and stuck fukichi-san notes into the thongs of male strippers.

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Irys' new model is a Mori bimbofied gyaru slut, just like Mori.

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She really made Kronii a fat alcoholic, Wtf is her endgame

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>made Kronii a fat alcoholic
I think we both know what she's trying to do

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>She really made Kronii a fat alcoholic, Wtf is her endgame
You're watching unfold in real time anon, to drag as many holo down with one this sinking ship we call EN.

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Scchhhhh he still needs to believe that him and his schizo buddies are the majority of IRyStocrats

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Sorry IRyStocrats, but mori and IRyS are genuinely good friends in real life.

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IRYS dont even know mori real name even when she meet her in real life she still call her mori is this real friends to you mori refused to tell her friend real name

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>Irys' new model is a bimbofied gyaru slut

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>only mori
We hate plenty of others, Ollie is a big one, not as big (kek) as Mori but its close

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>We hate plenty of others
Yeah we know.

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yes, i will never watching mori streams faggot

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>i will never watching

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She's part of CHADcast, its already been over

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They go out to drink together all the time according to Mori

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I dropped Irys when she joined that

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No it will be a loli

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Gura's anti-Myth arc gonna go down as one of my favorite arcs of her existence. Until management starts forcing them to do shit together again.

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In the drawing stream Mori said that she really likes IRyS and they get along super well.

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at this point all of EN should know what Mori is about. if they still think she's cool or/and want to be her friend then they deserve everything that's coming to them

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this isnt even true she nearly used it in a mario kart stream

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I feel bad for JP.

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For those that rather not watch it, Mori was actually praising IRyS in this clip. She likes that she's so pure yet nonjudgemental.

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>giving Mori a single fucking view

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Can give her views if you have the channel blocked, reported and blacklisted

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So this another bait thread?

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Sure, but /vt/ would be boring without them.

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>Until management starts forcing them to do shit together again.
Doubt that's gonna happen.
Her RM tweet gave her quite a bit of leverage, put that omega fag in its place.

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Reading Mori threads on this board is a wonderful exercise in what it must be like to have worked in a 20th Century psych ward

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nigga Gura doesn't collab with anyone anymore

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Are there non-bait threads on this board?

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This one or the catalog ones?
Because sometimes both could qualify.

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>made Kronii a fat alcoholic
I hate Mori too but let's be honest, Kronii was a lazy depressed piece of shit to begin with.

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>still has her original liver
>confirmed she’s dieting and getting back to her gym reps

Call me when she’s regularly putting back the kind of stuff Mori does on regular basis, Kronii’s tolerance is so Asian even a can of 5% is enough for the glow to appear on her face, she’s never going to hit Mori levels.

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Shenanigans part 2 incoming or already has. Who do you think Introduced her to Jamal the music producer?

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>Who do you think Introduced her to Jamal the music producer?
uh-oh irystokeks... better start looking for a back-up oshi lole

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Irystotocrats, atleast in their split hates everyone including IRyS.

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IRyStocrats hate both Mori and Bae because they want IRyS all to themselves

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Mori is taking those 2 and A-chan to a onsen soon. They are also going to have a off collab stream while there. Dunno how that is going to work.

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>they want IRyS all to themselves
This applies to everyone chubba and their oshi, they all want their Oshi to themselves.
Its common sense

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She's like two weeks removed from a Reine collab.

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How many times do I have to correct this info. It wasn't the airbnb thing. Things went to shit between Mori and Gura after the Rust season 2 finale. For 2 months after the off collab shit they still talked about each other and in a positive way. Ever since then, Gura has not mentioned Mori once in a single solo stream. Mori has mentioned Gura only a couple times and they were all passive aggressive or negative comments. During some Gura's streams the past couple months, Mori would show up in other EN's chats but not Gura's even though she was also streaming. Mori used to be in her chat quite a bit. Clearly the Rust season 2 finale caused something between them. Plz stop this airbnb nonsense.

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>They are also going to have a off collab stream while there
Are you sure you aren't confusing this to Mel off collab stream?

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did they even interact during the Rust finale? I thought Mori was busy having a pool party by herself and Gura was busy murdering Ame

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wait is this some slang term where they call Yukichi Fukuzawa 'fukichi'?

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Naw, Mori said during a member stream she is having a off collab stream with mel next week and during the onsen trip. She apparently got over her autism when talking to JP members and has a fuckton of JP collabs coming up. I guess there was a lot of JPs basically just waiting for her to finally contact them. She's going to have a normal collab with Choco as well soon, did a cover song with someone and will be showing up at a few coming up 3D lives. She also has the cover studio booked and is trying to get some JPs to do something with her.

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Proof you're a fake chumbie that doesn't watch streams. Gura was still talking about mori on stream unprompted after that, it's the rust finale that actually killed unity.

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She just realized that her coworkers at her age are the closest thing she has to find friends, since her glorious return to the US and her old friends resulted in her realising those people have families jobs and moved on and don't understand her struggles in the first place.

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Yes. Did you miss the last hour? Tard

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All I remember is Mori fucking raging like a child and losing her fucking mind and then ragequitting her stream because a chad hero told her to stop being autistic and do something.
Just checked the stream that's how it ended.

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yes, I did, in fact

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I remember a bunch of RUST autists shitting up Mori's chat for an hour straight, and one jackass who was especially out of line. Mori put up with them longer than I would've

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The fuck that happened at the gambling area after was more fun anyways.

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Why are chumbuds like this? Does Gura need to mention every member every stream even though it's not on topic? what the fuck?

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They're close friends, anon, and regularly go to tea together.

You do know that Gura and Mori are doing a panel together at AFA Singapore?

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one, she's a stick.
second, she's not depressed.
third, she get drunk with a beer.
fourth, stfu cuckbeat.

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>this is what cuckbeats ACTUALLY believe

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That only indicates it was all to easy for Mori to corrupt her, which explains everything.

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Being sheltered isn't a bad thing. Only corrupted commies and whores use being sheltered as an insult or critique.

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>a little sheltered
I’m glad that she is. Fuck off, deadbeat prime.

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I'm convinced it's a word only used out of admiration or jealousy. Mori apparently admires it in IRyS.

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Mori is the cancer killing Hololive

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There are lot of reasons for their decline. Being a lazy whore who coasts along for easy money is what all of them have in common