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Complete the roster

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That one russian/japanese/english/spanish girl with pink hair.

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Did she had a graduation?

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Not a bad guess desu

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I bet you at least 3/5 of the roster weren't even vtubers.

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They literally didn't hire any indie vtubers it seems

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There’s rumor that kyOresu was selected for the final interview but she’s still seems to be active on her channel. So I’m not too sure anymore

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koopa, really?

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I beleb

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>look her up on twitter
>injustice anywhere is a threat to injustice everywhere
>down with gender
>more trans visibility
>my feminism is pro black
>proud feminist
>read "How To Be An Antiracist"
>neurodivergent and proud
>bring your anti capitalist, anti racism, pro black socialism with you into anything you do
>like 50 other similar things

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MoriKiara 2.0

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It's over, trannies won, as i knew they would, it was only a matter of time. Back to romcom manga i guess.

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Just do it, rip the bandaid off. We all know something like this is gonna happen in the long run anyway.

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Every Holo EN gen needs multiple former 4chan users, so yeah

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She’s doing more of a meme and song contents than vtubing.

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Unlike Shartemis, Dakooters is self aware, he knows how to be entertaining based off the live streams I saw

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Who’s the first girl?

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Gen 1 showed that individual talent is less important than group dynamics. They simply have zero chemistry together. Find a group of girls that work well together and hire them on that basis.

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So long as the clip of her saying nigger while reading a copypasta exists, she's not getting in

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>bring your anti capitalist, anti racism, pro black socialism with you into anything you do
I am now confident she'll never give the slightest hint of her politics, because leftist actions always take the path of greatest irony.

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i hope maid mint will come back

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Nyanners, but nyanners keeps also doing the nyanners character on the side

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Trannies are trannies anon. Their very body is a representation and pushing of western progressive thinking and a mockery of anything in disagreement with it. Hololives was good while it lasted but i guess progressive westernism was gonna come for them eventually.

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I've seen her profile on instagram she's a cutie irl

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pray she's a part of second wave nijien 1

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EN gen 1 has good two man groups though
And even JP has cliques and members who never collab with certain other members

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Ok i was while lying lmao, i made all of that up. I didn't even look uo her twitter. Deleted the post, it was a joke, funny joke lmao.

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>progressive westernism
You realize that hololive has females voicing their opinion on stream as well as *pretending* to be lesbian as well as being whores?
How can you say Trannies are out of left field when gay slutty women were already present?

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>gen 2 comes out
>they all fawn over their cool senpais: Gura and Calli!
Kikkerikii.... Ina ina ina....

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>ya I'm that loli who sings in four languages, よろしく
EspañolPyccкийEnglish | Spain

Holy shit. if cover gets her they'd be able to try to get the spanish speaking audience like coco did for EN

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>Ok i was while lying lmao, i made all of that up. I didn't even look uo her twitter. Deleted the post, it was a joke, funny joke lmao

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>There’s rumor that kyOresu was selected for the final interview
>but she’s still seems to be active on her channel.

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You mixed up Kiara and Mori's roommates tweets with that person

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Average at best in terms of looks anonchama...

>> No.3711125

Ignoring her woke past, looks like she has a good team behind, her singing voice is meh but she looks experienced with streaming, I think she's a "maybe", would be the Kiara of the gen tho

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wow, I can't believe dehumanizing japanese fetishism was western poz all along
next you're going to tell me their crossdressing man jokes are tranny rights activism

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Ina will definitely be simped for, if anything it'd be Ame that gets ignored by them. And Kiara of course.

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No one wants trannies. No one will ever want trannies. This is where society puts its foot down. That cancer will never become normalized
No. The media is trying to ram it through and everyone hates it harder and more vocally as time goes on.

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If she gets in, she's gonna be a mix of Kiara and old Gura

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Who's gonna tell him?

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I will never forgive the trannies and their allies for ruining crossdressing, tomboys and traps.

>> No.3711187

Fetishism at all is degenerate
Crossdressing displayed at all is degenerate

YOU are the one who has already been infected and normalized into this marxist bullshit

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Anon a lesbian doesn't practice scarification in the name porgressive ideology, she's just a lesbian. And a women being slutty doesn't require her to go see a surgeon or take chemicals to be one. Trannies are way beyond this type of things. This is the problem with white progressive western thinking, those gringos say yes to almost anything because acceptance is near fetishized in those camps.

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Was the first girl ever good? I've seen her stream from myHoloTV before, but it didn't leave a lasting impression

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I don't know if she's fluent in the 4 languages she tends to sing in but if she is or at least close, Kiara's gonna either rejoice or seethe.

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Gays are cancer, sluts are cancer, and women with power are cancer
Just because troons are worse doesn't mean this shit isn't already bad
Stop coping

>> No.3711228

>dumb average woman
parasitizes the shiny big number
>bonafied sociopathic bitch
goes for the free tech support, regular advertisement and official art generator

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Very few people have noticed it but if you check the replies, Ame accidentally posted some solid hints for HoloEN. Who could’ve guessed she’d be the one to leak first? Screenshot before this gets deleted.

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Trannies will win, they have zero opposition. The only real opposition is Republicans and they haven't had a cultural win since forever, they have lost every single cultural issue in the last 100 years. All republicans know how to do is cut corporate taxes and suck CEO cock.

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Based probably spic anon, I agree, Gringos/burguers are getting pretty fucking stupid these days.

>> No.3711250

Violet Evergarden

>> No.3711252

2 things can be bad at once you sjw cuck
Just because one is worse doesn't negate the other being bad at inception

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Replace whatever the fuck that thing between shoe and cosmo is with protomagicalgirl and IKZZZZ

>> No.3711266

What, koopa?

>> No.3711271

You're right but
>those gringos
The hete are damn near the majority in the most pozzed gringo power center and you're not doing jack shit about it. You're not any better.

>> No.3711287

Ame baby...

>> No.3711295

Trannies being a 10 on the bad scale does not excuse womens rights or sluts being a 9
Both bad

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I have namirin in mind too.

>got her live2d 2 months before hiatus
>speaks Japanese and English
>great voice

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I have nothing against Kiara but based on low her self esteem is and her reaction to Ollie, it’s probably the latter

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I think you're confused who your enemies are
Trannies won't win, they aren't winning, and if you think red team blue team is still a relevant way to think about politics you're not very good at politics.

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Hmmmm yes, I think you're right

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I don't mind traps as long as they're experts at doing their thing without being overly sexual and annoying ex Astolfo

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Actually the roster in gen 2 is 4 not 5

>> No.3711349

Check her twitter follows

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Sorry tourist-chama, cultures the world over have made fun of this shit for millennia, and frequently had their own, usually bullied fetishists. Though mostly just homo shit and men pretending to be women in some capacity, no yuri because women barely qualified as people.
The absolute zero tolerance comes from Semite holy books.

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Hope they got Nyanners, then Hololive would finally be worth watching.

Then again I can't see HoloEN 2 compete with NijiEN when it comes to quality of talent and design either way.

>> No.3711361

Holo bootleg reps, she's almost confirmed given that zombie appeared on one of her streams

>> No.3711364

The enemies are all woke left retards and you're defending them by being a hypocrite

>> No.3711373

The final form of western vtubers.

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Supposedly the person who paid for all of the Tyrone videos had applied to Cover with an alt account.

>> No.3711387

Really? sauce?

>> No.3711395

>It's happened for awhile so it's okay
Shit take
Degenerate shit is degenerate shit
No excuses no compromise
I don't need jewish bullshit to derive morals or ethics

>> No.3711398

Is Vsinger HoloEN gen2 or mini gen like Gamers?

>> No.3711399

how was Marica speculated?

>> No.3711404

Nyanners would rather get off from the internet forever than to be seen working with Gura

>> No.3711410

>he doesn't recognize the greatest grifter of the past decade

>> No.3711420

your meds anon, now

>> No.3711427

>Hope they got Nyanners, then Hololive would finally be worth watching.
>Then again I can't see HoloEN 2 compete with NijiEN when it comes to quality of talent and design either way.
11/10 bait m8, made me reply with some schizo anger, unironically keep it up.

>> No.3711430

She can copystrike that.
Also Mori got in, so I doubt THAT would be a problem.

>> No.3711438

Give me a list of the recently graduated ENtubers, right fucking now

>> No.3711442

Kiara and Ame will be the two that will be easiest to interact with and collab with. Mori and Ina will always be super busy and Gura is Gura.

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I haven't defended leftist or degeneracy in any post I've made in this thread. I said I hated trannies and somehow you tied that to me liking faggots. You're confused.

>> No.3711460

Wait, Marica got in?

>> No.3711465

>Too much of a zoomer to know how much damage those present made
Anon... I'm so sorry... You should have grown up with based games... We failed...

>> No.3711483

Mori didn't drop hard R and Mori said it almost 10 years ago
Koop did it recently

>> No.3711484

It's possible, so they'll have an even 10 with the Vsinger. There's no particular reason to think this, just that it's theoretically possible I guess.

>> No.3711489

>noooo human nature must comply to the autism I learned in a particularly autistic corner of the modern internet
Trying to annihilate an idea encourages people to preserve it and propagate it in secret, brainlet-chama. Passively disparaging it and ostracizing those who subscribe to it is far more effective and works just fine until powerful groups begin decades of large-scale social engineering.

>> No.3711496

>good voice and good singing
>yab machine was on her chat
I think cover's scouts won't let her go, because I would not

>> No.3711513

Yes anon, women shouldn't enjoy sex. Teach men and women to not mingle and form bonds, more conservatism yes, more sexual separation yes, women bad, we need more trannies in society. We wouldn't want men and women finding each other sexually and start forming families now would we, having strong families=bad, corporatism and trannies=good. Conservatism = good, no sexual and emotional bonds between the sexes = good, trannies growing = good, corporations pushing anti family values = good, but hey at least i can buy a 1 dollar burger at McDonalds while they shit up American flaure and fauna, who wants a beatiful country, with strong family values, not me im a conservative.


>> No.3711516

Easy they just need to fired gura and replace her with nyaneers

>> No.3711518

We have no idea, if it's just one person it would sort of be pointless to call it a Gen. Also EN isn't using "gens" anyway so you won't get any kind of official designation.

>> No.3711522

They'll only do that to get their collab reps in, not because they like them. Their true goal will be pink and blue

>> No.3711523

There are already clips of certain HoloEN members saying nigger on stream. That’s not what disqualifies Koopa from getting in. She started streaming in December and had less than two months of streaming before auditions opened. She is severely under the threshold for experience Cover asks for in auditions. And unlike Mori she doesn’t have a gigantic portfolio of art and musical performance to make up for that.

>> No.3711533

When you tunnel vision on 1 scum, you lose sight on ALL scum.
You're are allowing worse shit to happen by tunnel visioning on trannies instead of including them in the rest of leftist cuck shit

>> No.3711549

Jesas anonchama, do your reps

>> No.3711556

>they just need to fired gura
>they just need to fired
>need to fired
Zoomerchama... Your english reps...

>> No.3711575

No, she didn't apply and she isn't graduating

>> No.3711589

ESL dipshit
I said ALL of those are bad, not that 1 of them is good

>> No.3711596

Never mind, it's just clicked. I'd managed to block the image out and just had the name in my head, fuck you both. Maybe we should replace shoe with Anita and finally summon the final yab.

>> No.3711603

Glad to be of service

>> No.3711615

You two deserve to get offed in public FFS.

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>> No.3711629

Don't know, the most likely outcome is 5 by Yagoo words, gamers was an exception

>> No.3711632

unless some of them decide to retire early i doubt we will see HoloEN2 indie grad candidates for another couple months

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You've never taken an anthropology or psychology course in your life retardchama

>> No.3711652

Go suck tranny cock, conservative faggot, that's what you already do anyway. You help trannies by proxy.

>> No.3711653

What the hell is that thing on the right?

>> No.3711664

We don't know, is speculation, I wouldn't mind if she did, in fact I think she should be there

>> No.3711667

lets gooooo!

>> No.3711671

just imagine Sen joining en2 and collabing with gura

>> No.3711692

>>3711513 #
>>3711589 #
Here’s the door

>> No.3711695

I see Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama

>> No.3711699

I would unironically eat a live spider on-camera if that were to happen, then again, this is an impossibility, no way in hell she is not...

>> No.3711700

Really simple. Who's fluent in English on course to graduate within the next month or two?

>> No.3711707

>Yes anon, women shouldn't enjoy sex
Sluts =/= enjoying sex
>Teach men and women to not mingle and form bonds, more conservatism yes, more sexual separation yes
>we need more trannies in society
>having strong families=bad, corporatism and trannies=good. Conservatism = good, no sexual and emotional bonds between the sexes = good, trannies growing = good, corporations pushing anti family values = good
No one said this you schizo dipshit

Go back to twitter

>> No.3711710

Western society.

>> No.3711719

please. come on cover gib namirin.

>> No.3711720

Passable if you are not a burguer I guess.

>> No.3711724

Only left and right exist?
You're are retarded

You're the only defending trannies

>> No.3711726

I hate polfags tho, they are anti women, which drives women towards the left.

>> No.3711732

I looked up Miki after the leak and she’s fits all the bill as the new Holo candidate, but I still don’t know about Marica. Can you tell me about her quality?

>> No.3711741

>No one said this you schizo dipshit
You don't need to say it retard, that's like taking a shower and saying "i didn't expect to get wet!". What the fuck do you think happens when you foster an anti women culture.

>> No.3711758

Go suck each other cocks there and then share it to:
FFS, can't have a chuuba thread without anglo political nuts.

>> No.3711765

Is that really her name? It means faggot in spanish, lmao.

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>> No.3711780

Senzawa walked out of her cave after a year long training. Then, she sees people saying that she reincarnated as a shark and was confused. Her battle begins against a shark and she will debut in EN 2 as a killer shark

>> No.3711783


>> No.3711788

Brittany Venti and Belle Delphine will be on EN2

>> No.3711789
File: 1.44 MB, 3952x822, 1621079968171.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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>> No.3711794

will venti be a loli?

>> No.3711800

Who is she?

>> No.3711801

I'm sure someone already posted a 9x9 pic of people who graduated on this board before as speculation for nijiEN and EN2

>> No.3711808

Write Marica Bellerose in jewtube and look at the second and third video

>> No.3711815

paint the trashcan orange and it is perfect

>> No.3711820

No wonders MyHolo is shit. Feels bad for those girls man

>> No.3711840


>> No.3711852

her whole gen besides her will be loli

>> No.3711854

You cheeky bastard, made me laugh.

>> No.3711873

Which one are you referring to?

>> No.3711874

I bet like...only one of them or possibly none at all will be conventional vtubers. So there won't be any big formal graduations, just highly talented people that also dabble a little in streaming quietly backing off their streams and other activity as debut time nears. These C-tier indie vtubers that have graduated will probably show up in the next gen of Niji EN.

>> No.3711892

es ella

>> No.3711905

Can you search un the archives?

>> No.3711919

I agree they're going for the inas, moris and even the chickens.

>> No.3711928

Ehhh, Calli still seemed active until the very last second

>> No.3711947

The pink hair girl, who is she.

>> No.3711968

my wife.

>> No.3711977

I think Miki, Marica and Namiri are at least B tier, but well... they are my pics, we won't know until the day comes but if I were the scout I would fix my eyes on them.

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>> No.3712004

Ok, but what's her name.

>> No.3712023

Look for more posts above

>> No.3712025

Could be anything from another AZKi to a full band

>> No.3712037

There's literally a name up there. Can't you read, why do you ask to be spoonfed. She's namirin

>> No.3712041

Namiri, but instead HoloEn 2. She’s more of a candidate for vsinger

>> No.3712057

Not that simple retard, you're assuming they're all going to be former vtubers. Gen 1 had only 2.

>> No.3712077

there you go fujos your new EN homos.
if band 100% it's all girls

>> No.3712084

Okay, I can see she’s inspired by Roberu of all people. Still, is she that talented though?

>> No.3712089

I don't know anymore which one of you is the autist Jesus Christ.

>> No.3712099
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The last member of the group

>> No.3712102

Mamaloni will be EN2, then she will collab with Takamori

>> No.3712111

Homos should do something like a K-pop band, idk why they haven't tried

>> No.3712117

Ok but what's her youtube channel tho.

Can't you just link me, it be faster than me looking for it.

>> No.3712122

I see no holol... hold the fuck up

>> No.3712131

It was always going to 100% girls

>> No.3712135


>> No.3712137

ctrl+f > namirin

>> No.3712159

I can see it happen if Vsinger is one member, so she'll compliment Gen 2's numbers

>> No.3712172

Just how lazy are you?

>> No.3712193

Her singing looks good, her voice is soft and her personality looks comfy, don't know how good are her improv skills but that alone gives a good first impresion.

>> No.3712195

She Cute


Im not lazy, it's just a saturday.

>> No.3712205

I will demolish my spic house if that is true.

>> No.3712210

Then you can wait until monday.

>> No.3712212

Namirin's mama will be the chad Shigure Ui

>> No.3712223

Would Kana be a good candidate? i guess she would have graduated already if she got accepted but she kind of reminds how Gura was before being Gura.

>> No.3712225

About 100 vtubers, the thing is how many of those graduated despite seemingly being good enough to continue in the business for a long time and have most of their skills related to entertainment

>> No.3712228

OK anon YOU are THE autist, It wasn't even a fucking competition and YOU won.

>> No.3712243
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>Following Ina's roommate

>> No.3712249

all a distraction. YAGOO is dropping Holostars EN on us.

>> No.3712257

Hololive obviously recruits celebrities.
after zawa and nyanners, kyoresu is the only one left.

>> No.3712261

Yep, she was my first pick but she already said she wouldn't go corpo, unless this "long hiatus" is longer than she made us think

>> No.3712268

Mamaloni could be a JP Gen6 at best, and that would require her to actively stream, and I am not aware of her being interested.

>> No.3712271

>Hey hey people, SSeth here. Today, any stream donations will be put into the hentai fund, and at the end of the stream we will be voting on which of my genmates will be the first "volunteer" model for the commission.

>> No.3712275

What the fucks your problem, why are so against me asking question. You are such a little bitch bro, Stop being such a little bitch dude.

>> No.3712282

It's speculated that EN 2 debut or Vsinger is gonna be announced after Gura's birthday at least. The best hint that we can get are those who graduated in this month.

>> No.3712289

You don't have to graduate if your present persona is not competing with holo. She can keep uploading meme covers all she wants. Even HER could still upload drunk copypasta songs, if she wanted.

>> No.3712298


>> No.3712304

She's still active tho

>> No.3712310

I think he’s a tourist

>> No.3712312 [SPOILER] 
File: 186 KB, 300x300, 1621081969082.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.3712328

God I wish, but I don't think a femboy is a viable character for a corporate EN vtuber. They attract very... cultish people. He'd be cancelled within 2 weeks max.
but then again maybe Cover wouldn't let morons on twitter boss them around idk

>> No.3712340

He is:

>> No.3712353

remind me
what's her name?

>> No.3712375

>Bored of the persona because nobody cared about her
>Streams with less viewers than SachiOwo
>Expressed more than once that she hated her fanbase
Gee, I wonder why she stopped doing anything

>> No.3712390

cute slut. post link

>> No.3712406

I don’t know, Kagami Kira was pretty popular before he retired though

>> No.3712410

Graduation? voice sounds ogey

>> No.3712413

Why you gotta call me out bro, i didn't do anything dude and you are calling me out, like why. You gotta so lame, qe are all here chilling and talking and you are like being such a bitch bro, don't be like that bro, no need like chill and dont just be shitting in people for no reason dude. You gotta relax, I'm here relaxing and you are just being a bad dude, shitting on me dude. Im just saying calm down and relax dude.

>> No.3712418

I first learned about Miki due to this thread:

So if she is Holo EN Gen 2, that could be proof that a Hololive member has been to 4chan.

>> No.3712427

NGL, those streams went from cute and funny to cringe mixed with depression.

>> No.3712450

Anon...you do know you’re on 4chan right?

>> No.3712459

Not really happening but she likely applied thus >>3712427

>> No.3712462

Marica Bellerose, formerly of MyHoloTV.
She was good but not great. Pretty good at voice acting and decent singer, and she spoke Japanese well enough to do JP-only collabs. She was the weakest of her gen though, so for her to make it into Hololive over Mana and Mio would be crazy

>> No.3712469

Protected by the language barrier.

>> No.3712490

Why did she hate her fanbase anyway.

Any specific stream where she shows this. People told me the Spongebob stream but i skip around and didn't see anything that bad.

>> No.3712502

who is the second girl

>> No.3712523

Anyone can larp as her and promote her, I don't think is proof enough, but if she makes it into HoloEn that could mean direct relations with tsunderia which in turn would expand the collab options

>> No.3712530


>> No.3712563

>Collab options
>Jenma hiding in the corner
You actually believe that?

>> No.3712570

Thanks bro. though i just reverse image searched in that time.

>> No.3712601

>literally collabing with a male RIGHT NOW
fucking dropped before even debuted

>> No.3712603

I hope they’ll take a “risk” like they did with Mori being rap focused instead of typical idol music focused. Not something crazy but something new. Hopefully.

>> No.3712613

It looks like Miori is in tsunderia now, idk about the other girl yet

>> No.3712652

I'm still waiting for a metal chuba and no, Mana doesn't count

>> No.3712654

EN have said that the new idols won't be a 'Gen2', rather just a different theme. That being said, what would they have in common? Nature, Steam/Cyberpunk, Horror, Chonga?

>> No.3712680

Because she probably wanted to entertain them in a cute way but after one or two slip-ups, no one bought that anymore, thus she became increasingly more depressed till the point of barfing more than Mio on-stream while apparently ingesting conspicuous amounts of ethilical drinks while also completely throwing any streaming schedule through the window, shit was so bad her fanbase was betting as to in which place was her body going to be found, most people made bets for "in a ditch".

>> No.3712688

Well, it won't be called Gen 2 because HoloEN doesn't name their gens a gen

>> No.3712696

why wouldn't they. really only gura and kiara would even have the idol thing down. i wouldnt say that ame, ina or mori where hired because of their idol energy. not that im saying they arent capable of it.

>> No.3712697

Escort Chuubas. Prostitutes from all around the EN speaking world.

>> No.3712735

Again, what's the proof of this. People say she was drunk and threw up and mentioned the Spongebob stream, but i never saw that.

>> No.3712736

In the future anonchama, and the slug could make some magic there.

>> No.3712742

Fucks me, I thought she would’ve died if she never join Hololive but those fuckers seriously making a bet?

>> No.3712751

Speculating about theme is pointless, there's as many possible themes as links in TvTropes

>> No.3712803

I mean, Why not???, for all we know she might be a failed VA aspirant or something, get your rrats for free and live with them, end of discussion.

>> No.3712834

Yeah so she can suck off domo more to stay relevant, right?

>> No.3712877

Heh, the thing on the right looks like that horrible Kiara fanart.

>> No.3712884

Because trannoids are always out of left field. They're the most heinous and most crazy form of progressivism there is. There is a MASSIVE powergap on the degeneracy scale between them and everything else.

>> No.3712900

Imagine Ame had gotten soft-doxxed (sachi) prior to debut. People would have freaked about her peepee-poopoo humor.

>> No.3712939

They're more like a 100 while sluts are a 9.

>> No.3713018
File: 10 KB, 215x215, 1608567464882.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Yagoo pulled HER out from her depression and getting her kidneys trashed
shachou.. I... I KNEEEEEEEEL!!!!!

>> No.3713106

Ame wouldn't have led up to her debut with peepeepoopoo humor, certainly not something as trashy as merbrap did.

>> No.3713111 [DELETED] 


>> No.3713113

Kana is like super autistic, more even then Aqua. For someone scared of collabs Hololive is kind of the opposite of a good environment for her.

>> No.3713121

And you've never come up with an argument in your life, butthurtchama.

>> No.3713135

Gura Gura Gura...

>> No.3713137


>> No.3713150

god I wish Sseth's long absence was due to complications getting his Mbeke vtubing model rigged and running

>> No.3713156

I've watched a couple of Narcissa streams on stream.me before. Pretty depressing shit

>> No.3713198

Wouldn't even be mad.

>> No.3713209 [DELETED] 
File: 695 KB, 2000x968, 160523629918.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jannies suck corportate cock. 4chan is dead.

>> No.3713232

Already added but for Vsinger instead

>> No.3713248

But it could be the best for her too, begora began to get out of her shell more often at some point, in the same way Kana could improve under that enviroment, but... maybe is too soon for that, holoEn is not solid enough yet.
But still I definitely beleb she should be there, I think she might be an A tier or even S tier.

>> No.3713258

you know what, shoe could probably pull it off
the other two creatures there would never make it

>> No.3713272

So is going to be a Vsinger and then a holoEn2?

>> No.3713278


>> No.3713294
File: 354 KB, 593x506, horrors of a sick mind.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fucking JESAS don't even joke about that shit I refuse to believe he's even still alive

>> No.3713295

Who knows, but cover had been strangely quiet

>> No.3713297

Uh? chicken eyes aren't scary in that pic

>> No.3713303

Just like Kiara disappeared instantly forever after saying the gamer word on stream, right?

>> No.3713314

Hololive is a Legend apparently

>> No.3713320 [DELETED] 

...is that a butt plug?

>> No.3713339
File: 75 KB, 308x238, 1620439781609.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Expressed more than once that she hated her fanbase

I wonder how SHE really feels about her current fanbase

>> No.3713344

That's not Gura...

>> No.3713364

My fragile heart rather not know

>> No.3713411

>Literally cried tears of joy
I think she likes the new one, some overused jokes won't make her go "I hate you guys"

>> No.3713447
File: 195 KB, 720x720, 1612581287677.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3713449

Dumb shark still seems smart enough not to conflate her entire audience with the worst elements. There are more than a few fucking atrocious chumbuds, the resentment would have leaked out by now if she loathed them all for it.

>> No.3713467

Group dynamics is very important but 'unique personalities' are highly undervalued, especially among vtuber agencies. I doubt they even have that as a criteria for hiring. I bet something like 'just be at least tolerable'

>> No.3713510

Probably she's in for the money which there is nothing wrong with it, but it kinda pisses me off that her fanbase is the one that pays the least in relation with her sub count, I think she deserves more.

>> No.3713523

I'm guessing she's genuinely happier with everything now.

>> No.3713580 [DELETED] 

>Anonymous 05/15/21(Sat)20:14:35 No.3713209▶>>3713278 >>3713297 >>3713344 >>3713447
>File: 160523629918.jpg (695 KB, 2000x968)
>Jannies suck corportate cock. 4chan is dead.
> Anonymous 05/15/21(Sat)20:15:33 No.3713232▶>>3713272
>Already added but for Vsinger instead
> Anonymous 05/15/21(Sat)20:16:22 No.3713248▶
>But it could be the best for her too, begora began to get out of her shell more often at some point, in the same way Kana could improve under that enviroment, but... maybe is too soon for that, holoEn is not solid enough yet.
>But still I definitely beleb she should be there, I think she might be an A tier or even S tier.
> Anonymous 05/15/21(Sat)20:17:02 No.3713258▶
>you know what, shoe could probably pull it off
>the other two creatures there would never make it
> Anonymous 05/15/21(Sat)20:17:40 No.3713272▶>>3713295
>So is going to be a Vsinger and then a holoEn2?
> Anonymous 05/15/21(Sat)20:17:56 No.3713278▶
> Anonymous 05/15/21(Sat)20:18:53 No.3713294▶
>File: horrors of a sick mind.png (354 KB, 593x506)
>fucking JESAS don't even joke about that shit I refuse to believe he's even still alive

>> No.3713582

>Least supachat
>Have the highest Membership in all of Hololive
I think she’s fine

>> No.3713598 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 
File: 840 KB, 2592x1918, 1621085609845.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3713616

Sleep overs and shopping in some malls can fix that anonchama, is a matter of who lives closer to who

>> No.3713635 [DELETED] 

>Anonymous 05/15/21(Sat)20:18:53 No.3713294▶
>File: horrors of a sick mind.png (354 KB, 593x506)
>fucking JESAS don't even joke about that shit I refuse to believe he's even still alive
> Anonymous 05/15/21(Sat)20:19:08 No.3713295▶>>3713580
>Who knows, but cover had been strangely quiet
> Anonymous 05/15/21(Sat)20:19:12 No.3713297▶>>3713580
>Uh? chicken eyes aren't scary in that pic
> Anonymous 05/15/21(Sat)20:19:29 No.3713303▶
>Just like Kiara disappeared instantly forever after saying the gamer word on stream, right?
> Anonymous 05/15/21(Sat)20:19:56 No.3713314▶
>Hololive is a Legend apparently
> Anonymous 05/15/21(Sat)20:21:25 No.3713339▶>>3713364 >>3713411 >>3713449 >>3713510 >>3713523
>File: 1620439781609.jpg (75 KB, 308x238)
>>Expressed more than once that she hated her fanbase
>I wonder how SHE really feels about her current fanbase
> Anonymous 05/15/21(Sat)20:21:50 No.3713344▶>>3713580
>That's not Gura...
> Anonymous 05/15/21(Sat)20:22:41 No.3713364▶
>My fragile heart rather not know

>> No.3713650

going to keep replying to this thread and any other like it that pops up in the future just for you, dumb pizzaposter

>> No.3713671

Uh? the wojack poster got mad again or something?

>> No.3713727

If her income was proportional and the sub count wasn't artificially high due to casual meme-chasers she'd probably feel even worse about her unearned success and upstaging of her senpais.

>> No.3713730

The only clip of her I've watched is the one where she admitted that she loved Roberu

>> No.3713758

I kind of hate the idea of a gen 2, all it'll do is take attention away from the gen 1 girls I like.

>> No.3713771

okay why the fuck did some faggot post child porn?
this isn't even a heated thread.

>> No.3713782 [DELETED] 
File: 75 KB, 600x800, 1619237617182.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Uh? the wojack poster got mad again or something?

>> No.3713804

it'll just make them look better by comparison when half of gen 2 implodes from western internet brain disease

>> No.3713818

Guess I was right

>> No.3713865 [DELETED] 
File: 57 KB, 1500x1500, 1619248587084.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Guess I was right

>> No.3713901
File: 159 KB, 909x728, 15878415825.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

streamtime wise , she's doing fine

>> No.3713919

it's about incentives, she doesn't read superchats very often and she doesn't even thank people for superchats.
she does however have possibly the best membership content with an absolute shit ton of karaoke and chat interaction.
i think she has like a minimum of 14k members and possibly the most members in hololive. she's doing fun you don't need to worry.

>> No.3713936

shut the fuck up, if they lose attention they weren't worth attention in the first place.

>> No.3713948 [DELETED] 
File: 51 KB, 620x675, 1619070570712.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>>3713344 #
>>>3713510 #
>streamtime wise , she's doing fine

>> No.3713966

Why so many pedo-posts are appearing nowadays?

>> No.3713978

who knows, maybe janni is on a break.

>> No.3714025

Dunno, you could try to ask the wojack spammer what's his endgame

>> No.3714078

Didn't cover say the next ENs would not be called a new gen? Makes me them it won't be five, maybe three more just added to holomyth theme.

>> No.3714082 [DELETED] 
File: 28 KB, 427x494, 1616802844125.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Dunno, you could try to ask the wojack spammer what's his endgame

>> No.3714109


>> No.3714124

Someone posted few weeks/months ago that he made few hundreds of such wojaks edits for some furryfag.

Nope, they are deleting doxx images pretty quick.

>> No.3714205

>they are deleting doxx images pretty quick.
And I think they are pissed, unless those posts were from the mermaid herself instead of some random janny

>> No.3714206

vtuber industry is much like the entertainment industry. a product (holoen) will eventually become stale unless you introduce new ideas (ex. new members)

>> No.3714207

idk then, maybe it's time to ban the entire sea region.

>> No.3714249

The wojak CP poster was actually a burger, you can see him easily on /pol/

>> No.3714291
File: 488 KB, 563x484, EileMonty.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Complete the roster


She has incredibly strong chance now that current Youtube meta are short clips.

Her doing impression clips would make for great content.

>> No.3714398

Impressive range

>> No.3714407

Are any of the confirmed EN2s actually trannies or are people just inventing scenarios to get mad about?
If there is a genuine tranny I'm cancelling all my memberships except my oshi because there's no point in supporting the company any further

>> No.3714433 [DELETED] 
File: 26 KB, 413x341, images (22)~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>idk then, maybe it's time to ban the entire sea region.

>> No.3714487

The latter. No one knows anything yet.

>> No.3714506

>Are any of the confirmed EN2s
We don't even know that, we are guessing given which chubas graduated recently and also have good traits or relations somehow with hololive

>> No.3714629
File: 11 KB, 321x360, 13456789.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I would love to see AyumiOneesan but her social circle and orbiters are absolute cancer and will interrupt her streams and make it about themselves

>> No.3714685

It's excited doomposting because EN1 was very lucky to have nothing worse than Kiara (who prioritizes her career far above any virtue signalling and has kept her persona totally free of it) and it seems inevitable that far more typical western social media girls make it into EN2.

>> No.3714744
File: 34 KB, 396x396, latest[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We need two EU Menhera's.

>> No.3714762

Please, there is no reason to keep them here, they have their own shitty discord anyway.

>> No.3714954
File: 113 KB, 656x543, Next HoloEN.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Almost guaranteed

>> No.3715103
File: 212 KB, 2464x464, EN2 speculations.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The one artist would most likely be bilingual

>> No.3715348

Him trying to get a onions sponsorship is still pretty funny though.

>> No.3715547

No one is mentioning Pinky Pop who might get a chance to nobuhime? Even Sora said she’ll see her again later.

>> No.3715760

I followed inas roommate for the longest before EN crew came along

>> No.3716156

wow impressive

>> No.3716327

there's a streamer I saw yesterday who was talking about having an interview but said it went nowhere

>> No.3716663

Considering there are JP and EN Holos with side hustles, I'm surprised people think only those who graduated are potential candidates.

>> No.3716932


>> No.3717037

Pinky Pop as in Pinky Pop Hepburn? She speaks English?

>> No.3717073 [SPOILER] 
File: 18 KB, 210x210, 1621093298055.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.3717511
File: 328 KB, 386x425, fish.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean like what are the chances? Is she getting paid more as a wrestler? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sS-bHl44-k

>> No.3717584


>> No.3717635

What are the chances Karp getting in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4Zai43_xUw
Shes really chill but is her voice too tranny sounding?

>> No.3717676

I wish this was possible
the shitstorm here would be incredible

>> No.3718123

That would be a big-brain move, all of EN's previous personas debuting, making sure all their old selves are owned by Cover, just in case.

>> No.3718570

Kiara, Ame and Mori got in, so its not like gamer words have stopped cover before.

>> No.3719307


>> No.3720897

Is there context behind this or is it just a random image of Plutia? Not familiar with a ton of Indie Vtubers

>> No.3721339

>He doesnt know Watson said nigger múltiple times

>> No.3721718

I know her personally and its not her sorry

>> No.3722288

please be one in gmt+1 timezone

>> No.3722620

>HoloEn 2
please no

>> No.3723016

>likes Vshojo
shes not getting in

>> No.3724774

Has no friends there

>> No.3724816

Please hire Sweetheart Audio

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