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Soon: https://youtu.be/36ti9tE7LhM

STREAM 4BLOOD: https://youtu.be/Fwc-LH8IGj8

STREAM DO U: https://youtu.be/QI96hnhcr2E

Twitter: https://twitter.com/takanashikiara

Schedule: https://twitter.com/takanashikiara/status/1589433462725177346

Previous thread: >>36993995

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Other thread sorry OP

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Sex chicken on a Saturday night.

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I really wonder what's the sexiest outfit management would let Wawa get

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I wish I was this trombone.

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she's moved on from you Reine...

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Wawa feet

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>Two berets
Is this even legal?

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Soundpost onegai!

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Kiara will make it legal

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KFP needs to have mandatory training on how to make threads.

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Also this

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Most importantly this

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Highly Austrian stream today.

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It's crazy to me to think there are people watching streams not on their computer, assuming it's using their phones makes it even weirder. Why would you want to have a shitty small screen of a stream?

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It’s nice to lie in bed or on a couch and watch it.

Unless you’re a poorfag most phone screens are comfy to watch near your face.

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people without laptops who don't wanna sit on their PCs I guess

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I watch on my phone when I'm at work or if I'm at home doing chores. I can listen to Wawa and the small screen is at least enough to give me an idea of what's going on when I glance at it.

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I rarely look at the screen, most of the time I just listen to Wawa like a podcast while I go about my day

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They should have nightclub sex

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>sex in a public place
>likeliest to be intruded upon by m*n
they should have kissy gay sex at home after a night of clubbing

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I always feel like I need to be able to look at the screen if she's referencing something visual and that it takes away from the experience if I can't fully understand what she's talking about when I get lost/she mentions visuals.

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Most people don't even own PCs

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food review collab with Mori and Ame on the 25th north america time

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It does, a bit. But even so, I still have a life outside of Kiara

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Ever wonder how running adverts is still profitable? A gigantic chunk of people dont use their PC to watch streams.

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And they still use the internet often. What a shame. I'll be an old asshole and bitch about mobils destruction of the internet.
I get you on that. Can't watch every VoD most weeks, this one being a bit slower made it easier.

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I'm actually drawing a blank on any past collabs with just these 3. Should be fun.

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Get a fucking laptop then nigger it'll be cheaper than your phone.

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I'm not sure if they've ever done one but I'd set my expectations exceptionally low. I love Ametori and all but they often struggle to find a conversation topic, same with Mori, while there's also how Ame and Mori have nil chemistry and Mori's collab autism.

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I won't ever understand how a large chunk of the population is willing to buy a new $1000 phone every two years but scoff at buying something like computer.

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Same reason people scoff at a 10 dollar steam sale price but drop 2k on Genshin.

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Each respective pairing has their own chemistry, even Mori and Ame manage to find their differences amusing. What might happen is a repeat of fashion review with Omocat. That is if Ame puts herself in the backseat since she isn't leading this collab.

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I mean if you wanna stare at a wall and call that chemistry then sure, but it's not what most people use the term for

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At one point it would have been Ame third-wheeling TakaMori and Ame probably wouldn't have gone for it based on that alone. Now though, should be fine, but I'm wracking my brain to remember if Ame and Mori have ever really interacted in a non-game non-group setting. Maybe a long time ago?

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They only have if you count call ins.

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Kiara WILL cause a MTG arc in hololive

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No but it'd be cool

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Reine just mentioned ID learning class with Kiara SOON

>> No.37037662

wawa confirmed for ID classroom next week

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That's a lot of collabs next week then.

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There's also the collab in bed we're gonna have too

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>wawa asked who wears the sexiest clothes in ID

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Kiara is more likely to cause an MtG arc in Niji or amongst indies. Those are at least awake when she is streaming as opposed to HoloEN.
Although Mori might pick it up to try and get revenge for Shadowverse.

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>Kiara just spams cards she thinks is pretty again and keeps winning
Would lol

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KFP was mild during hava nagila compared to the chumbuds

>> No.37039532

kiara might actually read something from the chat without understanding

>> No.37039583

Does MTGA have the alt art Kamigawa cards? There's some good anime girls in that.

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Once again it is proven that KFP is full of old farts as opposed to the underaged chumbies who spam stale jewish references because they hear the one hebrew song everyone knows.

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I wrote OY VEY in global instead of in her chat

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I asked Kiara out (she said yes). We're going on a date tomorrow

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stop flexing Gustav

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early ass stream today, guess she really wants to beat it

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Who are the Holotalk guests?

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File: 682 KB, 406x480, wdym-meh[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fmchvyg.m4a].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Tablet works just fine

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Towa is confirmed to be one of them. Towa might be the other one.

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Long as Towa isn't on that's okay

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Basiert und überlicht

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>doesn't even get the joke
How is she THIS fucking retarded holy shit

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From the first Entropy Centre stream

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Her getting angry is a bit.

>> No.37045193

Oh, she got the joke. But the joke is shit.

>> No.37045232

>spends the majority of the time confused as to why this would be her theme, wonders if it's because the background is orange
>5 billion years later
>"...i tHiNk YoU GuYs ArE MaKinG FuN oF mE WiTh tHiS"

I unironically, genuinely think she is double digit IQ

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I love that she doesn't expect everything to be under three layers of irony and often assumes people are being honest.

>> No.37046403

Wireless earbuds + phone = watch Wawa while multitasking.

>> No.37046433

>delays stream by 30 minutes
>still too late
Did she not prepare?

>> No.37046469

Kiara has never experienced Thanksgiving probably? Looking forward to them explaining stuff to her then.

>> No.37046494

Don't try to understand phoneniggers.
They also browse the internet on their phone all day despite the typing being ridiculously shitty, they probably don't even have a fucking PC. Their brains simply aren't rational.

>> No.37046574

Lol I can post anywhere I want

>> No.37046588

>another delay
>sorry guys I'm eating breakfast at 3pm
She is joking right? surely she cares more about her job and fans like that. There is no way she would be this lazy, ungrateful and unprepared. Something really terrible must have happened and she can't tell us about it.

>> No.37046629

>Work for a japanese company
>Have to build your schedule around their meetings
You said you wanted to expand to Europe and South America Yagoo, fucking do it

>> No.37046667

There are actually only 3 trios that haven't collabed in Myth last time I checked. Ame Ina Mori, Ame Kiara Mori and Gura Ina Mori.
For some reason Mori's in every three person Myth Collab that hasn't been done yet.

>> No.37046748

>Gura Ina Mori.
resident evil silent hill watchalong
Think Ina (?) dropped out halfway through though

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Love this bird.

>> No.37046795

what? they watched resident evil? I have never heard of any holo watching a resident evil movie

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>> No.37046825

>45 minute delay
>still too late

>> No.37046888

oh the CGI shit. I thought you meant the real movies

>> No.37046916

Ah, okay. Good to know. Then it's Rainforest specifically together that's blocking all trios.

>> No.37046941

How long is the loading screen going to be? She could completely skip it because people have been waiting for 45 minutes already. No need to "wait for them" any longer, makes no sense. But I have a sneaking suspicion it will be a 5 minute loading screen because once again, she did not prepare.

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>> No.37047024

Haha, little bitch got called out.
Btw. you still need to fight sleepshizo.

>> No.37047036

>feeling weird
Is she on her period?

>> No.37047048

>Haha, little bitch got called out.

>> No.37047135

>stream was supposed to start 56 minutes ago
>it's now almost 1 hour later, still not playing
Why is she so lazy and unprepared?

>> No.37047460

>Mori gets to ride on a private jet but Kiara has to fly economy
Cover favoritism...

>> No.37047514

>25 minutes passed
>just started the puzzle

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>Myth takes a private jet, financed by Cover as a business expense
>Kiara fills in for the flight attendant because adding one extra headcount would make it too expensive
>sex happens
The fanfiction writes itself

>> No.37047731

Yeah she's not finishing today

>> No.37048036

>Fauna will play Bioshock

Mamatori should have spanked her more throughout life

>> No.37048106

>my oshi refuses to play shooter shit

>> No.37048145

Don't worry when they collab Kiara will probably bring it up and stream it the following week or so.

>> No.37048161

bros, what was with those weirdass superchats about hololive working with the japanese government to project soft power... is there some sort of spy bugging our anime girls, or is it just like the most supreme of autists?

>> No.37048169

It's overrated

>> No.37048177

This game feels like it was made by a blue haired feminist cat lady

>> No.37048208

No wonder your oshi likes it

>> No.37048240

my oshi never had blue hairs though

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>> No.37048597

kiara spanking stream...

>> No.37048676

After every spank she has say "I'm sorry I will play good games from now on!"

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File: 403 KB, 476x690, Freaking horny boys [sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fw7jflj.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Remember when Kiara played Minecraft in 3rd person?
Our chicken is all grown up.

>> No.37050889

Kiara's watching herself!

>> No.37051078

Kiara is an extremely, hard working busy lady. She has no time to prepare for her streams because she is working very VERY hard off screen. Like binge watching domtendo, random youtube videos, netflix, playing magic, playing with her cats, vaguepost on social media and so on. She is so extremely busy that she can't even read youtube comments. Please give her some slack. Stop calling her lazy, fucking schizos.

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File: 3 KB, 193x87, tldr[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fi3vh0a.m4a].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 255 KB, 306x302, ich-fick-deine-mutter[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fqaeyjz.m4a].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This, except she's too busy fucking your mother and confirming that you were adopted.

>> No.37051210

Ahhh stop posting truths I gotta cover my eyes noooo

>> No.37051255

Look at he big dumb Austrian tits

>> No.37051277

shameful dispray

>> No.37051292

That's Kiara, not Arnold Schwarzenegger.

>> No.37051544

Would sexual intercourse with Takanashi Kiara from Hololive English Myth feel good?

>> No.37051631


>> No.37051641

Too loose. Your dick won't be able to touch her walls. But blowjob would feel nice

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>Hopefully this isn't just RNG
Nothing in this game is RNG...

>> No.37051810

I love how she got it and threw a fit and didn't want to even try to let it go thinking she fucked it up until she saw the chat yelling "YOU DID IT"

>> No.37051989

She's just trying to jank her way through this deterministic game

>> No.37052028

It's kind of nice that there's no greynames seething about Kiara not getting puzzles like in Portal and other games.

>> No.37052051

Man this game sucks for Kiara. At least with Portal and Portal 2 there was a lot of interaction with the talking ominous voices that she could play off of. Slay + this made for a pretty weak week.

>> No.37052062

This is why it's better that she plays games she wants to play instead of popular games

>> No.37052071

Yeah because they don't watch her. She barely has viewers

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All me and my N-thousand bright orange twin-door smart fridges. That also makes me the last KFP by definition, granting me marriage perms to the Kiwawa.

>> No.37052302

WTF happened here ? I used to get way more (you)s last month. Did /here/ KFPs leave her as well ?

>> No.37052341

This split sucks. Real KFP are in global.

>> No.37052348

Having ONE (1) popular stream ever one or two weeks for discoverability while having slower (longer) more intimate streams the rest of the time should be the standard for all streamers.
Greynames are fucking obnoxious. If they can’t deal with long streams of not well-known games then they don’t deserve Kiara. We’re full.

>> No.37052397

Greyname is an outdated word since gifting is a thing.

>> No.37052425

Can we just give up on this shit game? I know she got some codes to give out for it but it's so fucking boring for what Kiara is known for, being goofy and interactive with the chat and game.

>> No.37052426

One-month members are basically grey.
If they even show up for a second stream at all.

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File: 194 KB, 358x547, 1650198827471.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cute confused chickenwife.

>> No.37052493

Nah there are a ton of retarded KFP who keep on gifting them over and over. There are already members with a 3 month badge who I know for a fact that they never once in their life supported Kiara. All They do is abuse her prechat to talk about their real life. Yet they get gifted over and over. Fucking hate this.

>> No.37052540

i never got gifted and i'm somewhat consisted viewer (i don't engage with chat)

>> No.37052621
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Cute game glitch exploiter

>> No.37053516

I appreciate Kiara trying to avoid dropping games, however there are cases like these where it'd been fine. The puzzles are just too samey while Kiara really seems to struggle with the concepts. It isn't her worst stream but I'd take any random idea over it.

>> No.37053594

Stop being a whiny bitch.
It has been barely 3 hours and she’s still not stuck, she’s progressing steadily. How many time did Ame tried to beat Elden Ring?

>> No.37053664

It's generally boring. A big brain game every week is fine, but with both this and Spire this week, she's not playing off her normal strengths. There's no fun dialogue to listen to and for her to comment on, there's no cute shit beyond the little bot, it's just not a game suited for her.

>> No.37053670

She just takes a while to figure out something fairly simple, not really having a moment to tangent. The puzzles don't even have those portal satisfaction moments especially when it s haha actually do it a third time ;).

>> No.37053678

he's just saying this isn't good content for her
and for the most part it hasn't been, about 90% of the stream has just been bleh, last one was better though

>> No.37053691

>Drop a 2 part game, 3 at most
If you're not having fun, you're the one who should leave. You don't have to watch all of Kiara's streams. Meanwhile, she seems to not mind the viewership and she seems to be enjoying the game most of the time.

>> No.37053737

Slay the Spire at least has some fun from randomness and an actually interesting battle system. Move box from button 1 to 2, its clear the dev ran out of ideas quick.

>> No.37053748

It's not about the viewership lol. Way to make it about something that the last 3/4 people in the thread weren't talking about. Eat my ass you little faggot.

>> No.37053779

The game and stream are boring as fuck but even though its low view and very meh, I'm glad she doesn't drop it. I would never watch someone like Ame who drops games left and right. I absolutely can't stand that. If you start a game then finish it. Many people just come for the game (and later turn into fans) but they won't be your fan if you drop their fav game / the game they came for.

>> No.37053791 [SPOILER] 
File: 108 KB, 882x1170, 1644798888245.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kiara just took a fat shit.

>> No.37053860

She was meeting someone, did you not listen you fucking retard?

>> No.37053865

I'm having fun watching the stream but the game seems pretty frustrating. Feels like way too often you have to first solve half the puzzle only to see the other half, then go back and redo everything to finish it. It'd be fine as a one- or two-off but it really dampens the satisfaction of figuring out the puzzle when your 'reward' is to do it all over again but with an extra step.

>> No.37053892

Not to mention the most you get out of each completion is a screen with some text on it giving her very little to play off of.

>> No.37053914

yeah me, I'm her idol meeter

>> No.37053945

Yeah me, her personal toilet.

>> No.37053956

Yeah I prefer Kiara's persistence over how most of the girls will start a game everyone wants them to play. Only to do 1 stream. I only really hate it when she forces herself to finish a game no matter how miserable she is getting. Which is less common these days. Here she is at least having fun, we'll probably just never discuss this stream again.

>> No.37053964

It doesn't help that the game constantly introduces new elements, has a whole difficulty progression from way too easy to pretty hard and then drops the element before doing the same with the next element again.
So you have these complex puzzles you are describing over and over again instead of having a few of them at the end of the game.

>> No.37053982
File: 3.72 MB, 615x360, wawa-has-something-to-say-[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fa6mp0a.mp3].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't really like reading text posts.

>> No.37053988

Yeah, you're right. It's just a little boring in the moment.

>> No.37054053
File: 519 KB, 728x700, 1650236888122.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37054067

It really makes you appreciate how good of a game Portal is

>> No.37054106
File: 67 KB, 680x680, shioMatsu - ahegao.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have a happy wawa.

>> No.37054127

The worst part is probably her relying on chat.
She skips the learning curve entirely so she just gets increasingly frustrated in a loop when she obviously can't figure out something for herself.

>> No.37054175

Eh, she has been pretty good at solving puzzles on her own. She only noticed Mori after a few minutes despite chat spamming about her because she refuses to read chat when she tries something out.
Usually it's just the final puzzle of a chapter that gets too much for her. Or one where her brain suddenly starts working.

>> No.37054369


Did I miss any cute tangents?
I wish she'd stream a better times for pst

>> No.37054392

The best was her dream about Mori and Ina having private jets at the start.

>> No.37054432

NGL she became my second oshi after her tunic playthrough because I loved that game.
There is something so satisfying and enjoyable when you see your oshi's emotions when beating a difficult game and reaching the ending.
My first oshi is Ina :( and she used to finish games in 2020 and 2021. I really enjoyed her splatoon 3 story mode recently and those streams had comparatively lower viewers too.I wish the 2021 ina comes back soon. .

>> No.37054477

She had one tangent near the beginning about a dream, and then talked with Mori about private jets for a minute, but there hasn't been any tangenting after, just focused birb

>> No.37054541
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>> No.37054707

>I wish she'd stream a better times for pst
>better times for pst
anon, I'm so sorry.

>> No.37054744

I think she just really doesn't get the mechanics. Like she keeps thinking the solution is some cheese strat

>> No.37055010

Your oshi is so birdbrained - damn thats sexy

>> No.37055057

From sex with me, yeah

>> No.37055095

Yeah, NA is usually fucked. Weekends aren't so bad though, I'm used to getting up at 5am-ish every day CST anyways so it's easy to watch her live if I'm not doing anything super late night on Fri/Sat.

>> No.37055418

I love when she's pumped about something so bad.

>> No.37055434

please laugh

>> No.37055703

I usually wake up 6am so it's not that bad but I slept in because I got a 12 hr shift later today

>> No.37056658

Ahh, time to dispel the shitposting.

>> No.37056729


>> No.37056744

Smartest Vtuber.

>> No.37056778 [DELETED] 

>That one did she decides to prepare she does it wrong
Can't make this shit up

>> No.37056822

>That one time she decides to prepare she does it wrong
Can't make this shit up

>> No.37056852

didn't prepare that reply properly? ironic

>> No.37056871

Doesn't explain the depeesso tweets on the other account but I'm glad this wasn't a big deal and that she still talks to Nabi. Good on her for doing 3d by herself

>> No.37056881
File: 56 KB, 1794x482, screencap1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>He says as he fucks up the post

>> No.37056912

What retarded shit did the low IQ retard do this time?

>> No.37056915

she just said she loved her cats, nigger

>> No.37056955
File: 234 KB, 368x355, 1652490259954.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wouldn't you like to know?
Watch streams, bitch.

>> No.37056961
File: 303 KB, 600x650, you-should-have-prepared-[sound=a.pomf.cat%2Fngrdmg.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37057000

>hahaha I'm too fucking dumb so I just gave up, so I wasted 2 days for nothing teehee but I guess I'll never use my suit ever again

>> No.37057006


>> No.37057015

>faggots were concernfagging 2 threads and 20 posts over LITERALLY NOTHING

>> No.37057023

Wawa's call-in in 3d...

>> No.37057036

The content of that post makes it so funny

>> No.37057097

>We won't get ringfit now

>> No.37057153

I mean realistically, we should've expected the suit to not handle dance choreography

>> No.37057160

NNN saved

>> No.37057197

Anon have you not been listening to her at all?

>> No.37057207

So Kiara's got two options. Either really dig into the mocap shit and start researching stuff online, or she can just accept that there'll be some level of scuff and she's gonna have to just understand it ain't gonna be perfect.

>> No.37057232

Not sufficient for dance to Kiara's standards sure, but it's a shame she can't yet get it to work reliably enough for stuff like showing 3D for Ring Fit

>> No.37057241

Captcha: AWAAW

>> No.37057246

Kiara need to talk to this girl
She knows how to fix all the dumb shit better than Cover themselves

>> No.37057277

Or fucking Cover pulls a fucking finger out of its ass and helps her. They are a Tech company still, or is that something they put on business cards these days

>> No.37057348

>They are a Tech company still
>Tech company
They never were a tech company. They're just a talent agency with some in house character IP. Their whole website is just wordpress sites for fucks sake.

>> No.37057388

or move back to japan for the next few years while your job is still going strong
fuck it, just charter a private jet to bring the cats or whatever

>> No.37057416

they have over 300 employees nowadays and have a large chunk of them dedicated to 3D production, how hard can it be to set a troubleshooting pipeline for their talents

>> No.37057436

They won't. She's across a huge chunk of land and the only reason they help with 3d for JP is because they're local. It's unreasonable to think it will ever happen when they wouldn't even help any of the JP members if their living proximity isn't close. It's the same reason Mori gets so much attention.
She just said why she doesn't want to and has been pretty clear that she doesn't want to uproot for Hololive considering it's a fleeting venture (and it is).

>> No.37057450

At least three people linked that video to her on twitter. I bet she saw none of them.

>> No.37057470

Everyone uses WordPress, even tech companies.

>> No.37057479

she recently lost her job, she should to full time kiara support now.

>> No.37057518

The problem is Kiara doesn't want to take the time to learn. It sucks, but she just won't put in the effort to really go to town and figure that shit out. She gets frustrated and throws her hands up in the air and walks away. Also to note, she just said that she wishes she could use some other things "But there's some other behind the scene things" that get in the way.

>> No.37057535

Or full time Kiara in bed, both are fine.

>> No.37057631
File: 317 KB, 850x1192, 1665755733116298.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's Reine's job

>> No.37057749

That's why anon said just as long as she's in Hololive

>> No.37057759

You want Kiara to just contact some random girl who did the DO U challenge and use her to fix her 3D setup? Are you actually listening to yourself?

>> No.37057768

Anon, she took two days to set it up, did troubleshooting herself and literally couldn't reproduce the same result with the same inputs, what more do you expect from her? Drop streaming for a week and work on it 24/7?

>> No.37057848

>"Being there for more than a month would be very difficult"
Do you think Ame magically had it down in a week? There were a shit ton of scuff streams from her while she played with the tech to try and figure out what to do, both on stream and off.

>> No.37057931

Kiara contacts other random people to do shit for her

>> No.37057977

Can cover not get some of their 3d staffers to talk to her through zoom?

>> No.37057991
File: 676 KB, 861x708, 1664068975856.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How is that any different from contacting random artists, editors, translators, 3D modelers, 3D riggers, etc etc etc, to do shit for her?

>> No.37058020

>Providing talent support

>> No.37058105

It's not even similar unless you're saying she should pay the girl to come to her house and fix it manually for her (if she even can).

>> No.37058115

No clue, but given situations and what we've heard, probably very limited at best. People want to sit around and bitch about what is reality, but that doesn't get anything done and won't change how Cover handles 3d outside of their rented studios which is why we should be talking about at home options for Kiara. She needs to get over some of the scuff and spend time working with the tech to find out what does and doesn't work.

>> No.37058134

And do what? Her OBS performance and PC health isn't even necessarily in their expertise.
The 3D people are likely working on beefy machines and a rent-an-hour render farm.
This is shit like "toggle vsync in X" and "lower graphics settings in Y" and "fuck, the card is too slow, buy the latest meme card or do a 2 PC stream setup".

>> No.37058148

Remote support exists anon

>> No.37058177

>come to her house
They could just talk in discord or some shit anon.
>It's not even similar
Except it is because this girl actually has deep knowledge of this shit and has worked in the industry. She's not like Ame (meaning someone who just watched Youtube vids) she's been doing it for years.

>> No.37058380

I like Lua as much as anybody else shitposting in KFP but PC tech support is a bit different. Most of it is trying random shit or spending enough money on hardware to avoid having to fiddle with conflicting settings.
If Kiara is going to do anything to fix her 3D setup, throwing money at her rig is the best option. Extra RAM, buying SLI cards, and throwing a new processor and motherboard at it so everything is compatible. That's like 4k in US dollars.

>> No.37058522

>I was in your shoes for a minute
>BUT remember how I feel
I mean I hate backseaters who get pissy about how fast/slow a streamer is playing a game, but god damn Kiara.

>> No.37058604

And Kiara enjoyed the experience that she got out of Ame's setup. There were some limitations but she was general happy with the product, meaning if she wanted to put in the time she could come up with similar results to Ame.

>> No.37058607

>People should have empathy and be understanding
Is this a hot take now?

>> No.37058706

Make up your best rrats now
Who's the streamer Kiara hates?

>> No.37058716


>> No.37058717

I think you mean sympathy you retard. But other than that it just made me laugh that she flipped it to "Be aware of my feelings". In this case with it being about fags in the chat being mad their backseating isn't working/she isn't listening to it, good and fuck those gaylords. As a general thing it makes me laugh to think about Kiara, general perception.

>> No.37058798

But then it's not the same as just asking someone to do something dummy.
It's asking a stranger to sit on call for an indefinite amount of time trying to remotely troubleshoot and fix the issue while Kiara fumbles and feels stupid about it.

>> No.37058801
File: 880 KB, 450x600, =brbrbrbrbrbrWAAAAAAH [sound=files.catbox.moe%2Feopppu.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't really watch for the game. Kiara could just blow raspberries into the mic and change her expression every few minutes and it would be a great stream.

>> No.37058803

Na, anon does mean Empathy.

>> No.37058809

She talked about watching Bae recently but I am not sure if the rat really rages at her chat.

>> No.37059106

Prease understando, those 300 employees are all in Japan and therefore do only work for grorious nippon tarento, not for some unimportant foreigner sidebranch

>> No.37059172

If the game is boring just watch her swing her tits. Kiara knows why she is using this outfit today.

>> No.37059272

Depends on the game. Shit like this just takes most of her attention, doesn't really allow for much tangenting during gameplay, and doesn't have much for her to play off of. Shit like Later Alligator, Kuukiyomi, or even longer games like Yakuza offer so much more.

>> No.37059311

>Laughing and faking concern
>No real emotion behind the reaction
Yeah fuck this game.

>> No.37059403

to be fair, Ame has been working with improvised home3D type tech already even before her Holo days, so she had a much longer time to be familiar with it. (And even she as the most "tech savvy" HoloEN still has some scuff here and there). I don't think anyone is expecting Kiara, one of the most tech-challenged ENs, to get on her level in any soon amount of time.

The solution is actually quite obvious. She needs a computer nerd husband who lives with her and does all the tech stuff, so she can concentrate on only being cute. Luckily, I fit the bill and humbly volunteer for this task.

>> No.37059459

>constant timeloops
This setting seems familiar...

>> No.37059514

My bet is she was talking about Reine.
Reine is stubborn as fuck.

>> No.37059706

Which stream tho? Cats organized neatly?

>> No.37059768

Oh wawa

>> No.37059797

Damn over 6 hours? I forgot how much Kiara streams.

>> No.37059847

eh, probably not. Reine is one of the few people Kiara is comfortable bantering with, as she can banter back, so if Kiara was watching Reine and wanted to "backseat" her she would've just made a cheeky live chat comment or something. It's probably someone else, like some non-Holo streamer or someone otherwise who Kiara doesn't feel comfortable calling out by name publicly.

>> No.37059898

I remember when Baelz was playing Trombone Champ the other day she started talking about how she was "endurance streaming the game" because she had been going on for 4 hours.
There's just way too big a gap between the people who stream a lot and the ones who don't in Hololive.

>> No.37060238

Is this some gay shit about global warming?

>> No.37060327

Earth fucking exploded. Last stream the entropy museum said it rewinded stuff like the end of the world in 2012 and stuff.

>> No.37060583

they do streams up there?
is their chuuba cute?

>> No.37060939

She really wants to be done lol

>> No.37060986

I think the game is alright, but the pacing is just weird.

>> No.37061346

That "ending" section was solid, but then going right to OKAY MORE PUZZLES is just so deflating

>> No.37061550

Kiara is always so expressive with her model, her thinking pose is amazing.

>> No.37061620

Although the L2D is exaggerating movements, it must be second nature for Kiara to emote with

>> No.37061783

Reminds me of a Bakatare offcollab where Watame jumped into Flare but you could clearly tell it's Watame. She even winked and Flare was suprised her model could even do that.
We had a short scene of Kiara jumping into Mori during the Shrek watchalong but I would love to see her in more models.

>> No.37062040

Yeah some people are clearly better at it, it's definitely a underappreciated skill. Skin walking always is interesting because of that.

>> No.37062057

Kiara's rigging is amazing and she doesn't get enough credit for being a great l2d pilot

>> No.37062148 [DELETED] 
File: 45 KB, 760x230, kfp-rules.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

KFP, why don't you like Pippa so much?

>> No.37062168


>> No.37062198

Here we go, time for irritation and frustration into quitting for the day.

>> No.37062285

Capippalist, why are you so obsessed with discord?

>> No.37062329

Imagine being so gay that you try to start shit over Pippa here for 3 threads straight, and then waste more of your time doing the same thing on a fucking fan server of all places. Jesus dude, you need to spend your time better.

>> No.37062346


Kiara could have:

>Played this game for 4 hours and read superchats
>Make a third stream for another 3 - 4 hours with a clear, fresh and better mindset.

But instead Kiara:

>Refuses to make a third stream
>Forces herself to finish this game today no matter what
>Tired, exhausted, hungry
>Bad mindset

Why is she like that?

>> No.37062415

I never got a proper answer. I want to know.

>> No.37062456

Why don't you watch the stream instead of making shit up?
Kiara is enjoying this for whatever wierd reason.

>> No.37062469

NTA but I literally don't even know who that is.

>> No.37062474
File: 652 KB, 814x899, 1656770021280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cute wawa

>> No.37062492
File: 389 KB, 472x500, 1643026336538.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37062501

You might be a little bit retarded. As much as I don't give a fuck about this game, she's not in a bad mood at all.
I answered you multiple times you dumb faggot. I watch Pippa clips and tune in every once in a while, most KFP doesn't give a fuck and the few who do just want to start shit with you already get made fun of. I'm part of that crossover she mentioned. Stop being so butthurt about marshmallows being closed for a few weeks.

>> No.37062502

I am watching she stream and she said multiple times
>I finally want this game to end
I'm just sitting here thinking: THEN END THE STREAM AND PLAY ANOTHER DAY

>> No.37062552
File: 985 KB, 3212x1579, PippaPokedTheChickenPen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37062575
File: 290 KB, 560x560, lasaga.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she's going to finish the game today and there's nothing you can do about it

>> No.37062593
File: 997 KB, 4096x2305, 1658172608097.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.37062639

Well, ok, but why did that rule appear NOW?

>> No.37062705

>Well ok, but I'm retarded and can't follow a conversation.
Stop shitting every place up with your retarded drama constantly and maybe people wouldn't be so instantly rejecting of you and your dumb opinions.

>> No.37062887

Stop replying to this faggot. If he's crying about discord he should ask there not here.

>> No.37062947 [SPOILER] 
File: 27 KB, 514x433, 1667991284386937.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Found screenshots of the mods talking about implementing that rule

>> No.37063037

Dastardly, how is this allowed?

>> No.37063053

Stop falseflagging, not everyone here follows every thread in the catalog like you do. I asked a specific question and didn't get an answer, only a shitpost.

>> No.37063101

Makes sense, she IS a controversial figure. But I wonder what caused that if it was still fine with all the bullshit she’s done before.
Did something happen recently?

>> No.37063168

You don't need a reason to ban shitniggers. Ame's disc did it too at the same time as Kiara's. Don't know why and don't care the less I see of her as possible I'm happy

>> No.37063256

Apparently D. Nousagi have Ame and Kiara dox behind his patreon and that got brought up recently in relation to her.

>> No.37063347

Jesas those retards. They deserve to be blacklisted from the entire industry

>> No.37063365

Nobody is false flagging, you're using discord dipshits who want to ban people on political disagreements to stir shit here and blame it on all of KFP. fuck off, we're watching a stream

>> No.37063543

>You guys should really watch this 4 season show!
I always wonder, do you think Kiara ever realize how much time it takes to keep up with her streams?

>> No.37063904
File: 140 KB, 648x421, Screenshot 2022-11-13 at 22-50-54 Depressed Nousagi is creating YouTube videos about VTubers Patreon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37063962

Bullshit. Give link if true

>> No.37064050

I thought you were talking about pippa and not some random youtuber

>> No.37064058

It's in global with like 50 replies and I don't know why mods haven't deleted it yet

>> No.37064070

>Bullshit. Give link if true
literally google fucking idiot
isnt this agains patreon rules?

>> No.37064144

No. What /vt/ calls dox isn't actually dox. Dox involves real names and addresses, not literal public information

>> No.37064147

How so? I'm assuming it's just video scraped from the internet of her past. It's not like he's running around giving out her phone number or house address.

>> No.37064177

that faggot is bigger than pippa lmao

>> No.37064228

See >>37064187

>> No.37064242

I dont know how the rules about virtual youtubers actually work. But I feel doxxing vtubers is more than "impolite", since this is something important contract like and shit.

>> No.37064249

I hope that fucker his youtube shit rocked, but for now I'll keep appreciating how cute chicken wife is on the telly.

>> No.37064400

No it unironically isn't against any laws. You could literally go to reddit and start posting this Unless that reddit has a specific rule against naming past character names.

That's also why nobody could nuke any youtube videos about hololive "dox" because it isn't against laws. Only if they say where her exact geographical location is, her name, address etc.

>> No.37064470

kson nuked a guy

>> No.37064488

hm. Maybe only cover can do something about this. Since technically is misinformation about their talents. Specially nips who are crazy fuck with this type of shit

>> No.37064519

I like when Kiara says earf

>> No.37064526

He also uploaded on his channel the video where she's hiding and crying after being assaulted and stalked back to her apartment
The fucking gall

>> No.37064529

Depends. If they use clips and the person cared enough, they can copyright strike them and get them taken down. Examples being the "Nigga" clip and the "Kiara oooppp" clip that Kiara had taken down often.

>> No.37064601

What >>37064529 said. Most of that shit is DMCAable. There's probably enough strikes to get his channel knocked out.
I'm more pissed that she'll have to take time after the stream to deal with this now.

>> No.37064620

It's unlisted and has been up for months. No one will give a fuck.

>> No.37064630

She nuked the guy because it was HER in the video. The talents themselves can nuke videos because copyright. I'm talking about random plebs on 4chan trying to nuke "dox" literally doesn't work.

Basically this >>37064529

>> No.37064640

she probably won't deal with this at all
they don't take down normal doxx videos, they're probably not gonna bother with an unlisted Patreon reward

>> No.37064662

I haven’t watch the video because I better listen to kiwawa on the telly.
But the fucker have jrcash and lolcow as fucking source under the video

>> No.37064716

Send this to her RM on twitter. She nuked videos before on her own without cover.

>> No.37064731

I was gonna say, I'm excited to see how little digging he actually did and compare it to what I know. Seems pretty shallow at best and the couple bits I heard already were shit Kiara has talked about as Kiara.

>> No.37064745

It being on Patreon is so funny to me, like why is it a reward?

>> No.37064786

To grift from retards.

>> No.37064905
File: 205 KB, 800x534, 1660285382953.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>kiara's brain has non-standard couplings, needs special track, and doesn't stop often

>> No.37064954

Without getting into specifics, the video is largely sympatric (or rather patronising) to her story with antis portrayed negatively. Though he does accuse her of using relationships to her advantage, eceleb ladder climbing and says her family is shitty.

Overall comes off as look at all this stuff that happened, oggle at these terrible videos of her, oh but er I'm saying she had a hard life! It isn't nothing we don't know just very tabloid.

>> No.37065025 [DELETED] 

No, the worst thing it's that he has this on his channel

>> No.37065029

What's worse is that a lot of shit is actually a literal lie and fake news made up by antis. He is saying shit that is literally not true. Making things up in his mind

>> No.37065402

That video makes me feel bad. Glad he ripped off Kiwifarms and shows that he posts/reads there often.

>> No.37065463

>uploaded 4 months ago
he had 4 months to reconsider doing this

>> No.37065539
File: 866 KB, 1024x1536, pettanwawa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how do you watch Kiara without thinking about sex?

>> No.37065586


>> No.37065617

enter sagemode beforehand

>> No.37065630
File: 143 KB, 209x442, 1641938703469.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think about marriage instead.

>> No.37065649

I can't stop thinking about how it would feel good

>> No.37065665

I'm KFP and therefore gay. I think about sexing male chickens

>> No.37065693

>focus on wanting to fuck Kiara or a cute waitress
>realize this requires self improvement
>do reps instead of being horny
half of the time, it works every time

>> No.37065708
File: 76 KB, 480x480, IMISSTENCHOU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that counts though

>> No.37065801

my only twitter account is my KFP account and I don't wanna involve it in rmt shit, but I just checked and no one has sent it to her yet, someone should

>> No.37065833
File: 2.39 MB, 2000x2686, BunnyTenchou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>focus on wanting to fuck Kiara
>focus on wanting to fuck Kiara
>focus on wanting to fuck Kiara
have trouble getting past this first step

>> No.37065880
File: 982 KB, 828x861, 1623861073607.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37065899

I fucking hate this faggot

>> No.37065912

It burned in global for an hour, there's no way someone isn't doing that shit already.

>> No.37065985

My cute autistic Oshi.

>> No.37066029

He will delete it himself as soon as he realizes it got leaked. No way he risks a copyright strike over this

>> No.37066046

"I'm only bad at this to spend more time with you"

I beleeb

>> No.37066068

beginning to think she loves us

>> No.37066169

I hope not. She already stated a couple times that she doesn't want to be involved with this shit because it just upsets her. I don't want her to deal with this right after a 10 hour stream

>> No.37066213


>> No.37066290

no one has sent anything @ her already, so no, unless they have her DMs (or they sent it to her Kiara account)

>> No.37066291
File: 1.24 MB, 720x1280, 1663893317549.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37066304
File: 3.74 MB, 4096x2300, kiara.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37066365

One time a kronie got a members clip deleted just by impersonating her and repoting it, anyone here could probably do this without telling her.

>> No.37066389


>> No.37066410

Well there you go

>> No.37066466

Why isn't the clipper simply denying the claim? There is an option for it. The other person would even get legal trouble because in order to even make a claim you need to give them your real name and verify and shit

>> No.37066620

She's looking

>> No.37066643

Kiara and Fauna are synchronized pissing

>> No.37066779

Not a bad idea actually.

He can but it’s a hassle and a risk to make even more drama if it escalate on twitter. They maybe just prefer taking the lose and try to lay down for a while.
It’s a business for them, they don’t want to blow everything up

>> No.37066803

Disloyal chickens.
No hate, I just think someone who's that passionate about her should make a thread on the catalog instead.

>> No.37066869

inshallah ring fit works out tomorrow

>> No.37066885

Who the fuck is that?

>> No.37067166

random male ID chuuba in chat

>> No.37067609


>> No.37067885
File: 755 KB, 309x327, 1645862694076.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Kiara shittalks the story to the developers wife
I fucking love this woman.

>> No.37068090

>streaming for 9 hours

>> No.37068374

New thread in a few minutes.

>> No.37068416

Someone soundpost that ending bit

>> No.37068448


>> No.37068455
File: 481 KB, 610x646, 1610601697671.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

final thoughts

>> No.37068538

That ending was 10x funnier than the joke she was workshopping for multiple days.

>> No.37068547

You 'kay?

>> No.37068551

This game is really bad for numbers

>> No.37068629

No shit. But it actually got Kiara to engage with scifi concepts, even if superficially.

>> No.37068688

cute bird, very smart.

>> No.37068707

Despite not really liking it the game was impressive for a small team

>> No.37068755

Kiara needs tickles

>> No.37068766

I'm going to torment the esl nousagi thoughts

>> No.37068779

Alright time to watch that stupid fucking video.
>Instantly uses the term leeching
Ok, this guy is fucking retarded. Did people actually like him?

>> No.37068802
File: 312 KB, 1920x1920, FhewRqBWYAEWssL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37068845

pls no more talk about this in new thread pretty please onegai I will suck your cock

>> No.37068857

Now that the stream is over, wtf was the depressed nousagi shit? And how do >we report this to either Kiara or cover?

>> No.37068902

Just spam report him and death threats. Easy. Now let the topic die.

>> No.37068919

Contact Reine, she'll have a kill team on his house within the hour

>> No.37068939


>> No.37069125
File: 584 KB, 683x800, 1661172726767002.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can confirm.

>> No.37069277

How does the chat know that the developer's wife watched Kiara's stream?

>> No.37069335

Twitter probably

>> No.37069338

Cause it was just a random grey name saying
>lol im the devs wife kek

>> No.37069402

I didn't pay attention to how the devs and/or publisher caught wind of Kiara to offer those codes

>> No.37069427

New thread up:

>> No.37069598

They sent a sc