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Grass-fed edition

Nina is back from her vacation! Tonight she will talk about her trip, answer marshmallow questions and debut her new 3D model!


>who is Nina?
Nina is a Dutch indie VTuber and VSinger. Her content includes gaming (retro, kusoge, RPGs...), zatsudan, ASMR and singing (with a monthly concert).
Her powerful singing voice, her sisterly demeanor and her hard work have won the hearts of many anons on this board.

>Interested in how Nina sings?
Check out her latest concert:

>Other links and resources
>Unofficial VOD archives
New: https://youtube.com/channel/UCjS8uiGm2-L5st3VlRAzoFg
Old: https://youtube.com/channel/UCV7az8QsZaVJjBQ7ej7Etiw

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Previous thread: >>35070329

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Lads, I bloody missed Nina!

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/nina/ status?

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Funky new opening music.

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its been too long

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Gentlemen, I love Nina so fucking much.

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Words cannot express how happy I am that my wife is back.

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Short recap for those who chose to hibernate during these 3 weeks:
- no off-collab with Moriko because bat got covid
- Anny (yes, that Anny) tried to meet up with Nina, but Nina cancelled due to anxiety
- Nina had a short karaoke session on Twitter Space, an (incomplete) recording was uploaded on the archive
- some schizos tried to make her feel bad in DMs about her trip
- GEEGA got Nina accepted into that VIP Minecraft server thing

She visited many places and did many things during her trip, she will probably talk about those during the stream.

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First week was hard but after that it was fine. Although I did spend an unnatural amount of time on twitter

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>that Anny
Which Anny?

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Oh no the mouth is shit

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That mouth needs a little tweaking, that aside AHH!

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artist tried way too hard to mimic the 2D which they really shouldn't have

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my wife

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NTA but honestly massive improvement on the previous chink model.

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I don't like how bloated her hair is in the new design

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The mouth needs work but the bodytracking looks great.

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Well at least we know immediately what she needs to go back and ask for improvement on. The mouth sucks. Everything else looks okay though. Rigging is a little janky maybe but that can be tweaked.

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I like it, but I love long hair so.. only the mouth is a problem

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The model kinda looks like Koopa a bit. Don't know why tho.

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the model overall is a major improvement from the last 3D, but as much as Ninamouth is a staple at this point it just doesn't work in 3D and hopefully they address it

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like the early koopa 3Ds? I can see it, maybe the rigging or the hair I'm not sure

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I am sure some sort of overzelous anon will message her with feedback

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I mean so many accessories.

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Just saw Iekushi Chapipi is in the chat; she got gifted a sub. Kind of interesting

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Imagine Nina leaving claw marks on your back while you mating press her

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does nina even play minecraft
or is that one of those "not on stream" things?

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Isn't she Dutch too?

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There's some early minecraft collabs with Tanya.

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I think she's away now, or maybe it was next week. But she used her phone while in a mountain trip to check nina's stream last time so it's still possible.

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Don't do this.
No so soon.

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yes IIRC

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Yep. She also happens to be an excellent chuba. Hoping this is the beginning of a path to a collab

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She's so happy to be back bros

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Nina doesnt strike me as a difficult chuuba to talk to, though I did do my archive dive when i first started to watch her and apparently she is very intimidating

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god her gesticulation is so cute oh god

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That's because no one wants her to hate them forever and most chuubas have low confidence so they don't want to be a bother

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Nina is exceptionally easy to talk to, and a very kind person. The intimidating thing was a meme from early on because of how self-made she is.

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So lads, Anniversary plans?

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File: 2.73 MB, 1368x1080, ninanono.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dec 17th anniversary
-"new look"
-lots of new stuff

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I don't think my project will be done by then, so I'll just draw something for her.

>> No.37004333

I'll show up to watch it. That's all. I'll probably buy all her merch the instant she drops the link, too.

>> No.37004397

My plan similar to >>37004333
though I'd participate in any project you guys think would be fun. Considering her last years merch was great, excited for this drop.

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on god fr no cap

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she WILL learn japanese
she WILL move to japan
she WILL join hololive
she WILL fuck the bat

>> No.37004592

as far away from that garbage as possible, please

>> No.37004598

hen of mimi is a real one, she knows what's good

>> No.37004606

the funny twist on this story is that its actually bat who doesnt wanna fuck nina out of all people. makes me think.

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god its so much better now

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Her new 3D neeners look very nice actually.

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I love her so much lads

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My heart's gonna fucking detonate, going cold turkey was a mistake

>> No.37004711

The same person did Grape's 3D, so that figures. Same weird mouth, too.

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File: 1017 KB, 1657x1005, 2022_11_12_14_48_30_Ninaninin_Twitch_Mozilla_Firefox.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

shes back now oomfie, dont hurt yourself

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All 5 of Girls FC hired the same modeler, actually. He's just finishing up Mint's, I believe. https://twitter.com/wwin3d

>> No.37004818

hopefully better rigged than the old one but hard to tell when she's just doing half-3D in front of a camera.
I feel something's weird about the mouth, though. I didn't get that feeling from grape and bat. maybe it can get tweaked.

>> No.37004835

The boots look lazy

>> No.37004842


>> No.37004843

Imagine getting shoved into those Dutch mountains

>> No.37004846

true, the hen is one of the realest around.

>> No.37004984

3d adds SO much to how interactive the model is holy shit

>> No.37005042

>$800 mic still has not been shipped after 2 months
what the fuck is throne doing

>> No.37005089

I love hands so much bros

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scammed! I hope she has at least them contacted about it

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>> No.37005146

the post maiden....

>> No.37005157

oh fuck horrible spelling error. im drunk

>> No.37005163

NTA but I think Throne doesnt order stuff anymore, they just pay the creator now

>> No.37005436

regular farming streams HYPE

>> No.37005452

Is she saying the farming content will be member only? Am I understanding correctly?

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wait if you paid $100 for a song were you supposed to dm her about it

>> No.37005490

Seems like it

>> No.37005545

Yeah, she e-mailed people she said.

Nice. Happy to hear we are getting member content.

>> No.37005577

went back to check grape's to compare
grape's mouth opens taller while not being as wide (especially in comparison to teeth), and her jawline actually moves.
compared to nina where it looks very unnatural when she's laughing

but maybe it's just phone camera rigging vs. VR camera for true 3d

>> No.37005641

>singing lessons
>video editing/production classes
>learning Japanese
she works so hard bros

>> No.37005661

check your alt emails

>> No.37005665

She sent an e-mail before her trip to everyone who donated $100. If you haven't received it you should DM her.

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>> No.37005683

I honestly can't be more impressed. How, just how does one fit all of this shit in.

>> No.37005694

What's the point of locking this kind of content to members only? Genuine question.

>> No.37005737

She literally explained just now, the reason is that she doesn't have to pump herself up and just be herself in a smaller circle of people.

>> No.37005739

pay up, fag

>> No.37005749

like she said, she thinks most people don't want to see it.

>> No.37005766

Severe lack of sleep and caffeine addiction.

>> No.37005800

"just don't sleep bro, lol"

>> No.37005847

I just thought it was strange because most of her active chatters are already subbed, and you wouldn't need to act any differently for lurkers so it seemed redundant.
I'm already subbed I was just curious.

>> No.37005873

Elaborate? What is this about $100 for song? I know nothing.

>> No.37005915

Subathon rewards, already over

>> No.37005924

Cunnyninin confirmed

>> No.37005941

Her smugness on the 3D model is too much

>> No.37005968

But that was confirmed for a long time? Bluelizz is working on it (worried about it desu)

>> No.37005984

How's her relationship with Miori

>> No.37006017

Considering she mixed for her, we can tell that at least the relationship exists

>> No.37006021

PLEASE sing in that higher register too, you're so fucking good at it

>> No.37006069

Nina was seducing adults in chat rooms at 10…. Sasuga

>> No.37006117

if nina sings more in that voice hololive will start knocking at her door and we dont want that

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>Yeah, I had a crush on a teacher, what are you gonna do about it?

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her happy squels..

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She missed us like we missed her

>> No.37006374

im pretty sure i dont have an email and this shit wrecks me with anxiety if i have to dm her again

>> No.37006415

you WILL dm your oshi
I believe in you anon

>> No.37006427

How did you pay the $100 if you don't have an email?
Besides, there's nothing to fear with a DM she's very nice in DMs.

>> No.37006457

Check the paypal email, I got it there.

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Nina's very approachable and friendly. Don't feel nervous, anon.

>> No.37006740

Is there any repository for all Nina lewds? Including all the KK stuff

>> No.37006903

Did she tho?

>> No.37007006

#ninintai on twitter and there's an imgur floating around for most non-KK things
You'll probably have to search /lig/ for the KK.

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Try the #ninintai tag on twitter (you need to enable NSFW searches in your settings)
Also the /lig/ koikatsu archive
There are a few pics too on imageboorus

>> No.37007220

Nina smol

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People should really start uploading the KK stuff to rule34
Does anyone know their policy on edits? I'd imagine there could be some copyright shenanigans there.

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>> No.37007329

In collab with queen Bean, Nina mentioned being 138-140 cm, was she joking or is she really this tiny?

>> No.37007391
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she fits into clothes made for tiny Jap women, it seems to check out

>> No.37007394

>onion chest piece, logan hat, and dancer shoes are dutch fashion
I don't know what any of those are

>> No.37007413

>Same weird mouth, too.
is there 3D dentistry?

>> No.37007482

shes definitely not 140cm, thats literal dwarfism

>> No.37007567

Has she sung any Suisex songs

>> No.37007599

I don't think so, but maybe they're on her list, since she seems to like Suisei and a lot of Hololive.

>> No.37007682

i would shove ninas feet down my throat

>> No.37007720

>onion chest piece
>logan hat
>dancer shoes
netherlands is dark souls

>> No.37007746 [SPOILER] 
File: 398 KB, 1280x1969, MakinaBlack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

haha what could you do with feet haha

>> No.37007816

She's 158cm

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>>37007816 (Me)
forgot pic

>> No.37007900

Ah, thanks bro

>> No.37007904

That would make more sense. Inis has met Nina and said Mango is the shortest vtuber she's met IRL (shorter than ShyLily, 4'10)

>> No.37008051

Nina hugged me, later virgins

>> No.37008076


>> No.37008111

That hug was for me

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File: 7 KB, 265x56, 1652910369185.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.37008154

I want to drink wine from grapes that nina pressed with her feet

>> No.37008208
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I am going to take a fucking hit contract out on Isaak, I swear to God.

>> No.37008274

Sure and Bean is 6m tall, but I was wondering about her roommate. I just checked and 158 cm is exact average for japanese women, and Nina just said every woman was taller there.

>> No.37008302

japanese is also an old society, older people are shorter

>> No.37008341

His feet faggotry has bumped him even lower in my estimate, and he was already rock bottom. S-Sugoi. Nina called him out good tho.

>> No.37008410
File: 320 KB, 758x448, Screenshot 2022-11-12 160923.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what a view

>> No.37008426

>more minecraft
oh for fucks sake

>> No.37008459
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>earlicking ASMR coming soon

>> No.37008463

Unrealistic. Unless she is face sitting me. GOD I WISH

>> No.37008487

Hell will freeze over before Nina does something seriously lewd. Do not take the bait.

>> No.37008518


>> No.37008536

Is coffee good for you?

>> No.37008539

>such a doomer in discord that she added a containment channel AND updated the server rules
>weird coomer but also talks down on everyone
>backseat mod
>stays around because he's a T3
I don't normally complain about viewers but this guy's really making an effort to become the new V*rdy

>> No.37008541

I feel this is a bit different since its a subathon reward so she has to do it to some degree.
I dont think its going to be a permanent thing.

>> No.37008550

With fresh milk preferrably

>> No.37008577

From dutch cows?

>> No.37008587
File: 1.07 MB, 2050x3211, 1661627193854722.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Coffee is great for you. Drink up.

>> No.37008600

i feel like we were on this nonquestion for 30 minutes

>> No.37008622
File: 454 KB, 544x508, 1632010984216.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that was me, i did this feet question

>> No.37008624

both seriouschannel and the no politics was because of isak?
coffee sucks

>> No.37008644

Nina has a lot of weird fans she should have banned ages ago, but he takes the fucking cake. The only one who tops him was a literal stalker.

>> No.37008672


>> No.37008676

A mix of him and v*rdy, going by who uses it the most and what they liked talking about in main before.

>> No.37008683

I wouldnt be surprised he was already warned once or twice.

>> No.37008708
File: 138 KB, 341x274, 42823.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no fucking surprise there

>> No.37008749


>> No.37008762

I like him because although I'm a cringe regular chatter and a foot fag, him being so vocal about it makes my occasional autism seem normal.

>> No.37008781

why do some people get so absorbed with politics? do what you want in your spare time and put it down when you go hang out at a streamer's server.

>> No.37008841

He literally described himself as being someone who identifies themselves by their politics. Some people need it to form their persona and can't live without it. They might also just like arguing and telling people how to live their lives.

>> No.37008867

very good for the liver

>> No.37008876

us footfags need to stick together although i would never be vocal about my footfaggotry

>> No.37008877

So who's Chapipi? I've never heard of them.

>> No.37008920

all I know is that they're a Dutch chuuba

>> No.37008933

like 90% of people i've known have become politicalfags in the last 10 years, its just a replacement for personality now

>> No.37009000

corpo chuuba (its complicated) who was stuck streaming on youtube. is actually pretty good and fun. also nice singer.
nina was one of the chuubas who suggested her to stream on twitch

>> No.37009009

nina please take the foot mallow off the screen

>> No.37009028

Issac is at least twice as annoying in the discord

>> No.37009037

look, i just think that cute, well cared feet amplify the girlish cuteness. Though foot massages don't give me anything. Don't lump me with the lickin/footjob weirdos.

>> No.37009039

took me blowing up a great relationship in 2016 to get out of this culture war shit, it's easy to get absorbed in it.

>> No.37009041

She cant hear you she has her headset on

>> No.37009043

Dutch Vtuber from that small corpo that died recently. One of the best EN Vsingers. Hopefully she and Nina will interact more now that she's indie.

>> No.37009068
File: 613 KB, 700x614, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh she's cute and funny, I see. Another one for the harem
Alright, I'll have to drop by sometime

>> No.37009071

she just did it she's /HERE/

>> No.37009077

i feel you brother

>> No.37009085

I've considered talking to Nina or a mod about him but he's technically not doing anything wrong and maybe it'd be better to confront them personally before complaining to authorities.

>> No.37009090

>one of the best EN vsingers
This is /nina/ so you must post proof

>> No.37009189

This desu,
footjobs are just a power-dynamic thing for me than any sort of inherent attraction to feet.

>> No.37009193

thats me, im that microphone

>> No.37009203
File: 1.66 MB, 318x716, 1642805504970.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.37009226

notice how smoothly and imperceptibly she checked and read my message
Queen of Plausible Deniability

>> No.37009231
File: 493 KB, 658x539, nina smile.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37009237

Bros I believe she's trying to tell us she's been craving for something..

>> No.37009250
File: 2.63 MB, 500x324, Gosling (3).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Seeing her gesture while singing
oh god

>> No.37009264

is that from cytube?

>> No.37009268

next level

>> No.37009277
File: 253 KB, 262x262, Nina wiggle.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

mfw nobody's bitching about me

Feels good man.

>> No.37009278

She sounds happy and refreshed. I am happy and refreshed.

>> No.37009280

Looks like cytube to me yeah

>> No.37009304

>smile status: protected
Feels great

>> No.37009305
File: 1.11 MB, 512x512, 1637441426802.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37009329

i miss the /a/ watchalongs on every december, do they still do that?

>> No.37009342
File: 5 KB, 318x45, 1647136244308.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.37009365
File: 1000 KB, 336x498, 1616883353167.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

me too oomfie... me too

>> No.37009400

No idea, I only ever hop in to the cytubes for Holefes, which also tends to be fun.

>> No.37009426

oh, right

>> No.37009431

I will always bitch about you.

>> No.37009435

makes me wonder if the woto streams still happen. always forget them

>> No.37009456

A clip from a recent jazz karaoke she did

>> No.37009490

I was there...

>> No.37009503

Sick, will keep an eye and give her a watch

>> No.37009573

Oh shit, that's good.

>> No.37009582

Nina's soft feet stroking my dick...

>> No.37009636


>> No.37009665

It really adds something to >>37007746

>> No.37009838

New merch? Neat, wearing my shirt right now.
More karaoke is always wonderful too.

>> No.37009899

I hope she is here because I don't want to DM her feedback about the mouth tracking

>> No.37009932

I hope she's not here because I don't want her to track my rampant hornyposting and figure out who I am.

>> No.37010036

this would suck once i dm her about not getting an email about the song

>> No.37010052

She already knows.

>> No.37010081


>> No.37010130

I wonder if it's Kayfabe or if the Neeners are really that Neenery.

>> No.37010173

I lean on the side that she is flatter than Nina, considering VR... BUT that chink model was scuffed af so I aint gonna say for certain

>> No.37010180

I actually could see how she seems intimidating. I would say all of GirlsFC have that slight intimidating quality to them, because they're all nuclear shitposters and have the type of sense of humor where they are very willing to roast people. I mean it's all in good fun, but Nina definitely isn't the super warm and fuzzy type, she's in it for her own entertainment and she does not tiptoe around pursuing it.

>> No.37010190

the only part of herself that she's said is big is her ass

>> No.37010221

>ywn peek on Nina's pink panties and cake while she bends over to reach something on the floor

>> No.37010236

She shouldn't feel too bad about it, I've seen a lot of otherwise great 3D models with weird mouth tracking, it seems to be one of the hardest elements to do right and also changes depending on how the driver uses their mouth.

>> No.37010272

You know, I was never sure about that. It's possible the models hands were synced with the center of the trackers. A bit of clipping would be expected in that case.

>> No.37010330

Nina's big butt

>> No.37010335

>she showed panties on 3D karaoke
I need a cap of that

>> No.37010359
File: 440 KB, 555x707, pink.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37010378
File: 919 KB, 1181x412, 1665655067813.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>fat-assed tiny redhead
She's literally my type. Imagining her trying to fit into a skirt that's too small for her is making my dick uncomfortably erect, please send help

>> No.37010407


>> No.37010454
File: 7 KB, 274x50, mimi ass.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.37010463

Ah how I missed the hour long tangents per maro

>> No.37010682

nina sounds like the type to say "y-you too" to clerks

>> No.37010787
File: 691 KB, 1056x579, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Something has been slowly dawning on me over time. Nina's streams kind of give me cancer sometimes. This has been a painful and difficult thing to realize.

>> No.37010855
File: 771 KB, 649x706, 1640222958502.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He's late this time, but still - don't reply.

>> No.37010918

but he's trying his best

>> No.37010995

Nina the mmt chad

>> No.37011212

It's being hard trying to survive NNN right now. I've been conditioned to be extremely horny towards Nina.

>> No.37011249

God I wish I was that salary man..

>> No.37011259

Some lucky random Japanese salary man got a handful of Nina ass.

I don't think I can live in this world anymore.

>> No.37011261

>Nina got her ass grabbed on a train
>Didn't panic because she kind of expected it

>> No.37011262

this but for the weed chicken

>> No.37011297


>> No.37011312

Weed chicken? Tell me more. You have me intrigued.

>> No.37011331


>> No.37011367
File: 225 KB, 1120x531, 1653685099784.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Give up

>> No.37011376

Thread reading right now, aren't there female-only trains?

>> No.37011435

Yes, she said she understands why now

>> No.37011437

Yes, and she talked about it too.

>> No.37011442

Ah. Thanks.

>> No.37011475

>not even clipwatcher, but not even pure shitposter

>> No.37011523

>*gestures holding a microphone* HEH IT LOOKS LIKE IM SUCKING A DICK HUH
>*sings tenacious d song about sucking dick*
>*shows model's chest* CHECK OUT MY ASSETS HUH GUYS JEJ
The average nina stream in current year

>> No.37011524

I just mean I closed the stream so I don't know if she talked what I just mentioned

>> No.37011545

he's getting upset...

>> No.37011555
File: 54 KB, 275x205, 1642280750846.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't reply

>> No.37011562

I love it

>> No.37011572
File: 528 KB, 500x576, 1647957794600.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>my reaction

>> No.37011602

why are japanese men so insatiably horny they do that? cultural thing I guess?

>> No.37011606
File: 243 KB, 680x709, yes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37011626

Love this fake german

>> No.37011628


>> No.37011678

Imagine you're working for days, don't even have time to rub one out and then you get some fat ass shaking on your crotch during a train ride.

>> No.37011693

Decades of repression and a culture of bottling everything up.

>> No.37011712
File: 80 KB, 261x227, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37011713

I missed it but what did chapipi do?

>> No.37011720

>fake german
you take that back

>> No.37011721

they're just like me fr fr

>> No.37011748


>> No.37011782

>in character panties
Good stuff. Why do KK dicks look so bad

>> No.37011801


>> No.37011819

But anon, she’s French.

>> No.37011836

>ywn get corrected by Nina
Why live?

>> No.37011867

I don't think they're any worse than any other nationality, it's just the crowded trains providing more opportunity

>> No.37011880

If the 30-40's went differently, there wouldn't be any difference between those.

>> No.37011983

nepgear what are you doing here

>> No.37012046

fair enough. I just personally wouldn't do anything despite what degenerate thoughts pop up in my head.

>> No.37012104

That retard raiding with just himself

>> No.37012119

>Nina checked her porn tag and liked this the moment she got home
What did she mean by this?

>> No.37012246

Most jap men wouldn't either. It's a statistical minority. They don't all seize the opportunity, but those who would seize it, do actually get those opportunities.

>> No.37012254

that you should drink a cup of coffee

>> No.37012516

I haven't been feeling horny towards Nina for the last 1.5 years

>> No.37012585


>> No.37012600

I'm horny towards nina right now
did you miss her "bath" stream or something?

>> No.37012619

why are you gay?

>> No.37012728

I really need to do some nina pregnancy skebs

>> No.37012762
File: 520 KB, 683x676, 1650669226978.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do it

>> No.37012772
File: 1.70 MB, 1249x759, 1659579547891.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imouto-wife with the predictable raid

>> No.37012852

Quick, post her "totally swimsuit" attire

>> No.37012942

I watched it without feeling anything. I felt bored even tho I like her streams usually.
I can look at an attractive woman and get hard enough feeling like getting kicked in the balls for 30 minutes straight. No such things with males, I know I'm not gay.
I would like to know as well. I take my vitamins, do my reps, do my exercise, do my job, feel healthy. I should have it but I don't.

>> No.37013017

Do you see her kinda as a relative?

>> No.37013073

Genuine answer, everyone adjusts to infatuation. Some faster than others. And the older you are, the harder it gets to pull out that horny side of you too.

>> No.37013257

Nah, the only time I see her are the streams and even at those I lurk with chat collapsed. She's more like a distant female, an entertainer if you will.
I'm not even 30. That sounds depressing if it's true.

>> No.37013318

I want to save Nina from OL hell so bad

>> No.37013332

>that sounds depressing
I'm not as horny as I was in my 20's but it's not a huge difference and honestly it's a relief. It's easier for me to appreciate a woman's personality now and not be distracted by her body.

>> No.37013377

if you have hobbies and other things you like to do in life then you barely even notice it when it happens.

>> No.37013423

For me, it's because her old shy self is canon in my head and I just can't take it seriously when she says lewd things. I always feel like she's faking it or making kind of a forced attempt at joking. Though I also never chat. I wonder if that has something to do with it. There's just that extra layer of separation cuz I don't even bother attempting to get a word in her chat these days

>> No.37013513

The separation does a lot. It makes her more like a show you watch that changes.
When you chat regularly or invest in her personally, it's more like watching a person grow. I'm always happy to be around her, and seeing her come out of her shell, even if she's not the same type of person to watch as before.
But being close like that has its obvious downsides too.

>> No.37013607

Bless you oilers

>> No.37013629
File: 153 KB, 260x360, ninacore.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

good lord I missed hearing her sing. and it get's better and better.

>> No.37013661

Pretending to be close to her and be her "friend" is not for everyone. It takes a certain lack of self-awareness. For me, keeping a distance is a necessity. Indulging the illusion that she'd ever care about me personally just makes me feel more lonely and sad.

>> No.37013739

I'm well aware she's not my friend and I don't pretend otherwise. But vtubers like Nina do it to socialize and chat with people, so I'll oblige it. If she enjoys the chats, all the better.

>> No.37013832
File: 94 KB, 960x720, 1461910749240.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I missed Nina so much it's unreal. I literally couldn't look away.

>> No.37013850

I never have gotten parasocialism. Sure, it's nice to chat with the person that you watch but at the end of the day it's just an unscripted, live anime experience.

>> No.37013851

happy that my wife is back/10

>> No.37013864

I missed my Oshi so fucking much, and I'm so happy she's back / 10

>> No.37013883

Absolutely blessed stream! Also terrible raid target as usual

>> No.37013894

It's great to have her back for sure, even though I enjoyed seeing her travelogues.

>> No.37013930

idk, pretty warm welcome at least

>> No.37013931

That raid into vtranny makes me wanna kms but otherwise kino, so glad she's back, can't wait for anniversary stream / 10

>> No.37013948

I can't believe she's back my oshi is as amazing as ever/10

>> No.37013949

That's fine if you're not lonely yourself. If you don't have friends and genuinely want one, and your oshi shares your interests and stuff, having a friend so close but so far is a quick path to shooting yourself in the head with a gun if you catch my meaning

>> No.37013983

better than saruei

>> No.37014039

Nina is going to join that Minecraft server so she needs to network. Would be great if she could impromptu collab with Haruka

>> No.37014093
File: 108 KB, 1075x1080, 1653529991764.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Agreed, but I wouldnt watch any of them

>> No.37014115

loved it so much, forgot that I had something else planned for the day.
I'll forever regret suggesting Saruei during that stream.

>> No.37014140

Could be a fun dynamic

>> No.37014192

Yeah I gotta say, that was disappointing. IMO one of Nina's most kino moments of all time was refusing to raid ironmouse at the end of the subathon cuz she wanted to "raid a friend instead." Well, look at her now. Our girl is growing up I guess

>> No.37014206

Nina and Haruka would be an almost perfect stream for me. Fuckin love that moose.

>> No.37014400

I do have IRL friends, but it's nice being friendly with someone so charming like Nina that you'd never meet under normal circumstances.
They might be vtubers, but they're still people. As long as you recognize and respect the boundaries you can be friendly with each other in a relatively healthy way.

>> No.37014556
File: 289 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0036.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Saruei is not that bad now that she has collabed with Girls FC girls.
I think the ideal raid target tonight was Coqui though.

>> No.37014601

Who isn't

>> No.37014614

a bit of a funny choice after coming back rather than a friend but I'm sure she wants to do a blend of friends and people to network with overall. Or she pressed random if that's a thing streamers can do.

>> No.37015052

I don't know about random but she was probably just in "oh shit" mode and picked the first stream she saw without looking further.
Bat and Kitanya were both streaming so she would have probably hit one of them if she wasn't jetlagged and sleep deprived.

>> No.37016071

Nina should stop raiding Bat

>> No.37016211

>that VIP Minecraft server thing
What's that even about?

>> No.37016244

how parasocial is she? does she respect and treat her fans well?

>> No.37016264

Is it possible to just get a model that just supports all iPhone face-tracking vectors?

>> No.37016528

Some Minecraft server with a bunch of big /lig/ and /vsj+/ names in it. Geega's been farming clout to get in and is passing that onto her friends.
>how parasocial is she?
She likes her chat and uses streaming as her main means of socializing. She's not pulling a Rushia and leaning hard into GFE if that's what you're asking. She mostly streams for her own fun.
>does she respect and treat her fans well
Yes, she's very kind with all her viewers, both new and old. Though she's not afraid to push back whenever they get weird or particularly annoying.

>> No.37017051

I hate the misuse of the term parasocial interaction so much.

It's just a one-sided social relationship. It's not rocket science.

>> No.37017601

Isn't that what a parasocial relationship is?

>> No.37017621

>it's nice being friendly with someone so charming like Nina that you'd never meet under normal circumstances
Todays world makes me sad

>> No.37018034

No. In parasocial interaction, the entertainer doesn't even know you exist. If you can interact directly it falls outside the definition.

One-sided social relationships aren't much better, but I guess it's easier to gauge where you stand depending on how the other person reacts to you. Unless you are extremely bad at that.

It's understandable that a single person can't befriend everyone.

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