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Is there a SINGLE holo you fucks won't Gosling for?

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even kiara has goslins, so no

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Kiara is the apex of GFE

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personally, even the chuubas I think are annoying deserve to be happy.

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Your oshi

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Pekora maybe? She's too comedic

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I'm not into the dudes (because they're dudes) but surely someone is.

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For me, Botan. I like her streams, but she's never done anything that would make me go Gosling for her.

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Easy, Mel, no one likes her since that dude died

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Yeah but she's still really cute.
And I love seeing her happy.

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I'd gossling over the thought of making love to Risu up her butthole.

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Ollie. I'm not into the zombie look and her personality is anti-gosling.

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>tfw kiara will never show you her new shoes while wearing nothing else

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The "Girlfriend who earned those black eyes" experience

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>tfw you know that her body is eternally smooth even down there

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>no bush
Dropped. I don't like razorburns.

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I've never seen anyone Gosling for Lo-fi ever

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Ollie has no goslings. Her zoomer nature makes it impossible to do so

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All of them, especially KFP and Ame. Ina is probably the only EN I'd Gosling for. As for JP, I dunno, most are hags.

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There is no razor burn, she said onstream that she got permanent laser removal of all her bodyhair.

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Gura probably

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A Japanese guy gosslinged over Iofi on Japanese television. But unfortunately the clip got deleted from youtube and I can't find a copy anymore.

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Hard to gosling for some of them knowing they're in their 40's and/or have kids

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Are you fucking blind?

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I dont think I’ve seen anybody gosling for Shinove

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Loafy sounds extremely cute when speaking Japanese + she has a pure SEX morning voice. Though the cutest part about her is probably the model. I lose myself everytime she smiles. Holos who show teeth are simply the best.
Truth to be told I've been saviorfagging for her ever since the Among Us collab

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>He's not sexually attracted to mature women and milfs

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You didn't have to say that, but you did anyways.

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okay seriously is it Lofi or is it Iofi, with an i?

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I meant personally, not /vt/

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I fucking love Marine, take that back

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With a captial i, iofi = "ee-oh-fee".

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korone, she's old and miserable

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The trigger for me was that "Will" cover, she was already one of my favorite holos, but from the moment I heard her singing this song on the 3d debut I knew there was no coming back

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Anya Ollie Iofi Gura Ame
I cant gosling for them for some reason, even Kiara is easier

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But I do gosling for her

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I loved that cover so much
It caught me so off guard, I've always loved how unique her voice is.

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>Holos who show teeth are simply the best.
It's nice to see that someone else really gets it.

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I must not gosling for my oshi for my sake and hers

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But she also says she won't ever do that again because her skin is really sensitive to láser. I wonder hows it going down there

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It's permanent. The Hair follicles are literally burned shut until the day she dies.

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Any male. Except Artemis. I'd fuck Artemis.

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Mori and Coco

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Haachama or maybe Aqua.

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I often think about embracing my savior side, but then I remember that being able to see all the cringe in the chat kills it for me. When I first started seeing english in chats it was like this too though, so maybe someday.

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Have you guys tried coming up with your own memes instead of using /tv/s outdated left overs?

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Something about seeing them smile with teeth cuts right to the heart. I don't know why but it feels more genuine and heartfelt that way.

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This. They're all lovely in their own ways.

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I just can't see her that way, no idea why.

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Your favorite one.

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enma is not even a person

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The entire ID branch.

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Personally for me, I can say there are because there are some I just don't like in general

Everything about her pretty much turns me off. Won't get too much into what I dislike about her but she's overall too rambunctious in most regards

Another Holo I'd say I genuinely would dislike as a person.

I could go much deeper but besides these there are probably others I'd see in a different light (for example, entertainment, friend, etc) and wouldn't get invested or drawn towards

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True when addressing us as a whole. There's Gosling material for all kinds when considering Hololive's talent roster.

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Mori, Ina, Kiara any Holo that speaks out as a progressive really, the ones that play into yuri shit. Can't gosling after that even if i wanted to.

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You have to share the stream where she said that, please anon. And any other where she spoke about shaving and depilating

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>female Oga

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Why would you dislike her as a person anon? No judging I'm curious

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Artemis isn't a Holo, he's an indipendant vtuber.

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Kiara because she's obnoxious and generally unlikeable.
Gura for less obvious reasons but I still just don't like her as a character.
Coco just because I don't like her voice and reddit personality.

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does it count as "godslinging" if I want to beat the shit out of kiara?

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It was a minecraft stream between new year's and a month ago, that's all I remember. She talked about the laser treatment for at least 10 minutes, so it's probably mentioned in the comments.

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>genuinely would dislike as a person

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I rarely see anyone Gosling over AZKI.

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I asked the same, I don't know how could you ever dislike gooruh

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Even Moona?

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Red Oni bad, yes.

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Most of them.
I'd only gosling for Mio, Shuba, Sora and Watame. The majority of Holos are just random whores.

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Luna is my oshi because she provides a truly unique experience that you filthy pleb coomers will never understand.

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Luna and maybe kiara, both of their voice are major turn off

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I mean, she has both the fan shippers on one side and the crew who went wild with her new outfit and wanted to make her a mother, so she has her fanatics just as well

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Aw hell yeah. I'd be down to my knees whenever I see Fem Oga. I'd be even gay for Regular Oga but this is THE PEAK.

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This guy is cultured.

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Shut up, pedo.

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I want the giant demon woman to step on me.

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Somebody get this hothead out of here.

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She's both American and female

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Yes there are. mori, ina and iofi.

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Damn, I forgot where I am.
Are you guys saying this out of genuine curiosity or just blind faithfulness to her? Because I wouldn't want to be talking to brick walls trying to explain how I genuinely don't watch the cash cow of HololiveEN

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Anyone who isn't Coco.
I gosling pretty hard for Aruran and Shien too.

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>he doesn’t want to be a numberfag

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I made the cash cow reference mainly because of her overall popularity in case there was some misconception

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