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You will never love anything as much as this dude loved Hololive.

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We all need something in our lives, I respect his passion.

He could have been political and rooted for a snake, he could have been religious and prayed to a deaf god, he could have been a sporting fan and cop the worst luck in the finals, instead he gave his love to vtubers who are just happy people watch their streams.


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>no holoEN
He's trash.

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Or he could've put his precious time into something useful. Absolute waste of space I hope he dies at 30.

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it's hololive not holoEN

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Is this really that large? The size of those torches are just 1 block. Either way RIP

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Your self loathing is showing

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who are the girls on each sides of Azki?

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He's already dead you moron

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Obsession and worship of material figures binds you to the lower world and prevents the attainment of gnosis.
Gachikoi are destined to a very long time of spiritual enslavement and suffering in the afterlife.

My only wish is not to become so deeply enamored with anything.

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what you're looking at is map art made from actual pixel art done in minecraft

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I think he just grabbed a picture that looked nice without givng much thought who was or wasn´t there. Aloe is not on the pic either, despite the fact he already dedicated 2 murals to her (one for Aloe, one for Delutaya)

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so did he make his own texture pack and those are just all different blocks?

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Anon those are frame paintings, each one is showing thousands of blocks condensed as pixels

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Robocosan and Sora....? Are you really that stupid?

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have you never played minecraft before? if not it'll be kinda hard to explain

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Sora and roboco

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>map art
A block is placed for each pixel to make an image using a map.

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what could have he done retard.he was heavely sick

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it's a terrible day for rain

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imagine leaving out the best part and calling yourself a fan XD

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To think I used to hate the concept of VTubers entirely, it's amazing how /hlg/ mocked this guy's death when he cared and loved about Hololive more than any of their sorry asses ever will. Ironically, it was Hololive that made me stop following the 4chan herd and thinking and acting on my own. Best decision I've made on my own. RIP Kelanduo you goddamn legend. More people should possess your passion for Hololive.

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Have no idea who you're talking about just saw some autism and had to call it out.

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You must be the fun at parties, he is already dead u retard

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ame dayo.

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He's dead, faggot.

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>autism triggers my autism

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Why are you even here then, pussy?

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Do we know what kind of disease he had?
Either way it's pretty fucking impressive, did he used world edit tools for this?

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Long hair Robocco tripped me. I thought there were two Sora

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A message from Matsuri


For those who don´t know, this guy also made a pixel painting for her when she was feeling bad about receiving harsh messeges over being bad at Apex.


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Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

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why does it have to be layered and elevated like that? what different kind of effect is achieved here compared to just constructing everything on one layer

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Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis according to the person who now handles his youtube channel.

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>leaving out the best part
>best part

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Jesus, it's faggot like you that make 4chan even worse. Thinking that being vulgar, edgy and a fucking asshole is 4chan culture and pollute the place even more

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to increase color variation and adding gradation IIRC, because minecraft block has limited color

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Just to be clear this 100% done using scripts not hand placed blocks but still quite impressive to see the final results.

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Has this always been the case or is that what r/4chan thinks?

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he could learn a new language, or learn to draw, or master a musical instrument, to name just a few options.

Instead, he learned to arrange pixels on a screen in likely the most inefficient way humanity has discovered to date.

If there was ever need for proof that vtuber fans are mentally deficient, this covers it exhaustively.

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Ow the edge

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how do you know that?

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It hasn’t always been the case, however sites like youtube, reddit and twitter have basically convinced people and newfags that the entire site is like /b/.

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he had no regrets, and as far as I know, didn't annoy anyone substantially
with those two criteria, I see nothing wrong here
others may find what you do to be worthless or wasting time, but only you can decide what your life is going to be

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All of which would have accomplished nothing

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He was literally on his deathbed counting the days before he died, not much he can do from there

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Let's assume that he had done this, spent his life dedicating himself to something other than his passion, something "useful". He still was going to die this year, so what would be the point other than spending the rest of his short life in a mediocre way?

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>creative mode

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>learn to draw,
>he learned to arrange pixels on a screen

The irony is so thick it's hilarious.

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The fact that he died just three days after finishing this, and he had lived eight years past his estimated life expectancy, finishing this may have just been the only thing keeping him alive.

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Those are all maps mounted on a wall, showing different parts of the world.

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I'm from /hlg/ and no offence mate but if you take anything in that shithole seriously then you're an idiot, It's full of attention seeking bellends who will literally say anything for a reply.

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so, 4chan?

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> he could learn a new language, or learn to draw, or master a musical instrument, to name just a few options.
The man was dying these would have genuinely less use and worth. With doing this he broke a world record which he got more out of than even trying to do any of the things you listed.

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The britbong energy radiating off of this post, wow.

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Another retarded, he would be dead before acomplish his goal if he was learning something you just said now, at least he has now something people will remember for a few time even if is in a small comunity like this

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It has always been the case, look at the old day, hell let's look for a recent example which is /vt/ itself, despite the low traffic when it's newly created, everyone was high spirited and discussed about chubba, showed their love in a genuine way, there was no bait, no shitposting aside from /qa/ shit and annoying orange shitposting. Now look at /vt/ now, popular but people don't even watch stream, lie and bait about chubba they don't watch, unironically post wojak and unironic schizo and faggot running wild and shitting on every thread, it's not /v/ yet but you can see it becoming one.

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>Or he could've put his precious time into something useful
>Neoliberalism has rotted westerner´s brains so bad they can´t possibly conceive and existance that isn´t based on serving someone.

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Damn... has any holo reacted to this man's passing yet?

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read the thread bro...

>> No.3688364

Yeh Matsuri

>> No.3688381

Yeah pretty much but instead of 1 or 2 there's probably about 5-10 in the thread alone with a maximum of 200-220 posters?

oi oi guvna.

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Last I checked a bunch of holos retweeted him including Yagoo with some people like Matsuri and Aki retweeting it with a message. This was the guy who cheered Matsuri up with art of her when she was feeling down because of the effect her Apex binge was doing to her numbers and she never forgot.

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Suppossedly, Delutaya did, but her account is private, so I can´t check myself.

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SEAmonkeys aren't all of /hlg/

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>no stars
what a purist fag, he probably deserves it

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Matsuri didn't sleep last night

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spoonfeed me please

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>>no stars
>what a purist fag, he probably deserves it

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he died of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis three days after making this, he was diagnosed ten years ago and wasn't expected to make it past two due to the progression of his disease

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got a chuckle out of me, now i feel bad
RIP in peace beautiful soul

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>more than 11 fucking million blocks
>he already had the former record
>finished the project in his dead bed
>Matsuri will have him in her menhera heart forever
>his best bro was with him during the last moments and promised to preserve his work
we're all gonna make it bros

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He was a based Holofag to the end

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Unsure if based or stupid

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where's cris?

>> No.3689888

you're no better than them

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did he live stream doing this? couldn't a bot have done the same?

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In the time it took him to place those blocks he could have learned to code and written a program to do it for him. Minecraft pixel art is like perler beads except you don't even get a shitty trinket out of it at the end.

>> No.3690027

I'd argue that the fact that he didn't, and instead manually placed every single block, is part of the art.

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In the time you've spent posting on 4chan you could have been doing something productive with your life or not

>> No.3690132

Did he? Even if he placed 1 block a second, 11000000 seconds is at least 127 days.

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RIP, a true hero

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You probably didn't know, but I'm still gonna call you an idiot

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>he could learn a new language, or learn to draw, or master a musical instrument
You only value these so much because they get people laid

>> No.3690510

What if someone did this but it was vshojo?

>> No.3690516

Have you seen a lot of dying people in your life?

>> No.3690569

>all jp holos, no EN no ID
BASED holotard, RIP

>> No.3690706

HoloEN isnt a loss to hololive if cover ever drops them like holocn

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only good post in this thread

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Based retard.

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He was a Deltafag too.

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I will never get how this shitty brick laying simulator got popular.

>> No.3691066

>implying aloe wasn't pure JP

>> No.3691101

I don't get why someone hasn't made the same building game but with a good combat system
Inspired by any combat system it really doesn't matter vs minecraft left clicks

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She RTed it on both accounts



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wow nc edge guys, here's your 4chan green card , you now fit in... niggers

>> No.3691279

Projecting lmao

>> No.3691298

Aki and Festival, and Aloe/Delta if you want to count that.

>> No.3691310

Do you wonder why Lego got popular too?

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Are you defending minecraft combat?
I like the game for building it's just a huge weak point you would think someone else would have exploited by now

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Damn, how can I get eternal life by being in someone else's heart?

>> No.3691628

That's why you'll stay stupid forever lol

>> No.3691646

Lego isn't minecraft, nigger.

>> No.3691661

Yes it is

>> No.3691726

>being this much of a retard

>> No.3691740

It literally is Lego, only way cheaper and you can play it online

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i almost nothing touches me but this, made me feel pain

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wow great argument

>> No.3691760

holoEn is trash yes.

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Must be hard being *rtia right now.

>> No.3691805

how many blocks?

>> No.3691824

you're right anochama...

>> No.3691940

why did he build it that way? why not just do it on a plane?

>> No.3692070

>Matsuri will have him in her menhera heart forever
I would gladly give up my life for that.

11 miillion allegedly

Rent free

>> No.3692216

It would have taken way too long to do on a plane retard he did it at home

>> No.3692223

More colors.

>> No.3692237


>> No.3692346

i think, time wasn't on his part anochama

>> No.3692473

>or learn to draw
You realize that what he did is 100 times more complex than that, not to say that he clearly knew about drawing in a level that little shit drawing majors could barely even understand. What is even your argument retard? You clearly have none of those skills if you believe its somehow easy to make a living learning skills like that.
Its pretty fucking hilarious for me to see all the fucking low IQ good for nothing retards that will never even accomplish what he did call him on his "autism" like that has ever been an insult around here, Newfag.

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Did he got the guinness record?

>> No.3701147

Hate to be that guy but is there proof that he built it block by block rather than just generating it with some program?

>> No.3701187

God's not deaf, he's mute.

>> No.3701223

proxy experiences still hold validity. you just can't spend forever with them, and ideally they should never be your primary.

>> No.3701261

Damn what a good guy

>> No.3701607

>Or he could've put his precious time into something useful
Do people actually think he built this by hand instead of just pasting a schematic of it from a program.

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>left out the best gen
But for why?!

>> No.3701879

i'm more surprised gen 5 made it in, he definitely started it before EN was even revealed. Is there an actual poster of that style including the side branches?

>> No.3702121

watch out for karma anon, Covid could be nasty

>> No.3702334

your bitterness and arrogance is pitiful

>> No.3702353

It’s literally the flu you fucking retard.

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>-100 karma points

>> No.3702696

what a beautiful thing

>> No.3702722

He was noticed and retweeted by his oshis and acomplished something valuable for himself, schizos and trolls will die bitter and envious without acomplishing nothing, consider youself lucky if at least your mom remembers you

>> No.3702940

>consider youself lucky if at least your mom remembers you
I do anon, I do

>> No.3703547

>best gen
>ranked 4th in hololive even trails behind gamers
No true holofans cares about EN aside from people that cant understand japanese

>> No.3703912

which video? cant find her comment on Kelanduo's last vid

>> No.3704459

any proof that hes actually dead?

>> No.3704560

Delta took it pretty hard since he was part of her community and her community is smaller and she felt she should have thanked him. But she liked and retweeted his work on her main account while he was still alive which made him really happy.

She is planning to write a song dedicated to him. Though I personally would like to see Matsuri sing it since she was his Oshi.

>> No.3704585

She made it to be her profile picture for her sub twiter account.

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In the video where he wrote a literal love letter to Matsuri.

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>already feeling it hard with the music
>gets to the ebd
>a very special message
>from a bit so special Matsuri fan
Damnit I thought I did all my crying about this yesterday but here I am crying again.

>> No.3704832

The logos at the two top corners are Aloe’s hair ornament.

>> No.3704864

Pixel art in minecraft has to be the least impressive thing in existence. What is even the point?

>> No.3704969

They aren't there in the original?

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thank you bros

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