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Will you watch her debut? Why or why not?

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Unfortunately there's a Gurame collab going on at the same time

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Because I'm busy watching my first wife, Ame, having fun with my other wives, Gura and Ina

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I don't watch niggersanji

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>English speaking western thot
>lol brrrap xd

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yes but if she doesn't fart I'm unsubbing

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Sunday at the same time as the GurAme collab, so pretty bad timing

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Yes, debuts are priority over everything else.

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Don't you mean a DE BUTT, anon? She's going all out since she's #1 in her gen at the moment until youtube fixes itself.

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Holy shit, she's going all the way with the brap meme.

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I cannot judge them whether they good or not without watching their debut, so yes

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Unfortunately, scat is not one of her actual fetishes.

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I'll watch the vod.
They got fucked scheduling their debut during the big Hololive streams.

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Of course I will, It will be a historical moment in /vt/ after all.

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Holy shit how did you get that

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Check the archives. She's a lolicon too.

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No, I am busy watching Holostars.

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I saw that yesterday but the first pic much detailed. She dislikes furries tho so maybe she's based

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scat is hard no but all these potty jokes?
hard no on pregnancy, >>3669870
she's not worth my time and she's a liar

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It doesn’t say that she’s a lolicon, only that she likes them. Probably in a normalfag ironic weeb sort of way.

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>likes cucking
oh no no no no

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>Will you watch her debut
>Why or why not
None of them are interesting or entertaining.

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Normalfags think lolis are weird and don't ERP. Avatars for two of her past accounts were lolis as well. I doubt it's an irony thing.

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>She's a lolicon too

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only if she can sing

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I hope we can push Merbraps to be the official fanbase name.

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I'm worried that she might actually go for it. Then again she seems to lurk here so maybe not.

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Why not? I'm not gonna let some Holofags Nijihaters tell me what to do and who to watch

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Rent free

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is this nagatoro

>> No.3670495

You holofags are going to get her Aloe'd, calling it right now

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This makes me so fucking hard. I love them so much already

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Yes. Because I have nothing better to do.

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I'll watch the dragon debut since I found her Twitter spree actually led to some funny gags and commentary unlike the other two. She also had the most pleasant voice in my opinion, but that was based on a very short clip so that could change. To me this shows how important a first impression is.

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I bet that collab was timed intentionally to torpedo the competition.

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Makes me wonder if Cover will announce something big today to steal mindshare.

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>hard no on pregnancy
she wants to be impregnated though

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>mfw lolicons will ignore or encourage shit quality streamer if it means they like their little anime girls
low T fetish

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>spanking: like
>light pain: like
>discipline: favorite

i found my oshi

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Shit time for EU, I'll watch the VOD

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Of course

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If she doesn't pull off a song for her debut, then i won't watch her

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Based Ame

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She wants to be punished for her naughty tweets

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>all these potty jokes?
>she's not worth my time and she's a liar
Wait are we talking about NYanners?

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Fetishes are not a personality type, that is why she fails so far. The best vtubers will bring their fetishes into the conversation once people get to know them and like them for a reason.

>> No.3670681

Extremely based. I will support her now.

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Yes. I'm bored with holoen and hololive for a while. Really burned by them. I'll watch nijiEN along HoloEN2 as it's new stuff.

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this. it's all about someone who has a personality that also happens to be sexual in a way and has some kinks. than there's this shit that is literal Vshojo levels of cringe, completely basing your whole persona around sex. ngmi.

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It’s true, and I say this as a lolicon myself. You guys are pathetic.

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I can't believe that someone started spamming this on 4chan expecting to sabotage her. It really shows that they really are a newfags who never knew this place existed before vtubers.
You have no idea how much I'm looking foreword to her now

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Of course
I'll tune in and stay unless something about her filters me off

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If theres 10k live viewers im gonna watch if, don't wanna miss the fun
If not.. eh,easy skip.

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I'm glad all the schizos have moved on to her, it's easier to project bullshit onto someone who literally hasn't streamed yet.

>> No.3670829

All in on Dragoncoin, no interest in watching Fairy or Braapfish

Also, Gurame Podcast is a priority

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I've never see a debut so I will but her career is dead as fuck

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She likes loli? That is enough for me to like this based mermaid.

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Do we know her roommate yet?

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I think it is the other way around. Hololive made sure to have a big stream during the debut.

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piss off

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>all retards care about is whether she likes loli or not, content be damned
Nice standards you’ve got there.

>> No.3670925

Why do you think so many threads with her in the OP got purged today?

>> No.3670933

Yeah an assblasted menhera seagull is spamming the board with it. She already has Kiara level anti.

>> No.3670941

All you need to know is that she's based and horny as fuck

>> No.3670962

Based on her fetish list she is a submissive who likes choking (literally) on cock

>> No.3670972

I'm pretty sure it's actually an unironic incel that's mad that she has an e-boyfriend, he emphasized that part for months (yes months) up until he actually doxxed her

>> No.3671006

Kiara has a dedicated anti discord run by a kraut. She’s not at that level yet.

>> No.3671012

Go back to the shithole you came from.

>> No.3671023

Okay then, he's a virgin with rage. Like (you).

>> No.3671040

Much better.

>> No.3671062

>t. incel

>> No.3671085

no u
Tourists need to go and stay go.

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if the gurame podcast ends soon sure

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can we please get back to talking about her farts

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go back to r9k not all vtubers have to be idols

>> No.3671130

I'll watch her just to see the shitshow.

>> No.3671144

Did I seiso?

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No, it's on at 3am.

>> No.3671167

>no u
You're not very good at trying to fit in, newfag.

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gringe :DDD

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this cute little chinese brapper who managed to piss off half this board in 10 seconds?
of course!

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Judging by the reaction you incels are trying to force your will on every vtuber. just stick to hololive if you want GFE.

>> No.3671233

I'd rather hang out with "incels" than tourists tbhfamalam

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Yes, problem?

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she keep getting better the more i know about her

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You know at first i wasn't that interested in her. But after watching this board seethe for 2 days over a fucking fart joke of all things. im definitely going to watch her. I've started watching Niji more anyway

>> No.3671328

Is not Hmong Viet?

>> No.3671343

No, just think it’s a moronic way of choosing vtubers to watch.

>> No.3671366

>I'm gonna watch her because you guys are poopie meanie heads for being disappointed and annoyed with her cringe shit, how dare you not unconditionally love everything this stranger who you owe nothing and had no idea existed 2 days ago does for no reason!!!!!!!

She deserves faggots like you.

>> No.3671392

I think it's even more moronic to bring up "content" when she hasn't even done a single stream yet.

>> No.3671425

certainly neither more or less moronic than the other reasons you guys come up with to watch her.
Expectations are low, but I'm not a brandslave, therefore I will give the girls a chance.

>> No.3671441

Retards here going crazy about her kink list as if all of them aren't THE most basic white e-thot things. Seriously, choking, large dicks, calling names, "I'm such a bad sub and I love to be disciplined"? Like every horny young girl claims she likes these, every single one. It's just a fad and at least half of them will probably cry if they see a dick a bit bigger than average.
Lolis and scat seem to be outliers, but then again even lolis could easily be a normie thing. A lot of weebs like loli designs just because they're aesthetically pleasing and would be creeped out by actual loli doujin. Or not, because I know some weebs IRL with pretty much normie interests outside of anime and games, they have jobs/friends/girlfriends, find reddit memes funny, don't browse here etc., but their preferred type of porn is lolicon
People already said it but you're genuinely retarded if you dislike Vshoujo but then you suddenly decide to watch a chuuba only because she's kinky and she makes this board seethe. Worse, a chuuba that hasn't even debuted yet.

>> No.3671451

You only fuel my inner whiteknight faggottry

>> No.3671478

Tell that to the people who watch Gura then.

>> No.3671570

Nice whataboutism. But to actually respond, this girl has made a complete buffoon of herself on twitter but you don’t care since she likes loli so she’s automatically “based” or whatever. That is literally all you are basing your opinion of her on.
Most people watch Gura because she’s entertaining, not because she’s a loli. If all you care about is masturbating to her design have at it, but know that you’re in the minority.

>> No.3671571

Watching someone because they are a loli != watching someone because they like lolicon.

>> No.3671626

is she the shart tuber?

>> No.3671628

You make fair points but I think it's really too soon to judge these until they debut.

And even then, debuts often are rocky and awkward, many of the most popular Holos of all time had literally the fucking worst debuts (Korone's was a literal disaster and she had to abort/seek help part way through, Pekora's she was practically too scared/shy to talk, Ame's was Guinness World Record certified cringe etc). We won't really get a feel for these girls for probably at least a month or two.

>> No.3671629

you might misinterpreted my post. I'm not giving her a chance because she likes loliporn, but because I'm always open to be surprised and have the necessary time right now.
I was just saying his reason isn't less or more retarded then the other ones I read so far, like

>> No.3671655

is she a butt slut IRL?

>> No.3671700

I never hated vhoujo i actually watched them a little bit and there nowhere as bad as this board makes them out be. Why do you hate them so much? >>3671570
Why wouldn't i try watching her? im sick of the whole idol act most vtubers do it's so fake.

>> No.3671712

First Twitter interactions don't mean anything. /hlg/ too increased their dosage of doomposting each time an EN posted a new tweet during their debut period, look at where we are now
Just wait for their debut.

>> No.3671744

A lot of the vshojo hate comes from nyanners bad blood with 4chan which spreads to the rest of the members by association

>> No.3671821

No fucking way... yeah hard skip for me ,you guys have fun, don't bully her too much ok?

>> No.3671842

no, it'll be at like 3 am for me, I'm not waking up

>> No.3671865

I've been away for 2 days and suddenly she's now the brap chuuba. Did a yab happened?

>> No.3671883

Vshojo overall have a bunch of shit clearly decided by some faggot with no standards. They have a literal Microsoft Sam voiced one, a literal camwhore, and that giant-tit one who literally just goes "lol my tits are big guys!" is clearly designed for horny 12 year olds (much like how the rest of the group acts). That is ON TOP of having a complete hypocrite scum in nyanners. They're oh so hateable.

>> No.3671897


>> No.3671941

And why does that bother you so much? just don't watch them. Instead you retards seethe 24/7 about them nonstop it's annoying

>> No.3671956

Only if she does a fart cover.

>> No.3671990

They're too normalfag to say sneed
If one of them says sneed I'll eat a baby's rotten diaper from the garbage

>> No.3672023

I don't watch them. However their existence degrades the entire fucking scene however, and gives people shitty impressions about what vtubers are/can be. It's like there's an unusually shitty, run down house with garbage strewn on the front lawn in your neighborhood - you don't live there, but god it's an eyesore so you just instinctively don't like that guy who makes your whole neighborhood look worse and wonder what the fuck is wrong with him to be OK with garbage out on his lawn.

>> No.3672049


>> No.3672050

I have detested nyanners for years at this point
>haha I rap in a shitty fake loli voice isn't that so contradictory to the character that's why it's funny haha I am saying vulgar shit in my low budget dub VA voice hehe it's soooo funny
Can't believe that bitch is as old as she is and she's still like this

>> No.3672095

Why the fuck do you care about what other people think about vtubers? they're never going to be mainstream at any point. Your acting like vtubing is some high art or something. No the main reason you hate vshoujo is because they don't act like idols.

>> No.3672115

>However their existence degrades the entire fucking scene however, and gives people shitty impressions about what vtubers are/can be
Basically this. People hate Niji with similar reason and that's absolutely justified. Those irrelevant fucks are ruining things for everyone and some people are like "shut the fuck up you tribalist", what a fucking retard.

>> No.3672133

>Why the fuck do you care about what other people think about vtubers?
I don't know why he cares, but why do you?

>> No.3672152

Samefagging but I want to expand on that this is exactly what makes me appreciate HoloEN so much
The only ones who do voices really are Gura and Kiara, and even then their voices aren't the same typical hackney smug 40 year old woman trying to sound younger than she is shit every female EN voice actor has been doing for 20 years for some inexplicable reason
They're also unashamedly 'themselves'. Take Amelia for example, who is so refreshingly genuine, to all these generic tryhard 'uwu senpai' normie whores.
NijiEN fucked up.

>> No.3672154

You can be plenty entertaining without being idol-like at all - they're cringe regardless of that even being a factor. Shitty lowbrow humor etc.

When you're watching an anime girl rig you want them to be kind of like an anime girl at least. I've watched hundreds of anime since the 90s, I know what I like to see and with this and it is NOT some basic bitch twitch ethot clearly riding a fad for the money. If you can't tell the difference instinctively that is a problem with you and not me.

>> No.3672187

Brb imma sub real quick

>> No.3672202

The main reason I dislike VShoujo is Nyanners.

>> No.3672205

I am from EU so I will be sleeping.

>> No.3672207

Any Streamer that does GFE or panders to that crowd is by default not geniune

>> No.3672232

>twitter full of retarded twitch memes
>fart poop video

No thanks. This is just more vshojo tier crap.

>> No.3672245 [DELETED] 

How did this come to be? Can I have a rundown?

>> No.3672272

I get what you mean. Those Nijibitches are literally just camwhores behind anime avatars with their crude unfunny jokes. And don't get me started on the male ones, those guys are literally normal streamers. They literally only play Apex with a literal normal JP streamers. There's nothing virtual about these people.

>> No.3672277

You should watch those date streams of hers, they're not what you think. It's pure goofing around the whole time, usually getting more bizarre as they go on. Calli / Mori's date streams are also worth watching for the same reason. I remember one of them ended with her being sexually harassed by Ghost Rider and eating a mud covered stick.

>> No.3672298

Maybe if you guys actually went outside and talked to women you would realize they aren't like your anime girl fantasy. And any that seem that way are putting on a fake character.

>> No.3672318

Niji has some hidden gems. I've been trying to shill Hayama Marin a little bit. She's one of the lesser known ones. She's just a nice, funny girl that loves to play all kinds of games and her ear blessings are of such quality she may as well be the pope of screaming.

>> No.3672321

Thank god these didn't come to Holo, Trying too hard.

>> No.3672325

Holy shit you are retarded.
People DON'T WANT "reality" to begin with. That's the entire point of watching these vtuber idols.
To get away from the exact same shit you get "outside".

You will literally never grasp the concept behind why people like hololive and why they hate garbage like vshojo.

>> No.3672360

Then they should work as camwhore instead. Why the fuck are they vtuber if they don't care about the culture behind it?

>> No.3672383

Hey faggot, you are watching talking anime girls. People want them to be like anime girls and not IRL bitches. This is not rocket science.

>> No.3672412

Imagine how shit her chat is going to be. Might watch just for that desu.

>> No.3672416

The schedule was out before NijiEN debuts were announced

>> No.3672434

It'll just be your average 17 year old twitch shit incarnate
If that's the audience Niji wants for their EN branch, alright fine.
If they wanted to be something more like holoEN then they fucked up already.

>> No.3672444

How do you spend so much time here and STILL not understand the appeal of vtubers? It’s like you’re intentionally being retarded on purpose.

>> No.3672469


>> No.3672472

every time i see her that sound plays in my head.

>> No.3672488


>> No.3672490

Nah, Hololive is enough for me, I don't have the time to watch other Vtuber companies.

>> No.3672496

Why can't you understand not everyone wants what you want? Stop trying to force some imaginary standard on what vtubers can be.

>> No.3672507

I'd bet it's not impossible at all that Cover has moles in Ichikara and they knew in advance. They can absolutely just go "teehee just a coincidence" while intentionally holding back a big collab on debuts and knowing when to time Vsingers/EN2 to yank the limelight away from NijiEN.

Which I mean, Cover has already got an upper hand by not blowing their load early with vsingers, which recruited back in Jan so probably has been waiting for a while. Waiting for this to come along so Yagoo can torpedo it. I would imagine Cover very much likes their status as basically being what vtubers are to people in the West period and that Niji has not similarly caught up in the same viral fashion that got them noticed, and that they will fight to try to keep their massive Western market dominance.

>> No.3672520

Saw it coming the moment I looked at her twitter posts and she was saying shit like "yus" and "nom"
How do these people still exist after 2006?

>> No.3672531

If you just want a normal western twitchwhore with zoomer humour but a virtual avatar instead of a facecam that's fine, just don't expect the audiences to mix and anyone to actually want these to ever collab with holos then.

>> No.3672533

Not into scat, I'll pass.

>> No.3672548

>cute adorable avatar
>fucking brap jokes

I cant wait till she does it on her debut and I puke all over my keyboard.

>> No.3672572

Cover doesn't need to do anything, Look at the subs differences when HoloEN and NijiEN was announced, Nijisanji won't come close to Holo levels and that's perfectly ok.

>> No.3672615

That’d be fine if there wasn’t a strong likelihood of these fucking bimbos cross-contaminating HoloEN with collabs. For the love of God keep them away.

>> No.3672627

Literally no one wants collabs with holotrash.

>> No.3672647

Is that why every single one of them were sucking Ollie’s zombie dick Day 1?

>> No.3672699

>No not my precious waifu!!
Your talking about adult women. do you even hear yourself?

>> No.3672703

Pretty sure Ollie talked to them first but ogey.

>> No.3672720

Everyone wants the rub from Hololive. It's the vtuber equivalent of getting a match with The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Nobody would turn it down if they got the chance.

>> No.3672740

Anon any one of us could donate the word sneed and they'd read it. Sounds to me like you just want to eat baby shit

>> No.3672770

That because you picked the wrong Nijis. Try Suzuhara Lulu, Lize Helesta, DebiDebi, Hayama Marin, Inui Toko, Ririmu, Chima, Roa, Warabeda Meiji, Honma Himawari, Shiina, Ars Alma, Yorumi, Aiba Uiha.

>> No.3672776

Pretty sure each of them would drag their pozzed gash across a mile of glass shards just to collab with her.

>> No.3672781

Ollie was sucking their dick*

>> No.3672804

HoloEN management doesn't want collabs with anyone either way
And look what happened to her when a minority rejected the idea of collabing outside of Holos and whos

>> No.3672805

>Your talking about adult women
We’re talking about virtual anime characters. If I wanted adult women I’d go watch Amouranth bounce her big fake titties in a hot tub for 3 hours.

>> No.3672848

Basically it seems damn near every indie/small outfit group, and by extension their fans, commonly dislikes Holo exactly precisely because they ain't 'em. "We don't need them anyway" is hot, triple-distilled cope, embarrassing to even say out loud. No of course you don't technically need them, but, if those whos and 2views were offered anything, from any Holo, these indies would come eat it out of their hands and kiss their feet. The assumption (which is 100% correct with the Western scene so far to be fair) is that Holos simply won't ever do that, however, so there's no point holding out hope and they feel it's safe to let those sour grapes rip.

Make no mistake however that you're only consoling their coping mental states by going "yeah fuck holo who needs 'em" when in reality many of these indies probably would physically murder her fans if it got her a collab with one of the ENs.

>> No.3672861

There was plenty of dick sucking going on. Point is, they would GLADLY collab with so-called “holotrash.” To suggest otherwise is a massive cope.

>> No.3672924
File: 196 KB, 705x354, olliedola.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you pretending to be retarded?

>> No.3672952
File: 112 KB, 1125x1107, 1617394123262.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i will now watch your chuuba

>> No.3672957

HoloID let the girls whore themselves out to any third party though.

>> No.3673016

So it's a collab when JP Holos and Nijis stream together, but when ID/ENs do it's whoring?

>> No.3673030

I'll watch the archive, her debut is at impossible 'o clock for me. I'm hoping she turns out to be a yab machine.

>> No.3673041

Okay, I correct myself
>And look what happened to her when a minority rejected the idea of collabing outside of Holos, JPs and whos
HoloID doesn't give a shit, it's the fags who give a shit when words like Vshojo and Connor are uttered

>> No.3673042


>> No.3673048

Look I'm willing to shittalk her when she officially debuts, yall losing your shit over a pre dubut twitter impression jesus fuck

>> No.3673053

I mean... you can judge a LITTLE. Are you saying there aren't little clues that might lead you to a conclusion on how much you'd enjoy them? None at all?
Well, I don't know what image you have of this board, but /vt/'s love of JP-style idol "purity" and not being a slut often supercedes their love for a chuba being "one of us", even if it's hypocritical, so I think they knew exactly what they were doing.

>> No.3673065
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>> No.3673091

I'm >>3672804
You don't even need outside collabs, look at people reacting to Morikka

>> No.3673093

> JP-style idol "purity"
The only one who cares about that here are the idolfags over at /jp/, they keep doing the same with HoloEN and calling them whores. Their opinions don't matter.

>> No.3673100

>fake shitty loli voice

Some people actually do sound like that, anon. And I'm aware that some fake it, and that Nyanner's might play it up, but I'm pretty sure it's close to her actual voice. Faking it is more popular in Japan, I'd say at least/around half of English content creators with that voice really have it.

>> No.3673131

There a place in between idol purity and shitting yourself in a bathtub on Day 1. HoloEN is far closer to the former. Most people here like it that way.

>> No.3673142

>earned $57k on her birthday which was right after her first collab with Rikka
Final verdict: it doesn't matter what spergs on /vt/ think. Step outside of this shithole for a minute, the negativity only comes from a contained minority

>> No.3673177

Idolfags won't know the difference anyway and will still call all of them whores regardless.

>> No.3673181

Avoiding her like a plague

>> No.3673229

I perfectly know...

And then you have the spergs on chat: purityfags, Takamori shippers, chat police

Not that I give a shit, I'm just pointing it out, it's not different from this shithole

>> No.3673240

What's the difference between farting on a bathtub and Mori's song about jerking it off? Or even Matsuri's pee fetish or Marine/Ame's Yaoi collection? How do you even quantify what's pure and what's not? That seems subjective as fuck and retarded.

>> No.3673246

gonna be watching gura

>> No.3673256

NTA, but doing a brap joke as your first impression is just not a good idea.
All the examples you mentioned happened well after debut.

>> No.3673266

cum dicks tits pussy coom
There, I tl;dr'd the debut for you guys.

>> No.3673294

while none of those things are mars mayhem level yabs, you're right, this is all just tribalistic bullshit.

>> No.3673306

The frequency.

>> No.3673309

This. She's going to try way too hard with a bunch of retarded lingo and it's going to be embarrassing as fuck. I think the fairy will do the same but less so, maybe make too many "SEEED" jokes.

>> No.3673310

i think what they're trying to say is that westerners are generally unfunny, and not because they're pure or not
i find holo's lewd jokes actually nice while someone like from vshojo overdoes it and it becomes stale really fast
it's the the difference between soulful memes and soulless memes

>> No.3673391

>The frequency
this is good counter argument to people that keep saying "What's the difference between vshojou and matsuri, marine, so and so".

>> No.3673406

yeah i'd rather hear gura joke about stepbrothers and bathtub lifeguards than talking about all the guys she's fucked and doing meme of the week to stay relevant.

>> No.3673423


>> No.3673429

Fapping is funny and generally appealing. Pee is a significantly more common fetish than scat. And yaoi is pretty common among female otaku like Marine so people are used to it. The big thing is that it wasn't people's first exposure to them though so they had time to grow to like them first.

>> No.3673436

Give me the qrd on the brap meme. As a brapfag myself I need to know.

>> No.3673563

Being more or less common is not really an argument. Kiara and Gura made scat jokes multiple times before, and almost all made some sort of a fart/brap joke. I'd say it's more to do with how forced a meme or a joke is rather than being common.

>> No.3673715


>> No.3673744 [DELETED] 

lol no, ill only watch the dragon, through archive. The other two are shit.

>> No.3674050

I'm pretty sure it was an autist who actually thought anons were serious about not watching any female chuuba that has ever interacted with a man. this is why places like reddit, twitter and tumblr started using /s so that autistic faggots like them don't take posts so seriously.

>> No.3674052

Wait where does farts come into her personality? She hasn’t even debuted yet

>> No.3674073

My guess is she made a brap joke on time.

>> No.3674194
File: 139 KB, 381x351, 1620829305412.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3674927

Is that a fucking green Doris?

>> No.3675013

Literally nobody wants the HoloEN or Holo audience in general, judging by this shithole of a board.

>> No.3675089
File: 39 KB, 161x145, mori.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you think I'm going to miss even a single minute of Ame's podcast to watch that retarded fish then you've lost your goddamn mind.

>> No.3675110 [DELETED] 

What is this fetish called? Memebrain?

>> No.3675174

It wont have most of the EOP audience watching during the stream. Coco's meme review overlapping means that none of reddit will be watching, and the GurAme collab means that none of their viewers or other HoloEN viewers that are interested in that will watch the debut. That means her chat will mostly be nijinigger JOPs and SEAnigs that hate Hololive, which means it might as well be a niji ID debut.

>> No.3675337

Where will she debut?

YouTube or Twitch? If only Twitch no, thanks.

>> No.3675344

This title is hot after finding out she likes anal.

>> No.3675379

Gura doesn't do that voice, it's her natural voice

>> No.3675473

Tiktok & bilibili

>> No.3676626

What is Mori's song about jerking off?

>> No.3676871

No. I don't like whores.

>> No.3676970

I got coco meme review to watch

>> No.3676985

Eternal reminder that idolCHADs rule this business

>> No.3677581

I assume is this

>> No.3677676

Oh lol I never actually listened to it all the way through

>> No.3677708

Cute whore. I'll give her a chance.

>> No.3678672

>she speak chink
I don't watch chink chuba

>> No.3678725

I would if the trinity wasn't streaming.

>> No.3678758

Fuck why does this make me hard I didnt want to watch her.
Could do without the scatshit though

I have no idea but I love it.

>> No.3678931

I'm not gonna miss this trainwreck

>> No.3679384

>Based on her fetish list she is a submissive who likes choking (literally) on cock
So basically not much reason to dislike her.

>> No.3679433

I will watch the debut stream then decide if I will continue to watch her or not

>> No.3679450


Kiara also literally talked with Gura about shitting on her chest and no one seemed to care. It's just the same few samefags just like the schizo Kiara haters that will reply to themselves 30 times in one thread.

>> No.3679571

Well to be fair, they did start to care about the “bad things” that Kiara said after she wanted to collab outside of Hololive… hmmm…

>> No.3679578

Had it not premiered so early in the morning, I would. I'll see the archive no matter how painful it could be, I'm looking more forward to the MV though.
She's grown on me, so I wish the best for her.

>> No.3679691

she's not even Han chinese, she's from some indigenous chinese minority

>> No.3679796

Don't tell me that's actually Doris.

>> No.3679838

Her kinklist makes me wonder how slutty other chuubas are behind closed doors.

>> No.3681762

Finna have sex with Finana

>> No.3682178

maybe i will watch a clip or two, but nothing else, i refuse to even give a view to HoloEN

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