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Welp, looks like I won't be watching Nijisanji EN.

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>they hired a brapfag
How do you out-ollie, ollie herself?

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We seen that already. It’s why I subscribed to her. She’s not afraid, and seemingly less restricted. Should offer creative freedom.

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>should offer creative freedom
Freedom to make fart jokes? Now that's creativity.

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Freedom in general. Unlike Holo EN.

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I find this unpleasant.

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Yeah, it made me actually curious to see more of her, but it seems like it's been completely scrubbed from the internet. So I have to wait painfully for three days until her debut.

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>I'm not a retard I'm just ~~pretending~~not afraid to act like a retard
Well that's a new one

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Ad hominem

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Damn... Looks like the punishment for ad hominem is death.

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Maaf, saya tidak setuju.

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Just so you all know, she lurks here. A few hours ago an anon posted her doxx and less than an hour later all of the sites linked within it were nuked from orbit. So be kind to this braphog.
Oh, and here's a list of her fetishes.

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She's also a lolicon.

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marine expert here, I regret to inform you that fish do not in fact have butts.

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How the FUCK did the fairy get her account restricted before this bitch?

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Wait, what the fuck? I subscribed to all three channels yesterday and took a screenshot to commemorate it. I just checked right now and while Finana's subscriber count has gone up, Pomu and Elira's have actually gone DOWN by a few thousand. Were there seriously that many fake accounts subscribing and YouTube actually bothered to scrub them?

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What if they have human legs?

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What the fuck I love the fish now.

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Sorry i dont speak melanoid

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Ok faggot!

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>He didn't save any images of fish's roommate

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Yet you actually managed to get three of the words correct by complete chance.
Maaf -> Sorry
saya -> I
tidak -> don't

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Absolutely. Give me creative freedom and a world without the barriers of holoen.

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What are the barriers of HoloEN?

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>Completely unrelated Kiara doxxpost
Never change schizos.
And nobody fucking cares OP, a thread died for your low effort trash.

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It actually has worked out pretty well that she got restricted. She's been comparatively quiet compared to the other two so people are going to be completely blindsided by the fact that she is the best.

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that was a funny video, i subscribed to her channel

thanks OP

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If you don't know how restrictive HoloEN management is you honestly need to lurk for a million years

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You faggots know that doxx shit will be deleted in here, right? it isn't like it was before where you could just post kiara's roomate all the time.

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How the fuck you even found out this? Did she talk about this? DId she make a checklist?

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I want Hololive to introduce a kangaroo VTuber where her fan name is "roomate" so that it just completely throws off /vt/'s terminology.

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What part of that is a doxx? It's simply Ryugu listing her fetishes.

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Now I'm watching her

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Some fag who has it out for her roommate dumped a doxx on her today. He had it uploaded for months and waited for her to debut to unveil it. Actual schizo.

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How do we know it isn't something that only exists in his/her head?

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All of her accounts were nuked after it was posted. Also matches up with who her suspected past Vtuber life is.

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It's just susan fucking everyone like always. I was unsub to them for some reason.

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I'm not talking about this but the other actual doxx thread that happened a few hours ago and was deleted.

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Why weren't those accounts nuked pre-unveil? Also that isn't proof of anything.

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Now you understand the concept of "narratives." As long as someone says something confidently, some idiot will actually believe it and regurgitate it as if it's the truth.

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I'm subscribing now

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They weren't nuked beforehand because she's just a careless girl. It's why people are so up in arms about her here. Her suspected past life openly admitted to applying to Nijisanji on Twitter and after that was posted here that tweet was deleted too. She called herself a Hololive reject in a collab. The games her roommate liked are the same as her suspect past life's and Ryugus. Her roommate Twitter account followed Holos which is where her suspected past life openly applied to first. There's just too much that adds up.

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That seemed to have backfired badly.

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You can call me a schizo, but I watched her past life's streams before she nuked them. The voice is the same as Ryugu's. It's her.

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If you want to be a popular Vtuber go to /vt and apply reverse psychology marketing, works every time

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Is that fucking legit?
I...I got secondhand embarrassment. Why the fuck would she do that...

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Finana's kink list 5,000 hours in ms paint edition. Feel free to update it and make it look as official as possible.

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Someone made a good point that now antis can't make fake videos like they did for Calli. She's invincible now.
It's clearly working out for her too because she's already the most popular of the three.

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She got doxxed already? Just tell me if she is cute.

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Yeah, she's cute. Sorry for the images for ants, this is all I could grab after she nuked her insta.

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Update: just found this on her old Tumblr. I guess she uses filters nowadays.

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She's only the most popular because the AI deleted half the subs of the other girls. She was dead last before that.

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And one more from her Tumblr before I get banned.

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False. You're going to find her a lot harder to take down than Kiara, anti. Nijisanji does not fuck around.

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And here's proof that she cheats in vidya like her doxxer claimed.

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Yoo its mickey mouse

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Were you not here yesterday? Finana even tweeted about it.

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>having antis before you even debut
Is someone jealous they didn't get into NijiEN?

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Eh, not bad.
Could be worse.

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She'll probably nuke these accounts too, so confirm they exist for yourself in the meantime. Her Tumblr icon is the same as her Deviantart icon the doxxer linked.

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then watch indies

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Anon it's a classic for all EN branches.
Just go look at the /jp/ archives. HoloEN was despised and got kicked out of the general with torches and pitchforks before they even debuted.

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How the f do people find stuff like this

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>cuck shit

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Yet 90% of this board is HoloEN talk because most people here don't understand Japanese so it's all they've got. Well, until now, anyway.

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Pretty much the trial by fire at this point. HoloEN got the treatment now NijiEN. Same thing will happen with HoloEN2.

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Thats fucking disgusting but I can give her a pass if this is the only brap joke she makes.
Regardless though, she gotta be retarded to be doing this before she even debuted.

>> No.3668715

Of course

>> No.3668722

>Another Emma August
Based as fuck.

>> No.3668740

They're trying everything to stand out and get attention. Though going for brap right off the bat isn't the smartest thing, people were already disliking her for her very first tweet being amogus.

>> No.3668744

Yes, but that came to be with time. Literally just give it time.

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Incest... now i mb give her a chance

>> No.3668767

She basically outed herself months ago by being a retard on twitter.
People had a lot of time to find doxx shit on her and she has poor opsec.

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Fuck these women

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She seems to have antis before she every maid a tweet as mermaid.

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I suppose it's better to get it out of the way now. All it does is show them what they need to scrub from the internet. Doing it now ensures that the majority of people will never see this.

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Well it got her advertised all over this fucking board so she did something right. Now my interest is piqued see this braphog in action at least once

>> No.3668809

I don't use tumblr so im not familiar with the UI, is the girl holding a gun actually her? It have 21k reaction, is she popular?

>> No.3668830

I hope EN2 doesn't get doxxed this much

>> No.3668834

I imagine the other two are frantically scrubbing despite most people knowing who they are.

People have known about Mint getting in for months and no one has done shit.

>> No.3668840

I feel like doing disgusting jokes like that is actually giving people reason to dislike her.
Then again I feel like EN vtubers like the vshoujo girls arent really above that type of humor. So maybe she will get their audience.

>> No.3668841

No she just reblogged it

>> No.3668859

Imagine her career dying the moment she debuts like a certain black-haired shark

>> No.3668863

Nah, that's just something she reblogged aka retweeted. Her selfies are in her selfie tag. Type in /tagged/selfie at the end of the url.

>> No.3668871

The shark died because he was boring, not because people hated him.

>> No.3668879

Imagine being you

>> No.3668891

>Self-proclaimed Hololive reject
>Cheats in video games
>Has an e-boyfriend
Yeah, this girl is fucked.

>> No.3668893

The shark with 221k subscriptions, which is ridiculously good for an indie? You guys will just push whatever narrative makes you feel better, won't you?

>> No.3668909

I will now watch your vtuber

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This is worrying. Is she gonna get Aloe'd?

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