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look guys she did the funny face

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subscribe to the zoomer meme queens

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I can already tell she is gonna cause a lot of seething here, and that's a good thing.

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Did you have to make a new thread for this?

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Nah she will be fine. Merbraps on the other hand

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>Merbraps on the other hand

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i want to give them as much exposure as possible just for the fuck of it. im not even that interested in the debut desu

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You called, bitch?

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The more pomu threads the better

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Isn't this literally what Ame did on her debut stream?

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based and distortionpilled

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I’ll drop $500 if she ogey rrats on debut.

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can't believe she's copying haachama nene AND ame...

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a MX aka for me

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You guys have zero self respect don't you

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Yeah, we'll rip a big one alright.

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Yeah, your farts are stinking up the room and it's gross.

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Of course not, I browse /vt/.

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I swear people are just gonna pretend to be fans of these shitty niji tubers just so they can bait people here.

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At least it beats brapping in a bathtub

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ogey rat

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Why would you seethe, anon?

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Never forget she died for this

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rst in peace big gay

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Doesn't her appearance on that chinese whispers stream on Mito's channel pretty much confirm she's still working with nijisanji? I bet she's in EN's management.

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If she’s like her past persona, she’ll cause the least amount of seething possible. She’s completely cute and harmless

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Anyone have the full version of this saved?

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Eh? Seems a bit of a stretch, could've easily been done weeks before graduation, besides, why graduate if she's still gonna work with Niji, just say that she's stopping activities temporarily and be one of those that stays 2 years without streaming

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They'd still need to close the IN branch down, so where would the shuffle her frozen body? Back into EN?

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Wasn't Noor said to be the IN manager or something? It could just be that she just mostly wants to work behind the scenes if it meant leaving behind her friends.

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Pomu plove?

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Pomu mating press

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Does anyone know if livers get to choose their own names or if they're just assigned by Ichikara? It's just that I have a theory about Pomu's name and I wonder if there's any merit to it.

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Puff go to sleep.

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Pretty sure I know what your theory is, and it would make sense based on her past life

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That’s not enough to compete against the fish, face of NijiEN

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Yeah, I can tell you've figured out where I'm going with this. It's probably something that anyone from /jp/ would come up with pretty quickly. I hope I'm right anyway, it'd be a nice reference.

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they haven't start streaming yet

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Premade characters have their own names, but I don't see why they wouldn't get to choose if a character has to be made for them.

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Some random person on Reddit asked her out on a date and she immediately accepted. What a nice girl.

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Touya calls her former member when introducing her. She probably recorded those lines before she left

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>random person

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no wonder, she was fucking boring on her past life

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>Some random person on Reddit

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I don't even know what is that supposed to mean

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He also said she was from nijiID

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NijiEN antis, everyone.

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You know... I looked up Pomu's artist and I actually like his work for Kantai Collection, but something about Pomu's model looks weird. Maybe he's not used to drawing characters that face directly forward. Just makes me feel bad for whoever put all that work into updating the other model only for her to abandon it so quickly in favor of a kind of subpar one. That said, I'm here for her personality, not her model, so in the long run it doesn't matter to me.
Also it is driving me crazy how she writes "im" instead of "I'm." I can't wait for her to debut so I don't have to hear her lack of apostrophe.

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drop the rrat, no matter how schizo it is

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Wow such funny

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I already got my answer, and I respect their anonymity so I will not be giving you any information.

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Her previous model was far superior. Nijisanji should have just let her use it, simple but appealing design and memorable, but oh well.

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Care to elaborate on that theory?

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Isn't too obvious?

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Drink your Dr Pepper.

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I never watched or read Steins;Gate so I don't know anything about any of this stuff but I like seeing Pomu rambling about nerd shit on Twitter out of nowhere. It feels like something Calli would do, and everybody knows Calli is the greatest.

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The main Akiba Toranoana is definitely still there. Only the smaller store (#2) closed down.

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