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Lack of good fanart edition
This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their upcoming vtuber unit, LazuLight!

Teaser trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkZPFOI7OkU [Embed]

Niji EN
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-JSeFfovhNsEhftt1WHMvg
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NIJISANJI_World

Elira Pendora
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIeSUTOTkF9Hs7q3SGcO-Ow
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EliraPendora

Pomu Rainpuff
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP4nMSTdwU1KqYWu3UH5DHQ
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PomuRainpuff

Finana Ryugu
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu-J8uIXuLZh16gG-cT1naw
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FinanaRyugu

Debut program ft. Hana Macchia & Bonnivier Pranaja from Niji ID: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MC6yl3CyePA [Embed]
Debut song "Diamond City Lights": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnP0cKNPE04 [Embed]

Previous thread: >>3641652

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The other thread isn't dead yet retard

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Anon, it's the second to last thread in the catalogue. It's as good as dead.

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You're fucking dumb. Don't make a thread if the other is still isn't archived.

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I'm definitely against early threads but it was only a couple of minutes early this time. Still, please wait for page 11 next time.

Also half of Dragon and Fairy's subs got wiped out, f

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personal tastes aside, i think it was necessary for them for a safe fantasy theme, because it gets harder to come up with designs that won't make things even more worse with hololive fanbase having eyes and ears over anything.

give them angelic wings and they would be mocked as a kanata ripoff
pirate motiff? that would be a marine ripoff
european medieval dragon motiff with horns and tail? coco ripoff

it's less about the design and more about lowering a holonigger's autism

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wait, I noticed it too. what the fuck happened?

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>1521 upvotes and 666 comments vs 2026 upvotes and 300 comments


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Youtube shitting the bed again, happens whenever new accounts get too many subs in too short of time

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Probably just some automatic youtube thing. If they are real subs they'll be added back...eventually.

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The problem isn't the fantasy theme, it's the low rarity gacha game designs.

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I KNEW buying Mercoin would pay off.

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None of the Hololive designs are original by any standard. They only happen to stand out because they managed to be different enough from what's already out there. These Nijis do give off GachaOC levels of safe design, and I think they could have tried harder to make them stand out.

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RRAT:go back and stay back

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>Lack of good fanart edition
They should get some artist chuubas for their next wave of hires

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My fucking dragoncoins...

>> No.3656966

Susan hates "inactive" accounts that get big quick.

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Disagreed, the designs are one of the best things about Hololive. They're all easy on the eyes while being complex, and are all instantly memorable and unique.

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That is what I was thinking when I saw them. Some gacha-esque level of design. I wish they went for more distinctive designers. I mean I know they can't get pochi or lam anymore but still. The colors too doesn't help. I wish there were more distinctive qualities to them. As far as hololive design is concerned, you can't deny that they have been improving per generation. Polka and New Nene from gen5. Reine and Ollie in ID. Ina and Mori for EN. They are very good designs that pops out.

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fishchads, it feels great to be winning

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Dumb fish wants fair competition

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It seems like they're going up again now... slowly

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B-bros, should I sell my Fairycoin?

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She became powerful enough to make discussions on NijiEN just about her while also bringing back up her friend's subscription counts. I'm going all in

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I wasn't too into the mermaid's design, but then I saw she has sexy legs and now I'm liking her more.

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Smug dragon. She and fairy need to come up with some kind of art tag soon.

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Fucking YouTube unsubbed me from everyone

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>both finana dox threads got nuked

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as they should be

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Fina it's okay, we don't care. People actually started liking you MORE because of the doxx now. It's not like Kiara or Ame.

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Why did the jannies delete all the Finana threads? They're being extra trigger-happy today with deleting any threads that are negative, they even deleted the Mana thread.

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Mermaid LOVE. Susan HATE.

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Maybe holoeEN2 and NijiEN wave 2 should come out with a short intro video when they unveil them.

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Favorite pre-debut?


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>>1 dumb holofag

>> No.3658119

This. She's cute and based.

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Nijiniggers now care about doxx, lol
not even Nyanners was this hypocrite

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Because doxxshit was posted retard

>> No.3658154 [DELETED] 

It was fake dox though.

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Why delete the insta, then?

>> No.3658181 [DELETED] 

>fake dox
>the Instagram account got deleted
Not gonna bring it up again because don't want this thread to be nuked either

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>Nijiniggers now care about doxx, lol
>not even Nyanners was this hypocrite

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File: 183 KB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease] Tropical-Rouge! Precure - 02 (1080p) [325F0A00].mkv_snapshot_08.47.791.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fish is definitely my favorite now. But we don't really know much about the rest yet.

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Doesn't explain the Mana thread.

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One had doxx posted in it, the other was only the doxx and the other one got culled

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If the anon that didn't believe ERPing is a profession is here
there's an entire market for both girls and guys that spend their time writing shit on any platform that supports chat. A few years ago it was mostly for fun but now there's things like dedicated discords to hire people to play pretend for autismos that want to live their fantasies. Technology is being adapted to modern society faster than money hungry politicians can catch up and I'm an advocate for equality in citizen ass-fucking.

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Thanks for the doxes
Well now that I know she's based, I'll be buying fishcoin now

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She lurks here and didn't want the real dox shit to show up. Most of the shit isn't verified from the insta.

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>>fake dox
>>the Instagram account got deleted
>Not gonna bring it up again because don't want this thread to be nuked either

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Retards, both threads got nuked for a reason, stop fucking talking about it.

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wow, can't wait a collab with Nyanners

>> No.3658281

None of what you said discredits what I said. A pirate is a pirate, an elf is an elf and kemonomimis are kemonomimis. Everyone know what those girls are meant to represent from a generic stand point. There's nothing special or original about them as archetypes.

What makes them different is what makes them stand out and memorable, but that doesn't make them unique. The most unique one out of Hololive is Ina and you can still tell she is an inspired design so to speak.

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I bet their rigging will be way better than HoloEN. Niji rigging is always better.

>> No.3658309

Nice, wojakposter finally got fucking banned.

>> No.3658311

I was thinking about that. Having a video at least makes them hard to knock out or shadow ban.

>> No.3658322 [DELETED] 

Doubt it. Nyanner doesn't really talk about loli, she's more interested in toilets

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>Thanks for the doxes
>Well now that I know she's based, I'll be buying fishcoin now

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please tell me they would interact with my favorites (mito, ange, nui, claire, furen, lulu, deron)
I know sara would collab with them, but i also want other girls to speak cute engrish and have fun together.

>> No.3658332

Yeah just 10s of showing the rig would be enough.

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>Nice, wojakposter finally got fucking banned.

>> No.3658361

In the end, the fish was truly amogus

>> No.3658362 [DELETED] 

Doesn't matter that she's into loli, she's still an annoying retard.

>> No.3658364

>Lack of good fanart
Its been 2 fucking days man, give it time

>> No.3658372

Imagine if fish can switch to tail version. But that would be too much probably.

>> No.3658395 [DELETED] 

Wow, can't believe we have another Gura tier success on our hands then.

>> No.3658402

The only niji that collabed with ID and IN and could talk to them was Sukoya so you are out of luck

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I have more mermaid fanart than the other two girls.

>> No.3658457

Oh please, they will be way bigger than ID and IN. I'm sure there will be collabs. Hell, Ririmu replied to my english comments few times in the past.

>> No.3658471

>Doxx posted
>Insta almost immeidately comes down
Right, she's on here then. Which means she's almost certainly the samefag defending herself in all these threads

>> No.3658476

i wouldn't mind if the collabs were in japanese i'm just addicted to collabs
can any of the ENs speak or understand JP?

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>>Doxx posted
>>Insta almost immeidately comes down
>Right, she's on here then. Which means she's almost certainly the samefag defending herself in all these threads

>> No.3658495

You are the only hater here retard. If anything this shit will make her way more popular. She has nothing to fear.

>> No.3658503

All can apparently.

I sleep

>> No.3658530

There will be collab with Deron, maybe Nui, Ange and Furen too, not sure about Mito because she is even rarely collab with other niji

>> No.3658531

I wonder if the use of the color green in the designs of the NijiEN girls is bothering people. The HoloEN designs aren't really elaborate or anything, but they all have different and noticeable color schemes. It feels like sort of a minor thing, but maybe it's triggering some people's autism.

>> No.3658532

>All can apparently.

Maybe that's why first gen is just 3 people. They picked fluent nip speakers to serve as a bridge.

>> No.3658534

great, they already have a /cgl/ whore or MMO tranny holding a grudge against one of their talents

>> No.3658566

keep doxxposting, it will only encorage whiteknightfags flock to her even more

>> No.3658575

Why are there so many seething menheras on the chans? Also thousands probably applied for 3 jobs so maybe it isn't unexpected for people to hate them but we've known the likely candidates for months.

>> No.3658586

Mito and Deron were in a 3d video today where they played Chinese whispers in English I thought it was funny.

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It's fucking hilarious since haters are only making her more popular. Same way Her posters catapulted Gura to #1.

>> No.3658615

Deron had pretty decent English judging from her Apex English only stream. Kotone did as well

>> No.3658642

the more /vt/ shit on someone the more successful they will become, refer to kiara, ollie and nyanner. i don't mind though since i like finana and i hope vt keep seething at her and make her more popular.

>> No.3658655

They probably have like 10 slots already. Those 3 are just first wave.

>> No.3658664

No one can post doxx in here retard.

>> No.3658665

Why do you hate fish?

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File: 3.20 MB, 6080x3040, 56C3B0EA-9CA8-41E4-A892-4CD8D8803D49.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

humu humu

>> No.3658730

Ichikara will shit out talents, don't you worry
Also a third of them will end up quitting if they think it's going to be their main source of income.

>> No.3658737

Feels good to have put all my savings into mermaidcoin

>> No.3658757

It's seething pregnant furry footfags.

>> No.3658758

she brapped

>> No.3658762

What kind of special archetypes do you want? Praying mantis girl? Medieval stable groom girl? Red dwarf star girl? They're streamers, not manga characters. They don't need to have some super unique backstory, all they're doing is playing video games anyway.

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people aren't kidding when they say that these 3 live rent free inside their heads

>> No.3658799

>/cgl/ whore
It's a good thing they weren't picked if this is how they act when a company rejects them. Sucks to whoever has to bear the brunt of it though.

>> No.3658825

So how does this "wave" shit work? Are they gonna debut batches every week? Will they do something like 3 dudes next round?

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>coomposting retard on twitter is human garbage
who'da thunk, it's hilarious how nijiEN turns out to be everything people feared holoEN would be

>> No.3658840

Jewwood understood long ago that negative marketing is also marketing and sometimes will give you more $$$ than paid nice reviews. It's amazing how some idiots still don't get something this basic.

>> No.3658861

Is Dragon the only good one?

>> No.3658884

Watch you damn your mouth VSingers and Gen2 isnt safe

>> No.3658887

I don't think anyone knows yet. But they have some silhouettes in the background of the debut image that are probably the next wave.

>> No.3658888 [DELETED] 
File: 57 KB, 1500x1500, 1619248587084.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>coomposting retard on twitter is human garbage
>who'da thunk, it's hilarious how nijiEN turns out to be everything people feared holoEN would be

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I place my faith in holo vetting, they are on that shit 100%.

>> No.3658912

What exactly is a Rainpuff? Is it like a cheese puff but with rain instead of cheese? Is Finana like a banana but with fish?

>> No.3658931 [SPOILER] 
File: 52 KB, 460x460, 1620946501876.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this the new color?

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There's nothing in her doxx as bad as Kiara or Ame. Seethe tranny. Your ploy backfired.

>> No.3658944

Flood the market strategy is back for Nijisanji

>> No.3658953

In their foreign branches they usually are more restrictive how many the pump out. I expect 3 more but I don't expect 20+ like other anons.

Still a lot applications for not a lot of slots.

>> No.3658960

they never learn

>> No.3658968

I'm in a pretty large fart fetishism discord and can assure you Finana has earned herself a lot of support from everyone in it.

>> No.3658978

>Which means she's almost certainly the samefag defending herself in all these threads


>> No.3658983

Honestly I'm fucking impressed. How the fuck does Cover do it? Aside from Chris, Aloe, Ollie (and maybe you could include Ame and Kiara), you could say their filtering is perfect.

>> No.3658990


>> No.3658992

Say hi to Nyanners from here

>> No.3659011 [DELETED] 
File: 526 KB, 644x800, 1620403688656.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm in a pretty large fart fetishism discord and can assure you Finana has earned herself a lot of support from everyone in it.

>> No.3659014

If it's successful we will get 20+. And I think they can easily have 50-100k subs on debut day. That would be a big win. Nijis don't really expect same numbers as Holos per streamer. They win with wave tactics.

>> No.3659015

You won't even reach 30k

>> No.3659027

I guarantee you that she'll never be a success unless she gets the small fart community behind her as well.

>> No.3659043

Ollie make’s people seethe because she has no qualms about collabing with men. Which ruins the GFE experience for the losers on this board

>> No.3659044

Eh, I don't mind comfy Apex sometimes.

>> No.3659070

really curious about what games they are gonna play, considering nijis can actually play games like genshin impact, FF14, League of legends, and such.

>> No.3659072

Aloe did literally nothing wrong, Ollie is ID and they obviously don't put as much effort into the branch/don't have as large a talent pool. Chris was nuts lmao, but nothing as bad as Niji and their pakoraito. Whoever does the scouting/interviews/background checks for Holo deserves a raise, especially navigating the minefield that is western roastie applicants.

>> No.3659085

Well they're not gonna be in front of her in the first place

>> No.3659097

Nijisanji last wave on JP was almost one year ago.

In overseas, their KR wave that came now had an audition 7 months ago.

NijiEN had an audition in december and debut will be on May. So yeah, they changed their strategy.

>> No.3659099

I-is that the color CYAN?

>> No.3659107


>> No.3659113

I kneel. Behind her, of course.

>> No.3659115

You will feel really stupid very soon.

>> No.3659117


>> No.3659118
File: 138 KB, 350x350, carlos.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I sure hope she doesn't run out of gas after her debut

>> No.3659150

There probably aren't many holo en or nijisanji en applicants to begin with.

>> No.3659180

Aloe only cracked due to fucked up situation inside her house. It wasn't really Cover's fault.

>> No.3659204

Are you nuts? It wouldn't surprise me if there were 10k applicants per spot for holo, considering you are guaranteed success, tons of cash and a cushy job.

>> No.3659238

Keep coping your career is dead in the water

>> No.3659254

I expect NijiEN's wave 2 to have some talent in it. I bet there are some that didn't do NijiEN wave 1 because they were holding out hope for HoloEN2 but fell short.

>> No.3659257

Thanks Carlos.

>> No.3659268
File: 669 KB, 1600x900, E1MH7wpVcAAIeiQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thoughts? My guess is that they're the second wave.

>> No.3659284

If true how soon would they debut after the first?

>> No.3659294

Aloe should have been filtered honestly, guess the people giving the final thumbs up were massive saviorfags. She was a wreck even before the harassment considering her situation. Her voluntarily quitting messed up her gen's plans and momentum considerably.
Ollie is just whatever, you can ignore her completely since she's in an irrelevant branch and her popularity will fizzle the moment her bandwagon fans get news of new english gens. I hope she's accepted and ready for that, since people were saying she was worried about her numbers even during late winter early spring this year.

>> No.3659311

I'm sure there are a ton, but at least 95% are vtweeters or really bad vtubers (can't run their streams well). If Holo Gen5, HoloEN1, and NijiEN have shown us anything, they are primarily looking for people who have had streaming experience before.

>> No.3659315

Wave 1 still has some talented streamers, and at least a couple of them can really sing. Are there other big indies that retired after the auditions that people are still expecting?

>> No.3659318

What you said is beyond the point being made in the first place. The point being:
>Hololive characters aren't original, just different enough to be memorable
>Nijisanji characters do not give off a memorable impression, instead look like low rent gacha characters
For what it's worth, I hope they are paying attention and make corrections in the future if they're able to succeed enough to get them new outfits.

>> No.3659323 [DELETED] 
File: 57 KB, 1500x1500, 1619248587084.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Keep coping your career is dead in the water

>> No.3659351

Cowgirl, Knight girl, Amazoness

>> No.3659361

>Red dwarf star girl?

Cthuga vtuber would be pretty good honestly.

>> No.3659362

finally, i was tired of the eternal orange

>> No.3659374

Has Nijisanji ever done Easter egg hints like that before?

>> No.3659375

she literally will be the ollie of this branch, living rent free while swimming in money.

>> No.3659392

How many "girls" do you think apply?

I think they will test the waters with a male. The problem is they will pick a complete dipshit.

>> No.3659393

Oh, one thing about the attempted doxx/fetish list thing posted on imgur: it was uploaded in january 2020, so whoever is trying to get at her has been at it for quite a while now.

>> No.3659418
File: 143 KB, 675x1000, EgRQNmRUcAIBZ-n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>knight girl

>> No.3659429

Oh shit you're right, I've gotten so used to her casual outfit that I forgot she was a knight

>> No.3659438

>she literally will be the ollie of this branch
members only-ntr rolplay stream

>> No.3659446

Looking at the release dates between the first and the second waves for the JP, KR, and ID branches, I'm guessing somewhere in the time period between 2 to 4 months. Enough to bring keep interest.

>> No.3659458

Remember Eddie Guerrero from WWE? His theme was Lie, Cheat and Steal. That's the cultural theme for Chinese society.

>> No.3659469

yet another mentally ill ff14 tranny
isnt worthy any attention

>> No.3659479

I hope it's not Hazard Hornet. That guy could barely make his streams entertaining and had too much self deprecation as well as making political jokes. He's also a tripfag from /m/

>> No.3659511

Yeah, but what it does tell me is that the it's not some anti-Nijisanji person doing it, just someone with a personal grudge.

>> No.3659522

I will finally get revenge for Aloe

>> No.3659523

based on upcoming graduations, give it a month.

>> No.3659531

who's your target?

>> No.3659540

I never heard a single good thing about that game's community

>> No.3659548

All of the ones that know about VTubing. JUst giving it a shot is enough to win and Hololive is basically an instant lottery ticket for free.

>> No.3659558

Fuck him then. I hate that board, G-Reco was good.

Seems likely to me. Some of chicken's antis hated her long before debut.

>> No.3659565

Interesting that they are dropping hints this early on though if it's true. They must be pretty much ready to debut as well right? I guess the song premiere might provide more insight.

>> No.3659571

For the longest time I was advocating for Nairo to get into vtubing but it looks like he's overcome his yab and is doing decently on Youtube now.

>> No.3659591

How about ask her in her debut stream, they are likely have more say in their design

>> No.3659594
File: 1.35 MB, 959x960, 1612071423105.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3659598

>They're streamers, not manga characters.
They're corporate vtubers not indies. Selling merch has to always considered during the designs process.

Can the designs sell merch?
Can the designs bait clippers?
Are the designs strong enough to bait artists to making free fanart?

Get rid of that indie mentality working for a corporation is whole different ballgame. Streamers are not just earning money for themselves anymore, they have to earn money for the agency as well.

>> No.3659610

When do we get shikoshiko privileges? No HoloEN has given them yet.

>> No.3659638

Yeah, because Haato and Matsuri are anything like their description.

>> No.3659660

Their description is irrelevant, but their visual design isn't. In spite of how generic the G1 girls are, their designs are none the less memorable.

>> No.3659726

Entirely agreed, not sure what we're arguing about honestly.
The actual quality of the design matters more than the uniqueness factor. Take, for example, Tsukino Mito. Yes, she's just a JK but her design, while simple, is distinctive enough to be immediately recognizable and suits her personality perfectly (seiso class president who is actually really weird). The execution is more important than the ideas behind it.

>> No.3659734

I can’t believe that people who browse pol of all places were get so angry about a fart joke. I wonder if interferes with their fantasy of Asian women being angels. Very odd

>> No.3659735

you say that when the top vtuber, the daisenpai of niji is literally a school girl and one of her popular introduction to newbies is singing buta no gohan.

>> No.3659737

>I hope it's not Hazard Hornet. That guy could barely make his streams entertaining and had too much self deprecation as well as making political jokes. He's also a tripfag from /m/
They will probadly choose someone with Japanese skill for collab with male jp, does that faggot know japanese?

>> No.3659803

probably got denied erp or smth like that

>> No.3659811

yeah, please adsvertising fishcoin more with you hate campaign, we need those whiteknightfags

>> No.3659823

People started liking Kiara and Ame more because of the dox too.

>> No.3659830

don't be rude to ina :(

>> No.3659849

was there second wave of indie retirement few weeks ago?

>> No.3659860

i only like her because shes lolicon
if not niji still has to pay for aloe

>> No.3659895

I remember seeing stuff about idol culture in japan a long time ago and laughing at those weird japanese. All of a sudden it's in the western world and it's fucking terrifying. The fact the girls can't even be seen breathing the same air as a man or they'll be slut shamed, let alone actually have a boyfriend, is still really weird to me. I don't think fucking everything that moves like some hollywood celebrity is a good thing either, but it seems like there's no room for vtubers to be humans sometimes.

>> No.3659937

idolCHADs rule this hobby

>> No.3659947

Genuine question do nijis also have to deal with the permissions begging too?

>> No.3659951

I don't think people are wrong to want those things, it's just that the venom directed towards the girls when they can't live up to it is too much.

>> No.3659954

none of this would exist without idol culture. what you're looking for already exists in the form of normal streamers.

>> No.3659962

Not really, if it's not monetized it's fine.

>> No.3659980

only if they pull stuff like this

>> No.3659994

It really is odd. I don’t know how you can have Pol political views and R9K views on women and still watch vtubers. Your pretty much living a lie at that point.

>> No.3660021

Isn't it also a problem that normal female streamers face though?

>> No.3660026

The fairy gives me strange feelings...

>> No.3660058

I think you could have people hiding behind anime girl faces to blur their identities without having to hold all of them to the same standard of purity. I look at it more as a convenient way to be visually attractive without having to worry about exposing your real face to the world, attractive or not. I'm sure some of them would live up to those standards, but I don't think it's fair to want all of them to.

>> No.3660092

I recall something like that happened yea. Not sure if they were NijiEN or HoloEN2.

>> No.3660131

So which one you guys will be shitposting on? Their debut or reddit meme review?

>> No.3660132

For streamers like pokimane yea sure. I think a lot of her fans were pissed when they found out she had a boyfriend. But the problem is that people on this board somehow think pokimane is any different then idol vtubers they watch. How many vtubers have attractive models with big tits? Honestly there’s no difference.

>> No.3660145

these girls are swimming in money, they know exactly what they sign up for when the decide to do vtubing, they can do whataver the fuck they want off stream, the least they can do is to maintain the kayfabe during the stream.

>> No.3660152

It is, though that’s because a lot of those streamers deliberately obscure their relationship status and develop that kind of audience. A lot of top female streamers are more open about that and don’t develop the kind of audience where it’s an issue. That’s why I don’t understand why NijiEN has this idol aesthetic, it’s going to cause confusion with a western audience who don’t understand Niji isn’t an idol company and might set up false expectations with the audience

>> No.3660186

tell that to VShojo

>> No.3660213

like I'm going to believe an ffxiv player has a real boyfriend

>> No.3660243

Personally I don't consider myself /pol/ or /r9k/ at all. Is it really too much to ask for for them to behave with a modicum of delicacy when acting as a vtuber? They can do whatever they want in their roommate accounts but when they put on the cute anime girl mask I expect them to act like a cute anime girl.

>> No.3660258

>seiso class president who is actually really weird
Contrast is great way to make character great. If Mito's personality is just a typical class president girl, she won't be as popular as now

>> No.3660260

>idol aesthetic
that is somehow of a weird stretch, an actual idol aesthetic would be sora or even kizuna ai. I would consider them as gacha game characters as other anons have said, but not idol.

>> No.3660268

You type like a faggot.

>> No.3660288

notably it's e-boyfriend

>> No.3660317

exactly. those don't count

>> No.3660344

they count to me, into the trash she goes

>> No.3660349

While I think that you could probably expect a certain amount of separation between the vtuber and the person, I don't think all of them need to be treated that way. And a lot of the stuff they end up being called sluts for is stuff that happens on their personal time.

>> No.3660364

funny, because normalfags first and most common action is trying to look up the real face behind the vtubers
just google any popular one and see what google suggests is most commonly searched
not to mention how a majority of people see nothing wrong with also trying to share this information or treating is as forbidden knowledge and talking about it

>> No.3660387

>If Mito's personality is just a typical class president girl
That's what her character setting was supposed to be. Mito being weird was her breaking character.

>> No.3660396

you mean like larping? noel and furen don't or barely even larp as knights

>> No.3660400

You seem to be conflating a number of things for what's happening here. None of this has to do with idol culture. People are upset because someone came to the dumb conclusion that using trashy humor as their entertainment business card was a good idea. Most successful entertainment doesn't even start that way unless the intent is shock value, which this doesn't even have since toilet humor is common in the west.

As for male-female collabs go, it's all dependent on what you're trying to sell as a streamer. If you're selling parasocial relationships to take advantage of the lonely and mentally ill, you best be on your best behavior and never slip up. Everyone else is free to chose their manner of streaming and those who actually want to watch will watch, those who want to pay will pay.

>> No.3660417

Not everyone wants that though why is that hard to understand? I for one am tired of vtubers acting idol like and innocent while doing GFE while milking money from their gachikoi and lonely dudes.

>> No.3660431

Yes, they actually do. Companies don't allow other companies to use their brands freely. I assume that Nijisanji has been doing their due diligence up to this day.

>> No.3660475

going by how it works in the past and how it works with other branches we might see another wave in 1-3 months.

>> No.3660488

Humor is subjective. I’m sure humor you think is hilarious other people think is trashy. Why are you trying to force your comedy guidelines?

>> No.3660498
File: 172 KB, 359x201, 345345345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The debut stream waiting room is up.


>> No.3660505

I just checked and two of them lost a bunch of subs, the fuck? I don't remember this happening for HoloEn at all.

>> No.3660522


>> No.3660528

go do something about the lonely dudes then

>> No.3660538

fine, I won't stream apex just for you anon <3

>> No.3660541

Susan is a vtuber anti

>> No.3660557

jesas, they all want gigantic cocks

>> No.3660584


>> No.3660589

they all have gigantic cocks*

>> No.3660593

>That epitaph
>Nijisani EN
>Ni EN
>Ni NE

>> No.3660604

thank you darling

>> No.3660608

god that's hot

>> No.3660610

Big Pomu energy!

>> No.3660612

Would you give her your big seed anon?

>> No.3660614

where the fish waiting room?

>> No.3660624

>nijimado listed on the description
Truly a nijifag

>> No.3660635

And just as I checked Pomu just lost even more subs. Jesus christ Susan has it out for them.

>> No.3660647

>Karaoke background - OKUMONO
Does this confirm Karaoke on debut?

>> No.3660649

Huh? How old are you and where do you live that toilet humor is not considered trashy humor or is even recognized as peak comedy? Mind you, I ask this without initially pointing out that I do find trashy humor to be hilarious, just not calling-card hilarious, and many people will think along those lines as well.

>> No.3660668


>> No.3660671

No, like not constantly making sex and bathroom humor jokes.

>> No.3660679

>Streamlabs Donations
Huh, is that normal for nijis?

>> No.3660701
File: 145 KB, 668x563, numbers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3660708

>she starts in toad voice making everyone laugh but also making them think she sucks
>switchs into her actual singing voice halfway in

>> No.3660733


>> No.3660735


>> No.3660736

no, too shy. she'd have to trick me into a giant spider web and take it

>> No.3660741

did some schizo try doxxing finana already? Do they not know that having sex is totally fine in nijisanji?

>> No.3660746

NijiID use an ID local platform (socialbuzz i think is the name) while holoID uses streamlabs, but that's because superchats are not enabled in Indonesia. I don't think JPs use streamlabs

>> No.3660779
File: 725 KB, 1748x2685, 1620850212434.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3660791

Yes, but there's more evidence it's someone with a personal grudge rather than someone concerned about pure idols.

>> No.3660796

Pomu love! Pomu love! Pomu love! Pomu love! Pomu love! Pomu love! Pomu love! Pomu love! Pomu love! Pomu love! Pomu love! Pomu love! Pomu love! !

>> No.3660812

Either Susan is being an asshole and is hiding it, or it's not up yet.

>> No.3660825

I hope this isn't a permanent thing.

>> No.3660831

>loving someone before properly meeting them
At least wait until debut to start up the parasocial relationship

>> No.3660832

it's an mmo tranny holding a grudge against her since the evidence posted dates back months
also it actually made people like her more

>> No.3660839

So they are gonna do their individual debut streams and at the same time the two ID nijis are doing the special stream which the 3 new ones will join after their streams? Seems like an odd choice.

>> No.3660852

Arranged marriage

>> No.3660855

Aquatic vtubers are just too powerful.

>> No.3660870

Haven't you ever looked at somebody and you just KNOW they're the one. That's the dragon for me.

>> No.3660896

Already know them from their previous life. Pomu love! Pomu love! Pomu love! Pomu love! Pomu love!

>> No.3660899

I think I saw Ban Hada use that a while back before her monetiation got enabled. Pomu also used it in her past life I think and this time I hope to god her paypal account doesn't get shut down again

>> No.3660904

I see a lot of Dragon and Fairy chads
why no love for fish???

>> No.3660910

>knight girl

>> No.3660915

No white knights can save them from what's being planned

>> No.3660923

see >>3660701

>> No.3660939

Actually, NijiID use both, the local one and streamlabs.

>> No.3660945

replace "looked" with "heard" and that's the fish for me

>> No.3660946

I think it took a few weeks for Kiara to get her subs back when she lost some back in April.

>> No.3660949

Fishfags are reddit

>> No.3660954

you know instead of being an asshat supporting her fanbox for just 5 bucks a month would benefit her more

>> No.3660962
File: 80 KB, 714x294, fuckyoususan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fairy is bleeding subscribers out the cooch.

>> No.3660975

So, brapfag?

>> No.3660985

Never trust knife ears

>> No.3661002

Don't you mean smell?

>> No.3661006

Youtube's bots do weird things sometimes, they should come back eventually.

>> No.3661034

It was quite the noisy one.

>> No.3661039

good luck trying to make mito interact with english speakers

>> No.3661046

she just got doxed anon, everyone know how she sounds now.

>> No.3661058

Imagine losing half of your subs thanks to youtube. SUSAN HATE

>> No.3661095
File: 343 KB, 1200x1445, evilceo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why does she hate the fairy?

>> No.3661096

I can see some like Deron and especially Akane interacting with them. Maybe Honma or even Fumino during her rare EN call-in stream.

>> No.3661110

ahhhh tyty, I was just catching up with the thread and have been away all day jerking off to pictures of mito.

>> No.3661125
File: 56 KB, 498x333, 1357858246797.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>herro ovaseas fans, prease make more....dosukebe book

>> No.3661128

They're both blond, so there can only be one

>> No.3661172


>> No.3661181

fuck you, us fishfags will still welcome you as it's not to late to hop aboard the bandwagon.

>> No.3661206

Fuckin based.

>> No.3661219

we failed her in that regard, we need to make more dosukebe book for mito.

Inb4 >we

>> No.3661261

saviourfag here and i will saaaaaaaaaavvvveeeeeee

>> No.3661282

Oh goddammit youtube.

>> No.3661320

Why doesn't she link our generals? Reddit gets links. We're probably the most active place on the internet talking about them.

>> No.3661344

I think that's like asking why any of the holos dont directly link our generals.

>> No.3661347

They went full retard with the scheduling. Makes me wonder.

>> No.3661386

Because we discuss drinking their bodily functions and make liberal use of the word schizo?

>> No.3661401

She's still mad at /wvt/ handjob memes on her old model

>> No.3661416
File: 909 KB, 480x270, 1425601863915.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>starting at 4am

>> No.3661446

I think they wanted the viewers to watch the streams simultaneously, so like a watchalong essentially.
I think that's why on Pomu's stream description she added Nijimado link..

>> No.3661490

Jesus fuck are fart jokes her only personality or what

>> No.3661493
File: 368 KB, 1080x1036, Screenshot_20210513-194944_Twitter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hey guys, remember not talk about their previous identities uwu

>> No.3661521

Please understand, she used to be half fish and only just got her human legs.

>> No.3661534

So I take it none of these girls' previous identities were as popular as Gura's

>> No.3661555

>Like to make ass jokes
>has no ass not even thick thighs
Cmon, Nijis get it together.

>> No.3661574


>> No.3661589

Gura wasn't popular outside of her meme videos, which don't really count.

>> No.3661605

Wrong thread

>> No.3661611

You seem to be lost

>> No.3661617


>> No.3661627

Your mistake just gave me a great idea, thanks.

>> No.3661628

>guys she's just trying to attract as many eyes as possible! she's just starting out don't be too harsh
>it's only her debut, okay? everyone's debut it awful give her time
>it's only been a few months, she's still getting used to streaming to such a large audience. you have to give these things times
>she's only been streaming for a year, that's not enough time to get to know someone. she's really actually great, trust me bro just give it time

>> No.3661703

Gura was an anomaly. Despite being super famous, she was literally dead inside. Yagoo being the saviorfag that he is pretty much took advantage of it. I doubt we'll see another Gura anytime soon.

>> No.3661706

Seems like a half baked move in a brand new market. They should have tried their best to get as many eyes on them personally.

>> No.3661763

Reminder: this entire board is /ameg/

>> No.3661773


>> No.3661796

Is she gonna rip ass on her debut because of how mad it made /vt/?

>> No.3661827

I doubt she knows this place exists.

>> No.3661847

anon, she knows...

>> No.3661848

wow, same. I can't wait to bust my nut during her debut and think about you anon :)

>> No.3661900

Yeah, that's going to be her thing now. She'll be NijiEN's designated farting/shitting girl.

>> No.3661923

>G-Reco was good.
God bless Ameria.

>> No.3662036
File: 1.19 MB, 1855x816, 1620429764948.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3662054


>> No.3662063

why are they all mint colored

>> No.3662065

50k live views or bust.

>> No.3662112


>> No.3662116

because they're all actually Mint. she's behind all three of them.

>> No.3662121

>Why are there so many seething menheras on the chans?
where do you think all the menheras go?
They all come here.

>> No.3662147

I'm glad mint is doing ok, but is she gonna be able to handle the workload fine?
which two are going to graduate once it's gonna be too much for her?

>> No.3662181

I think it's something like they need to do like at least 3 streams/week? Should be fine.

>> No.3662194

9 streams a week is intense, isn't it?

>> No.3662197

If they're all mint, why is the mermaid mint so poopy?

>> No.3662236

>why don't they link a site that hosts neo-nazi incels?

>> No.3662268

not every board is /po/

>> No.3662283
File: 93 KB, 1324x640, 1618150944788.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Man, I wish one of the girls turned into a sarcasm machine like Ame is.

>> No.3662289

She’s the chocomint one.

>> No.3662294

I hate those dastardly paper folders for ruining this sites reputation.

>> No.3662295

/po/ is a really comfy board, I hate when retards raid it

>> No.3662326


typo aside, every board has been /pol/ for the last five years and it's why most of the cool people left

>> No.3662334

Too white, infact all of NijiENs aren't diverse and progressive enough for Susan

>> No.3662363

>into anal
>are fart jokes her only personality or what
you thought?

>> No.3662398

that's what they get for making them arr rook the same

>> No.3662486

I love girls that are into anal.

>> No.3662511

When do they debut?

>> No.3662525

a-at least it's on a Sunday amirite? ;_;

>> No.3662527

Debut relay starts Saturday 7PM PDT

>> No.3662542

I can't help but wish we were learning these things from months of vague references on-stream. The ambiguity is half the fun.

>> No.3662566

where was this posted? It's unlisted

>> No.3662599

She had it in a public playlist on her channel

>> No.3662695

Their subcount is pathetically low compared to holo en when they debuted. How long until they graduate?

>> No.3662724

Now compare it to their past lives.

>> No.3662746

You shouldn't be comparing their numbers to holo en's. Doubt they are are, plus youtube messed up their subs

>> No.3662750

Susan...bring back their subs...onegai...

>> No.3662770

can't wait for their debut and simultaneous graduation

>> No.3662807

seethe more

>> No.3662840

Can't wait for it either.
Cope more. Nijisanji will always be bad.

>> No.3662864

go away

>> No.3662898

Guys, go back to your thread. Gura will be back soon.

>> No.3662911

No, stay here. We don't want him there.

>> No.3662916

Nothing better to do with your time than to give out terrible opinions?

>> No.3663065

You guys ready to spam hololive reject on the stream? Do you think they will cry?

>> No.3663165

It's looking more and more like there's not gonna be Meme Review this week so the dragon might be able to have a good debut without the other dragon being in the middle (yes, the gurame podcast is also happening but it's gonna have less viewers than the meme review would)

>> No.3663183

No, just tune in to see how things pan out.

>> No.3663212

https://twitter.com/EliraPendora/status/1392957206623047680 oh no she's a theater kid

>> No.3663220

Ok, I wanna give this gals a chance. As someone who watches Gura, who among the three can actually appeal to me? Don't really care about the designs since we tolerated Gura rigging from debut, just personality.

The only people I know from Nijisanji are:
>Inui because her duets with Suisei are legendary so I pop in her karaoke once in a while
>Chima who my friends and I affectionally call 'the mouse'. Please don't misunderstand though, that's an endearment. Even my friend who is a massive Towa fan admits that Chima's Error is better
>the Shiba Inu. I found his/her(?) cover of King by accident and probably contributed some hundred views on it.

>> No.3663241

Their loss, Ame and Gura might be reviewing rooms. I'll definitely watch the debuts after that though.

>> No.3663288

I think Pomu and Elira did a bunch of karaoke streams in their past lives

>> No.3663309

I have a Gura membership. Watched the fairy after she collabed with Pikamee and heard she was retiring. She's entertaining, and a good singer. I don't think any of them can really match Gura's charisma though, which is just...unreal sometimes. They are all professionals though, so you might want to just wait until one of them runs some content you are interested in and watch then. If they can't entertain you doing stuff you like, you probably wouldn't enjoy them.

>> No.3663339

I don't get this impulse to immediately look up past lives if you didn't already know. Isn't it better to have no preconceived notions?

>> No.3663489

Debuts can be really messy, especially when they are not sure what direction their characters are going to be taking. That's not a bad attitude to have, but if the debut bores you after 10 minutes and you don't come back, it might just be because you haven't seen their best material. But if you are the type of person that really likes to get absorbed in the character, that might make you enjoy it less. Other people might just look them up because they have fun with it, but there's nothing wrong in doing it your way either if it gets you more excited during the debut.

>> No.3663497

most of them are already known before they are even announced anon

>> No.3663535

I know their names from reading here and haven't gone to look up anything they've done. Most people don't even know that much. You're overestimating how much people know by a lot.

>> No.3663537

I have very limited time and multiple vtubers I enjoy already. I can't afford watching multiple streams of those new vtubers to figure out if they're likely to surpass the ones I already like. The most information there is about those new vtubers, the better.

>> No.3663541

I'd like to know if they're a somebody or a literal who.

>> No.3663598

Good ideas. I'll glimpse at the debuts and check their karaoke on their new characters if they ever do one.

I have a habit of trusting recommendations for most things in my life so yeah. Also, its not like I'm gonna check their past lives, its more like now I am sure to check out the fairy's content because someone recommended it.

>> No.3663600

Even without knowing their past personas, It's relieving to know they were somewhat of a likable figure, it feels horrible to be hyped for an eventual asshole

>> No.3663668

>i’ve only been in 6 musicals
Is she humblebragging or is that not a lot? It sounds like a lot.

>> No.3663771

Will this thread become Nijisanji Global or will it stay ENs only?

>> No.3663782

All of HoloEN knows, anon

>> No.3663817

ENs only, please. I don't care about NijiJP and never will.

>> No.3663839

Split autists were left over at /jp/, OP seems to like the idea of making one thread for EN and another for ID, KR and JP in this board. Seems fair considering EN will be by far the most popular branch here and the other thread will also get a popularity boost.

>> No.3663876

>G-Reco was good.
based and G-pilled

>> No.3663884

Not NijiEN girls.

>> No.3663927

That's really not a lot.

>> No.3663928

There's a thread for Nijisanji in general, IDs and Nijisanji Boys. I don't mind because the threads will not get clustered and messy so I can read all of the post in the threads instead of full downpour like Global.

>> No.3663974

I like the idea of a Niji Global since I'd actually like to learn about and discuss the other Nijis, but I'm fine with a dedicated EN thread.

>> No.3664046

we can just do that in an EN thread, but i assume only when they responded to a tweet, showed up in a chat, or an actual collab.

>> No.3664060

Probably Global, there's only three of the ENs and I doubt they'll be popular enough to carry a thread once they debut.

>> No.3664108

This is true. Also, there's no reason to shit up the global thread yet with the trolling that will surely be getting more heavy in the next few days. So once that dies down global will probably work better.

>> No.3664131

Holo Global developed out of necessity, mainly to contain EN threads because the schizos at /jp/ hate anything western, but then there were dead hours and just about everyone else decided it was better to talk about all of the Holos as they streamed until a major EN popped up (the original Hololive thread in /jp/ got so bad not even their regulars wanted to be there). Then /vt/ happened and HLGG became the core thread for the agency with the other threads being offshoots from it.

You guys have a prime opportunity to start three major threads for the two major languages (Japanese, English) and one for the Boys and create a friendlier culture around it. Don't waste it.

>> No.3664149

There's nothing wrong with the thread being slow if they can't carry it.

>> No.3664175

if ID and KR speak english most of the time, then yes, might be a good idea.

>> No.3664190

I prefer ENs only, with occasional news from other branches when they collab, but that's just my personal preference. Besides, there are already silhouettes of the new ones in the debut banner so the number of ENs will increase soon.

>> No.3664194

hlgg at this point is 95% holoEN.

>> No.3664236

>but then there were dead hours and just about everyone else decided it was better to talk about all of the Holos as they streamed until a major EN popped up
This is the correct approach. Active generals always devolve into off-topic shit when there's nothing to talk about, I think you should be able to discuss anything Nijisanji related here no matter what branch it is.

>> No.3664256

Oh yeah, about that... what was the reception of the Niji thread in /jp/ for the upcoming ENs?

>> No.3664260

It's only 95% HoloEN when a HoloEN is close to stream time. When it's dead hours, even if the posts have HoloEN images, the talk is very diverse, especially when there's EN/western friendly Holos streaming.

>> No.3664279

I could give a shit at this point. hlgg is hell and any discussion outside of it is something I support.

>> No.3664303

It's /jp/, anon. What do you expect them to be if not anti-western whores?

>> No.3664477

This, I don't mind the thread wasn't as fast as Global because it makes me easier to follow and read all of your posts.

>> No.3665170

But then it may devolve into blogposting or invite shitposters

>> No.3665809
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>Butt fetish stuff
this flop is setting sail for fail and has already gone belly up

>> No.3665954

Don't you feel bad using Watame for stuff like that?

>> No.3667002

Fuck I wish I saw OP like 10 minutes before I manually searched those links

>> No.3667060

>it's been 2 days since youtube Channel revealed

> subs count still under 10k

They're gonna be dead on arrival aren't they?

>> No.3667066

It's not like discussing JP Nijis will get you banned, but I think it's best for this to be at least nominally an EN only thread rather than dividing the JP discussion between EOPs and people who want to be Japanese. The main Niji thread on here is friendly enough, just don't be a retard and shit up their thread if you want to post there

>> No.3667101

two of them used to have 16k subs until youtube fuckery

>> No.3667260

Seems like the subs are slowly coming back at least.

>> No.3667512

So what's the dirt on the Dragon girl? Any rrats about her from the past?

>> No.3667631

yeah exactly that's the extent of her abilities

>> No.3667779

She's a Hollywood reject. She couldn't get far because she was a domineering asshole toward everyone she worked with and didn't want to have sex with the big cheeses in Hollywood to get better roles.

>Source: T. Rustme

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