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[insert name here] Edition

>What is /mvp/?
/mvp/ is a thread for viewers to find, share and discuss male indies of any size and language
>Are babis/FtM/femboys welcome?
Fine, but be reasonable about it.
https://www.twitch.tv/rooville (embed) (embed) (embed)
>Useful threads
>>>/vt/wvt (western vtuber general)
>>>/vt/asp (for general advice)
>>>/vt/lig (for viewer resources)
>>>/vt/bag (babi thread)
>>>/vt/cbdct (If you're brave)
>Spreadsheet of male vtubers
And remember, bros before hoes

Previous thread:

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Jeeze man. What's up with all the bait threads right now. Look away for one second and all your threads are dead.

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yo need to protect your threads from the ever raging storms
In this, you also cull the storm itself
Generals exist to fight Holo bait threads
By merely existing, you all took sides on the great war, the neverending war, fought with discords, paid giftcards, and literal schizophrenics of both sides.
Survive, and mark yourself in the annals of history. This will be your reward for volunteering as a soldier in this eternal struggle.

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Emperor Escapes Asylum

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Just let this femboy general die already

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I still didn't get a proper answer, anons. What spooky games did you play?

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Vampire survivors. Almost passed out. VERY scary.

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Every bump I give to this thread I kill a bait thread in the catalog.
My holo oshi is smiling upon me, imperial. Can you say the same?

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No one is smiling on you, you mentally ill faggot. These threads have not even hit bump limit for 8 days.
Just go back to /asp/

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>on a day off
>man, I shouldn't be doing the tedious editing work today, I should be doing it after I get off work
>after work
>I just got off work and only have a few hours of the day to myself, I'm not going to spend it editing
Repeat forever

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people shouldn't hang out and self shill in asp anyway

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self shill in /wvt/ then, this thread isn't even a discussion thread, it's just a self shilling thread.

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/wvt/ doesn't really care about men
you need to shill to your intended audience
if there is no intended audience, then you shouldn't be streaming.
If there is no male discussion, it is because the people shilling themselves here do not watch males, which proves they should be streaming because they themselves do not care about the product they are offering so they don't even bother to learn what works.
This is an opportunity for growth.

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Who gives a shit, you're there to self shill. This is such a pointless fucking thread to exist because of some assumed prejudice that you can just post around.

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all thread are pointless, we should go back to /jp/
to discuss every vtuber under one thread

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>you need to shill to your intended audience
if /vt/ is your intended audience, what the actual fuck are you thinking

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works for pippa

>> No.36439691

She's not an indie.

>> No.36439852

moving goalposts

>> No.36439874

Not really, anon.

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explain your logic

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She probably gets paid a nonzero amount of money by Phase Connect if I had to guess. She's also a girl, something that is much more popular with newfags on /vt/ than boys.

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yes, it is well known women perform better than men in all metrics.
It will also be true of any place they attempt to shill.
Unless you can somehow shill vtubers in crystal cafe, I do not see any other options

>> No.36440269

You don't see any other avenues for shilling than the Hololive containment board on 4chan?

>> No.36440315

Reddit is worthless
what's left? Facebook?
Literally anyone willing to watch an english speaking indie, any indie, comes /here/

>> No.36440351

Lol good luck with that, anon

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/wvt/ vtubers do rather well for males unless they are menhera bitches who sabotage their own progress
Most streamers out there never make it to affiliate

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This is what shits me about a lot of the males. They don't even fucking try. They just stream to no one and don't ever do anything special or try to be interesting.

>> No.36440976

Mediocrity is impressive in this field, and most are just trying to use it as a tinder for the socially inept without realizing being a vtuber doesn't automatically makes you special or interesting to women, in fact, they often look down on you.

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Have your considered that to do most of the more interesting things you need to have a decently active chat?

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Super Castlevania IV! It's scary because I was playing with a broken d-pad that can barely go left!

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NTA but this is an insult to my schizophrenia

>> No.36441674

let it die

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watch males

>> No.36441737

I watched more before I started streaming

>> No.36442542

turning viewers into chuubas was a mistake

>> No.36443414

The thing is you people are so fucking bad at talking over video games you wouldn't even be able to make "interesting" content any good either.

>> No.36443643

Any good examples?

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I swapped between Yuppie Psycho and Resident Evil 7 in VR. RE7 in VR just hits different.

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I don't remember writing this. I think it was my other personality that wrote this

>> No.36448670

I'm the dude in OP's picture, [insert name here]!
I think we'll do one last run of this randomizer seed :)

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you should bump your thread more

>> No.36451212

I agree, I don't get enough links to ignore as is

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thread always dies when I'm asleep it cant be helped...

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you just need to persist until divegrass
that's what will give this thread of misfits its identity
You will have survive until then

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that implies that anyone would want to be a caretaker for this thread
even /asp/ doesn't have one

>> No.36454578

/mans/ has one, fujos are sure dedicated you just need to grab one

>> No.36454628

>fujos are sure dedicated you just need to grab one
you keep saying that but i'm pretty sure no one here is doing anything to pull them here
even wvt has its femviewers

>> No.36454731

ah yes, fujos love babis, south american teenagers, frogs and guys who live in their cars

>> No.36454898

surely one of you isn't shit and can grab at least one fujo
Your previous asp gen had Bloom & woozle surely one of you can do better

>> No.36454997

you truly overestimate the /asp/ie class of 2022, anon, I hate to say it

>> No.36455030

its true, I fucking suck

>> No.36455094

I don't necessarily mean to say that YOU FUCKING PUSSY, just that I don't see any fujobait among you

>> No.36458703

Lost in Vivo and some others, it's pretty good

>> No.36459190

prism doesn't even have one

>> No.36462481

Goodbye shitters

>> No.36465026

What do you mean?

>> No.36465237

Only pissing from here on out

>> No.36465936

i keep forgetting that this exists. people post my favorite male on wvt so i don't really need this

>> No.36467841

I do not mean this as a slight against those guys at all, but all of the women I've seen in those guys' chatrooms are vtubers and all of the regular viewers are dudes. where are these fujos you're talking about

>> No.36467976

I managed to get a fujo to stop by somewhat regularly. Played some games with them off stream too.
Now I'm blocked. They didn't take kindly to me not putting up with their shit.

>> No.36468789

what did you do?

>> No.36469427

Ah, no worries :) I'm not OP though, but I will be here to lurk and bump the thread more :)

>> No.36470065

have you ever gotten creeped out by a female viewer?

>> No.36470101

Stopped talking to them, removed connections and filtered them from my chat.
Sounds extreme and hyperbolic but it reached the point that talking wouldn't have solved anything.

>> No.36470143

no wonder they are gone

>> No.36470173

That was the point. I don't want that shit around me.

>> No.36470180

>played Dota on-stream
>played Dota off-stream
>still suck at it
Yep. I guess I have to find something else to stream.

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Bloom chat is 20% women and 20% "women"
Halbernatch chat is even worse

>> No.36471592

Why would I play LOL either when I would probably still suck?

>> No.36472001

What exactly does "women" mean?

>> No.36472077

4chan is obsessed with trans people

>> No.36472175

I don't think I've even had 1 female viewer in my entire career.

>> No.36473343

This one female tried to groom me. Pretty scary desu.

>> No.36474464

What's the most autistic game you played on stram?

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Gundam Evolution Playing with Friend! Live now!

>> No.36475299

Hi, how do I join the sheet list?

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>> No.36480148

elona i guess? not really autistic

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>> No.36483155

Does the spreadsheet Chad still even come to this thread or has he abandoned us?

>> No.36484227


>> No.36484361

He probably still does. I saw him posting about the spreadsheet in /asp/ earlier this week.

>> No.36484908

I do. Hardly anyone new has been posted lately. Not much to talk about really. When I have time I'm gonna go through the spreadsheet and add in at least one new column of potentially useful info soon.

As for the guy wanting to know how to get added, just link the twitch/YouTube here in this very thread and you will be.

>> No.36488425

I need to stream more.

>> No.36489700


Anyway let this thread die.

>> No.36492540

Males up

>> No.36492599

Are you a viewer or a vtuber

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File: 898 KB, 3840x2160, VRChat_2022-09-11_20-22-22.852_3840x2160.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just dancing in vr for several hours and nothing else

>> No.36495485

Viewer, but I generally don't watch indies. I just keep this thread alive because I hate bait

>> No.36497113

Is he a babiniku?

>> No.36497230

He even says in his streams he's a man whether or not you want to believe him is up to you

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Give me males or I shoot.

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File: 366 KB, 507x660, ryt smug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Put the gun down

>> No.36497616

Vroid males deserve to be shot.

>> No.36497793

You first

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Well good news, I'm working a Live2D version. Bad news though, I'm doing it all myself so it's taking me a really long time to finish it. I just finally brought the PSD into Cubism last night.

>> No.36498441

So what you're saying is that you bump this thread but don't actually click any of the links?

>> No.36498468

Come on now, spreadsheet anon worked hard and you're not even gonna look at his creation?

>> No.36498590

No. Most of them are 2views. He doesn't even watch males. No one here actually watches males. It's just males talking to other males and hornyposting about themselves.

>> No.36498825

Eraxs is getting an upgrade, thoughts?

>> No.36498922

You got it

>> No.36499056

Behold, male vtubers.

>> No.36499260

All the better to groom with

>> No.36499284

I watch niji jp and holostars jp, I like male vtubers
Sorry for getting off topic, but a big interest of vtubers for me is not only the solo content, but also the group of friends around them. This is why getting into new vtubers is hard, because their surrounding is also completely different them, and in the case of indies, way bigger since they tend network a lot more than corporate chuubas

>> No.36499801

I wish someone hornyposted about me. Alas, I'm too insignificant for that.

>> No.36499910

Tanuki sex

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KawaiiDesuDesu420 here.
Danks 4 adding me to the spreadsheet.
Keep up the good work boys!

>> No.36500977

Graduate. Who watches you? Why are you doing this? Do you want to date someone? You're not doing this because it's fun.

>> No.36501024

thanks for the bumb schizo

>> No.36501973

Male fans don't exist.

>> No.36502042

>oh yeah I'll never watch you, but I will bump your thread

>> No.36502115


>> No.36502692

90% I'm watching a chuuba it's a male

>> No.36503815

If you have any indie males you watch, link em and ill put them in the spreadsheet. I would really like to expand the selection of 4view and 3views I have already added.

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>who watches you?

Hopefully more in the future!
>Why are you doing this?

I (Kyli The Wildcat) possessed the soul of a sigma male from another dimension and became a VTuber!

Do you want to date someone?
My host does, I don't have physical form.

>You're not doing this because it's fun.

I think VTubing is fun. I think VTubing is fun. I think VTubing is fun.

>> No.36505322

Repeating a lie that you know is a lie won't make it true.

>> No.36505731

Please lurk more so you don't reply to the migo

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File: 561 KB, 1996x1391, CSMKyli-1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.36507029

vtubing can be fulfilling hobby in a world where people kill themselves because it's "too boring". i've seen it first-hand and it's not fun.

>> No.36507956

Neither of you will ever break 1 viewer.

>> No.36509101

but i will have sex with that 1 viewer

>> No.36511710

Males down.

>> No.36512339

Shondo has spoken. You all need to quit. She has more clout than any of you ever will and her word is law.

>> No.36512434

Thanks for the bump, go take your meds

>> No.36513926


>> No.36519151

I like males

>> No.36520777

Males down.

>> No.36520958

Dead thread

>> No.36521017

Struck down by g_d himself >>36520777

>> No.36521061

Which males are more likely to have sex?

>> No.36521127

Which AdventureQuest character is this?

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File: 846 KB, 1254x655, dsadsadasd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

he's so bad at games i love him

>> No.36523697
File: 99 KB, 1283x1276, FggX4CaWIAIaPxV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based braindead technicolor vtuber

>> No.36523881


>> No.36524017

why is this allowed here???

>> No.36524124


>> No.36524405

Is he a faggot?

>> No.36524464

>Rainbow hair
>Rainbow everything
you guess, Anon

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File: 25 KB, 707x208, 1645253141680.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For those unfamiliar, this the final phase of the male vtuber: "giving up"

In order to compensate for their personal failures as a streamer, a male vtuber might start bragging about their access to female vtubers to the audience that refuses to watch him.
"I will fuck your oshi" and statements of the sort are usually the equivalent of someone losing on videogames and then writing "but I get laid" in the chat. Every male vtuber starts with the dream of becoming famous and when he realizes it isn't going to happen, he seeks for self value elsewhere. This is actually extremely common among failed vtubers about to graduate, those who are still trying to make it know better than antagonizing their potential viewers.

This vtuber is approaching his second year and his numbers barely pass 20. Now you know why.

>> No.36525373

Into the block list he goes.

>> No.36526352

Overdrive, go fuck yourself. Holy shit.

>> No.36526452


>> No.36527290

An obnoxious babi that has a tendency to throw male vtubers under the bus whenever they say anything that offends their sensibilities.
They went after Sheriff Dance when he voiced his displeasure over webtoon artists using lineart filtered 3D renders for their comic backdrops.

Nelson should seriously consider cutting ties with many of the people he associates with. They're either terminally online vtweeters, mentally ill or irony poisoned beyond repair.

>> No.36528224

I go to sleep knowing this thread will be goone when I awake. Peaceful.

>> No.36528259

This is why you should ban babi's even among male vtubers babi's are bottom of the bottom.

>> No.36528491

why cant you just work and pay someone else to make it for you

>> No.36528539

Wasn't this the schizo that got banned in /wvt/ after he was made fun of there? His posts here were deleted along with a schizo in /wvt/

>> No.36530233

You reek of failed vtuber

>> No.36530236


>> No.36530733
File: 63 KB, 592x505, 1646494277426.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dance deleted the initial tweets so every response in that thread also went up in smoke. All that's left is Dance apologizing and referencing it.

>> No.36530875

this is why i don't share my opinions on twitter, honestly. just blogpost, post memes or things about your stream.

can't stand chuubas shitflinging on twitter, the endless drama and all that crap just reading it gives me a headache and i unfollow everyone who adds their shit take to the pile. i don't care if you are right or if i agree with you.

>> No.36530965

Based! His Dennys streams are the only time his CCV goes above 20. Let's hope he quits soon.
All males are failures. This isn't a hobby. Wake the fuck up already, retards.

>> No.36531170

>This isn't a hobby.
According to what?

>> No.36531303

I think vtubing is much more of a performance art than a hobby tbqhfam.

>> No.36531319

performing arts can be a hobby retard

>> No.36531472

What makes screaming into the void to a dead chat a hobby? You're not entertaining. No one truly starts as a 0view except /mvp/ males.

>> No.36531506

what's got you so upset, anon

>> No.36531566

>This isn't a hobby.
lol, even

>> No.36531575

Being a 0view and gaining any sot of following is a lot easier than being a 1view and growing. As long as you're talking someone will waltz in and strike a conversation

>> No.36532006

I do this to males all the time. I hop on an alt and try as hard as I can to make them uncomfortable and see if they'll ban me. None have. They're so desperate for viewers they'll let you say whatever you want in their chat.

>> No.36532092

>t. average babi

>> No.36532251

This thread is more negative than a highschool girl's lunch table. And here I thought there were MEN here.

>> No.36532283

I'm incredibly hopeful for myself. You niggas though....

>> No.36532308

It's one very bored and very sad schizo.
Ignore them and they'll eventually go away.

>> No.36532651

i had a guy in the chat who started talking about how shit japan is and that the 2 nukes were justified because "they would have done the same", was that you because that rambling was kinda kino.

>> No.36533129

Same exact page, anon.

>> No.36533521

Babi chuuba here, my male model design sheet was done in late summer but then I find out it wasn't easy to find a live2d artist that able to draw a good looking male.

>> No.36534040

I hope you find a good artist and come back to the light brother

>> No.36534073

You must not have looked very hard and have AGP

>> No.36534120

No, the model is meant to be a boy. Or at least it's an androgynous model and it says right in his "about" on Twitch that he's a boy. He's even flat in the halloween art.

>> No.36534490

Thanks I will try
Accelerated Graphics Port?
I tried vtubergg, or go find live2d artist via twitter, and I do bookmarked some of them, it just harder than I thought.
Although I do want to know are there any key words in twitter to find live2d artists? Currently I am using "live2d commission".

>> No.36534710

>Stopped talking to them, removed connections and filtered them from my chat.
Okay, fine what did THEY do?
Oh, that was pretty cool actually. Where'd you learn to dance? Probably a stupid question that everyone asks, but I seriously do wonder. Did you just randomly decide to take a class or start practicing one day?

>> No.36534870

That's the spirit.
He's working and paying himself in a roundabout way. Hell, if he keeps it up he could actually get paid enough to buy a model...
>All males are failures.
If you do something without expecting success, that makes it MORE of a hobby, no?
Because you're doing something pointless to pass the time. That's a hobby.

>> No.36534897

>what did THEY do?
Kept pushing for me to do gay shit. Ignored me telling them I'm not into that sort of thing. Ignored being asked to stop. The final straw was them doing that shit in a voice call with others.

>> No.36535017

Shitty of them. Good call.

>> No.36535097 [DELETED] 

Send Spike and Ringo to utterly beat him on-stream at racing games, that's going to tighten the screws on his graduation for sure.

>> No.36535669
File: 1.38 MB, 1280x720, New HHL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Horus Heresy Legion trying new Iron Warrior Buff! Live now!

>> No.36540436

Males up

>> No.36543136

Rate all males in order of how good they'd be in bed.

>> No.36544586

could gauge it based on how attentive they are to chat.

>> No.36545855

Whoever is liked at the best and whoever is disliked as worst

>> No.36546874

Trying to be as self-sufficient as possible and thought it would be fun to learn how to rig in Cubism.

>> No.36547000

Why pay for when I can do it myself?
That's the mentality I've lived all my adult life so far.
If literal retards can do it, then so can I.

>> No.36547050

Do you see this shit? It's just as ugly as the 3D. That's why, there's a reason nobody likes this guy and the ugly models are a big part of it.

>> No.36548857

Any updates on the spreadsheet > site conversion?

>> No.36550437

Whatcha looking for? Artist doing mine managed to make a burly men without looking like bara porn, which was surprisingly rare.

>> No.36551066

why is shxtou on the list

>> No.36552120

He is a male, gay but still

>> No.36553352

gays aren't men, they have brains closer to women.

>> No.36553631

What do you do that sets you apart from the other males? What makes you unique? Why should I grace your stream with my presence?

>> No.36553689

I do not post myself on /vt/

>> No.36553863

has anyone clicked on the spreadsheet before on the OP?
what type of streamer do you personally look for?

>> No.36554637

Honestly, probably not going to happen. Was having a really hard time with it honestly. I just don't have the experience to do it most likely. Ill be updating the list to be better though soon.

>> No.36556103

i dont post myself on 4chan and maintain 12 viewers average and rising

>> No.36556115
File: 83 KB, 280x389, GENOME_sad3_TALKING.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

continuing purgatory 2

>> No.36556140

only correct answers
anyone that posts on 4chan instantly gets a huge debuff for being a faggot.

>> No.36556247

has any 4chan vtuber actually succeeded? why would you post yourself here??

>> No.36556548

2. People can no longer use reddit to discuss anything but Hololive, and draconic moderation means most things go censored.

>> No.36556586

doesnt count, being female instantly makes you succeed

>> No.36556606

One of the Nijifaggots selfposted too

>> No.36556705

This but unironically. I don't think female 2views actually exist otherwise we'd never hear the end of it.

>> No.36557007

Dead thread for a dead niche within a niche

>> No.36557084

You know why the threads are dead right? it's because of the non-stop faggot femboy posting. No one wants to self post here because they don't wanna deal with the faggotry.
You were so concerned about babis but femboy shit killed the threads. People want a proper brothread and not /nenmen/ lite.

>> No.36557096

best to ignore the thread methinks

>> No.36557142

I wish I knew what his voice sounded like so I could make a little plush mothman with a voicebox and a string I can pull

>> No.36557294

Even forever 1 view females exist, but usually it is almost always very obvious why they are at the level of viewership that they are at. Whether it be that they regularly stream with no mic on, streaming a max of 10 hours a month, having an extremely depressed attitudes to the point of driving away viewers, or being a tranny with a completely unconvincing voice. Most of them have multiples of these really bad problems all at once. Also they almost universally don't promote themselves or try to network either, which would probably bring many of them into easy 2 view status despite their rather obvious problems.

>> No.36557387
File: 288 KB, 382x737, FPM40L2WYAE5sR0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.36557785

Name one brotuber that's made it. Just one.

>> No.36557897

I already selfposted but my stream is later tonight.

>> No.36558105

Personally, I didn't post here because the earliest threads already had people from /asp/ talking about how they don't know why people even watch them in the first place, like the French frog guy and the German babiniku. I could care less about femboys as long as they aren't openly baiting for pity.

>> No.36558152

>le babi shit

>> No.36558268

the second people find out you selfposted on 4chan, you lose all viewership, trust me.
stick to tiktok and twitter

>> No.36558520

Aethel. More brotubers need to fuck their way to the top

>> No.36558832

brotubers need to be attractive for that to work

>> No.36558884

I won't do it... I'm not gonna do it... I'm better than this...

>> No.36559073

All it takes is one female chuuba to rocket a career, you don't have to be a model for that

>> No.36559099

post face fatties

>> No.36559150

Here I am from the side: {']

>> No.36559211
File: 109 KB, 960x960, Selfie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.36560020

How boring are you, /mvp/? Do you mostly play games and narrate your actions?

>> No.36560137

Nah, I mostly play games but I also tell stories and talk to the chatroom while I play the games

>> No.36560491

imagine being 3d because youre poor

>> No.36560757

does /mvp/ just shit on EVERYTHING? i havent seen a single vtuber you guys actually enjoy

>> No.36560853

The thread was basically doomed from the start since it was basically created because some selfposters were made insecure by a handful of people in /wvt/

>> No.36560907

>all the posters here are spiteful, insecure Guy In a Hoodie vtubers
ah makes sense

>> No.36560961

I think there is only one guy in a hoodie who posts here, but he seems to be one of the more well-adjusted posters, ironically

>> No.36561153


>> No.36561193

>rebelearthsky is doing charity streams

>> No.36561247

There are a couple of dedicated trolls who spend their worthless lives shitting up this and other threads

>> No.36562526

Minecraft with engineering mods

>> No.36562842

I do until either something eventually pops up in my mind or I have a manic episode

>> No.36562931

Clearly you haven't been on /wvt/ for the past few weeks.
The trash schizos moved to /vt/ after they shat the bed and have made it insufferable.

>> No.36563758
File: 339 KB, 512x512, Ffpo9ZHXgAEnF3X.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.36565933

the trick is unironically to always have manic episodes. i act braindead on stream and my views keep increasing

>> No.36565950

Look at this low effort fag

>> No.36566027

i don't even selfpost here and i get shit on it's quite amazing.

>> No.36566932

I'll tell you the real reason it died. The one you don't want to hear. Its because almost all interest in males on this board comes from the two big corpos, which have their own successful splits, and then what little traffic was left for male vtubers is being discussed in /cbdct/ since it allows corpos too and thus it can actually subsist.

>> No.36567929

How does Cordy keep getting 20+ views per stream as a talentless babi?
He's the most boring and talentless person in this thread

>> No.36568026

He can draw.

>> No.36568190

artists get a HUGE buff. even if all you do is stay silent and draw well, youre guarantee 10+

>> No.36568396

Based, fuck bait threads.

>> No.36568514

Tempus models are ugly as shit and they're the perfect brotubers. Men love ugly models so it's not difficult to make it as a brotuber.

>> No.36569104

no the actual guys behind the vtubers have to be hot to fuck another (girl) tuber

>> No.36569194

/wvt/ seethes when you post anything other than le babi femboi uwu or a girl

>> No.36569209

Why would getting made fun of get you banned? What was he banned for?

>> No.36569526
File: 75 KB, 236x244, 3463467346943.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Male thread already dying only after a couple of days of forced activity
Let this be a lesson to you faggots, focus on brotubers and keep the faggotry in the containment threads with the women.
When we have a formal rule banning femboy/gay shit i'll return to bless you.

>> No.36570395

who lied to you? You do not have to be remotely attractive to find a girl to fuck.

>> No.36572335

Are we thinking of the same person?

>> No.36577155

>suddenly get the urge to draw lewds of my oc
I don't like this feeling

>> No.36577268

Do it. People like others who draw lewds of their characters (as long as they're relatively on-model)

>> No.36579619

Luchador playing Sonic 3 hack

>> No.36584951

Maybe? I was referring to the Super Krunch guy. I haven't watched him yet, but he's good at ignoring bait is why I say that.

>> No.36585070

>obvious falseflag

>> No.36585349

He was schizo posting against liked /wvt/ vtubers.

>> No.36586840

Happy Synthesizer was the first dance I learned a choero was not for me. If you know anything about the niconicodouga those were the golden years of people randomly dancing to anime songs on the street. Anyways cutesy idol choreography wasn't for me but thankfully I learned ENOUGH about dancing from my heros at the time TDN, miume, RAB, and nyantaro. RAB inspired me to take up breakdance and that's what my base foundation is at. So yes, just start practicing one day and one thing lead to another and here I am.

>> No.36590076

todays stream was so much fun

>> No.36591274


>> No.36594831

Males down

>> No.36596449

As a beginner, I think I nailed down the habit of streaming relatively regularly. Now I need to get into the habit of recording regular actual play videos for Youtube as well.

>> No.36600670
File: 336 KB, 680x578, 1667478908690311.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.36603199


>> No.36604322

So how bad of a friend do you need to be to shill your friend's debut in here?

>> No.36604481

It depends on said friend's knowledge and opinion of this site

>> No.36604491

Which viewer will go chuuba next?
I need to pre-groom my targets.

>> No.36604746


>> No.36605092

What viewers became chuuba besides the Koragi ones?

>> No.36605248

I think most chuubas were viewers once. I went chuuba without telling anyone and my viewer name remains pure unless the truth gets out

>> No.36605586

post male chuuba faces you like, i want to see if i can switch things up from my current model's draft and alter it a bit, but I don't know which direction i should go

>> No.36606102

Like a ton of troopas, basically the entire herdcord squad

>> No.36607787

Jignx, he needs to get into the streamer only Minecraft server.

>> No.36608056

I thought that died ages ago

>> No.36608732
File: 285 KB, 1200x1040, EjlAbVdUcFIZKvd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ive always like aruran from holostars face. His old model at least. Especially his facial hair, very rarely does it look good but I think his beard is really cool.

>> No.36608805

Never knew he got a new model. Really not a fan of it either.

>> No.36610238

Yeah, I like his old one better. It was quite distinctive.

>> No.36611307


>> No.36611876
File: 27 KB, 400x400, uG2V-Svv_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.36611898

I have to imagine he probably wanted it himself.

>> No.36614594

Shitting on yourself still won't make me watch you, Nelson

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