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Post both abuse and general fictions of your favorite Chuubas in this thread

Collective works so far:
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1r_e1ah3KTvhBMhclgbvKbLzhCBw7xF-b6yqoeOx8dug/edit - Compilation doc by kind buddy with links to previous threads

>Isn't this just you fuckers writing fanfiction, eh?

Previous Thread: >>3337815

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Any chuubas for protectionist advocacy and strong nationalistic values?

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Thanks, really fucked that other one up.

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Prompt idea: anon is a VN/dating sim protagonist, and he has to trip each of the EN girl flags for different ending. Saying something that is often considered a death flag in other stories triggers Calli's flags

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Reply to this post with prompt ideas! The more detailed the better - details help solidify an idea that writers can use.

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Year 2038, every man has become Nene's husband, it looks like the only surviving women are those who went into hiding while it was not too late and her friends from hololive that she keeps locked up. They may or may not be planing a revolution in which they'll use the idols they freed to take back control of the men.

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Written from one of the girl’s perspective, a man that she has never met before keeps appearing in her dreams. This man introduces himself as anon. When she sleeps and dreams this man helps ease her worries and anxieties, making her feel better in the morning. He even came to her in a fever dream when the girl was sick and cured her. The girl wonders why this is happening and why her mind picked such a specific and detailed face, and why he keeps appearing. That is until one day, she spots this man out on the street.

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I like this idea, sounds wholesome

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An isekai. You are summoned to a fantasy world and are tasked with defeating the ruined king YAGOO who has started a war in order to wipe out humanity from the face of the earth (probably because his dream couldn't come true). You are given a holy sword which may or may not turn into a loli. On your quest you defeat various foes such as a raging dragon, a necromancer with an army of undead, a powerful witch, etc. The grand finale comes, you want to get inside YAGOO's castle, but it is guarded by a powerful barrier, luckily your dragon companion knows an ancient draconic spell that penetrates the barrier and destroys the Zhang wall and all it's guardians. You all enter the throne room and charge at YAGOO, however all the damage he receives is transferred to one of thousands of interns in his castle. You attempt to avoid his ultimate attack [The graduation beam], but you fail and a pink haired companion has to shield you. This angers you and your group, your companions enchant your weapon with their singing and you finally manage to cut YAGOO down. As he falls he looks at your group and smiles, seeing how the girls worked together to defeat him with a song. The End.
Feel free to draw any and all inspiration you can get from this.

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A reine fic, see end of last thread
Need big milkers of the turkey

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From really late last thread: Subaru occasionally complains that when she says 'a' people say she sounds like Goku getting beaten up rather than cute like Gura. So, here's my idea: Some enemy either another vtuber or something else comes to kill Subaru and she is forced to power up to Super Shuba-jin to fight them off.

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>still have to catch up on the last 3 threads
I cant keep up bros

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Reply with requests

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How about Aqua wanting her boyfriend to sext and get off with other holo girls. Or how she want a real woman who's better and more experienced than her to please him, wanting to hear hear how good they give it to him too, show her how useless and bad she is at pleasing him

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Inspired by the previous thread, a high school setting where the class is all holos. One girl breaks the rules and Choco-sensei decides to punish her in front of the entire class (preferably with spanking, you can add other punishments if you want).

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Re-requesting a prequel to A Wolf Mom’s Love. With a depressed Mio seeing herself growing older alone while her childhood friends keep marrying and building families.

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Keep at it. You're gonna make it.

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Can you link the actual story or is it in pastebin?

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It's in one of OP's links:

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Like in the previous thread, suzuhara lulu exploiting your fearboner to most eficiently extract your generic material to propagate her species with. Or a story where you become restless and anxious when you'e not being in her embrace, like you get the feeling you're being watched or something is just around the corner trying to get you and only lulu's lulus can calm you down.

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what do those words mean

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In contrast to all the fics of Korone beating the shit out of some guy (Don't get me wrong, I love them too),
I like to think of Korone being this fun older lady of her neighborhood.

Imagine her giving out treats from her bakery to kids. Hanging out at the arcade and getting all the high-scores. Going to the gym to showoff her incredibly surprising endurance and encouraging people to try to keep up with her.
Her neighbors pity her because they think she's lonely, but she's genuinely happy like this. Though they're perfectly fine with her being around their kids and even letting them visit her house to play retro video games with her.
One boy she's quite fond of once promised Korone that he would marry her one day. She laughed it off because he was quite young, but as he grew older, she started to tease him with her body after noticing that he feels attracted to her.

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Not my request for Reine, but reposting from the last thread because I liked that Anon's idea and I hope someone picks it up:

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>Gura *hic* so how do you feel about incest?
>Gura: "aww what?"
>So people think I was always this time travli'n girl right? But in reality I had this mentor, real handsome guy, really cool, really dependable too, 4 years in he leaves me saying "I've got it all figured out now", and left me in this weird timeline where I have to train a younger version of himself now right? really fked up
>Gura: "wait where's the incest part?"
>Well turns out the fker was my father, no wonder my daddy issues were heating up every time he teaches me shit, really fked up guy, wished he fked me though wouldn't be the most fked up thing i do from all the fked up timelines i've visited, hell im not even your original Amelia
>Gura: "aahhhhhh..."

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>Gura: I have my own stories
>Well lay em on the table shark girl
>Gura: As you know my father was the Emperor of Atlantis, and that my mom was human
>Yeah, yeah you told me that story like a million times
>Gura: Nah, nah, this one's different, So my dad got a solari stone from my gramps, it helps him acquire a full human form
>Sound like some Ina shit Gura
>Gura: Yeah yeah, but anyway, so that stone is like a really powerful stone, but from all the use from my father in order to marry my mom, and eventually give me a proper half human form its basically weakened, so its kept in the heart of atlantis
>Why are you telling me this?
>Gura: No, no, let me finish, So this stone lets you alter your form right? and its heavily guarded, you'd think from all the treasures of my dad that's the last thing you want, but there's this tranny who wanted it, so he could be like this girl, fked up tranny i tell you, he broke my kingdom just to steal the stone
>Gura: I think he goes by the name artemis now, fking cunt

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>what do those words mean
It means that they're a member of the 日本会議, 在日特権を許さない市民の会 or 右翼団体. Such a story would be fascinating, considering they don't like outsiders.

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A fanfic where you have the same age as Okayu and Korone grooms both of you to form her harem

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>Ayame bullies you for being a filthy gaijin and tells you YWNBJ

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maybe Pekora since she hates fags but how the girls really dont show any sociopolitical ideology or way of thinking you can write about anyone

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>hag Korone teases the local 18 year-old after having him as a cute, doting neighbor for many years

Please god someone do this

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Use their roommates accounts

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hehe nc

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Dude... sad af.

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Anon tried to dom operator gf Botan, got the table-turned on him , and was forced to submit sexually to her.

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Make more faggot

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Second this. Sounds great.

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>Kiara ended the stream with a smile, though on the other end of her screen, she was shaking. A perverse warmth flowed through her limbs as she struggled to hold back an unnatural grin. She had done it.
>Sure enough, as soon as the stream ended, Amelia messaged her. She knew it would be coming.
>"I'm so proud of you," the detective wrote. "Didn't it feel good?"
>"I don't know," Kiara shakily typed in return. It had. It had felt fucking amazing. "Doing it on stream...it's such a rush, but..."
>"Don't worry, they'll never make it a big issue," Amelia replied. "You had a good excuse. It was just a slip of your voice."
>"But, Amelia..." Kiara trailed. Her fingers moved slowly as her heart still pounded. "Saying 'nigga' on stream...i-it's so intoxicating..."
>"I know! I know. But this was just an 'accident'. Try to keep it as 'accidents' for awhile...give it a few months between. This was enough for you for now, right?"
>"Yeah," Kiara typed. It really wasn't - her heritage demanded she say it more. "Yeah, I'll be okay. Thank you, Amelia. This was an amazing idea."
>"Of course! Let me know if you ever need anything else."
>The two exchanged their goodbyes as Kiara slumped back further into her chair, sweat rolling off her forehead as the memory played itself in her head over and over again. They believed her. They bought the idea that it wasn't on purpose.
>She'd have to do karaoke streams like that more often.

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>She starts to use alt accounts with names like Knee Grow to SC herself

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>many threads later, people are still talking about my Fubuki short fic
>now somehow blaming it for the tide of abusive Fubuki fics even though it's just that it was written back when it was called the abuse thread


mmmm I'm actually gonna pick this prompt up tomorrow, I think. Strict teacher Choco sounds cute.

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Don't worry about it. Anyone sincerely upset that FBK has a lot of abusive content sucks. That story rocked and was a big inspiration.

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Don't listen to them anon. You're fic was so god damn well written and was the sole inspiration for one of my fics.

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You could just go to the story archive, you don’t need to look at all the comments and request ideas

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Reading every reply is part of the experience

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Just wanted to echo the other anons and say there's no need to worry about it. If your story was good enough to inspire others to write similar stuff, that's a compliment. Also, it's not like you can be castigated for writing an abuse story in the abuse general. I'm looking forward to the Choco story, she's underrated in this thread.

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It was a team effort considering that some of us kept getting inspired to write more.

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Yeah I feel like this kinda story would really suit Korone's persona.
Rather than being a predator or a mommy, she's just a hag that likes to have fun.

And if a young man is interested in her, then she'll gladly take off her jacket distract him with her breasts while she beats him in street fighter.

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If anything I think we still need more abusive FBK content.

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Nah i think we gotta switch it up. We need abused, stockholm syndrome FBK content

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Thank you /wg/ for reviving my writing hobby. I can't even remember the last time I wrote before this, and now it's taking up most of my free time every evening.

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Bless you writeanon

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Glad to have you, bud.

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One could do with the whole Fubuki being an ojou-sama/young lady of the rich household settings like in this vid.
While you're forced to follow her whims because your family owed her family and worked as loyal servants, Fubuki being an abusive master but secretly cares for you and her constantly being abusive was because that's her only way of being close to you without the whole class difference in the way.

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Rate my post, I'm an ESL motherfucker BTW.

>Pekora was very nervous, it was the very first time that she had a friend over
>She was browsing her youtube analytics to pass the time while Moona was taking a bath that Pekora had prepared for her
>But unlike normally she could hardly concentrate on her favorite pastime all she could think about was that Moona would be staying at her home for the entire duration of her visit to Japan
>Nobody but herself and her parents had ever been in her room, not even her brother had entered it
>Parents that coincidentally wouldn't be home for the entire week
>When Pekora asked her mother if Moona could stay with them while she visited Japan for her 3D debut her mother was the happiest Pekora had ever seen her and agreed immediately
>The day before Moona's flight to Japan, Pekora's mother suddenly said to her that she and her father would leave for a vacation in Okinawa and told her to have fun with Moona with a giant smirk on her face
>Pekora sighed while remembering it
>Suddenly a knock on her bedroom door snapped her out of daydreaming
>Moona entered Pekora's bedroom
>"Shachou, you can use ofuro"
>"S-s-sank you, peko"
>Moona was wearing a bathrobe she had lent from Pekora
>The bathrobe was way too small to contain her shapely form, Pekora stared straight at her huge exposed cleavage
>"Shacho?" Moona asked, wondering why Pekora was so quiet
>"S-s-soruri peko"
>Pekora stormed out of the room but not before catching a glimpse of Moona's asscheeks peeking out of the bottom of the bathrobe
>Pekora realized Moona wasn't wearing any underwear
>She hastily entered the bathroom and took off her clothes
>Her own reflection was staring at her in the mirror, her face was beet red from blushing
>She mumbled "What's wrong with me today, peko..." before splashing cold water on her face and then entering the bathtub
>"Moona was in this water just moments ago..." she said to herself
>Her heart started beating faster and she felt butterflies in her stomach
>She felt lightheaded and incredibly nervous for the entire duration of her bath
>Pekora left the bathtub, dried herself and picked up the fresh clothes her mother had prepared for her the day before
>She instinctively put on the underwear but something felt wrong
>It was riding up her asscheeks
>"HAAAAA?! a thong?!" pekora exclaimed as she looked at herself in the mirror
>it wasn't just any thong, it was the smallest pair of panties Pekora had ever seen, a tiny piece of sheer black fabric held together by two thin elastic bands was the only thing covering her crotch
>Pekora looked at the nightdress she was holding, it was a sheer black camisole
>Pekomama liked playing practical jokes on Pekora, but this was a step too far she thought to herself while putting it on
>The camisole exposed her midriff, the fabric was form fitting enough to show the outlines of her breasts even for someone with a small chest like hers and her pink pekonipples were faintly visible through the fabric
>Pekora cursed her mother under her breath while leaving the bathroom and heading for her bedroom
>She planned to quickly enter her bedroom, grab a nightdress and put it on
>Pekora slowly opened the door to her bedroom, hoping Moona wouldn't notice
>The room was pitch black, Moona must have turned off the lights she thought to herself
>Pekora franticly searched for the lightswitch in the darkness and switched it on
>The light blinded her for a second, she looked around the room and saw Moona asleep on her bed
>Pekora suddenly noticed that the bathrobe was undone and Moona was completely exposed
>Curiosity got the better of her and made her forget about the nightdress, she decided to catch a glimpse of Moona's naked body
>She quietly approached the bed
>"S-sugoi peko"
>Pekora had always been jealous of Moona's big breasts, but seeing them in person was something else
>She admired Moona's fat titties for a while noticing her pink inverted nipples, they were fairly large too
>Her eyes scanned the entirety of Moona's tummy, Moona's silhouette was the perfect balance of not too thin but also not too chubby either
>She reached her shapely hips and suddenly realized she was staring at Moona's exposed pussy
>Her heart started beating like crazy
>It was smooth like Pekora's but there was a bit of pubic stubble
>"Moona shaves her pussy.." Pekora thought to herself, Pekora never had to do this because she didn't have any hair down there
>Pekora suddenly remembered about the nightdress and quickly turned around towards her closet but felt something beneath her feet
>it was the futon she had prepared for Moona, she tripped over the pillow and landed ass first on the floor with a loud thud
>"Pain peko" Pekora shouted
>Suddenly Pekora noticed Moona opening her eyes
>"*yawn* Shachou?" Moona whispered softly in her erotic sounding morning voice

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>Moona rose from the bed the bathrobe still undone and hanging from her shoulders exposing her incredibly beautiful and thicc body
>Pekora froze up, her sperglord mind didn't know how to deal with this situation
>Moona stared at Pekora while rubbing one eye, she then looked down and realized she was basically nude
>Pekora panicked and screamed "MOONA, I'M SOOORURY PEKO"
>Moona giggled
>This completely confused Pekora
>"Moona....you...not angurury peko?"
>"Shachou, I'd never be angry at you." Moona said gently while looking at Pekora noticing her slutty attire
>"Shachou...wears T-back pantsu?"
>Pekora grabbed the futon and covered herself with it frozen in fear while her heart raced
>"Don't hide karada." Moona said "Shachou karada kirei"
>"Moona..." Pekora said while lowering the futon
>Her face felt like it was burning up, she realized she must have been blushing again Moona would surely notice
>Moona dropped the bathrobe on the floor, she was completely naked now
>Pekora's heart was now beating so fast it felt like it could burst out of her chest, she was too nervous to say anything
>Moona embraced her and repeated "Shachou...daisuki"
>Pekora embraced her back, almost instinctively, at first she didn't know why
>Then she realized, Moona was always there for her
>She always felt lonely when Moona wasn't online when she was playing minecraft or speaking to her on discord
>It was love
>She loved Moona
>She longed for Moona
>And now she was holding Moona, Moona was entirely hers
>"Moona...I....I rabbuu you peko"
>Moona looked at her with the biggest smile on her face, she was overjoyed
>Moona suddenly kissed her and unexpectedly shoved her tongue inside her mouth causing their tongues to intertwine
>Her saliva was slightly sweet tasting, Pekora enjoyed the feeling
>"Shachou let's have sex..." Moona lovingly said to her
>Pekora knew that word, the kaigainikki and Marine had used it around her, it always annoyed her
>But this time it made her happy because she knew what it meant
>Moona wanted to make love to her
>"o-o-ogeeeyyy peko" she timidly said
>Moona grabbed Pekora's hand and moved it towards her crotch
>A moist feeling engulfed Pekora's hand
>Pekora realized Moona was excreting love juices like crazy
>She clumsily started rubbing the outside of Moona's wet pussy, Moona let out the cutest moan she had ever heard
>This arroused Pekora, she could feel her own love juices soaking what little fabric was covering her crotch
>Moona understood that Pekora was telling her to call her by her first name
>"Peko-chan kawaii desu" she said before giggling
>Pekora felt slightly annoyed by the fact that her cute kouhai was calling her "Peko-chan" but before she could correct her Moona forced Pekora's legs open and started taking off her thong
>Moona shoved her head between Pekora's legs, she felt Moona's tongue entering her
>Moona ignored her and started eating her out more aggressively, Pekora could feel chills over her entire body and gave in to the pleasant feeling enveloping her while she started panting and moaning
>"Moona *pant* suki peko...*moan*...Moona..."
>Moona lifted her head and said "Peko-chan daisuki" before French kissing her again, Pekora could taste her own love Juices mixed in with Moona's saliva
>Pekora could feel Moona playing with her engorged clit while this was happening
>She stopped kissing her and started sucking Moona's nipple that was now rock hard and no longer inverted
>Moona pushed Pekora's mouth off of her and headed for her luggage
>Pekora used the moment to regain her composure, she was feeling winded
>She looked down at the futon they were making love on, it was soaked in their nectar and sweat
>Moona walked back towards Pekora holding something
>It was a big purple double sided dildo
>Pekora felt scared for a moment, but didn't want to show it to her Kouhai
>She decided to gather her courage and to act though in front of her most trusted employee
>Pekora took off the camisole, got down on all fours, lifted up her ass and rested her head on the pillow, spread her pussy open with her hand and presented herself to Moona

>> No.3664424

>This made Moona laugh
>Moona slowly inserted one end of the dildo into herself and let out an erotic moan
>"Ikuzo peko-chan~" she happily said while grasping the dildo
>Moona gently slid the dildo into Pekora's soaked tight bunny cunny
>Pekora felt a sharp pain, Moona must have pierced her hymen
>Moona had just made her a woman
>at first it stung a little but Moona's thrusting started feeling better and better
>"Moona..." Pekora moaned as Moona started increasing the speed at which she was fucking Pekora's Peko-Pussy
>Moona grabbed both of Pekora's arms and started pulling them while relentlessly railing her doggystyle
>They both moaned and panted from the feeling of ecstasy
>Suddenly Pekora felt an incredibly pleasant feeling taking over her entire body
>"MOONA...*pant*...JEEEEEEEEEESAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASS...*moan*" she screamed while having an orgasm
>They collapsed on top of each other, tired but enjoying the afterglow
>Moona pulled out the dildo from both their pussies, lifted Pekora from the futon that was completely soaked in their bodily fluids and princess carried her to the bed before gently lowering her on top of it
>She joined Pekora and spooned her while repeatedly telling Pekora she loved her
>Suddenly Pekora noticed her cell phone on top of the bed
>She looked at the screen and saw that there was a call in progress, Moona must have accidentally called someone when she was sleeping on top of the phone
>Pekora looked at the screen and saw that the person that had been called was Miko
>She panicked and moved the phone towards her head before saying "MIKO-CHI?"
>Pekora could hear sobbing on the other end right before the call got disconnected
>The next morning they went to the studio for Moona's 3D debut and A-chan told them Miko had killed herself by nine elevening the Moon with a rocket she had hijacked
>Then suddenly Ollie opened the door
>Gets on the floor
>Everybody walk the dinosaur

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Comforting a depressed Gura that eventually ends into falling asleep in each other's arms

>> No.3664816

>>Then suddenly Ollie opened the door
>>Gets on the floor
>>Everybody walk the dinosaur
been a long while since i've seen one of these endings

>> No.3664821

10/10 anon good job

>> No.3665019

Good one ESLchama.

>> No.3665131 [DELETED] 

The dialogue is very fitting for Pekora, I can say that much.

>> No.3665794

I see some writeanons on here using google docs to post their stories but how do they do it? When I try and use google docs and set it to "anyone with the link" It looks different from the other stories on google docs here. Even when using the link in incognito it still has that thing in the top right where it shows other people viewing the document and the formatting is also different. It doesn't have that "updated every 5 minutes" thing either. Can anyone who's posted a story on google docs tell me how they did it?

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In the top right corner, hit share. On share, click get link which will give you options on who can view the link and what settings.

>> No.3666796

I think they published it through this

>> No.3666940 [DELETED] 

I like this idea, sounds cute. Can't help but imagine an endong where it turned out the dreams were all wrong.

>> No.3667654

Hit the 'publish' link.

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This is perfect.

>> No.3669030

I see, thanks!

>> No.3669064

This is too high quality for this board

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>its talking to itself

holy cringe

>> No.3670693

You and Noel are childhood rivals who are always one upping each other in the same knight squadron until one day you hear about her having gone missing during battle so out of a hidden sense of concern you go to make sure she's still alive.

>> No.3671409

Seconding this

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How do you fellas keep the motivation going
I decided to take a break for the past week or so but now any idea of writing I get into my head is met with an immediate harsh "no, fuck off". Have I hit the limit or does it require more time?

>> No.3674757

You pretty much have to force yourself at first. Starting is always the hardest part, but once you get the ball rolling it gets way easier and more fun.

>> No.3678058

>page 9

too soon, bump

>> No.3678930

Early Friday morning with little content so far. It'll pick up steam later tonight.

>> No.3680388

throughout this thread series, anons discover: the concept of fanfiction; tagging; writer's block; the understanding that you can't "get smut out of your system" by writing smut; the feeling of staying up until 4 AM researching blood splatter patterns and intricacies of cavitation; what else?

>> No.3680514
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I finally did it. After spending almost 2 weeks on this, I finally did it. I wrote my first smut and its marathon sex with Fubuki.


It's my first time writing smut so i'll be happy if this gets your dick hard even for just a little bit!

>> No.3681297

I think... I have an idea that could work. Not exactly what you suggested, but something along those lines. I might give it a try later.

Absolutely degenerated. it's beautiful. good job, anon.
Your choice in first person is a bit unique. Most anons go for the second person - (you), as is tradition on this board. Not a critique, just a heads up. Hope it won't be the last story we see from you!

>> No.3681473

pretty good, biggest complaint is that there are a couple of misspellings or random errors. Not a big deal, but you might want to look into proofreading a bit more.

>> No.3684146
File: 1.55 MB, 1280x720, sugoi.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy shit that was hot.

>> No.3684355

Brings a tear to my eye, thank you writeranon.

>> No.3686695
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>TFW no Marine going Yandere for you, after you get a girlfriend because you didn't take her flirtation seriously.
I thought someone was working on it.

>> No.3687400

Too based for this board

>> No.3687537

Seconding this

>> No.3687870

Someone in the last thread mention the scenario being that you are a recent hiree working at a black company that works you to the bone with long hours with Marine being your boss. I think that's completely doable.

>> No.3689331

>you do this
>doing this, you do that
>x happens as you do this
my narration game fucking sucks

>> No.3690304
File: 2.98 MB, 2048x1184, 1617680145755.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Large amounts of Polka fluff inbound! Can you tell she's my oshi? This is "A Down Day with Low Pressure Polka"

Even the happiest people can wake up on the wrong side of bed now and again, sometimes literally. Rolling out of bed at a comfortable time for yourself, you're surprised to see Polka still huddled up in bed with her knees to her chest. Clad in an oversized T-shirt and decidedly *under*sized boy shorts, she's curled up with her tail tucked between her legs. Aside from being an odd sleeping position for her (as normally she's nestled in close to you), the fact that Polka isn't already awake is a bit puzzling in and of itself. Polka is usually an early riser. Most mornings she sits on her phone watching one of her kouhai from the EN branch until you wake up so you can start the day together. Outside of when she plays a game into the early morning, she's really not one to sleep in. She has been working hard recently, so try to let her sleep as you stealthily roll out of bed to put together a breakfast.

Since Polka is the morning person of your little household normally she's the one who cooks something using the skills she picked up from when she used to room with a few other girls. When you've almost finished making your simple breakfast and Polka still isn't up, you decide to check on her and give her a nudge, which has quite the unexpected effect. Still mostly asleep, Polka digs herself even deeper into bed and mumbles "Itai" to herself a few times before covering her head with a pillow. You certainly know enough Japanese to know that "Itai" means "Ow", which means something is definitely off with Polka today. You decide to continue your morning routine by yourself while you try and figure out what could be bothering her. She was perfectly healthy last night, so it's unlikely she's sick. She got plenty of sleep, so there shouldn't be an issue there, either. As you mull over your theories you flip through a few apps on your phone when the weather app catches your eye. Popping open the app you completely ignore the temperature and look at the barometric pressure down below it. Confirming your suspicions, you see the cause for Polka's discomfort: a severe low pressure system is in effect.

For the longest time in your relationship, Polka was a tad too embarrassed to explain how she reacted to low pressure systems. Early on she had the mindset that you only wanted the excitable and boisterous parts of Polka and nothing else. It took a while for you to whittle her down and get an explanation on why she never let you come over on strangely cloudy days. The only time she'd ever cancel date nights would also be on days like that, when normally absolutely nothing would stand between her and an excuse to spend time with you. Polka is one quarter fennec fox, due to having a fennec as her grandfather. (You really hope that isn't as simple as it sounds, but decided not to ask) Fennecs are desert foxes that live in places like the Sahara desert. The Sahara desert is a low altitude area with a weather system that also encourages high air pressure, and it seems animals like fennecs are designed for that. Which in turn means that low pressure is not something fennecs are accustomed to. Whenever the air pressure drops it wreaks havoc on Polka's fox ears, giving her severe migraines. This ends up souring her mood, and she usually spends days like this in a funk as she's too exhausted to take care of herself beyond the bare minimum.

Checking the notebook she keeps by her streaming setup, you confirm that she has a collab with the rest of 5th gen planned today. When Polka has a low pressure day she usually cancels any commitments she has, but she'll wake up the next day feeling sad and guilty over doing that, which will end up causing her to have another down day. Polka's mood has a certain inertia to it. So long as she keeps moving forward, she's happy as can be. But once something stops her it's hard for her to get going again as she gets bogged down by judging herself for her moment of weakness. Reflecting on these facts steels your resolve. You may not be able to change the weather, but you can definitely change your girlfriend's mood. You're gonna get Low Pressure Polka back into peak condition! An hour or two more of sleep won't hurt her, so you quickly get dressed and head out to grab all the supplies you think will aid you on your mission.

>> No.3690334
File: 186 KB, 857x1131, E0YePoTVIAAcs8y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When you crack open the door to your apartment you see the lights remain off, so you assume Polka is still asleep. This is proven false almost immediately when you turn to lock the door, as a fast moving weight collides with your back. Almost immediately two arms wrap around your torso and you feel the brush of a fluffy tail against your leg. You stand there in silence for a moment or two patting Polka's arm with your free hand before she utters her first few words of the day in an especially dry sounding whisper.

"I missed you."

Turning to face Polka, you can see her features dimly using what light shines through the covered window nearby. Her hair is ruffled and her braid is undone. She's still in her sleeping clothes, and she seems just a bit unsteady on her feet, her tail lazily swaying back and forth with her body. Her fennec ears are drooping, though at the slightest sound they twitch slightly, likely due to how sensitive they are right now. Taking a moment to look you over, she notices that you have a few different plastic bags in one arm. Wordlessly you usher her over to a seat at the kitchen table before taking one yourself, making sure not to turn on the lights or make any loud noises to worsen her headache.

"I'll take care of you today, alright? Just let me do everything until you feel better." you say in the lowest voice you can.

Polka squirms slightly in her seat, apparently a bit embarrassed at how helpless she it at the moment. Seizing this moment, you set the first part of your plan into action by setting down some pain medication and a canned drink in front of Polka. She has a bad habit of not restocking her supplies after a low pressure day, so she never ends up having the things which help her feel better. Today you decided to do that for her, getting her some medicine and one of her favorite drinks to keep her hydrated.

Polka's eyes move back and forth between the drink and the pill bottle, before grabbing the drink and looking it over.

"This one…you can't get this near here. Did you go all the way to-"

You nod and explain that was part of the reason you were gone for a while.

Polka blushes slightly before cracking the can open and taking a sip. She smiles slightly before eyeing the pill pottle, at which point her smile deepens. She grabs both the bottle and the can before taking a seat in your lap facing you.

"You did say you'd do everything for me today, right?", Polka whispers into your ear before lightly shaking the bottle.

She unscrews the top and places a pill in your hand and then rolls her tongue out of her mouth, staring at you all the while. Getting the message, you place the pill on the center of her tongue (trying not to linger lest you be distracted by the heat of her breath) after which she retracts her tongue and hands you the can. Bringing it to her lips, you gingerly tip the can back as you watch the muscles of her neck flex as she downs the pill. Not wanting the moment to end, Polka holds your hand in place as she continues drinking a while longer. She giggles to herself as she wipes a stray drop off her face.

Already feeling like your plan to improve Polka's mood is going fantastically, you decide to move onto stage two. Polka has trouble eating when she's under the weather, as her migraines come with a bit of nausea. So the solution for this is so grab her something she enjoys that isn't too much for an unsteady stomach. You know the perfect thing, especially because she's mentioned it onstream. You set the box in front of her and wait for the realization to hit her as she opens the package.

"This is that really great salmon sushi!" She exclaims, before cupping her own ears in response to her volume. "That's on a whole other end of town from where you needed to be to get the drink…"

Polka looks guilty momentarily before you stroke her cheek. That brightens her mood again and she leans into the caress with her face, nuzzling your hand as a few stray strands of her hair pass over your hand due to her movement. She then busies herself with the sushi, and you hope to yourself that you bought enough. One a good day Polka can put away ten plates of this stuff, something she's quite embarrassed about. She has you feed her the last piece (mumbling something about "you should get to enjoy this too, you know") and then smiles contentedly.

>> No.3690376
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Polka is now fed, medicated and hydrated, which means her odds of feeling better are rising by the minute. But she's still a ways away from being ready for her collab today. Even if she *feels* a lot more like Polka, she'll still be too shy to stream if she doesn't look like how she thinks Polka, Ringleader of the Hologram Circus should look. Right now she looks like a sleepy foxgirl with a bad case of bed head. So, you gesture in the direction of the shower and offer to get Polka cleaned up. The sides of her mouth curl slightly at the implications of this suggestion, and she heads in that direction. It's not lost on you that she made a point of steadying her walk into a sexy sway as she walked by.

It will still take the meds and water a bit to kick in, so you decide against turning on the lights as you enter the bathroom. As there's no window here that puts you and Polka in complete darkness. Luckily you've taken no shortage of showers in your life here and can find your way around fairly well just by groping your surroundings. As you get the shower started and the temperature nice and steamy (which is good for headaches) You hear Polka rustling around behind you. By now Polka is likely clad in nothing but darkness, but those shadows are making for some damn fine lingerie as your mind tries to imagine what she looks like. "Sometimes less is more" and all that. She walks up and kisses your shoulder as she hops into the shower and you disrobe and follow after her.

Polka is still fairly drained and her collab's start time is fast approaching, so you make peace with the fact that this shower will stop at ecchi rather than explicit. All handling of your foxy girlfriend (pun intended) will be for productive purposes. Polka has an elaborate routine of shampooing and conditioning necessary to making her golden locks and tail look their best, so she asks you to handle soaping her while she does the rest. As the shower fills with the rosy scent of her shampoo, you pour some of her liquid soap onto a washcloth and get to work. As you are consistently reminded whenever you get an opportunity to run your hands over Polka, her body is a product of both halves of her lifestyle. On one hand, Polka is a home body who doesn't get out all too much, making her skin smooth and springy to the touch, with an alluring amount of give in the areas where squishiness is most appreciated. (You utter a prayer of thanks to that sushi restaurant for maintaining her impressive thighs) But at the same time, Polka is a one woman circus, and underneath the softness there is also a pleasant firmness to her acrobat's muscles, which are more pronounced along her shoulders and back. As she works her conditioner into her air with her hands you feel the ebb and flow of the tension in her shoulders as her muscles retract and relax.

Covered in both body soap and conditioner, you imagine Polka likely looks more like an arctic fox than a desert one as she asks you to hose her off. Occasionally as you ask her to move she'll "accidentally" bump into you in some way or another, and then play up her embarrassment. That's a good sign that she's recovering, though it also means you have to put some effort into shaking the idea of spending the rest of the day enjoying the comfort of Polka's warmth out of your head. But as you finish the process of washing, you note a hint of melancholy in her voice as she rests her head against your chest.

"I'm pretty pathetic, huh? I need all this help just to feel better." Her voice cracks slightly as she utters these words.

Despite being drained, Polka made an effort throughout today to throw bits of fanservice (err, boyfriend service) your way, and you think you've put together why. On some level, she thinks taking care of her when she's feeling needy or down is some kind of dreaded responsibility. Rather, it's another enjoyable side to Polka and it's a joy to spoil her when she needs it. Turning those feelings of love into raw charisma, you have the perfect response to her feelings of unease.

"Today made me feel a lot better, too. I'm always looking for an excuse to spend more time with you."

Bullseye. You can practically hear Cupid's arrow fly from your mouth as you bring Polka in closer. Polka wordlessly sputters for a few moments before she mumbles out an "I love you" with a breathy whisper. Between the shower and Polka, you're worried you might overheat, and decide to escort her out and then shut off the water.

>> No.3690396
File: 122 KB, 761x1024, Ez7d7pcUcAAuLTX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As you do so Polka wraps herself in a towel and flicks on the light. She winces slightly, but it looks like your treatment did it's job. She then goes to her discarded clothes and pulls her phone out of the pile. Noticing the time, her eyes go wide.

"Yaah! I still need to do my makeup!" she shouts as she mimes drawing the little symbols that sit beneath her eyes when she's in her costume.

She quickly rushes to the door (likely on her way to her makeup table and closet) but turns to face you before you go.

"Get sick soon, okay? I can't wait to take care of you."

With a warm smile and a wink, she walks out of the room, ready for the stage once again.

>> No.3692420
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>> No.3694204

Thank you for keeping the wacky clown comfy.
I feel like I've seen this before though, oddly enough. And I remember typing this comment. I'm getting serious deja vu, like I've seen this in a dream. Huh.

>> No.3697068
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Very nice story, Polka fluff is always appreciated

>> No.3698473

Good stuff, writeanon.

Now we need an anon getting sick and being cared by Polka story.

>> No.3699821

Yeah this is already a story, you can find it in the pastebin.

>> No.3700063

Subaru arrests (You) with dubious reasoning because she panicked and doesn't know how to confess

>> No.3700527

Precious and wholesome. Good job!

>> No.3700594

Where? If it's the one at the bottom it's because I just added it. I don't see it anywhere else.

>> No.3701210


>> No.3701299

No? Consult /asp/. Maybe they have someone posting about that stuff.

>> No.3701609


>> No.3702210
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>> No.3702323

Sequel in maximum security detention when

>> No.3702354


I was mistaken, really similar in premise to this though

>https://pastebin.com/6keA5KTs - A Lazy Day with Polka (Polka, SFW, Fluff)

>> No.3702461
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I'm starting to think we've reached a point where ideas are getting less and less original fellow writer anons

>> No.3702511

has anyone done comedic abuse? Like chuubas casually shooting eachother in the face over trivial offenses or overelaborate and cartoonish revenge plots?

>> No.3702685

I dunno, upon closer inspection I think it's different enough. One is just a nice, comfortable day with Polka, and the other is taking care of a sick fox. As for ideas, there's still plenty of prompts knocking around, just a matter of finding the will to go through with them.
Like this. This seems funny as fuck.

>> No.3702958

Any stories involving a language barrier, because I think romance or smut involving a language barrier is fucking great.

>> No.3705067

I wrote both stories, so it's no surprise they're similar.

>> No.3705450

You'll note the common element that I describe Polka's shampoo as smelling like roses in both stories. I actually pulled that info from one of her streams where she mentioned that she shares the brand of shampoo she uses with Rushia, who Tweeted about it in the past.

>> No.3706745

That's a nice touch, Anon. Good catch! Glad to have more Polka fluff.

>> No.3708583

Talking of common elements, one writeanon definitively has a biting fetish, cause i remember like 4 fics in which the holo bites your neck and you bite her back to "mark her as yours"

Dangerously based

>> No.3709324

You have an example? Haha. Just as a joke. Haha.

>> No.3710979
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That feeling when you have everything noted out, but you'd rather play vidya and watch Sora than write.

>> No.3712066

good shit

>> No.3712763

funny how Omelas is basically /vt/ lore at this point

>> No.3713057

>story almost done
>confidence suddenly vanishes
>can't word good no more
>struggle with every paragraph
Fuck you, brain.

>> No.3713638

I can't give you courage but I can give you encouragement so do your best anon! You're so close to the end, you got this.

>> No.3715110

The writer's struggle. You can do it anon. Don't be like me with four failed starters because brain bad.

>> No.3718239
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I just want to Say that I love you writeranons You're feeding my parasicial relationship and I couldnt ask for more

>> No.3722663

Is it? I thought it was just a popular tale.
>Pg. 9

>> No.3723343
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Eagerly awaiting to get sick soon.

>> No.3723850
File: 954 KB, 846x1627, __shirakami_fubuki_hololive_drawn_by_sukocchi__af77c6df7ab16042629213af017cce1f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"C'mon Fubuki, you won't regret hanging out with us. We'll show you a fun time~"

You spotted your senior Shirakami Fubuki get surrounded by four jocks. It was obvious that they were up to no good and it looked like Fubuki had a nervous expression though you couldn't really tell from your viewpoint. Normally people would ignore them as the jocks were clearly much more well-built and muscular compared to your scrawny size but you couldn't just ignore a friend! Having a small crush on her certainly helped to fuel your chivalrous side as well.

"H-hey! She clearly doesn't want to do anything with you brutes! B-back off!" You stuttered as the realization that these guys can beat you to a pulp sets in. However, you swallowed down that fear and stood your ground, wanting to protect (and impress) your senior. Either way you stood your ground as the men approached you as you stood in between them and Fubuki.

“Huh? What’s a punk like you gonna do? Sneeze in our direction?” His friends laughed at his joke as you started trembling in embarrassment. He’s right, compared to them, you’re just a puny brat who looks like they are gonna break in half if he so much as touch you. Regardless, you put on your bravest act in front of your senior, wanting to protect her from them!

“I-I won’t let you hurt Fubuki Senpai!”

“Oh look at this fucking simp! Thinks he’s so fucking tough” The brute cracked his knuckles and approached the two of you slowly, his goons in tow. Welp, I guess this is how I die.. You thought to yourself as you could slowly feel the impact of his knuckles against your cheeks, the feeling of it causing excruciating pain as you were flung backwards from the punch.

The last thing you heard before you passed out was your senior mysteriously growling and consequently the slamming of various bodies on the ground.

>> No.3723914
File: 381 KB, 490x504, Friendss.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Everything hurts. You felt dizzy and the room was spinning as you pried open your eyes. You weren’t in the hallway anymore it seems. Instead you were at the infirmary as you recognized the walls and curtains and the fact that you were laying on a soft bed instead of the cold hard ground.

“Oh! You’re finally awake!” Warm and gentle hands wrapped around your own as you recognized the voice belonging to your senior. Fubuki’s relieved face came into view as you tried to sit up against the bed.

“Wha- What happened?” It was then that you remembered about how you got here in the first place. “Where- Where are they?? Are you hurt?” You tried to leave the bed but recoiled in pain.

“Them? Ohh you mean those big dumbasses that tried to mess with me! I took care of them after they dared to touch you. I couldn’t let anyone get away with beating up my cute kouhai now can I?~” Fubuki teased and pinched your cheek while giggling.

You blushed in embarrassment but didn’t try to brush her hand away. “ W-wait..So you didn’t need my help in the first place..?”

“Nooope! I had it all under control! Even if I’m a fox girl, I’m still a predator after all! Ah but coming to my rescue was very manly of you Anon! Thank you!” Fubuki leaned over to your side and gave you a quick peck on the cheek, causing your entire brain to melt down and your face to heat up considerably. “Hmm? Your head’s getting warmer, are you sick?”

“N-no! Not at all! In fact I feel so much better now!”

Fubuki gave a chuckle and sat on your bed, patting her lap with a warm smile. “Here, I’ll stay with my hero for the rest of the day. You can rest on my lap if you want! No one’s gonna interrupt us here. Choco sensei made sure of it!”

This must be a dream come true. You eagerly changed your positions and laid your head on Fubuki’s soft lap, her hands affectionately patting your head as she hummed a comforting tune, her sweet voice lulling you back to sleep as you dreamt of fluffy white foxes.

Short Fluffy Fubuki fic to quench the drought for now!


>> No.3723980

I think i've written at least four Fubuki fics for this thread. I think I may be obsessed with her and I don't know if that's a good or bad thing.

>> No.3724188

people randomly quote it in other threads

>> No.3724392

Your work is appreciated, my friend. Thank you.

>> No.3724496

Very cute anon, I like it.

>> No.3726746

We need more abuse stories.

>> No.3727715

Thank you for this delicious meal, another sugary story to give me cavities AND diabetes.
Definitely a good thing. Friend stories are always appreciated, be they fluff or abuse.

>> No.3731949

You exist, right? You have a body? You don't know, it seems that a limb that once was there vanished before reappearing again, it's like your body was fluid. It's been like this for awhile, you think. There's only one thing you are sure of, this sillhouette outside your form has been watching you for a while.....
It's been some time, it seems that entity is trying to communicate with you, but it's efforts are bearing no fruit...
That word, upon hearing that word, you momentarily see images, memories perhaps, whatever it is, it helped your form become more stable as you can clearly see your limbs now. You focus your attention towards the direction from which this word came from and you see it again, but this time more detailed.
Albeit a bit blurry, you see a visage of a girl, a young woman with dark hair.
"Anon, can you hear me?"
this voice... you know it, your memories are once again returning, yes, you are "Anon", that is your name, that is who you are. And also, you know this girl, it's the person you cherish the most, it's your lover.
"Anon, I'm so happy I finally reached you" the girl said, tearing up
"Reached me? Ina, where are we?" you ask, confused
"We're in your mind, Anon"
"You got into an accident and went into a comma" the girl began explaining, her voice gradually becoming more and more emotional.
"The doctors have tried everything they can to bring you back, but nothing worked..."
"But" she continued "A friend offered to help us" she gently smiled as she turned her head to the side where you saw another figure.
"Your mind had been broken, your ego had lost it's form, but I managed to collect the scattered bits of your consciousness from here and all that was left was for Ina to help you wake up" the unfamiliar figure spoke.
"How can I ever pay you back?" you ask
"No need, just helping a friend" the figure replied " Now, there's no need for you to stay in these Dreamlands, go ahead and wake up" although mysterious, the figure was friendly and exuded an aura of kindness and gentleness
Ina grabbed your hand and after turning towards the figure bowed and said: "Thank you, I don't know what I would have done without your help. You are the epitome of what a loyal friend is, Niggerman"
The figure smiled before sending us off.
In the next moment, you felt your eyelids open and the first sight that greeted you was a girl's smiling face.
"I'm back" was all you said before the girl pulled you in for a tight hug. No more words were exchanged, everything was communicated through that hug: the joy of being reunited, the love that was felt from one another and a relief, that on your path you are protected by your stalwart companion...

>> No.3733769

I always wondered what the Ancient Ones' real name was, good shit.

>> No.3736665

>page 8

someone post fluff pls

>> No.3738090

An elite soldier has come from the future to save the present. A young woman's life is in peril, a life if lost will destroy the hopes of all mankind. A machine has come to destroy humanity's last hope.

Sakura Miko
Hoshimachi Suisei



>> No.3738326
File: 459 KB, 1543x1401, 1614866193981.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you /wah/ very cool

>> No.3743924

Sorry Anon. Had an idea - a date with Aqua at her house that goes wrong entirely on her part (fails to cook, says awkward things she immediately regrets, generally being a dork) that you end up saving by helping her play off her awkwardness and generally helping to make it a great time that ends in a long cuddle session in her bed after she becomes too nervous to continue through with sex (that she initiated) but the words are failing to form. Maybe someone else can take it up? We've a few Aqua lovers here.

>> No.3755391

I wanna try this prompt but I'm really not confident I can give it justice. I'll try to give it a go but hopefully someone else who's a god at writing will take this up as well.

>> No.3758552

One of the holobird girls has been feeling sick for a few days and she suddenly lays an egg. Holo proceeds to panic having no idea what to do with egg.

>> No.3758614

Calli: Kiara, did you lay this egg?

>> No.3759774

Your childhood friend (strictly platonic, but she has hidden one-sided feelings towards you) and you were doing something that caused an accident that gave you amnesia. Realizing this, your friend takes advantage of your amnesia to make you believe that you two are a couple. It feels wrong to you but you believe it anyway.

>> No.3762341

Can someone please write an epilogue on one of the Omelas sequels ? Preferably a wholesome fluff fic where Anon and Fubuki somehow managed to get their relationship happy and healthy ?

>> No.3764631

>start writing smut
>jerk off
>close tab until tomorrow

>> No.3767623

Which holos would do this other than the obvious Matsuri or Rushia. I'm thinking maybe Fubuki but she's had a ton of fics dedicated to her lately.

>> No.3767688

Marine maybe?

>> No.3768036

Sora might work, too

>> No.3768080

Noel is another good choice. Look at how obsessive she gets over her brother and transfer that to the reader.

>> No.3770112

my "quick response to a prompt" is at 15000 characters and i'm like, halfway done

>> No.3770123

Watame gaslighting where you rely on her for relationship advice and support. Relationships don't really last for you but Watame is always there for you. But Watame is the reason why your relationships don't last, sending death threats to your lovers or spreading false rumors about you to make them dislike and break up with you. She eventually convinces you that all you need is Watame.

>> No.3771335

There's Relapse which is all about an explosive emotional confrontation between the two of you that ends with (You) shakily accepting giving Fubuki a second chance but I guess you want something that takes place after that to show that things are actually working out? It'd be cute.

>> No.3774225

A comfy epilogue to show that things have gotten better would be pretty cute.

>> No.3774363

>Fubuki in these stories
>getting better
It will only get worse

>> No.3774380
File: 836 KB, 2370x4096, Master Plan [sound=files.catbox.moe%2Ffg54t3.mp3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The misadventures of Pekora and her best frenemy, the ever-suffering transfer student a.k.a. (You), continue. Your nemesis has pranked you one too many times. It's time to go on the offensive, and fight fire with fire. A plan most daring begins to take shape: a trap to ensnare the rabbit herself. Are you cunning enough to prank the prank-master? Or will you taste the bitterness of defeat once again?
Welcome back to Cover High. Class is now in session.


I had a lot of fun with this one. Partway through I realized I'd made a research error: students in Japanese schools don't change classrooms between periods, teachers do. But I decided to just commit to the mistake, since it's more conducive to character interactions. So I guess Cover High is a weird hybrid of Japanese and Western schools. I've also been second-guessing my characterization of Pekora a lot. I'm admittedly an EOP whose main knowledge of her is from clipfags and the Pekora threads. I've been trying to develop her relationship with the protagonist into something similar to what she seems to have with her fans: mutual bullying interspersed with moments of genuine affection. If there are any Nousagi in the audience, I really hope I've been able to do your oshi justice.

>> No.3774979
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Due to an accident that occurred during a collab with Mel, Polka has come down with a bad case of vampirism, and it's her boyfriend's blood he wants the most!


>> No.3775203

There's pretty much this premise with Rushia in the archives already.

>> No.3776081
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did not expect the boogaloo good one

>> No.3776349

Are there any Yandere Mori that isn't greentext.

>> No.3776757
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What happens in the Husband Collection club?
Also, looking forward for part 3.

>> No.3777536


>> No.3778320

Now I want a spinoff where Nene lures a poor unsuspecting transfer student to become a part of the Husband Collection.

>> No.3781408

Seconding this. It gives the one or two blood fetishists something to work with.

>> No.3788370


Loved it, man. I can't wait for these two to get together (if that is the plan).

>> No.3788606

The Usada Pekora that had been retrieved from prison was broken. Where once stood the ever-laughing and surprisingly caring war criminal, only a meek girl remained. With the loss of the president, the company's mood and future prospects had taken a dark turn. You had been with UsaKen since the very start of the company, and had raised to the position of Moona's second in commmand, and thus you went to meet with her to discuss the situation. You suspected many things, yet the vice-president's displays being all filled with videos of the company's glory days made for a terrible omen.

Her seat turned around: “Anon.” Her voice was abnormally cold.

“Moona-shachou.” Perhaps you should have worded it differently. What had once been an in-company joke had become grim reality. Rage simmered in Moona's eyes.

“This world broke Pekora. I wish to break it in turn.” Perhaps a moral person would have compunctions at the implications of her words, but you were a Nousagi, and complicit in UsaKen's darker activities. And indeed, avenging the one person that had made your life exciting and fun was a worthy cause. There was nothing else left after all. Thus, you swore to give everything for her cause.


It took a few years, but the complete domination of the world was finally in sight for UsaKen. More than half of the world now flew the company's banner after all. This had not come without a price, though. Whoever had taken a stand against Moona's rampage had been crushed, friend or not. You yourself had lost every social connection, having given every last waking hour of yours to further Moona's goals or the occasional drunken bout mourning the old times. At some point, however, vengeance had stopped being what fueled you, as affection for your boss had grown as you struggled along her day and night. You had never gotten the chance to discuss it with Moona, though, as she flawlessly sidestepped the topic whenever it approached, an evil grin gracing her lips. She had grown to enjoy the pain of others, after all, it was proof that her revenge was succeeding.

You were surprised to be called to her office, Moona had avoided being alone with you in private spaces for a long time. She had her back turned to you, and your eyes drank her figure as she turned. Her body had been partially reconstructed to be impact resistant, as she enjoyed viewing the destruction she caused with her own eyes and security was a must, at least for herself. Her enhanced curves were supposedly a side effect. She had two wine glasses in her hands, and offered you one.

She grinned, her eyes glowing with cold light: “Project Omega is now complete.” She then drank from her glass, and you followed in turn.

Project Omega had been the final piece you needed. An unholy combination of magic, biological alteration, and chemical enhancement, made to produce creatures that would be nearly undestructible. You had little time to remember the specifics, however, as you felt something wrong with your body and fell backwards, into the office's floor. Moona approached, seating on a chair near you. “Now then, turns out you have the highest compatibility with the process. This will make you the strongest soldier of my cause, with usefulness far beyond the service you currently provide me. Of course, it will irreversibly damage your brain and cause your death in ten years. But you promised, didn't you? Everything for the cause.”

You looked at her, stunned. You had said those words, but that hadn't quite been the spirit of them. Your boss continued, not minding the terror in your eyes: “Naturally, you will be compensated for your labor, this is UsaKen after all, and there is a definitive line between employees and-” her laughter resounding in your ears: “-human resources. Your pay for a lifetime's work will be calculated, and along with your current assets taken care of and delivered to your heir upon reaching adulthood. You only need to sign your life away, the contract is on my desk.” Wait, heir?

Moona seemed to understand your conclusion, and explained: “That's what these drinks are for, Anon.” What followed, in a different context, would have been something you dreamed of. Not entirely for your own happiness, but for Moona to have something left once her revenge was over. Yet there was no passion to the act, her eyes' merciless glare and her evil smile directed at you. With this, she had you bound, and her affectionate touches, even if acted, drained any remainder of your will. All alternatives forming in your mind were discarded. As soon as your body returned to functioning, you signed the contract.


For the mistress you fight, you destroy, you rampage. You endure the pain. You survive. She still has an use for you.


Ten years pass. You will soon sleep for one final time. The goddess of the world looks at you, sitting on her throne. Her lips smile. You wonder what is in her mind as your own begins to shut down.

>> No.3792033

this was a fun read

>> No.3792164

>her body had been partially reconstructed
This just makes me think of Metal Gear Rising with Moona as the girl with shitloads of arms.

>> No.3792185
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Good read. I like it.

>> No.3797384

*pokes thread back to life*

>> No.3798811

Anything we can do to keep the thread alive without prodding it continuously? Prompts are pretty good for generating discussion, but we might need more.

>> No.3798960

Great question. I've been wondering the same thing for a bit. More general discussion would be nice but then it wouldn't necessarily just be a writing thread - or at least it raises potential for issues, I think. I love the threads to death but my writing mojo has fucking vanished as of late and I'm not sure what else would fly here. I don't want to see them die off because of slow goings with authors - which isn't at all a criticism of said authors, writing is fucking hard most of the time, but the point stands.

>> No.3798968

I want to write but I can't find a prompt that really motivates me
even if I do find one (outside of this thread, I don't normally come here often desu) that piques my interest, I take too long to figure out my shit and actually complete a short story or anything like that before I lose interest in it. Either that, or I cringe so hard at what work I'd already written down that I decide that it's not worth improving and simply dispose of it
I don't know what's wrong with me

>> No.3799120

Based on the Lamy transformation thread >>3638309, requesting a story about anon transforming into Lamy. Preferably, something involving the other gen 5 members.
Something based on >>3710442 could be good, but feel free to draw inspiration from anything in the thread.

>> No.3799314

>The transforming into Lamy thread is starting to spill in
I knew it would happen eventually.

>> No.3801240

just in time for me to start working on a Lamy TF story

>> No.3801317

Some more short form stuff might help. Some greentext comedy stories wouldn't hurt.

>> No.3801474

This is a good idea.

>> No.3803387

Nice finally something about moona

>> No.3803425

Any word on what Holofantasy writeanon is doing?

>> No.3803566
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Suffering from crippling writer's block. I've been working on/off on a Relapse epilogue after seeing something for it earlier and got maybe two paragraphs, alongside a three or so failed starters for other things that I kept hitting the wall on, including something related to Holofantasy. Sorry pal.

>> No.3803655

what is ame making and why does it look so bad

>> No.3803805

Perfectly fine bro, just happy you aren't dead.

>> No.3803895

Damn, that sucks! I'll do my best to keep the thread warm for ya.

>> No.3804101
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Here's a Suisei story I wrote loosely based on a dream I recently had. It was just a quick piece I wanted to do while I took a break from my other stories. It's like... Abuse, fluff and some hatefucking? It's my first time writing smut so I hope you enjoy.


>> No.3804374

As long as the archive is updating I'm alive.
Do your best.
Blessed be.

>> No.3804421

ganbatte writeanon

>> No.3804742
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Imagine dating Lamy and having her supported you through certain trials. Only to realize that she had implanted a piece of herself in you to transform your mind into one of her pawns.

>> No.3804846

Thanks for bringing this to existence. That's just the kind of relationship I want with Suityan.

>> No.3806301
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Delivering as requested.

"The ruler game", strict English teacher Choco ft. unruly class.
"At half past seven, the couple in the room began to quar", Nene's chalk paused its quick, yet careful, scribbling noise as she glanced over her shoulder to see her teacher's face, then resumed. "rel. The man in the room sout-AW!" The last part appeared not on the blackboard, naturally, but upon her lips. Nene wiped off "sout", then replaced it with "saught" - that was met with another dull thwack - and, finally, with "sought". That was self-evidently correct, and the dictation resumed: "for A on his flute, the gas went a little lower, three coal wagons started to unload..."

Choco actually liked the ruler game, in part for the obvious pun that none of the girls seemed to have noticed, probably by way of being preoccupied with the ruler as a very physical implement. The concept was dead simple — if you were unsatisfied with how you did on a spelling test, you could take a remedial in front of the class, which was guaranteed to be a perfect score, if only due to the fact that, instead of marking down their score for every error, she would physically imply that they've made a mistake, every time, until they've gotten it right. It was actually surprisingly effective, because it served as a reminder for the rest of the class on how to spell particularly tricky words, plus the girls that took it cared enough about their score to actually study in the first place, and she was looking for ways to adapt this method to other areas of study. Though that was not really the main draw for her.

Nene finished writing "... with hardboiled egg" and waited for a nod to sit down. She had no difficulty doing so — the point of the exercise wasn't to hurt her as much as it was to embarrass, which, judging from her ears, flushed with red, was a success. On some level everyone understond that fairly nominal ruler thwacks through clothes really weren't that bad, but that didn't preclude pity looks, and, more importantly, helped set the mood that Choco enjoyed so much. Reminding everyone who's really in charge here, including charge of their own bodies. The ruler, so to say. The queen. Choco did hope that outright helping Nene spell "dandeleonized" did not do much to diminish that effect, as much as it is a fact that authorial neologisms are totally unfair in a dictation.

"Now, class," she started, "I'd like to just tell you all that you did a good job and wish you a nice spring break, but there's a few matters I'd like to attend to. Of course, first of all, you did fairly badly, but if I wanted to go through the whole list we'd be here all night." She expected at least some polite giggles, but that only really got a hushed murmur. Of course the prospect wasn't really amusing from their perspective, but she didn't really care. "So let's keep this short and talk to the exemplars today. On the topic of attendance, let's see here..." Choco started leafing through the class journal, pretending to count the X-es for each surname across the semester, but it really was theatrics, since you could guess the head truant of the class immediately if you've been attending it for the past few weeks yourself, and people were already glancing over at her. Choco let her be nervous for a few minutes before ripping off the figurative band-aid. "Aha. Is... Uruha Rushia here? Please come over here, we need to talk." Without glancing up, she heard the sound of a moving chair, then slow, cautious, uneven footsteps.


>> No.3806353
File: 618 KB, 1262x1240, fca93ed8ca0f44d2ee8e03fe340a040d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To be entirely honest, Choco already knew the whole deal. Rushia had a problem. Why, yes, everyone in this asylum of a class had a problem in their unique ways, but still. She liked her fans. Loved them. It was unlike anything she's ever seen before, Rushia had an utterly parasocial relationship with her whole fanbase, bordering on stalker behavior sometimes. She once hacked a guy's account to find his phone number and make a call to tell him good morning, and he wasn't even a member! Anyway. Her addiction to being validated, doting, just general human interaction with people she knew find her interesting instead of droll and creepy absolutely shredded her sleep schedule. She would stay online way past midnight, wake up and find out that she missed either half the classes or all of them — and English was usually in the morning — hate herself for a few hours, order takeout and have a guerilla stream. It was no way to live, and she's asked Choco for help, in her capacity as a nurse. Choco explained the idea of hyperbolic discounting and akrasia to her (the girl wasn't words-dumb) and prescribed melatonin... only for Rushia to do the opposite of what's prescribed and take it at five o clock in the morning when she would go to sleep anyway, instead of when she should have (the girl was brains-dumb). Choco knew of all this as a nurse, but as a teacher nonetheless pointed at the string of X-es and asked Rushia to explain them to her. She listened patiently, only interrupting with a few pointed questions that didn't change the story much — it was sad, it was understandable, and it was dumb as shit.

By the time Rushia finished stammering through her explanation, she was already borderline in tears, and some part of Choco's heart hated to see it. A fairly small one, though, since she was a demon after all. She cocked her head. "I get what you're going through, and you're going to need help — I'll put in the word for higher management." Assholes treated her like a cash cow and not much more. No respect for the human being behind the screen. "However, this is my English class, and you chose to neglect coming to it because it felt like the easier way for you. You have responsibilities, and you should not skimp on them. Thank you for coming in today, because you will have to remind your classmates what happens otherwise. Uruha Rushia, if you would get over my knee, please?"

Rushia's face, already pink, flushed bright red all over. She leaned over and said, as quietly as possible, something to the tune of "Choco-sensei, please let's do this in private, it's too embarrassing!" Choco took another sip from her glass of ice water and adjusted her glasses.
"First off, that's Miss Yuzuki for you, this is still an English class. Second, serving as an example for your classmates is why you're here. Third, this wasn't a question, I was just being polite. In conclusion, get your MAGICAL LITTLE BEHIND over here so you remember showing it up sometimes!"

Now that bit of theatrics got a few laughs. Some of them nervous, but mostly people were interested in seeing this happen. It wasn't that... people hated Rushia, exactly, Choco would not have been doing this if anyone did, but she was aloof, slow to make friends and easy to anger, rarely paying attention to the classmates outside of her group. Combined with her success, it made people feel like she was haughty and elitist. Many thought it was a long time coming, and frankly, it was.

Rushia carefully laid herself across Choco's lap. The desk was in the right corner, her chair behind it in such a way that someone lying across would have their top or their bottom half hidden from the audience's view, depending on whether you lay down from the left or from the right. What will all your friends see today, your panties or your tears? Rushia decided on the tears, apparently. A fine choice. Choco was interested in seeing them today, too. Rushia's skirt was still down, but Choco decided not to scold her for it — the poor girl's heart was already beating too fast. Carefully, using only her fingertips, she neatly and slowly raised her captive's dress, like a child sneaking a peek at presents on Christmas Eve. Today's offer turned out to be so exciting she barely stopped herself from gasping.


>> No.3806409
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If you asked people around what they know about Rushia, you'd hear that she's kind of scary, nice if you know her closer but still scary at times, a necromancer that no one ever recalls raising any undead, and that her chest is as mountainous as an ice skating rink. This fact cost her zero fans on net, but was an infinite source of chagrin for her, to such an extent that she constantly made self-deprecating jokes constructed in a way that made it clear that's also what she really thought about herself.

It was inevitable that she would eventually ask Choco for advice — both as a medical health professional and as someone who squarely beat her in that department, and Choco was happy to oblige. Rushia, simply put, had a habit of forgetting to eat and a small appetite in general, which made her look bony, especially combined with how rarely the sun saw her skin. Choco wanted to remedy that and explained that breasts, all things considered, were largely big blobs of fat, so calorie-dense food would be really handy to build up reserves of it, and, punctuate this, offered her some candy from her table drawer. The little necromancer was all too eager to accept. Halloween passed without trace, Christmas as well. Then came Valentine, and with it, came trucks of candy from her infatuated fans.

She probably didn't eat all of it, all things considered, or maybe she did and her otherworldly metabolism chewed through the shower of excess nutrients just fine, but either way, she still didn't look like she was in need of a larger bra... or, well, a bra at all. You couldn't really look at her and say "oh, Rushia really put on the pounds, huh?" Her cheeks got a bit chubbier, but you'd need to look for the changes. Choco was monitoring her weigh-ins though and knew it was working, and now she got her belated Valentine's day gift. From a certain point of view, it was even appropriately heart-shaped.

Choco put the palm of her hand - the one she was just holding an ice-cold glass with - on bare skin and was rewarded with a soft whimper and goosebumps spreading down Rushia's legs. She grabbed her fingers around, looking for a nice, soft, sensitive part to focus on, but it was like looking for a leaf in the forest. A year ago, when Choco was giving her an intramuscular injection, the poor girl had virtually nothing but hip bones down there, and now she was serving as a comfy wrist-rest.

"I'm not doing this for my own amusement, you know", said Choco, who was doing this for her own amusement. "I'd like you to apologize in your own words, to make sure you got what you did to get yourself into this situation in the first place." Already flush with embarrassment, nervousness and something else, the little mage, put on the spot, stumbled over words and fell on her figurative face. The gist of it was something about how she's sorry she had thought brightening up people's day was more important than ruining hers. It was sometimes said that Rushia had a 1600-year old mind cursed with a 16-year old body, but her teacher was sure someone got the ages the other way around, sometimes. She cocked her head to the side slightly. "Well, that won't do at all, will it? Here, let me help you out."

The first slap was hefty and drawn out, its sound almost but not quite consealing a faint "ow", and it was immediately followed by a second, quicker one. After that, Choco let her hand settle into a familiar rhythmic pattern, alternating between buttocks, not really hitting that hard, mostly focusing on how it felt. To be honest, it felt wonderful. The old adage about "hurting me more than it hurts you" has always been kind of bullshit, even taken in the figurative sense, but here it just didn't apply at all. Rushia's pale white bottom, a child of Choco-officiated marriage between excess sugar and zero physical exercise, had the consistency (and, no doubt, taste) of fluffy marshmallow. It was so easy and so much fun to leave red handprints on it and watch them disappear, almost but not quite, leaving faint traces of pink that slowly accumulated.

>> No.3806495
File: 2.24 MB, 1935x2732, 5f8ed834501e919188796c42bbfb5c60.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Rushia is a good girl" was kind of ridiculous to even consider, but Choco was getting fairly sure of it. She was taking it really well, trying really hard to not make a sound, except for the ones made by repeated impacts with her skin, of course. Her back was pushed down upon, and she responded almost instinctively, arching it in a way to make access to lower parts of her butt as convenient for Choco as she could.

Her tears were welling up though, and Choco wasn't going to let her off her lap with her dignity intact. She caught the string of her panties with a nail and pulled them down, slowly, leaving a deep scratch right across already damaged skin — to her surprise, this was met with zero resistance (nothing that would merit, say, painfully bending her captive's arm behind her own back and giving a series of hard slaps as a reminder of what happens when you fight back), though with a prolonged pained whimper. "Sorry, didn't mean to do it", whispered Choco, who was not sorry and meant to do it, and gave her a quick headpat. She blushed even harder, and her cat ears wiggled in delight, despite being entirely fake. Magic bullshit.

Choco allowed herself some pause, cracking her fingers, then running them across bare, pink-to-red skin, paying attention to the reaction pressing down on forming bruises got. It was some very nice handiwork, almost done, but needed more polish. "Uruha Rushia, do you have a better apology you can offer, or should I help more?" "No, Choco-se... Miss Yuzuki. I'm sorry for sleeping through your class, Miss Yuzuki, I promise this won't happen again!" "Very well. I'm going to have you repeat that, in English, a few more times." With these words, the discipline session resumed.

Choco hit without rhythm and without consistent strength — (though generally far harder than before, leaving bright red overlayed on bright pink), with the explicit purpose of screwing with her brain, and it worked. Rushia kept repeating her apology (though the pronunciation left much to be desired) over and over, soon shortening it to "I'm sorry, miss Yuzuki", then "Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry", then crying. Choco kept her at the last part for the next couple minutes, then stopped. Rushia kept bawling for some more time. Carefully, Choco got her up, pulled her black lace back on and lowered her skirt, then sat her back down on her lap, making sure not to have any of the thoroughly damaged skin touch it, tightly embracing her and gently patting her head to help her calm down. It's these moments that made the former denizen of hell really love her new job. Well, that, and the past twenty minutes or so.

Besides general aftercare and a bit of niceness, this served another purpose. Rushia wasn't wearing a bra, as usual, and she found something in this situation that made her nipples poke straight through the thin summer shirt — the weather was hot enough for her to not have any other clothes to sneakily tell to cover herself with, so Choco was waiting for that to subside. What was it that did that? The pain? The embarrassment? The feeling of being watched? A mixture of all three? Something else? Must remember to investigate further, there is some potential here...

Choco watched her students' eyes carefully as Rushia was shuffling back to her table. She was somewhat relieved — she could not find a trace of malice or glee, mostly looks of genuine concern. Allowing the truancy situation to get as bad as it did was a big gamble, but it was already paying off. Hurting her pride in front of the class and reducing one of a big stars to a little crying marshmallow will have kickstarted genuine worry over her, maybe even maternal instincts in some of the older girls (of course, "older" was a wonky concept, Rushia was formally far older than most of them). Maybe a little push?

"Note that miss Uruha will still need to catch up on the extensive amount of missed material. Anyone who will help her over the spring break will receive partial credit." Too heavyhanded? "This being said, I'm sure you are all very eager to hear the results of the last test!" From the collective groan, they weren't. "To be short: bad. Very disappointing. Lucifer be my witness, if it were up to me, I'd have you lot envy miss Uruha right here and right now. However, I'm in a very nice mood today, so everyone with a less than sixty percent of right answers will receive extra homework to occupy yourself on a break — it will be personalized, so don't expect copying as you always do. Check your email inboxes periodically. Oh, and... Ookami Mio?"


>> No.3806522
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"Here." was a somewhat groggy response.

"I already took attendance. Zero percent, miss Ookami? Zero heaven-blessed percent? How did you even manage to do it? The first half was multiple-choice!"

"What do you mean by 'first half', miss Yuzuki?"

"The sheet had two sides to it, and I'm already hearing that you're sadly not the only one to make this particular mistake, apparently. 'A cat can haz a little salami', miss Ookami? 'Can haz?' It was an obvious joke answer, you're the only one who fell for THAT one."

"Oh, uh... I can explain this one. I've seen a picture of my smartphone recently, an English picture, where a cat was asking if it could haz a burger. I assumed it's how singular works in British English. Do you think it was a typo?"

"No, I don't, I'm not trying to think of anything right now. Okay, class, have a nice spring break, don't drink too much, sleep well and exercise, and Mio, I'll see you after school."


>> No.3806552

this felt like it took forever to write despite being at, like, 20k. I'm really not cut out to be a writer

>> No.3806563 [DELETED] 



Your fanfic have as much value as the dead skincells on my nuts

>> No.3806645

ESLs need not post.
Shit's good homes. Writing takes time. What matters is you got it done.

>> No.3806654

Thank you for the review and don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter.

>> No.3806679

I like the depiction of Moona as this assertive snow queen, instead of a usual shy autist she is.

>> No.3806704

By the by, it have a title? I'd like to archive it a bit later.

>> No.3806711



>> No.3806784
File: 1.52 MB, 3474x6642, __mori_calliope_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_sugarhigh__83327e3c0e3222e60d61f668ca5714b1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Prompts are pretty good for generating discussion,
Mori against her better judgment gives you a second chance at life when you die in an accident. Thinking what you witness was nothing more than a weird dream, you continue with your life after checking out of the hospital. What soon follows are the most horrific weeks of your life as day by day, you lose friends and family for some unknown reason, worse still is that you continue to see a tall pink hair lady everywhere you go.

>> No.3806818

It''s called "The ruler game", the title is right there in the first post.
Archive is here: https://controlc.com/2b260b81

The text Nene is writing down is an excerpt from Springtime Á La Carte, by O.Henry: https://etc.usf.edu/lit2go/131/the-four-million/2406/springtime-a-la-carte/

My other fics for this thread I decided were worth caring about:

https://controlc.com/b522f7a0 Omelas
https://controlc.com/fceb0692 Anchor (Omelas p.2)
https://controlc.com/d9c7e16d Gloves off
https://controlc.com/d9c7e16d "You have to take your meds!"

>> No.3806902

That was beautiful

>> No.3806934

Think of it like this, 20k is already roughly 40 pages of a book, you're doing fine anon

>> No.3807434
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Should've probably paid attention to calculus class instead of writing this.

You woke up with a groan. Your eyes darted to a digital clock on the wall, it’s 1:05. The closest alarm set would ring at least five hours from now. You flipped your pillow, resting your head on the cooler, more comfortable side. You almost went back to a deep slumber when you wondered what woke you up in the first place.
The ringing of your phone and the vibration of metal hitting wooden desk pulled you straight form the dream world. You pulled the blanket over your head before remembering that only one person’s call was assigned a simple ring as the ringtone on your phone, Rushia. You reluctantly rose from your 90$ bed, took your time to drink a glass of water, and counted to 30 before pulling of the charger cable to answer the call. You were about to say the usual “Hello” when a loud scream quickly interrupted you, though not as quick as your finger pressing the volume down button.


A scream blared from the speaker hole, the scream was less of anger and was more of sadness or frustration, almost like the caller would break into tears at any time. You didn’t say a word. Your finger pulled on the collar of your shirt that was sticking because of sweat. The very same shirt you wore when you went on a date to the amusement part with Rushia this evening, brought her back to her place at 9, and arrived at your apartment at 10, crashing into your bed with not even a thought about changing your clothes.


Rushia’s voice slowly faded as she broke to tears, this girl was never good at talking when she’s crying. Now the only sounds coming form the phone were faint sobs and shuddering breaths that wouldn’t seem to end anytime soon. You put the phone on your work desk and opened your laptop, connected it to the apartment wifi, and clicked on a pinned application on the taskbar. A blue line circled on your screen and you let out a sigh. You should probably consider moving to somewhere with better internet connection. You reached for your phone, put it close to your mouth, not wanting to wake up the neighbours, and said your first line in this call.

“Rushia, you’re having another bad dream?”

The sobbing gets louder, but you could imagine that on the other end, Rushia weakly nodded and was gathering herself before speaking once again.

“…I -I saw you, with Marine. At the park. You guys were holding hands and she was all over you, she took your shirt off and…”
Her voice grew ever fainter, trying to not mess the words up with her incessant sobbing, but clearly failed. You furrowed your brow. Marine? Marine who? You don’t even know anyone with such a weird name. Ah. You remembered that one time Rushia said that this Marine girl took her back home when her bike suddenly broke down and you were not in town. Probably one of her coworker that somehow got into her dream and stole you from her.

“That was just a dream, right?”


There was barely an answer, just a small hum that probably meant ‘Yes’.

“All that just a dream, right?”


“It’s 1AM, and you woke me up screaming just because of a dream.”

“Anon…, don’t be mad, okay? I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I swear I will make it up to-”


You cut the call off. Your phone rang once again, displaying ‘Dear Rushia’ as the caller’s name. You didn’t even bother giving her hope by letting it ring and rejected the call immediately. It rang again, and you quickly swiped it down. It happened about five times before the calls finally stopped. The circling blue line on your laptop screen finally stopped and a footage of a dark room appeared. You put on the headset you spent half your monthly earning on and a faint, yet more aggressive sobs could be heard.

“Anon… Anon I’m sorry…”

>> No.3807455
File: 57 KB, 440x600, RonKushi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


You adjusted some sliders and were finally able to make it bright enough to see Rushia sitting on her bed, hands pulling on her hair. If she knew where to look she should’ve seen a red light blinking between the stuffed animals on her closet. Her face was a mess and you swore you could see strands of green falling on the quilt.

“Stupid, stupid Rushia. Can’t even stop herself from bothering her boyfriend who took his time from work for a date. He probably hates Rushia now. Won’t even look at her anymore. Anon, Anon…”

Rushia bowed her head down low, her hands pulling her hair even stronger. You didn’t miss your chance to click the record button and turned the volume all the way up before the thing. Yep. The thing.


It was probably hell to her neighbours but it was music to your ears. You grinned from ear to ear and set the recording title to ‘RushiBreakdown_09’. You’d have to go to work at 7 but you’re not going to miss watching this live. Rushia will probably show up tomorrow at your work, apologizing profusely while wearing a long sleeved outfit to hide what she would do to herself soon, and you would hug her tight and tell her everything is okay, only for her to repeat this probably two weeks from now.


You sure love being Rushia’s boyfriend.

t. ESLchama, feel free to flame any grammatical mistakes or the likes

>> No.3807793

if she regularly cuts, she's going to wear a long-sleeved outfit all the time though?

>> No.3807970

>You reluctantly rose from your 90$ bed
Is that a lot for a bed where you're from? I am uncertain as to what emotion this line is intended to convey.

>> No.3808136
File: 994 KB, 1374x1988, 25.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Someone make a yandere story using the image as a prompt.

>> No.3808313

I was thinking of a situation where you know she cuts but she don't want to disappoint you by cutting right after a date, but workplace would mean public place so she'd want to wear long sleeve anyway. An oversight on my part.
That was a reference to Coco's 9000$ bed and was supposed to mean you don't care much about your living condition and would rather spend money spying on Rushia. Guess that wasn't clear enough.

>> No.3808373

can you tell me the source for this?

>> No.3808482

>That was a reference to Coco's 9000$ bed
i got that part
>and was supposed to mean you don't care much about your living condition and would rather spend money spying on Rushia.
that's what i was leaning toward, but it's hard to tell given the international nature of the board. $90 is a cheap bed to me if we're talking united states dollars, but that might be considered expensive in $90 worth of indonesian coconuts or whatever they use for money there
>workplace would mean public place so she'd want to wear long sleeve anyway
that's why experienced cutters cut their thighs

>> No.3808507

Gonna take a crack at writing a HoloEN TakaMori not lewd origin now that I have a good "ending scene" and overall arc I want the two characters tale to take, but just curious:
When discussing lore and origins, do you all prefer incorporating "Streaming" into their actual lives, or prefer them operating under "HoloMyth" for a sort of private investigative agency as their "job"?

>> No.3808711

>click little ▶ button right next to post
>select Search image on SauceNAO
There you go, that's usually the easiest way to find the source.

>> No.3808745


>> No.3809282

I personally like to ignore it unless it's a key part of the story. I like using the people's personalities in situations where you can fit them in, like in my private investigator story. In my gym story, Noel is clearly streamer Noel, but it's not expounded upon and doesn't matter unless I make a sequel, which I might.

>> No.3809957
File: 156 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When I look at this thumbnail, I just think of Botan as Lady Dimitrescu height included with the other girls as her "daughters"

>> No.3809991

I explicitly mention streaming and sometimes even portray it on screen because I like the inconherence of the premise that an actual 2000 year old elf would stream videogames on youtube.

>> No.3810126

"well well well, Anon Lastname in the flesh!"
>flanked by Polka, Nene and Lamy in the daughter outfits
Oh. Ohhh, my.

>> No.3810399

incredibly based and pretty well written
good job anon

>> No.3810682
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"The name's Chris. CHRIS REDFIELD!"

*Masculine Narrator: That's right, you are -THE- Chris Redfield, decorated member of S.T.A.R.S., destroyer of terrorism and savior to all mankind! Your mission is to subdue the biological threat in this backburg village and find a way to continue strengthening the Redfield bloodline!*

Polka looks around awkwardly. "Does anyone else hear that?"

"Hear what?" Nene asks while building a snowman in the mud.

"That voice, it was just like..."

"You hear the voices too?! Oh thank god, I thought I was drinking too much, you know," Lamy says while pulling out a flask and taking a swig. "The doctor says hallucinations are a sign of alcohol poisoning, but if you're hearing them too then I must be fine."

Polka stares at her, dumbfounded.

"Well ladies," You flex your MASSIVE BICEPS, "It's time for you to surrender. We're going to turn this village into a second Mall of America, and we can't have any weirdos running around our parking lot."

"You think we're just going to let you have your way with us, Mr. Chris?" Botan smiles, bloodlust and fangs on full display. "Get him, girls!"

Nene and Lamy rush at you while you're striking an intimidating back double triceps pose. "AHA! Only cowards would attack from behind!" You swing your arms wide, sending Lamy flying. As she lands gently in a haystack she succumbs to the side-effects of alcohol abuse and passes out, snoring heavily. "That's one down!" You shout, readying another awe-inspiring display of the Redfield form.

Polka stands with her jaw agape at the madness on display, she looks over at Botan, who is engrossed in laughing evilly. She wonders how she got into this damn circus.

"Argh!! I can't believe it, to find such a foe in this unnamed country of dubious culture!" You flex as... hard... as... you... can...

"Let me show you how we do it in Nene-land!" In an impressive display of bear themed musculature she lashes out with a fantastic side chest! How can she be so strong? Is it whey protein!?

"So this is your evil plan? Creating genetic freaks to take over the world!?" You struggle with your words in the face of such an adversary. You can feel the judges boredom weighing down upon you... You have to do it, you have to use -THAT- "Leon, forgive me, I may not live to see your marriage to Claire, but know that I, Chris Redfield, wil-"

BONK. You black out. Polka stands over you holding a shovel. She looks up at her sister. "Nene. Stop that. Grab him and let's bury him with the other intruders." She begins walking away, mumbling "Don't forget Lamy, too. She'll catch another cold sleeping out here."

You Died

Polka had to come back for Botan, who was still laughing.

>> No.3810751

What did I just read?

>> No.3810800

Just another stop on your neverending quest to save the Redfield bloodline!

>> No.3810832

I love you

>> No.3813131
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Yes, master

>> No.3813633

Nice really enjoyed it

Nicely done anon

>> No.3816034

This was actually all part of Chris’ plan to get Leon to worry about him, so that he would come out of hiding so Chris could capture him and make him fuck Claire.

>> No.3816236

Doktor, turn off my boner inhibitors

>> No.3817815


>> No.3819901


>> No.3820380

>bang out 20k words on a niche fetish
>no reviews

>> No.3820410

2k symbols rather

>> No.3821512

I'm biased, as (public) spanking isn't my fetish, but my favorite part was the ending with Mio being an adorable klutz, that "can haz" made me laugh hard. Please don't make Choco spank her. She doesn't deserve it, she's a good girl.

>> No.3822256

Beautiful, I hope we can have a part where she brings an alpha bitch down a couple of pegs.

>> No.3822543

This was really hot. I liked it

>> No.3825104

Good work, I like how you captured the personalities. I also want to second >>3822256, this kind of scenario is perfect to break a girl's pride.

>> No.3826770
File: 854 KB, 1200x800, blade-runner-gosling.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm sorry bros, I was working on the FBK ojou-sama prompt, but I can't help myself from goslinging about Mio ever since she missed her 700k goal in that theme park endurance stream. Might have to get that out of my system first.

>> No.3828879

Let it happen.

>> No.3829116

(You) are fresh out of university and have been kicked out by your parents, so you're trying to find a place with cheap rent so you don't die on the streets. Eventually you come across an add looking about someone looking for another roommate and the rent is practically pocket change. Unbeknownst to you, you are now the newest member of the Holohouse.

>> No.3829904

Lord I’ve been ruined, all I can think about is them harvesting your organs

>> No.3830461

That can still happen anon. Make it the dark ending.

>> No.3832146

Harvesting your cums*

>> No.3832173

both are good

>> No.3832557

That's part of the risk. If you pick Holohouse apartment 1, you get high on experimental drugs with a fellow foreigner. If you pick Holohouse apartment 2, you wake up in the middle of the night missing a kidney.

>> No.3832646

I'm drawing a blank here, which is the other holohouse apart from coco, kanata and suisei?

>> No.3833058


>> No.3833127

Coco and Kanata are in one apartment. Suisei and Anemachi are in another apartment in the same block.

>> No.3838247


>> No.3838439

Have any writeanons here given thought to making the “protagonist” of their fanfiction to be a female non-chuuba? There might be potential in working with this concept to mix things up a bit. Just putting this out there also to bump.

>> No.3838974

A few have brought up the possibility but it's almost exclusively to have the chuubas cuck your love interest from you

>> No.3839677

Let's not pretend that a lot of stuff written here are for anons to self-insert into. If they're into yuri, they would probably write chuuba being each other. Maybe there is a femanon here who can write her own SI fucking chuuba or something similar.

>> No.3839741

*are not for anons

>> No.3840473

It doesn't have to be. I just write stories and find it easier to use "anon" and "you" rather than other pronouns.

>> No.3843314
File: 569 KB, 2048x2048, E0cMxYuVgAQx76R.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.3844126

$ goes before the number.
I counted two times you wrote form when you meant from.

>> No.3846012

I can see this going in different directions for different sequels.

1. An epilogue about Relapse could have a happy ending where Fubuki and Anon managed to fix their broken relationship. They would also have to convince Anon's friends that Fubuki has changed and will never hurt Anon again. This could make for a pretty wholesome fic.
2. An epilogue on Omelas part.2, the sequel the original writer made could be about how Anon is brought back to life, by Calli, Rushia or another Holomem who heard about Fubuki's circumstances an is bringing Anon back to life to cheer her up. I could see Anon being really happy after finding out about the reason for Fubuki's abusive act and Fubuki being reluctant about Anon wanting to get back together because she didn't think she deserve him anymore but in the end she accept it because Anon prove he still love her. This is honestly the one I want the most.
3. Writing a wholesome epilogue about Remembering How to Love Her would be difficult because Fubuki actually rape Anon on that one, but it's doable, Anon could finally just accept his predicament and try to help Fubuki recover and Fubuki could get over her paranoia because now she knows Anon does love her and won't try to abandon her again. It could end with Fubuki giving birth to their child and them living together as a happy family.

Or maybe the epilogue could just be another abuse fic where Fubuki trap Anon in her house and him developing stockholm syndrome and begin to love her again. Either way I just really want an Epilogue to this story, so write what ever you want Anons.

>> No.3846823

Currently working on a comfort fic with Watame but i feel like i'm self inserting way too much with the depressive moods and now i can't bring myself to continue it cause it hits way too close to home. What to do Anons?

>> No.3847193

Dial it back. If possible do something that you can't relate with that well but something you can still empathize with in a way that doesn't obliterate you.
I'm trying for #1, Anon. Currently it's set as a comfy morning with Fubuki as (You) mentally backtrack over the events of the past few months to get to the point where you are now, happily living in a relationship with her and potentially trying for kids.

>> No.3848348

I'm a femanon and I write male protagonists because no one would relate to a female

>> No.3849039

>no one would relate to a female
I think as long as your narration is good enough, even male readers can relate to a female POV.

>> No.3849410

Give it a shot, fuck it.

>> No.3849478

4th alternative, since "the friends" that talked anon into leaving the relationship keep appearing in the stories:
Friend (maybe your childhood friend Suisei/Korone) realizes that anon can't be saved from Fubuki's influence and instead tries to "unbitch" anon. He ends up accepting Fubuki's apology, but in turn puts her on a leash now. Not necessarily reverse-abuse, although that also is a possibility

>> No.3849574

5th option, one of the friend cuck Fubuki

>> No.3849616

>Breaking it off with Fubuki entirely and leaving again
>Doing nothing but send her sextapes daily

>> No.3849696

I did not know I needed Choco making girls cry in my life, but I do now.

Maybe someone can try a role reversal? Friend teaching Choco a private lesson, for example.

>> No.3850227
File: 198 KB, 850x850, __gawr_gura_mori_calliope_watson_amelia_ninomae_ina_nis_takanashi_kiara_and_1_more_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_felutiahime__sample-22ec5bf3039a77fe2b08f1b9a3f41234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>HoloEN 3D debut week
>all EN members fly to Japan
>they crash with Mori at the HoloHouse
>many collabs and group fun
>Gura is especially happy to be with her friends
>3am drinking around the kotatsu
>Ina and Ame's faces are planted into the table
>Kiara is curled under the table with only her head sticking out from under the blanket
>everyone knocked out except for Mori and Gura who are having a deep conversation
>Gura laments her boring, lonely life back home
>Mori shares her sense of inspiration she gets from her friends
>"Calli, I really don't know what I'd do without you. You seem to get me, you know? We ride the same wavelength, you and me. I admire you, I really do...."
>Gura begins to cry
>"These past few years have been rough. I've caught so many dead ends, nothing seemed to fall in place. Joining you girls has been the best thing that's happened to me."
>Gura wipes her tears with her sleeves
>Mori scoots closer to her and embraces her
>"I'm glad you found what you were looking for. You can always be confident that we will be there for you every step of the way. Please, use us whenever you feel down. I will always be there for you, Gura."
>Gura buries her face into Mori's chest, weeping as she tightens her arms around her friend's waist
>Mori smiles, tears also running down her cheeks. She gently strokes Gura's hair, sometimes twirling the ends around her fingers
>"Come on, let's get some shut eye. You have your big debut tomorrow, you wouldn't want to show up with no energy on stream."
>Gura lifts up her gaze and meets Mori's eyes. She quietly nods and releases her
>They both stand. Gura sends her goodnights to Mori and heads to her room
>Mori slides open the nearby closet and grabs small blankets, which she places around Ina and Ame
>Before shutting off the lights and retreating to her own bed, she gazes upon her three friends in their gentle slumber
>"I have to keep working hard. To make them happy, to make everyone proud..."

>> No.3851423

This. Stop caring what you think people read and go write.

>> No.3851640

I think it's gonna be a while before chapter 3 of Cover High is ready. There's been a big outbreak of the Coof and work's been thrown into disarray. Probably won't have much time or energy to devote to writing until shit's under control.

>> No.3851704

Stay safe, bro. Best of luck.

>> No.3851717

No worries anon, get your shit done and stay safe.

>> No.3853262

Nah, don't worry about it. If your writing is good, we'll still enjoy it. Give it a try, do what makes you happy.

>> No.3853562

Would love to read more about femanon and male chuubas

>> No.3853818

I like this a lot, thanks anon

>> No.3857856

I'm just echoing what the other anons said but I think you should just write whatever without worrying about it. If you can make what you think is a interesting story, then I'm sure people will be willing to read it regardless of what it's about or who it's about.

>> No.3858961
File: 198 KB, 850x1202, Bright horizons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Disgusted with how much effort this took to get out. Hopefully it's serviceable - sorry for the delay.


>> No.3859627
File: 14 KB, 196x196, txqfBkB5_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

good job

>> No.3860753

I'm the original requester Anon, fantastic job, I like it a lot.

>> No.3863093
File: 103 KB, 865x1200, 1 (716).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Future Vtuber/mecha-suit pilots. Simp-phogeah?!

>> No.3863771

great job, I really liked

>> No.3863960
File: 163 KB, 955x1351, fuo2b75yfdx51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Omelas extended universe continues. I love it so much anon. Stories like this heal my soul.

>> No.3866377


>> No.3868785

This is good, is this a yandere mori story?

>> No.3869139 [DELETED] 

I like the prompt, but
Anon, she's 167 centimeters. That's 5ft 5. Even the average japanese manlet is 2-3 inches taller than her.

>> No.3869406

I like the prompt, it would be nice to get a proper yandere Mori story that's not a greentext. Just a little problem:
>tall pink haired lady
Anon, she (as in, the character) is 167 centimeters tall. That's 5ft 5. Even the average japanese manlet is 2-3 inches taller than her. Unless she uses something like a reaper aura that makes everyone who looks at her feel smaller or something like that, (you) would be looking down at her.
Not like she needs anything like that; she has a giant scythe and can take your life as easily as she gave it back.

>> No.3869839

Reaper aura sounds cool, to be honest.

>> No.3870352

Kinda reminds me of this one comic about giants enslaving humanity, and the biggest giant ever thought he was unkillable. Until the day of his death, when he saw a giant grim reaper holding a scythe bigger than his castle.
Anyway, don't you think Mori would be use that kinda ability, given her tastes?

>> No.3870560

Of course she would use that kind of ability.
And, in keeping with the yandere vibe of the prompt, whenever (you) break her out of her murderous trance and make her go lovey dovey, her aura breaks and you suddenly realize that she can lean her head on your chest while standing.
Because even when her craziness is upped, her gap moe remains.

>> No.3870645

I always forget every girl except for Coco is still shorter than the average manlet

>> No.3870778

Which makes me sad, we need more taller girls

>> No.3870953

Generally all of HoloEN gets a pass for being thought of as really tall, because they are seen constantly alongside Gura who is the second SMALLEST holo. Compared to her everyone would seem like a giant. It's why in a lot of gurame fanart Ame is depicted as being over a foot and a half taller than Gura, when they actually only have a difference of 10 centimeters. Less than half a foot. Ame is depicted as tall when she is just 5ft, she's a shortstack. It's actually Mori who is a foot and a half taller than Gura, but that doesn't mean much when the average male is half a foot taller than THAT.

>> No.3871623

anon marries watson only to cheat on her and sodomize bubba

>> No.3871814

Who can resist bubba? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R66cVLu-U54

>> No.3872383

It sucks when you want a tall holo to dominate you and all of the girls you like aren't even shoulder height.

>> No.3872628
File: 925 KB, 2700x3600, 88808153_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>letting canon heights matter
I was thinking more of her abusing her power to play out her fantasies, though death-sensei scolds her when she does that.

>> No.3873210

If canon heights didn't matter, we wouldn't have them, in centimeters at that.

>> No.3873664

The solution is shota (You), obviously.

>> No.3873894

I mean, yeah, Why would you change the established height of a character when (you) do not have one and can be whatever the author wants?

>> No.3875091 [SPOILER] 
File: 593 KB, 610x1551, 1621376717846.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

because like half of the characters have alternate forms, or undefined magical abilities

>> No.3876144
File: 92 KB, 400x300, 1621124785848.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Great idea

>> No.3879407

Your gf (one of the holos) has a severe case of schizophrenia. (You) must constantly reassure her that these delusions that she calls "rrats" aren't real.

>> No.3883275

Shame no one will ever write it.

>> No.3883927

good stuff

>> No.3884579

Fbk really is versatile. She's made for both fluff and abuse

>> No.3886225
File: 588 KB, 794x907, Luna smut.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guy who wanted me to write this said to post this here. Dont know if you care about stuff like this but here goes. Please dont fist my ass too hard never really wrote before let alone smut.
Also hoping cap is not too pixelated

>> No.3886553

I need to ask, why no self cest?

>> No.3890160
File: 306 KB, 1451x2048, Eg_5wyNVoAAC5MK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My oshi finally gets some writing that truly matches her sexy beautiful genius professor level of maturity. This is a wonderful day. Loyalty to Luna, my fellow anon.

>> No.3893297


>> No.3893375

Dude, you could have just let it died, it's near the bump limit.

>> No.3895636

Now's the ideal time to shoot the shit as we coast into a natural death. End of threads are usually pretty comfy.

>> No.3895707

Dude, you could have just let it died, it's near the bump limit.

>> No.3895717

Now's the ideal time to shoot the shit as we coast into a natural death. End of threads are usually pretty comfy.

>> No.3895729

Dude, you could have just let it died, it's near the bump limit.

>> No.3895738

Now's the ideal time to shoot the shit as we coast into a natural death. End of threads are usually pretty comfy.

>> No.3895751

Dude, you could have just let it died, it's near the bump limit.

>> No.3895756

Going off of the discussions earlier about height, one of the taller Holos pushing you around thinking that you're a manlet only for you to stand up and be significantly taller than her.

>> No.3895762

There. We reached the bump limit. Fucking hell.

>> No.3896888
File: 610 KB, 1800x2691, E04O9GsUcAE2JGr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3896959
File: 2.48 MB, 2894x4093, 0jgrqg6un0y51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3896984
File: 578 KB, 1500x2000, 1 (183).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

training nene in the ways of martial combat!

>> No.3898391
File: 1.05 MB, 2894x4093, E1rVds8WEAQvB9x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]