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Yes, and we knew she'd be when we saw her self-proclaimed "Hololive reject" roommate. Hopefully she'll get her act together after she sees the backlash she's been getting.

>> No.3640025

Yes, she's based.

>> No.3640069

She the kind of retard who can't stop herself and think for half a second before posting dumb shit, there's no way she has any sense of introspection. I just hope she doesn't drag everyone else down with her

>> No.3640122

What do you think her farts smell like? Does she poop in a long string like fishes do?

>> No.3640126

more like retared zombie, she doesn't GO FULL ME ME ME

>> No.3640292

Sky Dragon can speak zombie

>> No.3640331

Maybe you should ask elsewhere.

>> No.3640347

Wait, is she seriously that schizo? No fucking way. You're trolling right? Nijisanji didn't just hire an insane person that almost broke the law when harassing kiara?

>> No.3640360

>shits the tub in your path

>> No.3640364

So she is actually Dumat.

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>almost broke the law when harassing kiara

>> No.3640440

unless she gets the yubi yubi on-stream she will never be on the same yab level as Ollie.

>> No.3640444

There's an insane female schizo that went insane on lulcow because Kiara got selected instead of her and basically posted insane rants and threats towards her.
I think the person I'm responding to is referring to her but I'm not sure.

>> No.3640464

>harassed Kiara
>almost killed Nyanner with Comic Lo.
Wtf! Subscribed!

>> No.3640478

I've read the chuuba threads on the cow until they got closed and must have missed that then in all the noise

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Now this is schizoposting.

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Nah bro, orcshizo is a legit menhera and no agency would hire her. Anon is refering to an indie who posted on twitter about being holoreject and later about applying to nijiEN. Don't remember her name but she is posted in niji threads.

>> No.3640502

Oh, I got confused because the insane chick referred to herself as a holo reject too.

>> No.3641503

Why does EVERY vtuber i hear of post here? I thought we would be at least somewhat more obscure.
There might be more vtubers here than on Reddit/Facebook (I'm not there, but I thought that were the biggest websites worldwide)

>> No.3641505

Of course they are lying.Why the fuck you all believe in anything you read on 4chan

>> No.3641526

There's probably more vtubers on Reddit than posters on /vt/

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Is she? are schizos going to make 20 threads about her everyday.

>> No.3641594

TBA are not vtubers

>> No.3641684

Well, you're in a thread about a TBA not vtuber.

>> No.3641762

>a thread about a TBA
but her debut date is already announced

>> No.3641803

Fuck I'm stupid.

>> No.3641834

They already are

>> No.3641899

can she take the brrrap crown from hololive?

>> No.3643198

until you like it

>> No.3643231

not until she nuts up and does a real fart on stream. That video's fart was clearly fake

>> No.3643314

Ah so she was the one that lost her spot for Kiara/Porka?

>> No.3643459

>Why does EVERY vtuber i hear of post here?
Where else on the internet are you going to find people talking about vtubers that aren't associated with Hololive/Nijisanji?

>> No.3648204

>she manages to convince kiara to collab with her
>doxxes her on stream
pls be real

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>Nijisanji didn't just hire an insane person that almost broke the law when harassing kiara
All I meant is that she's Yui. Because she is.

>> No.3648985

Where else? Twitter is the main place to talk about vtubers but it's not centralized, people don't check random hashtags. Reddit has r/virtualyoutubers but there aren't many users. There is discord, but there's sort of a sense of privacy there so if chuubas lurk it's probably on fake accounts. /vt/ is the only place left.

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>Has no effect because everyone already knows who Kiara is.

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>Hopefully she'll get her act together after she sees the backlash she's been getting.
hope she doubles down and makes you faggots seethe harder than Kiara and Le Pink Cat

>> No.3650164

Didn't someone also spread a fake rrat on the vtuber wiki saying Mocca trash talked kiara too? Weird how it's always related to her.

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this might make you reconsider

>> No.3650662

She's legit a HoloEN reject, so you can imagine what this means

>> No.3650683

Why does Kiara and Ollie make this board melt down so much?

>> No.3650707

Probably got confused with the other HoloEN reject that did go full schizo

>> No.3650711

They're opinionated women, that's it

>> No.3650724

people dislike ollie?

>> No.3650769

I watch hololive exactly for the reason that Japanese women know when to shut their fucking mouths and look pretty.
I don't want those 2 western whores to corrupt them with American politics.

>> No.3650786

Good for you

>> No.3650846

Whats the old saying, a mute pub proprietess is the perfect woman?

>> No.3650898

ollie is literally a south EAST asian, she's not "western" by any means

>> No.3650910

You are. The insane one was a "girl", this one is just a retarded zoomer with no filter who spends too much time on reddit and is confirmed to visit here.

>> No.3651058

Confirmed how exactly?

>> No.3651095

She's westernized. She didn't even celebrate eid mubarak and doesn't praise Allah (peace be upon him) every stream.

>> No.3651205

Instant feedback plus you're allowed to say literally anything here. Some people shill and sometimes they don't get flamed for it. Some of the help threads are full of them but they stay contained on those. Also if someone is a vtuber they probably like them.

>> No.3651217

Did you miss it? She came here and called an anon a faggot the other day, I heard he killed himself

>> No.3651254

Which is the one that followed all of HoloEN except chicken in her old life?

>> No.3651267

The one in the OP

>> No.3651355

>Japanese women know when to shut their fucking mouths and look pretty

Holy fuck you are retarded. Nips have one of the highest teen prostitution rates on the planet and NijiJP girls act like whores all the fucking time.

>> No.3651356

If she or Carrol got into HoloEN 2 which would be the biggest timebomb?

>> No.3651460

I hope she does it again for shits and giggles.

>> No.3651523

>Nips have one of the highest teen prostitution rates on the planet
That might be because compensated dating is counted.
None of that has anything to do with what he said.

>> No.3651634

>Why does Kiara and Ollie make this board melt down so much?
Its not a coincidence that they both wanted to collab outside of Hololive, and they both happen to be hated.

>> No.3651661

to be fair mori "suffers" from this too

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>> No.3651887

Being opinionated has nothing to do with it (many Holos actually are); being obnoxious has everything to do with it.

>Trying too hard, not knowing when to stop.
>Being tactless and unaware.
>Not reading social cues.
While it does make for good drama entertainment, that's not what people watch Hololive (or Nijisanji) for. We already have reality TV and soaps for that shit, so having to deal with it on other forms of entertainment wears down on people, especially people who DON'T want to deal with it in the first place.

>> No.3651910

what are you trying to say? what do your two points have in common?

>> No.3651975

>being obnoxious
The absolute state of you people
>This vtuber is obnoxious
>time to be even more obnoxious and shit up the board
fucking kill yourselves

>> No.3652262

Zombraps and ID fans in general just went through one of their hardest months. Hell, Amepocalypse was tame compared to the amount of Rrats the Ollie threads fed. And the biggest irony is that is was a zombie Rrat of all things from December. With any other holo it would've passed in a week, but indogs just can't ignore Rrats and feed them with (you) s, that's why this one lasted so long.

>> No.3652315

It's funny to me how the kind of people who complain about the "tactlessness" of those women are some of the most autistic fucks I ever witnessed.

>> No.3652377

Ollie didn't care about this whereas Ame went to /jp/ literally to defend it and try to stop it. She was pissy about it afterwards, unlike zoomer zombie.

>> No.3652382

>cinema levels of projection
I merely explained to you what people dislike about Kiara and Ollie as a person looking from the outside in. I don't particularly care about them enough to shit up the board (too lazy to be wasting energy hating on someone, not worth the time), but I would from time to time single out posts that may be worth engaging if only to steer discussion away from flame wars.

I guess I failed, so I'll just tell you to fuck off this board.

>> No.3652450

I don't disagree with you. Then again, this is the pre-eminent mongoloid spear fishing social network, so you are bound to find more of that type of people here given the demographics involved.

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Uh oh, messy wessy. Clean it up!

>> No.3653038

I wonder if Finana knows what she hath wrought

>> No.3653064

She's been getting flamed in her QRTs by containment breachers so it'd surprise me if she doesn't

>> No.3653177

Got the brap/scat label pre-debut, impressive

>> No.3653566

I don't have Twitter so I hope you guys already tweet this image to her,she need to see this

>> No.3653596

>First fanart from this site is her explosively shitting in anon's face
I don't know what I expected

>> No.3653680

I hope she decides to fuck with /vt/ by playing a giant wet fart audio on her debut (or even doing it for real)

>> No.3653719

>she made that video because of all the Ringo threads
She's doing it for us bros.

>> No.3653754

For better or worse, that would be a legendary debut nobody will ever forget.

>> No.3653768

Hi Yui/Ryugu, stop posting cringe on Twitter. Also, tits or gtfo.

>> No.3653802

Hard to forget something you never watched.

>> No.3653834

Whether you watch it formally or not you'll see it via the inevitable thread spam it results in here

>> No.3653880

Yea I’m just kidding. I’m going to watch it out of morbid curiosity. Hopefully it’s not as bad as it seems.

>> No.3653905

>restricted time slots
>25 minutes each
It will be scripted/coached with a chance of being pre recorded. Ichikara seems to give a shit.

>> No.3653920

>Ichikara seems to give a shit
I wouldn't bet any money on it

>> No.3654048

looks like kiara and ollie weren't that bad after all

>> No.3654084


I'm part of a rather large fart fetishism discord, her one tweet(you know the one) has earned her a ton of support inside even from those that don't watch vtubers.

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If you guys want to pleasure yourself with the fish, you should learn her kinks first


>> No.3654217

Scripted stuff with this level of bad VAs would be suicide

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>exhibitionist size queen with a clothes fetish
Cosplay IS consent.

>> No.3654458

Anon...you know that hmong is a language and culture, right?

>> No.3654520

Yeah, and Dragon will be the Hime Hajime of the group.
Pls, NijiEN manager, shill elf more. Your threads are mainly about fishu.

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I will be expecting great things from her. Do not disappoint.

>> No.3655594

I knew it was in Crystal. Why is everyone on that server such a degenerate?

>> No.3655678

I want to fuck the crap out of her.

>> No.3655686


>> No.3655689

>clothed sex
>likes anal
>forced orgasm
Holy based. Instant subbed.

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t. has ugly feet

>> No.3655999

These are the most basic bitch masochistic fetishes ever, why are you guys getting excited?

>> No.3656024 [DELETED] 
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>These are the most basic bitch masochistic fetishes ever, why are you guys getting excited?

>> No.3656176

>ftm and mtf as maybe
canceled for being transphobic

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She's winning?

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>> No.3656265

YouTube removed some, apparently.

>> No.3656282

HOLY BASED, she definitely wants to touch shark.

>> No.3656312

>lewd lolis

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>likes lewd and lolis

>> No.3656427

>>Nijisanji didn't just hire an insane person that almost broke the law when harassing kiara
>All I meant is that she's Yui. Because she is.


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I'm going to get called a moralfag for asking this, but why are you so vindicative towards this girl exactly?
You've been teasing for months that you had dirt on her, and now that she's finally been revealed to be a member of NijiEN you drop it all. Why? You made it clear that you only knew her as a girlfriend of an acquaintance. She hasn't done anything to harm you and yet you clearly have it out for her. None of the stuff you know she's done is even remotely cancel-worthy (she cheated in vidya, oh no!) and yet you frame this all as if she's a total bitch.
I'm beginning to worry that this girl really will be Aloe with all of this personal sexual shit leaked about her for no good reason.

>> No.3656735

Holy based

>> No.3656865

Yeah, for real. While it's still hot and should count as a positive to her in her favor, LOTS of fujos and weeby girls are all into submissive, humiliation shit. It's not that uncommon; it's quite the opposite in fact.

>> No.3656931

Okay, nvm, she's not gonna be the Kiara/Ollie, she's going to be the Aloe of nijiEN.

>> No.3656932

Is he really vindictive towards her? I just see him as like a TMZ "journalist" who is only digging into her private shit for clout and (You)'s

>> No.3656941

Thats based, but that doesn't mean she's a good vtuber, I have been way put off bu her first interactions

>> No.3656943

Nothing will come of it besides some anti fuel, probably. I think the dox shit is stupid, and mostly unconfirmed.

>are all into submissive, humiliation shit.

>> No.3656967 [DELETED] 

holy shit used goods

>> No.3656999


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>Okay, nvm, she's not gonna be the Kiara/Ollie, she's going to be the Aloe of nijiEN

>> No.3657009

Lots of vtubers seem to be lolicons.
I think it's more low hanging fruit. It's obvious they would be doxxed with how telegraphed their picks were. Expect some shit about mint and nova to come out eventually.
Niji != holo

>> No.3657076

tfw no fish gf to walk like a dog and have her retardedly flop along the ground naked in the neighborhood for all to see

>> No.3657144

Oh look its a woman.

>> No.3657169

>who are kuzuha and mikoto

>> No.3657177
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She's not white.

>> No.3657181


>> No.3657206


>> No.3657229

She seems more based from this. Oh I see… you want us to believe this is bad.

>> No.3657234

Nah, if you push this dox harder, it will only encourage whiteknightfags and saviorfags to flock to her and become hardcore loyal to her even more like Aloeshit, all off that bf shit doesn't have clear evidence, maybe you can make twitterfags cancel her with lolishit like >>3655296

>> No.3657239

Woah, the rrats that this will feed

>> No.3657259


>> No.3657275


>> No.3657285

And Yagoo dodged another bullet. How does he do it?

>> No.3657293

reddit is for soi fags and deep down everyone knows it even the sois that try to be vtubers
can't have a discussion when the format mandates solely bland positivity under threat of banning

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>hard no
I don't understand this girl at all.

>> No.3657334

Based keked and checked

>> No.3657338

>this doesn't have enough evidence
>but this that comes from the same place and has no evidence either might work

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Imagine a collab with Finana + Kiara + Ollie + Nyanners

>> No.3657378

>Implying it will not be a yab regardless, and more beef between niji and holo

>> No.3657405

Doesn't change she's used goods retard, good luck paying her condoms

>> No.3657423

throw in some male vtuber for some spicy

>> No.3657440 [DELETED] 
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>reddit is for soi fags and deep down everyone knows it even the sois that try to be vtubers
>can't have a discussion when the format mandates solely bland positivity under threat of banning

>> No.3657453

how about nene seal

>> No.3657532

>>girlfriend of an acquaintance

mad it wasn't him maybe.

>> No.3657565

I fuck fish.

>> No.3657568

Fucking kill yourself basedjak poster

>> No.3657619

well it's 1000$ raid he needs to pay for e-pussy he can't even fuck, i would be mad and holding grudge for the rest of my life too

>> No.3657805

she started deleting and removing stuff as we speak so I guess he was right about fish

>> No.3657834

It looked pretty convincing to me. Nothing really all that yab in there though. The Amepocalypse was worse.

>> No.3657867

We already knew it was her since day one

>> No.3657909

This will happen.

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>We already knew it was her since day one

>> No.3657921

sure buddy, sure

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File: 242 KB, 680x540, Fukkensaved VT edition.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.3657943

I can honestly say you faggots are worse then furries and bronies at this point. i hate all of you.

>> No.3657944


>> No.3657953

Only because she baited gachikois hard.

I get the impression this "doxxing" is SEAnigger schizo faggotry.

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File: 2.39 MB, 640x622, 1603864475815.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

mods finally woke up, fun's over

>> No.3657963

is she /here/
I just went and subbed to her because of this, hope she doesnt graduate because this really isnt that bad anyway lol

>> No.3657965

She's had it...lots of it

>> No.3657968
File: 116 KB, 782x758, 1571137045552.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Only because she baited gachikois hard.
>I get the impression this "doxxing" is SEAnigger schizo faggotry.

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