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Not the brightest birb edition

Previous thread: >>3541776

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Help me bros, I can't stop thking about taking Kiara to a winder wonderland, have fun outside and then get comfy inside a warm cabin.
I shouldn't have these thoughts...

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Remember, O'riends on friday

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mh collab next week for sure..

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>Book of love shows up
>chikin needs an idol meeting

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I'm still waiting to hear back from the NAACP about her on-stream racial outburst.

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>More o'riends

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Holy shit how delusion are you?

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it's okay Jesse Jackson gave her an N Word Pass.

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Can't wait

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Just tuned into the collab at the end and heard Kiara say that Mori helped cheer her up. Any idea why she was feeling down in the first place?

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I'm 67 and jacked off to feet. I'll beat Kiara in Minecraft.

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Anon pls

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She was feeling sick at the beginning of the stream, sleepy
Also she was a bit reflective in a part of the stream saying if she could she would fix so many mistakes about her past
other than that no clue

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Why did she do it?

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because she can and you are a faggot

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How long do you reckon she'll stream today? Hope her voice doesn't falter and she can go through her entire backlog

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Stream reservation up

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depends on how much she has left to read. I'd say an hour or two

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Yea, she's got like 5 streams worth of SCs to read but I hope she takes it easy if she's still feeling unwell.

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>Personal stuff.
>Wants to cuddle kitties.
Uh-oh oshi-bros, say it ain't so...

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She was crying before Takamori? Did she say why?

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Fucks sakes Kiara you make me concernfag so hard

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God I hope it's not the drama again.

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If she doesn't hide it and says it's not a big deal I believe her.
She cries easily - maybe it was even something positive she can't talk about.

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Kiara your numbers...
Mel has more viewers...

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She said it was personal
And she doesnt have RMT to concerfag for us now either, oh well

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Got any clips? Need it for the collection

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She said and I quote 'Things I can't really talk about'.
Wanting to cuddle her cats for comfort is not a reaction to good crying.

Oshi-bros btfo'd with implication of relationship issues.
Issues with Hololive management due to the recent 'controversy'.
Family issues that have nothing to do with the stream.

If it's the third one, I assume we'll hear about it sooner or later. Second is a nothingburger, and the first only blows out a certain section of KFP's.
It's a superchat reading in the middle of the day in the US, 2am in JP, and decent time for Europes. Not surprised it's pretty low atm.

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Mel is at 1.5k, Kiara is at 1.8k

Mel is playing a game, Kiara is doing SC reading

Both deserve more viewers though.

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>asking to be spoonfed something that has been constantly posted the past few days
literally kys

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I like Mel and subbed after her holotalk segment but I am never going to watch her play horses

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Her mother carved up another pig and send her the head.

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Low viewer SC readings are comfy as fuck though, she reads a lot of comments in those streams
Chat going super fast is cancer

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she's not even going to finish reading from one stream huh..

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One of these days she will have to learn her fucking lesson about the thumbnail + calling it a "chatting stream" or what the fuck ever. For someone who is always trying to game the algorithm I genuinely do not understand her blind spot on this.

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She seems still confused that people like her SC readings and is strangely worried of doing just chatting streams.
So she seems to deliberately sabotage herself in that regard.

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Oh boy, if she talks with Vshojo on stream at digicomi this board will shit itself into oblivion...
I need to stock up on popcorn...

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>Veibea is gonna be there?!
Please tenchou, the rrats can only be kept at bay so long.

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I wasn't here the last few days, I'm too busy lately to comb the archives

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eh to be honest I warmed up to the vshojo girls after they started talking about Kiara positively and made that fanart of her. People say they aren't so bad but the threads won't survive.

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besides trying to obviously ride the hololive fame, their only content is their sex jokes just to appease horny kids, how that isnt bad enough?

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Because anyone with a brain can tell their target audiences aren't the same. Obviously I don't want them collabing and leeching off of hololive even more but I don't see any issues with friendly interactions here and there

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It's a case of restrictions making someone more creative. Because of the limits placed on the Holo-girls, they're forced to think about what they're going to say before they say it. Sometimes there's slip-ups, but for the most part they all kind of tow the same line and I think it generates more interesting content because they can't just fall back the the average persons norm's for jokes/humor/discussion.

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Oh god no

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You know, I could get making jabs at herself and jokes about the baby stuff, but boy oh boy her doing it on request and kinda getting into it is pretty yabai ddlg territory. Could understand if it was of her own volition, but on request like this is totally on that level.
Doesn't mean my dick still isn't diamonds for it tho.

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At least her cats can stop it...

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なのら んなああああああああ

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Whoever asked for it must die

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that's what I thought too bro
but it looks like we just gotta ride it out
please no more crying

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My dick turned diamonds during that shit and I don't like it....

>> No.3579881

Hell, I think I'd rather have the crying, because then it at least gives me a shred of hope that she's just messing around to piss people off. If she's just gonna talk to the chat in babyspeak for a few minutes, it's just playing into ddlg.

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She'll do this baby act but ASMR is too weird for her?

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>3 hats
>2 guns
What does it mean?

>> No.3579956

It means she needs more hats and more guns.

>> No.3579984

/cgl/, lolita, and cosplay stuff has many woman who do that kind of shit to fund their escapades. Why wouldn't vtubing be the same?
Yes, I know she's a bit higher earning than those who would probably do it, but it still proves a point.

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>WoW streams a la Uberdanger's Swockwockdis
it could make for some kino content

>> No.3580080

She also doesn't want to release a daki but one time she retweeted a pic of herself from Waterring 2, a porn account. She undid that an hour or so later but it was still funny.
She has some strange things she won't do but goes off into completely different ways.

>> No.3580081

Shit, all those people memeing about wanting to beat up Kiara just got an invitation!

>> No.3580086

Guys I don't think she realizes the am baby thing is appealing to ABDL/DDLG type people

>> No.3580088

She's havingso much fun bros
These last SC readings have been much better than last week

>> No.3580126

She's so adorable when she's happy. Other times, too, but especially then

>> No.3580140

Dude, I think she totally knows that. She won't do anything specific, but she knows those people exist.
She's made comments that she doesn't like the Daki thing because it's too expected and generic. She also was talking about usability for her birthday stuff and said "You can just go get a custom one if you want, I know they make them".

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Not a diaperfag but Tenchou with a pacifier is starting to awaken something in me. Even makes me want to do fanart.

>> No.3580219

what is it about that angle?
the way she moves
there's nothing special about but the way her eyes look down to the left and then shoot up right to look at you
something about it reminds me of my ex and it's killing me

>> No.3580277

How much of a cuck do you have to be to add KFP (insert job here) to your name?

>> No.3580341

This, its the equivalent to putting a target on your head

>> No.3580362

Those are second accounts people RP with her on...

>> No.3580371

It's called playing along with a meme, Anon. Believe it or not, some people aren't continuously trying to be tough guys on the internet. You should try it.

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Stream Heart Challenger!

I actually did...

>> No.3580543

#2 idol meeting...

>> No.3580571

It's fun to think of what role in KFP you'd have.
I haven't changed my name on YouTube or anything like that, but I did give myself a role in the KFPCord when I was still active there.

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I love you too kiara

>> No.3580778

Singing in English de-chickens her voice and it sounds so good.

>> No.3580870 [DELETED] 


>> No.3580887

She still hasn't apologized to me for saying the n word. Fingers crossed cover does something about her!

>> No.3580888

very true
I love when she sings

>> No.3580904

This you Kiara?

>> No.3580932

>Sharing some secrets
>Closest member

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>> No.3580995

Sorry friends, I am going to make Kiara my wife.

>> No.3581353

>Dreaming that her roommate hates her
>Dreaming about "some other shit"
>Was crying before the takamori collab

>> No.3581403

When things go too well so you start thinking there must be something terrible coming soon...

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>I love you guys not in that kind of way, well maybe
tenchou pls, my heart can't take it

>> No.3581435

>Oh boy, if she talks with Vshojo on stream at digicomi t
Wait, why would any Vshojo be at Digicomi?

>> No.3581437

I can't saviorfag over physical issues. That is purely of their volition. Now menhara mentalities or emotional issues, that is what makes me activate my saviourfag mode.
IRL I enjoy listening to my friends problems, helping them calm down, and take time to talk with them about their problems. No wonder I love her overly-emotional chats.

>> No.3581507 [DELETED] 

I seriously need to find a girl and she isn't helping

>> No.3581525

that reminds me, last night I dreamt chicken roommate tweeted that she has a boyfriend and I went full schizo and tried to doxx the guy. weird because usually I don't dream at all.
woke up and had to check twitter if it was really a dream.

>> No.3581544

I just love being appreciated so much. Makes supporting her feel really good

>> No.3581545

Because a whole bunch of them have been invited. Like four or five of them, including Vaibae (who Kiara is interested in) and Nyanners (who is interested in Kiara).

>> No.3581590

Thats just weird, IIRC the Digikomi is a german event. How did that even happen?

>> No.3581618

Because it's virtual

>> No.3581631

Nothing will beat the member's only stream where she talked sincerely with us to the point of saying non-jokingly 'I really shouldn't be doing this kind of thing, but I'm glad you guys are here for me'. I want Kiara to menhera all over me. Give me all those emotions!

>> No.3581637

It's the digital version of an anime convention. why wouldn't there be talents from different countries? especially if they don't have to be physically present.

>> No.3581651

If it wasn't virtual, they would essentially all be doxxing themselves real quick.

>> No.3581675

I wish she contained her therapy sessions to members only. and did them more often.

>> No.3581687

Digikomi is the digital version of Dokomi, the biggest German anime, manga and general weeb convention.
But a lot of it is in English and always has been. Most Germans can read and understand English just fine and you get all the stuff faster if you don't wait for it to be translated into German. (And German dubs are pure torture, even worse than English dubs.)
The German vTuber scene is still pretty small as well so they may try to grow it a big by inviting big international names to make the German audience familiar with the concept.

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I keep replaying this moment in my head. I need to snag the clip when she rebroadcasts it

>> No.3581720

What show is she talking about?

>> No.3581723

ISP rant is one of her best streams. Top quality member-only content.

>> No.3581747

The Handmaid's Tale

>> No.3581759

Handmaid's Tale. She likes it a lot but even I won't give new shows a try after what happened with GoT

>> No.3581765

Ah, the test-stream before the outfit. That was great. True seethe Kiara is best Kiara.

>> No.3581778

My confusion was what gave them the idea to apply there, less "how do they get involved", which is obvious. I guess Kiara might have been the reason, but it still feels weird.
I also found out that Selphy is now a VTuber apparently, which is news to me.

>> No.3581780

Am I wrong in thinking it was at the end of the mem-only drawing stream?

>> No.3581856

Wait... That's the screenshot I took and posted in /hlgg. That was at the end of the unarchived members-only karaoke. (the one with the n-) She was kissing and eating the members there.

>> No.3581875

That was from the end of the unarchived members karaoke. People seemed to stop talking about it since the yab pretty much overshadowed it. I still think that it's Kiara's best stream yet

>> No.3581898

DoKoMi was always pretty international.
The German scene is more on the consumer side and doesn't have enough creators to fill a convention of that size.

>> No.3581947

No, because I didn't see the karaoke stream live and it wasn't archived. Was waiting for the restream. Didn't know she did another heart to heart in the karaoke stream, thanks for giving me something to really look forward to to close it out.

>> No.3581963

True, usually they invite japs though.

>> No.3581988 [DELETED] 

Has Kiara said what guns she owns?
t. amerishart

>> No.3582041

>And German dubs are pure torture, even worse than English dubs
What absolute horseshit

>> No.3582044

>Binky still in
Alright clippers, you know what to do! I want this clipped the second the archive goes up!

>> No.3582097

>I also found out that Selphy is now a VTuber apparently
Why that, she could stream as herself, she looks pretty cute and posted herself quite often on these short utube app thingy.

>> No.3582155

To be fair, her avatar is also very cute so I don't mind if she keeps using that one.

>> No.3582166

hm.. wasn't bakemonogatari a pretty good german dub? I think I skimmed through a few scenes and didn't hate it.

>> No.3582209

Did she say 12 hour stream for 1 million?
I'll overdose on chicken.

>> No.3582222 [DELETED] 

I'll spoonfeed you since Tenchou is being chilled right now. That rrat is most likely false but her brother did actually serve in the Austrian military and her mom is a survivalist so maybe they do have a few guns in the family

>> No.3582228

not having to clean your room, do make up, wear clean or any clothes. I'd go with avatar too

>> No.3582274


>> No.3582304 [DELETED] 

She's probably gone shooting plenty and doesn't have an aversion to them.

>> No.3582312

Damn, was hoping for a Koopa esque situation, thanks m8 and mirin those quads

>> No.3582403

Never watched it, but most dubs I heard were pretty good.
Granted I don´t watch all that much anyway, so maybe I am just always lucky.

>> No.3582409 [DELETED] 

Nigger she nearly had a fit of hysteria when an ant was on her mic. You think she can deal with handling and shooting a gun, let alone already be well-versed in it and we just didn't know about it? Your investment in this is pathetic.

>> No.3582429 [DELETED] 

>Nigger she nearly had a fit of hysteria when an ant was on her mic. You think she can deal with handling and shooting a gun
These two things aren't even remotly related?

>> No.3582435 [DELETED] 

Those things are in no way correlated. My younger sister hates bugs as well but she still shoots guns. I'm not saying Kiara does, I'm just saying (you) are a retard.

>> No.3582497 [DELETED] 

With a mother like hers I can see them going to festivals and shoot some air guns at a stall.
But beyond that I am not sure.

>> No.3582517 [DELETED] 

>Literally posting about her family

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File: 683 KB, 496x900, 1628946123527.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3582607 [DELETED] 

I'll post about the many things she shared about her family on stream.
But leave me alone with rrats about her family.

>> No.3582615
File: 1.29 MB, 2894x4093, E0nnswwVkAEyv6Y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.3582675


That is some advanced chicken brain.

>> No.3582721 [DELETED] 

I dont remember saying her brother had that occupation but whatever.

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File: 1.72 MB, 1000x1132, 1620585287655.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I know I should keep those things to myself.
>I shouldn't talk about those things on stream.
>I don't really know who else to talk about these things with.
>The other EN girls are there and they could probably relate, but they're all busy.
>It's easier to talk to someone who isn't in it but gets it.
>In the end, it feels nice to vent it out to you guys
>But I need to stop, it's getting deeper and deeper.
>I need to leave.
>Thank you guys...
>KFP members streams feel like safety pillows.

>> No.3582856

Wait what's the story she's talking about now?

>> No.3582886

Living in a Japanese student dorm years ago

>> No.3582889


>> No.3582914

She locked herself out of one of her past apartments by putting the chain in from the outside - somehow.
Then she talked about how many shitty places she lived in.
And lastly she lived in a Japanese dorm with a nice Obaa-san cooking for everyone.

That was a journey of a tangent.

>> No.3582918

i have no idea. I lost the track of thought when she managed to squeeze a kotatsu table into a narrow dorm room she wasn't even a part of.

>> No.3582920

>I need to leave.
What did she mean by this?

>> No.3582928

>quoting shit from months ago
Bored tonight aren't we?

>> No.3582930

oh shit, i'm sorry

>> No.3582957

This woman is making me feel things...

>> No.3582978
File: 30 KB, 640x480, vEuNQCLFpAE-SD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>my niggas
What did she mean by this?

>> No.3582995


>> No.3583001

sorry for what?

>> No.3583017

A little less than a month ago, and if your reading comprehension sucks that much, it's me talking about this >>3581947
People seemed to not remember so I dug it up.

>> No.3583057

Kiara and her chat have a parasocial relationship, that's not news.
But it's still sweet to hear it.

>> No.3583091

Thread theme:

>> No.3583133

Oh I know, since it's killing me.

>> No.3583136

Did they get Replicant permissions?

>> No.3583154

>No Skyrim
Seems like she's got a lot planned for the 12 hour stream

>> No.3583201

She could easily fill up the majority of that time with a jrpg so it's nice to see she wants to put some more variety into it

>> No.3583335
File: 1.07 MB, 1280x720, gamermoment.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't believe she said it.

>> No.3583339

She played Atelier Ryza 1 for 9 hours and 15 minutes in the final stream (+ 5 minutes intro and 10 minutes outro)
She could easily fill a ton of time with an RPG. But she probably wants to do more "special" things.

>> No.3583354

My heart... Lofi suits her so much

>> No.3583373

Please do more songs like this chicken

>> No.3583434
File: 310 KB, 2563x1425, 1617925959339.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Comfy SC reading stream

>> No.3583458

Dare I say, It's been her best SC reading yet?

>> No.3583461

man I wish she was this based

imagine her dropping some hard r 'fuck niggers' on stream

KFP are basically a waco-tier cult so they'd play along and turn into an online schutzstaffel, it would be incredibly kino

>> No.3583562

>stalking options

>> No.3583567
File: 75 KB, 467x467, Please!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3583573

Girls und Panzer in German is pretty nice.
German Miho does things to my dick

>> No.3583605

She literally remembers your name changes. This shouldn't be a surprise

>> No.3583674
File: 5 KB, 344x56, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Good morning, lately I've started watching HoloEN but I don't know a lick of english. What method is best for learning english?
Well what advice do you have for this jap?

>> No.3583751

>Kiara will neve DM you live on stream
>She will never tell you "My DMs are open" to you

>> No.3583768

As an ESL, learn the basics of English and then practice it. There is no other way

>> No.3583776

Just be an animation/artfag and hope she likes the stuff you make when she requests for something on stream

>> No.3583787

>Well what advice do you have for this jap?

>> No.3583791

Get to drawing anon, it's never too late

>> No.3583830

spend your entire youth lurking 4chan like me

>> No.3584008

This SC reading stream has been fucking amazing

>> No.3584024

This stream is great.

>> No.3584177

Got some bad news for you...

>> No.3584205

yeah im watching the stream, maybe someone else other than gura will ask her for a collab

>> No.3584524

This bird has such pure feelings.

>> No.3584697

The Kiara was awkward in the Jackbox collab because she's ESL rrat was true.

>> No.3584704

I still remember when her roommate posted about her onlyfans.

>> No.3584748

You'd have to be pretty dense to not figure out that it was a problem. Even just culturally it's a problem, there were anons in the thread as confused as she was by some of the prompts. As fun as it is the game is super Americentric.

>> No.3584760

Not really a rrat when it's just common sense.

>> No.3584822

Kino is back on the menu for Kiara's SC readings. Her previous ones have been lackluster to be honest.

>> No.3585006

She is ded now from speaking for more than 4 hours.

>> No.3585030

Reminder that on May 8th, 2021 Takanashi Kiara said nigga and saved Hololive from ruin https://files.catbox.moe/x7nz68.mp4

>> No.3585060

She always gets stressed out when they pile up too high. The end is in sight so she is more relaxed and does more zatsu stuff.

If she hits 1M around her BD she will be worried about her SCs for a super long time.

In addition to 4 hours with Mori earlier.

>> No.3585088

Kiara... your European geography reps

>> No.3585121

That was hilarious

>> No.3585125

Honestly I don't remember anything from what I learned in school. Jacking off and posting on 4chan does that

>> No.3585344

Oh no bois, I've finally hit the wall...
I just had a dream with Kiara in it.

>> No.3585440

I mean, if you consider the last one that was kino too, thats okay.

>> No.3585493

Happens to me whenever I fall asleep with her stream playing

>> No.3585991

What was the recent collab she was talking about?

>> No.3586062

Must have been It Takes Two with Mori, she had no other recent collabs.
And I remember her having her cat on her lap for a while.

>> No.3586213

SHC never ends.

>> No.3586329

Including the ITT collab, she's going on 10 hours streamed today now, no?

>> No.3586347

9 hours and 35 minutes as of right now.

>> No.3586432


>> No.3586434

How are we so bless to have an Oshi who is willing to give so much in comparison to others?

>> No.3586519

>implying she didn't end the stream on her own

>> No.3586553


>> No.3586585

Chicken is back on the menu

>> No.3586610

>Comes back.
>Immediately proves you wrong
Oh ye of little faith.

>> No.3586945

>Never notices she's been streaming all day.
>Happy about it either way.
>Talks to us the whole time.
How. How can she do this? Does she really love getting online and talking to us this much?

>> No.3586988

Kiara derives happiness from her audience showering her with love and gives back that love in appreciation. It's a symbiotic relationship.

>> No.3587023

She's pretty lonely and we give her the attention she wants. She loves that we love her and we love loving her and being loved by her

>> No.3587034

Also known as codependency

>> No.3587060

She balances it out with some retarded shit she sometimes does. It's really a rollercoaster.

>> No.3587067

Notice how the exhausted Kiara still can't bring herself to close the stream.

>> No.3587071

She is extrovert. She need us to survive, both: financially and psychologically.

>> No.3587118

She's still goingggggggggggg

>> No.3587150

Guarantee that any of the other EN would have just left when their internet died with an apology later.

>> No.3587155

>end screen
>one last tangent!

>> No.3587167

Ending tangent!

>> No.3587219

Finally I can go to sleep

>> No.3587220

This chicken whore copyright striked every single yt clip of her saying the nigga word in a matter of hours

>> No.3587257

Finally I can watch the ITT vod

>> No.3587352

Oh no, what a surprise that someone (more likely Cover) would do this to protect their name and brand! How dare they try to remove something that may fuck them over from an accidental slip. What are we gonna do about this?
Hey anti-faggot, could you at least give it a minute after the stream before you start shitposting again?

>> No.3587368


>> No.3587400


>> No.3587465

Can't believe I spent 10 hours watching Kiara. Guess this is good preparation for the endurance stream soon.

>> No.3587480

It's not like it would fuck them over, those clips are membership content so they have every right to remove it if they want to

>> No.3587499
File: 1.27 MB, 560x315, 1TEllFx.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3587522

Leaking member content is against the TOS and is nontransformative. It's in no way an abuse of power

>> No.3587527

Hah, that's where you're wrong. I don't give a fuck if someone uses the word, but I know what happens to those who do and I understand someone fucking up here and there. Your language/typing pattern outs you as a fucking retard who's here purely to shit on Kiara. It'd probably be a little better if you actually cared about anything on the board and you may just want to leave if everything here makes you seethe so badly. It might be better for your mental state. Or just quit all the shitposting you're doing.

>> No.3587538

imagine being this much of a faggot for a used up kraut

>> No.3587575

Looks like the anon got BTFO from the other thread so now he's here kek

>> No.3587611

Go back to your discord you schizo kraut. Nobody wants to see you being jealous over a vtuber

>> No.3587620

Yes. I will do anything in my power to help the people I like.

>> No.3587622

i think we just caused another 10 split threads to happen

>> No.3587643

are you aware there's dozens of members only unarchived streams on yt? Also the reports weren't issued by cover's channel, the chinks purposefully hide certain slip ups while forcing the girls to apologize for others even if they're as relevant or irrelevant.
This is about calling out double standards (and partly making fun of libshits like kiara and mori for saying the nigga word many times)

>> No.3587645

down bad enough I'd let kiara call me the n word

>> No.3587674

Oh it's this samefag again. Don't reply to him.

>> No.3587678
File: 997 KB, 4096x2305, 1608098111154.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.3587737

I am more interested about the KFP thing she has ready. Nothing comes to mind except for a logo.

>> No.3587770

Doesn't look like Curinel is enjoying a stick up his ass in this picture.

>> No.3587821

fucker got to enjoy her butt, no mercy

>> No.3587879

How the fuck did you manage to butcher Kernel/Colonel that badly

>> No.3587921

Jenma is so based.

>> No.3587933

god I wish I was kotori

>> No.3587991


>Taste the puss
>Smell the butt
Best of both worlds.

>> No.3587995
File: 588 KB, 1000x577, 1613609517291.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did you unironically watch ~10 hours of Kiara on a weekday? How the hell am I supposed to keep up with her streams and do my reps at the same time?

>> No.3587998
File: 56 KB, 903x616, You_will_never_be_me.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish I was her cat

>> No.3588021 [DELETED] 

Why do kfpfags always expose themselves to be redditors

>> No.3588047

I listen her on the background while doing my reps and sometimes switch if something overly exciting is happening.

>> No.3588076

One of the funniest things about arguing on 4chan is that there will always be faggots accusing you of being other people

>> No.3588109

most anti racist weirdos often turn out to be the ones who have said or done the racist things they accuse others of saying or doing.
Guess that's another thing her and kiara got in common..

>> No.3588207

>Does she really love getting online and talking to us this much?
...yes anon. That's the thing she liked the most about idols. That unlike regular singers, they have a closer connection to their fans.
You could say Hololive allows her to have an even closer connection to her fans than being an actual idol would ever let her even.

>> No.3588239

Attended court hearings over Zoom all day while listening to Kiara. Making arguments in court while an Australian anime phoenix girl is on mute on my other screen. Technology sure is neat!

>> No.3588320

>Court hearings all day
H-How many terrible things have you done to have to be in court all day long on the same day for all the trials?
The answer is all of them, because you're a lawyer.

>> No.3588370

I... I kneel
I can't multi-task to save my life

>> No.3588606

Leld. "Kur" is a rooster in a bunch of European languages.

>> No.3588623

>Not the other way around

>> No.3588899

Haha, we're not all bad! I actually do public interest work!

To be honest, a lot of time is spent sitting around waiting for your case to be called by the court and I'd already done all my case prep work. So, I'm just checking emails, reviewing notes and stuff while I wait. Easy to squeeze Kiara in there too. Actually may have even helped me out because listening to her happy chirps brings my anxiety down!

>> No.3589017


>> No.3589093

topping off a great stream day by getting a like from Kiara on twitter is a great feeling

>> No.3589124

>Kiara now uses CEST time in her scheduling
GMT+2bros... we lost...

>> No.3589149

Next song…

>> No.3591556
File: 51 KB, 1024x683, gosling3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3593653

Watching the Superchat reading VOD now. I don't think it was really necessary for her to apologize for the whole N-word thing, she didn't drop a hard R or anything and was just saying the lyrics. Felt like maybe she made matters worse by highlighting it.

>> No.3593995

why can't white people help themselves?

>> No.3595461
File: 3.99 MB, 1799x1514, 1599793808559.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3595507

It's either her stupidity/SJWness or she was forced by the management.

>> No.3595589

Probably both, honestly. It's funny to hear her spazz out during the clip and I'm sure it's a little of both during that point too. I still love tenchou no matter what.

>> No.3596113
File: 327 KB, 2048x1534, E1HOwduUYAMNy2f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The ITT collab was quite cute today, especially after hearing how Kiara was feeling down before the stream.

>> No.3596279

Couldn't catch the entire VOD, but I'd imagine she felt that it was necessary since it can't be contained anymore + being aware of the sheer insanity that is cancel culture on the western side of things.

That said, it annoys me seeing some of those crybabies blindly jumping to the moronic conclusion that Kiara's racist or doing it on purpose to cater to racism, especially some of those small-time VTubers/VTweeters. Then again, I shouldn't care too much about what they say, especially since this isn't the first time someone got torn a new asshole for trying to out a Hololive member or associate.

>> No.3598298
File: 298 KB, 486x514, 1618487983405.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I don't give a fuck
>I don't give a fuck

>> No.3598615

You forgot
>Oh shit!
>Oh shit!
Kiara makes me laugh a lot. How can one chicken be so cute?

>> No.3598637

>He hasn't adopted the 36h day system yet...

>> No.3598667

Is that turning the streams to 1.5? Because I do that on VoD watches.

>> No.3599689
File: 892 KB, 683x714, 1609433163420.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How does this work? You can't just add more hours to a day.

>> No.3599779

>Ina: 958k
>chicken: 958k
when your sluttiest outfit doesn't save you from a gook with USS Enterprise on the top of her head

>> No.3600026
File: 393 KB, 1000x1000, E1HEXVHWEAA0G79.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ina and Kiara both got super cute outfits, so it's great that they both got a sub boost!

>> No.3600071

doesn't that sound weird? i'm thinking of doing that for today's SC stream before the minecraft stream starts

>> No.3600197

It makes it seem a little like she breezes over things, but it really gets you through a lot. I usually stop and relisten to a segment if it really catches my attention.

>> No.3600763

I do that for many things, especially tutorials. depends on the speaker but 1.25x -1.5x works most of the time and 2x isn't too bad either if you get used to it.
It sounds ok on my phone and desktop but awful on the YT app on my TV. you might have to try different apps.

>> No.3600796

has she apologized yet?

>> No.3600866

I love how pussy-whipped Americans are by a single fucking word. Kiara is European, she has 0 frame of reference that Nigger is such a holy word in the US that you can literally be killed over saying it there. She only hears it in your retarded Nigger music being spouted over and over, and being the white Euro woman she is, she couldn't imagine that you need to be black to be able to say it. Jesus christ why is the whole US centred around this racial bullshit?

>> No.3600981

What the fuck are you talking about, she clearly understood she slipped up when she said it and apologized and joked about it right after it happened. Nobody in America has threatened the chicken lady, nobody off of this board gives a shit at all.

>> No.3601257

>Its Phasmophobia
She hates scary games tho

>> No.3601283

Timestamp of apology?

>> No.3601322

This is just a reminder that Kiara has seen Mori naked and Mori has seen Kiara naked.

>> No.3602714

I hope Ina gets a boost in subscribers soon and reaches 1M quickly. During normal streaming weeks he gains more subscribers on average since Kiara's RPG streams just don't bring in many new people.

But if Ina isn't at 1M when Kiara starts her 12 hour marathon people will accuse her of trying to "beat" Ina when all she wants is to dominate Mori again by having the longest stream.

>> No.3602761

>Caring about some retards

>> No.3602845

it's a samefag bumping and replying to his own comments to keep the shit going when nobody taking a b8. Just stop talking about it and replying to anyone who talks about it.

>> No.3603059

I love them both, they are my favorite Holos

>> No.3603124 [DELETED] 

Mori seemed to be intent on cheering Kiara up, starting from showing her frog skills again, messing around a lot during the it and also being up for making the collab even longer than usual

>> No.3603524

the birthday ad campaign from the cultists might bring in a ton of normies
we'll see in 8 days

>> No.3604144
File: 1.25 MB, 1334x723, that_imprint.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3604342

It will probably bring more people in than Kiara appearing at DigiKomi - although most of them will be dead subs I would expect.

>> No.3604541 [DELETED] 

%%%%%(#((&&%&@##%%/(%#%%%%//@#########@@@@@@(.,,,,,,,,,,,,......,(@@@@@@&@,[email protected]@###%@@@@@@@&@@@/((%%%#%//#%%%@@&&@(#((%%%%

>> No.3604561

Guys I think he's upset

>> No.3604717

I'm curious about how familiar german weebs are with Vtubers.
Would be nice to mobilize more audience in EU market.

>> No.3604754

I imagine DigiKomi will have an audience of less than one average Kiara stream

>> No.3604791

That's very likely, but on the other hand it might get some extra media coverage and spread that way

>> No.3604794

Isn't that ad on the Times Square (presuming that'S what you're talking about) against Cover's ToS?

I don't know about vtubers since they're still fairly new in the german scene, but content creators overall in the german scene are close-knit - they have their own cliques, of course, but it feels less like everybody doing their own thing and more like bunch of crossovers waiting to happen. Also, once you've made it, you can stay relevant for very long.
t. German

>> No.3605206

>the birthday ad campaign
Quick rundown?

>> No.3605255

Cover approved it already.

>> No.3605286


>> No.3605717

Interesting. Any idea how much does an ad like that cost?
NYC is pretty devoid of turists at this time so it shouldn't go into tens of thousands

>> No.3605769

Kinda cringe.

>> No.3605953

I am gonna shit those pants real good

>> No.3606278

Wasn't it I will shit in YOUR pants real good!

>> No.3606394

What in the hell is going on in the global thread?

>> No.3606538

1 or 2 guys shitposting resulting in a discussion about Kiara antis/KFP and krauts

>> No.3607405

She egosearches so much, there's no way SHE is not HERE right?

>> No.3607456

Right, bro. I am Kiara :)

>> No.3607570

Holy shit that cosplay is actually pretty good. And hot.

>> No.3607636

She egosearches with the japs but I'm not too sure about EN twitter since it's a lot harder to find her name. I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't even know /vt/ exists

>> No.3607661

I like her stuff, she has a lot of holo cosplays. the recent haachama cosplay is great

>> No.3607708

Yeah, it's better than original. I didn't even knew it was possible.

>> No.3607752

>Kiara liked this

>> No.3607814

Last SC reading stream someone teached her how to egosearch in English without only getting replies to her own posts.

Only problem is searching "Kiara" still only brings up useless shit while no one calls her "Takanashi Kiara".
"Kiara-chan" in JP is much more unique because it uses katakana for her name.

>> No.3607818

She said she wanted to egosearch on twitter in english as well but didn't know how. Someone sent her some instructions to do that but I'm not sure if she has used them so far.

Also she definitely knows about 4chan. That doesn't mean SHE'S here or SHE WAS here but the chance is not 0%.

>> No.3607870

That's fairly tame compared to other shit she has liked and retweeted

>> No.3607877

Nothing unusual. She once retweeted a swimsuit pic of herself from Waterring2, a full-on porn account.
She took it back an hour later, someone probably tipped her off that it's a bit much to link to an account where Ina and Gura are getting fucked in multiple pics and animations.

>> No.3608053

She retweeted and didn't take another picture from Waterring though
My rrat is that she took that down because there was a link to his R18 Patreon as one of the replies in the swimsuit, while there wasn't anything like that in the other safe picture.
So technically you can still go to Kiara's twitter, check his art retweets and access porn accounts from there.

>> No.3608353

The one she retweeted and left up was from the SFW account Waterring, the other one was from Waterring2, the porn account.

>> No.3608997

Stream reservation up

>> No.3609200

More trading, more time for kino zatsudan.

>> No.3609423

imagine if she would retweet the Chinese lesbian cosplay porn of herself

>> No.3609475
File: 211 KB, 1748x2012, E0rUMIvVUAAX23c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>someone probably tipped her off that it's a bit much to link to an account where Ina and Gura are getting fucked in multiple pics and animations.
This sentence just cracks me up.

>> No.3609512
File: 138 KB, 1681x890, 1597434755199.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Takanashi Kiara
Low tier.
>Takahashi Kiara
Top tier.

>> No.3609790

>still no Mom collab for Minecraft
Why is this allowed

>> No.3609835

It was funny when Kiara went trending during her outfit reveal and FGO gamblers were confused it's not their Kiara.

The Holobirds so much trouble with egosearching. Subaru also can't find shit in the overseas internet because of cars and Re:Zero.

>> No.3611319
File: 307 KB, 850x1202, 7567413689.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your local denekofier has a couple new edits.
Original: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/89790031

>> No.3611361
File: 1.28 MB, 2722x3515, 2334654193.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Original: https://twitter.com/rkgk_me0i/status/1392316694777896962

>> No.3611722

Decent work, anon.
A bit noticable but they are not ruined.
Big improvement over the originals.

>> No.3611749

Keep up the great work. I wouldn't be able to tell that these are edited without the seeing originals

>> No.3611942

>to link to an account where Ina and Gura are getting fucked in multiple pics and animations
You can't say that without linking the account.

>> No.3612116


>> No.3612185

This guy even dropped an aka on her. He's incredibly based

>> No.3612648

This guy's Takamori lewds are god tier

>> No.3612887

Rewatching this in the wake of NijiEN debut announcements.
We all how shitty Cover's support of their talents is, but how the fuck did they allow this? Kiara was even in Japan back then. Was it really too costly to give her a decent mic to start off with? It's a relief that she still developed a following despite this handicap.

>> No.3612958


>> No.3613090

This is the one she retweeted mate she even replied.
Its from the porn account
so you can go to kiaras twitter and eventually find some cunny UOOOOOOOOH. based?

>> No.3613165

That sweet delicious roommate voice though. She has such a pretty voice and accent.
The chicken voice was a very last minute thing since it wasn't used in her lore video nor this PV video either.
Why Kiara, why?

>> No.3613255

New thread in a few minutes

>> No.3613299

Oh fuck those lines and voices
>I am timeless!
Kira... PLEASE!

>> No.3613361

Her debut reaction is gonna be gold

>> No.3613718

I can't wait.

>> No.3613755

I became a Hololive fan around the start of 2020 and although I liked most of the HoloEN designs when they were announced (except for Kiara's original outfit), I didn't think I'd like the girls themselves at all. I'm happy to have been proven wrong.

>> No.3613822

NijiEN also sounded like one take desu

>> No.3614130

New thread up:

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