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We are entering the age of unity

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Magni is fucking cancer

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Can somebody please dox these faggots? I’m talking address btw

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Nijisisters...take that Shoto guy back I'm begging you.

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Wait, I thought HoloEN x NijiEN collabs were banned. How is Magni collabing with Shoto?

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Because homos are a cancer

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....oh my fuck I didn't even notice that in the thumbnail. Unsubbing. I've liked Mag so far, but this shit is an actual cancer, just like twitch.

Its going to be FUCKING UNBEARABLE when the twitchthots start jumping ship to youtube in earnest.

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>/mans/ actually welcoming the leecher faggot shoto
jesus chirst how far they've fallen

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>Check thread
They’re not kek

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hey man don't be mean to girl_dm

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come on mag stop doing this

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Many already closed the stream, all those views are mostly from shoto's side and girldm

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Magni is such a flaming faggot.

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Retard chink can’t help himself. He’s somehow managed to be the least entertaining of his gen while being the most popular in his RM.

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girl_dm cares more about her craft than every HoloEN whore, and she has more of a personality than Ina

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WHAT? He's cute

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girl_dm is so much better than usual twitch streamers it's not even a contest

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What is wrong with shoto?

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Even if that is true, and it may well be, I don't actually care. She's friends with ones who aren't, on a platform full of basic western hoes, that will overall be a detriment to hololive. The collab-begging is already insufferable enough with hololive still being mostly isolated.

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that one chuuba you totally hate is your oshi's bestie behind the scenes.

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Girl_dm is the only big VTuber on Twitch that I respect.

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pls understand, he's an average tribalfag that cares more about the company than her own oshi

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Closed the stream for what? There's nothing else on

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>12,000+ votes almost to 13,000. Only 6.7k are sticking around to watch.
Why are poll voters like this?

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Good. It can stay there.
Cool. Maybe she's the only respectable one. Doesn't matter.

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I'm watching Oneyplays, these guys are pretty funny

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I will never understand the Holobrony hate for Twitch. Anyone that’s been on 4chan for a while knows that /b/ fucking built the website. If anything Twitch streamers work 10x harder than Holowhores who stream 3x a week playing their fucking backlog

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I never thought I’d be watching the same group of people I saw on Newgrounds and YouTube today, but here we are.

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As a Nijifag I am praying that Shoto fucks off to StarsEN so he doesn't have to shit up my bro-tuber experience.

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She’s using tempus to get collabs with the hologirls it’s cringe.

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How did shoto go from being an honorary niji to nijifags calling him used good and begging for holostars to take him. What the fuck happened

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Shoto was always considered annoying at best by nijifags on this board. Only underaged twitter chinks liked him.

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For real, what's wrong with him?>>34323809
Not niji you illiterate retard

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I hope they have a fun collab, I like Magni and girl_dm in small doses, so I hope there are some good clips of the collab.

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...shouldn't you be busy making outraged tweets at XQC and watching ugly women having sex live right now?

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16.1k+ votes. It increased to 7.1k live viewers at peak. I guess they'll only increase 100 for every 1k voters.

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who is shoto and girldm?

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I hope Girl_DM collabs with Tempus again in the future, She's very wholesome. Shoto can stay FAR away from my boys.

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It's 500 for every 1k

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You mean returning to the age of unity. Nature is healing.

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Magni is cancer. E-celeb clout chaser on the level of Ollie and Mori

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Shoto with the come behind victory with that one hidden block with the star. Did not see that coming.

>> No.34330570

R i g g e d

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>the magging was about turning holotards gay and accept fags like Shoto into the walled garden
Sasuga prof ruining holo so small corpos can take its place

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What's with the amount of girldm fans coming out of the woodwork? I've never seen her mentioned here before magni's first collab and now she's apparently based and better than everyone else

>> No.34330810

Nice spoilers, nerd. Now I'm double-not-watching it

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Out of the 2 newbies, she was miles better than the fag. Not hard to see why the sudden praise

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Well, another game after a short break and a shorter game. It can still go further.

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If you talk about a vtuber on /vt/, chances are she's going to get a lot of hate.

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Autism is extremely endearing.

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She's mentioned often in /lig/ and the vshojo threads, and sometimes the nijien threads. Lots of vtubers get mentioned if you venture outside of global and /mans/.

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don't care about shoto
don't care about girl_dm
the stream is fucking kino and you can't change my mind

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I see you have extremely low standards

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The catalog is full of dogshit and monkeys so we just hang out in /lig/

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>low standards
so you didn't watch it lol

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Didn't know anything about her before the stream, but she sounds kind and has great chemistry with magni and altare

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The stream is still going on

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>The Mori of homos
I fucking hate Omegatranny

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Girl_DM love
Shoto Hate

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sorry for your low standards, that shit was mid and would have been decent without that leech shoto

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