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Last thread

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business nyao

>> No.34293670

So, what the fuck was Suisei thinking when she called it the Suimiko house?

>> No.34293764

Bros Miko's arena is gone... Is the house gone too?

>> No.34293800

It reminds her to their love nest

>> No.34295130

asserting dominance

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the same thing she was thinking when she said this

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still the gayest miComet thing so far
I truly cannot medicate this one

>> No.34302215

Reminder that Suisei told Miko to do a cover of Darling Dance and she did for Valentine's day

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Reminder that Suisei sang a song that ended with
>My best partner, my precious partner
>Forever my partner, my unchanging partner
and then Miko tweeted about some gay shit about a Business partner 10 minutes later

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The duality of miComet
Some of the things they say casually make me take my meds, and then they do shit like this and think we won't notice
What about you anons, are you taking your meds lately?

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I cant take meds ever since matsuri silenced suityan with "miko stole your heart"

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Reminder that Miko arranged this

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Miko looking THICK

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This genuinely looks like a yuri manga cover
It's uncanny

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I will post this skeleton in every thread until COVER releases the micomet project from a year ago.

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stay strong..

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that's not the one, it involved a bath maybe?

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So is this just a time machine thread now?

>> No.34314554

sure, there's plenty of material to reflect on from the last year and a half

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>no more rust
>no vanguard stream
Yes, until October 16th when Miko appears on Suisei's radio show

>> No.34314718

death throes
exactly how the pekomiko thread was at the end

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you never learn

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>thread will probably be full of schizoposting for the next 30 days
is it worth it?

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one cute miComet fanart, one little tidbit, a new clip
they are worth more than a sea of schizoposts

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just don't interact with schizos
i'm here to talk about micomet not talk to retarded schizos who have nothing better to do with their lives desu
anyway i miss suityan

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>just don't interact with schizos
well that's exactly the problem, this thread is full of retards who constantly reply to bait, even trying to one up the schizos instead of ignoring them 100%

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one day they'll learn... one day...

>> No.34318022

he just talks to himself

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is guguru lens drunk?

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Think I found it https://twitter.com/sakuramiko35/status/1506260027954589697

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How the fuck does Miko expect shippers to take their meds when she posts shit like this?

>> No.34330239

Suisei is the one who wants shippers to take their meds

>> No.34334704

I'll only take meds if said meds is a blend of viagra, cocaine, and adderall and suisei offers her suisussy to me for the night(s)

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I remember someone said that back in their USJ trip that Suityan talked about her plans for the next years on Miko on their way home... is that true?

>> No.34339758

sorry for bad English lmao i hope you guys understand tho

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no problem anon, dont worry!
all i remember at the moment is miko saying she's spending christmas at suityan's house again during raft stream

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Yes she and Miko sat together on the way home and Suisei talked about her plans for the next 2 years. Miko was impressed because she's only planned stuff one year ahead

>> No.34342588

dear god it's gayer than I remember

>> No.34342762

That's cute. Shows how they're comfortable to say their future plans to each other.

>> No.34342814

what's that bday hats?

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It's my birthday

>> No.34344295

lurk moar

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