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Hoshimachi Suisei Thread

Original Songs Playlist
参加楽曲 Playlist
Overture Playlist
Cover Songs Playlist
Now on Space (VILLS ver.)

Upcoming Events

Stream or Purchase Still Still Stellar

Overture Details

Physical CD Purchase

Stellar into the Galaxy Blu-ray


Hoshimachi Suisei and Azusa Tadokoro: Heikousen Scramble
(Radio Show with Bunka Housou every Sunday 17:00)

For any questions you may have and older threads, check the FAQ:

Previous thread : >>34021248

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Imagine how lucky her bf is

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Yeah, me

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Uhhhh I see no stars in her eyes
_NISEMONO thread?

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You need glasses then.

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*saves the thread*

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Another nisemono....

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NISEMONO thread?

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What are we supposed to be doing here, exactly?

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post fanart, or answer questions about Suityan.

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tyan tyan suityan

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Suityan's beautiful eyes are of a two shades of blue, with white stars to accompany the iris.
They're not black >>34229361, not danganronpa-styled >>34232904 and they most certainly not have a weird drop-like eye like in >>34235933.

Therefore NISEMONO!

I'm just fucking with you.

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She has black stars, HANBUN_MONO

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Have you guys thought about creating a Suisei tulpa in these difficult times?

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That last time that happened, anon was killed by the tulpa.

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Shit... I should probably do my sign language reps when I can.

Ehhhh probably for next year's resolution.

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I love how they made her beret so ridiculously big

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tulpas are just demons you summon, don't summon them for your own good

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Sui in Night City

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What kind of chrome she would have in Cyberpunk?

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If like Sui would be too stubborn to want enhancements. She would want to see how far she could go on her own first.

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Great way to get yourself killed if you're not named Morgan Blackhand, but I feel the same.

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Well... This is Suityan we're talking about...

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I think she'd be the type to have hidden blades, like a blade that springs forth from her palm or her fingers, or monowire, but not much else. However I think she would only go for it if you absolutely couldn't tell she had anything when looking at her.

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She's a chuuni, she would think it's cool asf to be a cyborg

>> No.34248095

I think it's more chuuni to beat up cyborgs with nothing but your own flesh. Though I can't discount the idea of her going all in, but I think she would probably still prefer weapons that aren't noticeable as weapons, and look as close to normal flesh as possible. Also she's probably be one of very few people around with navigational cyberware to still get lost.

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She's already virtual, why would she bother inhabiting a walking metal-flesh coffin?

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Suityan is a Triggerfag so i wonder if she watched edgerunners yet.

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Someone tried some time ago. He was chased away from here, and ended up making a thread in the catalog, which then was purged by the jannies, never to be seen again by anyone.
I like to think that he's living a lovely life with his imaginary Suityan.

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Kojaterupost of the day

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Me on the right

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Remember when people thought she was graduating after the release of Ghost and were convinced it was a graduation song?

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Not really

>> No.34258829

I remember a few delusional posts and some shitposting. Not a widespread thing.

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I don't know why people even want that. Well, I know why 35p do but mostly everyone else likes Suisei.

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35p hate Suisei and blame hoshiyomi for the yurifags.

>> No.34265963

Most don't mind Suisei, those are just a schizo falseflagging or 2 people at best

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I want her to slap me so badly. And spit in my face too. Only her tho, I'm not a fucking creep ok?

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I don't recall this too well but isn't this the reason /micomet/ came to be? With some 35Ps wanting their discussion out of that general because it began to go out of control?

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The Miko general is dead most of the time, if anything there were more hoshiyomi complaining about it but that was mostly after the micomet thread was already created because a schizo still posted micomet here due to some retards falling for the bait
The micomet thread was born organically due to popularity, but again the schizo spam made both 35p and hoshiyomi hate its posters

>> No.34266545

i mean, there were just as many complaints about too much miko here in this general as well, we're just more active than the miko general most of the time so it wasn't as much of a problem, but still.

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/micomet/ came into being via hostile takeover of /pekomiko/. I have no idea what has happened in the Miko general, but /micomet/ is basically just a Miko shipping thread, if hypothetically Miko and Suisei got paired with others the thread would likely follow Miko's pairing, and there likely wouldn't be a Suisei shipping thread.

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That literally never happened, kill yourself nousashit

>> No.34267099

It's exactly what happened, and it's not hard to search the archive to find.

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>but /micomet/ is basically just a Miko shipping thread, if hypothetically Miko and Suisei got paired with others the thread would likely follow Miko's pairing
It's not. That thread is actually for people who like the micomet pair, not others. Whenever a schizo spams their other pairings with Pekora/Aqua/Haachama/etc everyone gets upset.
Also Suisei's other pairings, mainly Tokomachi, get posted here all the time, they're just not big enough to warrant their own general

>> No.34267369

>Still waiting on my Suiseicord happi
Is there someone on there I can contact that knows a lick of English?

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Hololive should take a page out of Niji's book the next time they do a group live and offer up a Suityan cam.

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looks like the schizo got lost on the way to our thread
sorry about that
I miss suityan so much it's unreal

>> No.34271877

>looks like the schizo got lost on the way to our thread

>> No.34272771

Even when she isn't performing? I'd watch a stream of Suityan sitting backstage hanging out with the staff

>> No.34272851

I'm assuming the oshi cam Niji has going will just switch to the main camera when the selected person isn't performing, as they require you to purchase the main stream as well as whoever you want to watch. Would definitely pay for Suityan cam of her just chilling backstage running around with her plushie though.

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Shiraken Kyoto goods are now on sale.

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Tyansui kyou kawaii mo wa!

>> No.34280470

tyan tyan suityan

>> No.34282094

Rat a tat status?

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Fat a cat

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I wanna rewatch SitG again.

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Has this been posted yet?
7days (game ver.)

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How is everyone holding up?

I only remember some lazy doomposts made by the residential monkeys in the catalog but nothing else really.

>> No.34286070

The eternal cameraman fucked over Okayu's sololove as bad as Suisei's.

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suit... *yawn*

>> No.34289061

Super jazzy, I love it.

>> No.34290829

Full size when?

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Good for phone background

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>> No.34296651

Do you think she actually drinks ringo during streams, or is it just water?

>> No.34297604

Mostly ringo

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anon... the ringo is just a larp.

>> No.34297848

Crap I didn't realize it was a nisemono before posting.

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weird combo.

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>> No.34298601

No she drinks cornsoup.

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>> No.34302237

Suisei was watching Gozaru.

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>> No.34309812

4th holos to reach S+. I want to watch this 4 holos playing Splatoon.

>> No.34309843 [DELETED] 

What was Iroha doing?

>> No.34310317

Suityan, Iroha and who else reached S+?

>> No.34310925

Fubuki is one win away from promoting, and I think RBC already made it there.

>> No.34310970

Aki is ngmi isn't she...

>> No.34311024

POV: you lay on your side and she opens your butt cheeks (your asshole is way too tight (she must loosen it with her Big Comet))

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That's something you believe because your religion forces your captive mind to believe it. In reality you have no idea what you're talking about. In fact you Christians are so fanatically dedicated to lying about anything spiritual that isn't part of your ideology, that anything you guys say about them can be a assumed to be a lie until proven otherwise.

>> No.34311500


>> No.34311800

If she does manage to climb out of the -1000 point pit she's dug herself, she'll probably be the strongest Holo by far

>> No.34311812

Is she still trying? I thought she already made it. I saw the 9 hours Splatoon stream yesterday in my feed.

>> No.34311856

She's stuck in debt hell

>> No.34311927

What's that?

>> No.34312006

I will anti Suisei for the rest of my life
until she marries me

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You rank doesn't drop but you can go into negative points since you have to pay points to queue up
This is Aki's current state

>> No.34312123

Fucking hell, I don't think even LoL was that cruel.

>> No.34312306

Is S+ the highest rank? And is S+ actually good or is splatoon one of those games where everyone can eventually reach the highest rank?

>> No.34312351

For reference the ranked queue is either first to 5 wins or 3 losses, and a perfect 5 wins while getting all 3 gold medals (meaning you didn't get carried by your team) is only 275 points

>> No.34312848

Nevermind, I was wrong. Apparently the points given for wins in S rank are different and it's 375 for a perfect 5 win streak instead

>> No.34313019

Fuma hit S+50

>> No.34313206

And what's that? The 50 best S+ rank players?

>> No.34313521

The homos are better at games so this isn't a fair contest

Highest possible rank right now

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>> No.34315367

She is straight 99% of the time but that 1% is when she's incredibly gay with Miko.

>> No.34315715

What does the +50 mean then?

>> No.34315785

...just the 50, not the +...

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File: 473 KB, 2894x2046, 20220930_024817.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.34317060

small headed sui...

>> No.34317665
File: 453 KB, 1971x2480, 20220930_024811.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 610 KB, 739x960, Fd6PQ3HacAAWenC.jfif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 2.37 MB, 2160x3240, 1664580111940.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


That's ruthless. And here I thought I had it difficult with two separate ranks...

Either the head is too small or the whole torso's too wide.
Well at least the chest size is accurate.

>> No.34318985

Who is a bigger otaku, Miko or Suisei? I think Miko is honestly. Her knowledge of everything really blows Suisei out of the water.

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>> No.34319654

Kojimaterupost of the day

>> No.34319777

Miko definitely knows more porn. Perhaps her knowledge is more spread, but Sui goes in deep on the stuff she loves.

>> No.34319858

don't reply, it's mikoschizo again

>> No.34320059

I can tell, but I'd rather not refer to it either.

>> No.34320147
File: 338 KB, 2048x1946, 1639461434357.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ahhhh little fella

>> No.34320298

I think Miko should teach Suisei a thing or two about anime games. I know Suisei pretends to fawn over Ritsu from Ensta but that’s always felt fake to me.

>> No.34320628
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I have a theory. She didn't upload any cover because she was setting up the "covers' corner" in the new house, and when she finished, she began to have throat problems.

>> No.34320715

I recently saw some bot on twitter that just tweets 炎上 stuff from holos and it mentioned something about Suisei and a song from Enstars. I'm not sure what it means. I retweeted it like 5 times and then spammed about FBK.
What's up with Suisei and the enstar thing?

>> No.34320902

Not "I retweeted" but "it retweeted" I reported the bot and blocked it but it's still up.

>> No.34320923
File: 298 KB, 1449x2048, 1640652383379.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.34321092

Suisei is a fujo just like Marine. Gross

>> No.34321288

She and Toko from Niji made a song that was supposed to be an Ensta homage but got mistaken as a ripoff by jealous/crazy people.

>> No.34321308
File: 132 KB, 905x558, 1664582510343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Suityan abstains herself from playing Rust due to her break
>Right when AZKi began streaming it
God fucking dammit, everytime.

>> No.34321621

To be a an ensta fujo while being hated by ensta fujos. What a fate.

>> No.34321895

she was gonna play with Miko 2 days ago but there was a retarded update and she couldn't log in and i guess she stopped caring since she's addicted to splatoon now

>> No.34322344
File: 221 KB, 756x715, kuso.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holy FUCK this suityan's cute as hell

>> No.34323291

Why did they sign off on a blatant ripoff?

>> No.34323481

they literally hired an ensta composer. that's like saying MGO has a bunch of 3:12 or stellar stellar ripoffs. bottom line is that fujos are mega retarded, and so are you.

>> No.34323537

isn't suisei a fujo? she is according to >>34321092

>> No.34323709

did i stutter?

>> No.34323788

She’s a fujo but Marine is worse

>> No.34324227

a little

>> No.34324388

Nah, Anemachi's probably in a deeper end than Marine.

>> No.34324389

Why is it wrong to be a fujo? Japan biggest mountain is named after them.

>> No.34324675
File: 41 KB, 600x600, uhhh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i need to practice more...

>> No.34325041

You're thinking of Mount Fuji anon, there's only a 3 letter resemblance unless there's something on the etymlogically spectrum in which I'm too exhausted to dig in.

Anyway can we go back to talk about suityan and, how she might be doing her guitar reps at this very moment?

>> No.34325226

>anon doesn't know what a fucking joke is anymore
anyway, considering her last short i would guess she's probably been doing something with the guitar here and there. i'd be really excited if she mentioned something about it when she came back.

>> No.34325661


>> No.34326926

With how shoddy the camerawork was in Okayu and Suisei's lives they should be offering oshi cams for sololive concerts as well.

>> No.34330240


>> No.34333804

Are you people fucking retarded? Stop replying to bait.

>> No.34334097

>3 hours of nothing
get lost you fucking loser

>> No.34334323

>the party hat fits her perfectly
Sasuga Suityan...

>> No.34334329

I fear she’ll be forgotten when she returns. Fans can only take so much abuse before they leave. Multiple month long breaks is really pushing it.

>> No.34335455

The way I see it, Marine is a fujo and look at her long breaks turned out. She's more popular than ever. Suisie is a fujo too so I think she'll be fine.

>> No.34335491

I prefer nothing to reading bullshit.

>> No.34335593

then don't post and revive it again after it's been dead for a while, dumbass

>> No.34335663

BL is gross and it’s the one thing I dislike about Suisei

>> No.34335943

BL is almost a universal in otaku women.

>> No.34336162

Miko is a otaku and doesn't like BL

>> No.34336383

Some of you desperately need to learn a few things from the Manjigumi fans.

>> No.34337237

Can someone post the gif already?

>> No.34337636
File: 3.09 MB, 600x600, 1644796630312.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34338106
File: 69 KB, 205x354, hat2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.34338227

She’s never coming back.

>> No.34338329


>> No.34338684
File: 86 KB, 249x249, 1628783366224.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that's ridiculously funny to me somehow

>> No.34339479

>Pictured: An angry (and probably on her period) Suityan congratulating (You) on your birthday, while threatening (You) to eat the cake before she shoves her axe up your ass.

>> No.34341161


>> No.34341169

Uhhhh Suityan?

>> No.34341527


>> No.34342376


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