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>Dude Subway and foot longs and I eat 3 day old foot longs from subway bro and im eating during the collab AHAHAHA
Is this what happens when you kill you unicorn audience and have to appeal to the reddit crowd?

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It's a funny gag, and she seems to enjoy it.

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She fell off because of hate she was getting.

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suffers from depression eating desu

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Im kroniis toilet and it still taste fresh the day after she eats her 3 day old subway.

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Want's people to fall out of love with her by being disgusting?

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I know the vtubers real life normally doesn’t matter for enjoying the content they make on the internet, but fuck, that mental image of her messy neet cave with days old subway sandwiches laying around is so fucking revolting I can’t disconnect it

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what if the subway joke is just a metaphor for cock

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This could just be literal autism. A lot of autistic people have limited food preferences and highly repetitive behavior.

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degreased pizza...

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Ulillillia has OCD, not autism.

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>unicucks still crying over a vtuber that had a million red flags
>b-but she used to make content that pandered t-
And she doesn't want to do that anymore. All of the threats about leaving her and tanking numbers probably doesn't matter to her. Consider the company she kept/keeps and realize they probably make fun of her for pandering to the same people she used to/still wants to shit on and you'll realize why she's going to these extremes to get rid of some of her viewers. There's a never ending conga line of chuubas that will give you the experience you want, take your money and views there and just jack off to Kronii's model like a sensible person.

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Not a Kronii watcher, so what red flags did she have ?

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Depressed, lame
Hides her boobs
Doesn't care about Hololive or co-workers(Streamed over IRyS anniversary, doesn't know Weather Hackers or Ahoy)

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The problem isn’t just her own channel, they influence each other or do you think they live in different parallel universes? It won’t stop at this

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A compulsive liar. Caught 4 times, she told her members that she value "honesty" and she is a "work in progress".
> source: [Members Only] Hey

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It has to be, what other possible explanation for eating 3 day old footlong can there be than her preference for exactly that level of unwashed cock?

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>Mocked relentlessly for only talking about bread and being big
>Kronii doesn't even talk about being big she just talks about bread
Admit it, Sana was the better vtuber

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I thought you wanted brotubers and vtubers that weren’t like ~other girls~

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Go back to cesspool you can from

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She's literally budget Mori now. Replace Shrek with DUDE Subway and you have Kronii. Plus she's extremely loud and annoying during every single collab.
That's nothing, I used to picture her as a cute Korean doomerina. Now I can't help but imagine one of those short hair nagging dykes in denial, the kind that will marry the most spineless beta dude and completely control him while destroying every bit of social life that he had. Met a fuckton of those.

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She's being herself

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>Met a fuckton of those.
You gotta move out the city you live in to some small town

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That's the biggest issue EN has.
She should stop being herself and be Kronii
Western-women can't stand having attention being on another person, even if it is a character THEY play, it must always be about them.

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she's been getting annoyingly louder during collabs
I thought I was just imagining it
It's kind of grating now

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the meme not funny in the slightest but they did a great job covering up the unicorn massacre

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Work in progress as a phrase is a huge red flag... My alcoholic uncle used to say that all the fucking time

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That reminds me how Gura pl was Reddit incarnate.

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It's sad that she's milking it so much, it shows how much she's struggling.

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And the funny thing is that Kronies still supported this bitch despite these shitshows. Now they are thrown under the bus and labeled as schizo for not wanting to see their oshi cuck them with some autistic boomer. Poor guys.

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The parasocial part of Kronii's shtick made people ignore how boring she actually is.

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You stopped looking at her with rose-colored glasses and are starting to notice all the annoying things about her.

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He's autistic as fuck.
Some dude called him "friend" on a Youtube comment once and he sperged out about it.
Who the fuck freaks out over being referred to as a friend in a friendly way? Goddamn rawtists or criminals, that's who. He is both, arguably. A criminally shitty developer. /v/ hyping that sperg up like he was a coding genius was the funniest fucking shit.
That game looked like fucking shit, his clouds especially.

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not a kronie
only heard her in collabs but she's always been kind of annoying but I tolerated her
guess I started to notice it more now

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Kroni is stress eating because she actually misses all her unicorns and regrets rejecting them.
Would be cute if that was the case

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Psst, she doesnt care.
But i do, thats the difference.

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lmao subway so random lol *holds up spork*

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It's funny though.

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>its cute to be depressed over lost money

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When was food poisoning ever funny?

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Gura has 2 jokes, the crying laughing emoji and feet.

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She's trying to kill herself so that she doesn't have to stream.

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is she fat?

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Koreans rather develop eating disorder than be fat.

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When you aren't the one suffering it.

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And he will be a better man than you will ever be faggot

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kek, yeah sure.
I actually understand how people work. I understand you better than you do and I only have either 1, possibly 2 posts to go off of.
Yes, I know he got a job and isn't some random scrub working on a shitty game.

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This is a disgusting thing to do for reddit gold

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More like schadenfreude.

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>if you don’t like her you must be a unicuck seething about no more GFE
No retard, I want her to fuck off and stop ruining collabs, she is boring and unfunny. It was bad enough with one unfunny thot spamming shrek and fucking adam sandler references, now there are is another but literally just talking about sandwiches and being a slob. Every shitty psychiatry cope stream is one missed opportunity for an actually interesting nowa zatsu or him playing a game he is into. Every kronii appearance on all girl collabs is her autistically trampling over the conversation and loudly eating on mic like a noisy pig. If she wants to fuck up her own content to punish clockcucks fine, but stop shitting up everyone elses streams.

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Both Sana and Kronii suffer from the same issue, which is they can take something bad that makes people feel sorry for them and turn it into a massive shitshow that turns their content into crap and turns people off.
At least Sana managed to remain somewhat sympathetic til the end. I don’t care if Kronii collabs with males, as long as she doesn’t drag Tempus down with her menhera energy.

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I watched Kronii for like a week after her debut, she always wanted the reddit ironic weeb audience. Repeating all the dumb memes they spouted with her ara ara voice was her content early on.

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Sorry to hear that anon.
>used to say
Is he dead or did he finally cut the shit and kick booze?

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NTA but you're retarded. Do you genuinely see yourself as some edgy anime mc that can deduce people's entire personality better than themselves from a few posts on an imageboard? You might be more autistic than anyone in holo, consider therapy or the rope

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