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Watch HoloJP
Hate HoloEN
Simple As

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You will never be Japanese. You have no ancestry, you have no citizenship, you have no skills that would make Japan ever want you. You are a shut-in self-hating white man twisted by delusions of mythical Japanese superiority and exposure to Japanese media into a disgusting mockery of nature’s perfection. All 'validation' you get from other people in this position couldn't be worse in making you believe that spending years of your life learning a globally useless language to a first-grader's level was a worthwhile use of your time, but one can't expect that an individual as pathetic as you will ever know the value of the youth you threw away in doing that. Actual Japanese are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of linguistic evolution have allowed natives to identify frauds from mannerisms and vocabulary alone. Even if your written text of self-hatred and attention begging akin to a stray dog's somehow passes as normal (it won't), any Japanese person will immediately cut all ties when they hear the voice and accent of someone who is not only a basic Japanese speaker at best, but worth no more than garbage in skills, accomplishments, and likeability. You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile and laugh to yourself believing that watching a content creator that you understand 20% of at best is somehow superior than watching your own kind, as you project your disgusting traits onto your entire kind. However, deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight, and you know that. You know that all you do now is have an entirely new linguistic medium in which to be ignored, and not even the exotic trait of being foreign makes up for just how uninteresting of a person you are. Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a Western man is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably Caucasian. This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back. Hate yourself and apologize for being white to some Japanese entity that exists only in your mind while actual Japanese people put in effort to learn English for the valid reason of it being the global language.

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English is a globohomo garbage language

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>so he says in english

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Holy fucking based.

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>says kimchi stench giving gook dog eating weeb

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you should post that on/jp/, you'll get dozens of upboats

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Your ohshii would hate you for saying that.

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Korone doesn't give a shit about EN

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Thank you OP very based !!!

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Try that again in English

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Forwarding this to my boss, hope he doesn't fire me for making fun of his Naruto outfit he wore during Halloween.

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Honorary JP for a reason

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/hlg/CHADs keep winning. We will all make it bro, we will join the Japanese one day as honorary Nihon people.

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based Ken-sama

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truly based

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fuck you gaijin

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This kills OP.

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Hate Hololive
Watch Holocaust

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god anon youre going to make me fucing CUM

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I watch all holos including JP and EN and Moona.
Fuck the other indogs tho

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Nice lie

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>Watch HoloJP
>Hate HoloEN
>Simple As

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ENwhores fans are litteraly normie retarded zoomers that only discovered vtubers 6 months ago. Their existence is the worst thing to ever happen to the community

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>ENwhores fans are litteraly normie retarded zoomers that only discovered vtubers 6 months ago. Their existence is the worst thing to ever happen to the community

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>this is EN audience

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No anon, that's the soijack zomcuck who always spam green posting, soijacks, and childpron in rarecases, you'd come to see he's an integral part of vt with enough time

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Watch HoloJP
Watch HoloEN
Watch HoloID

Hate HoloCN, simple as.

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Top 3 Holos


Unitychads stay winning

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why do you hate Kiara so much?

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There is no HoloCN

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Seethe harder daddy

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That's a pass from me famalam.

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>watching h*los

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of course ENiggers are wojackposters, not surprising for people who discovered vtubers 6 months ago
go back

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>Korone doesn't care about EN
>post Korone caring about EN
>N-no not that EN!
eat shit

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Okay Zhang

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Yogiri is from Taiwan tho, so he is based. Check yourself Anon.

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Honestly when I watch EN it feels like I'm watching twitch streamers and not chuubas. Idk if it is because of their mannerisms but they seem off. Ina is the only passable one as she still has Asian sensibilities and doesn't go overboard like other EN

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That rrat was slayed the moment she reincarnated, but keep coping

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>trying to act like an oldfag on a 4 month old board
rope. now.

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