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here is her baby

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I still prefer the mom

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Hag ASMR in 10 minutes:

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I'm so happy everyone is accepting and loving of Pochis real voice and the new model. It's nice seeing her be surprised and happy too. Even if I knew that people will love both of those things.

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shota porn artist is too shy to use her mommy voice. I want this woman to be happy like you have no idea.

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I will never forgive the Japanese men for the squeeky voice only shit. I mean cunny is cute and all, but there's a clear fear among many female streamers there who dread the idea of using their real voice. How many years Pochi had to hide this seductive voice of hers..

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NTA but I will take both

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Here is my baby

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>squeeky voice only shit
you can blame the Japanese and Koreans for that. Their obsession with cutesy, petite presentations within several industries over the years fostered the plastic molds you see all around today, each trying to achieve their version of the "idol girl" or generic cute anime waifu. So tiresome when you want a woman who isn't afraid of their maturity

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I mean I get the appeal of the cutesy stuff, but it's too much and over saturated. You're right, the idol, kpop and overall things like that really pushed deep into it. But it seems that even they are somewhat getting tired of it. I'm just happy that it's becoming a bit more accepted to have a mature normal voice in the mix. My hag itch is starting to get satisfied

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>cute sickly Japanese hag with 10/10 mommy voice and who draws Oneshota porn
I don’t think it’s possible for a more perfect woman to exist, this is the peak already

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My wife

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>got a haircut this weekend
>hag i work with said i looked handsome today

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Admiring her own work

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You're going to ask her out right?

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i'm a 26 year old kissless virgin. if i was capapble of asking women out i would have done it by now.

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You'll get her next haircut bud, Do some woman-reps till then.

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NTA but spoonfeed me please i beg you

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Nta but pls give tips. I spill my spagetti with people in general

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god, mommys real voice and new design makes me diamond

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You can google better tips than I can give
since it's mostly going to be actual practice and not something you can just read up on

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She's like an insecure Lui that needs protecting and help, but would rape you in unfathomably messed-up ways on one of her good health days. You'll never know what you're getting or when she'll switch into demon mode.

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I trust you anon, enlighten me

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So she needs help to rape you? Yep my dick has never been harder

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Mid-rape session whilst she's on top, riding you like a fucking animal, Pochi leans over and grabs her pre-dosed meds on top of her nightstand and takes them whilst you're still in her. She slowly gets back to action but to her surprise, their side effects quickly kick in and she gets so sleepy her upper body collapses on top of you. Her giant breasts cushion her fall. She enters a deep sleep, dribbling on your stimulated nipples and down the side of your chest. Pochi's beautiful head softly rising and falling with your breathing. The floral scent of her demonically long hair drives your hormones wild. Meanwhile, you're still tied-up and this hag is just snoring away whilst your dick is still throbbing inside her, begging to fill her infertile insides. You stay like this for hours. Powerless. Immobile.

Is this really what you want?

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I need an English native opinion on this.
What's with Clio's voice? Sounds nasal and maybe fake? or it just seems off. I'm not saying she's a guy(not yet) but can it be that she's using a filter like Pochi used to or it is just bad mic quiality? Any english native can confirm if she sounds uncanny weird?

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She's just an old lady. She sounds like Cure Dolly kind of.

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Oh I guess I should add I'm American, not bri'ish but still.

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Yeah and Cure Dolly uses a filter or an program voice

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Im an ESL. Is hag a bad word? Is it hurtful?

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ESL here, It's depends of the context. If you go to a lady in real life and call her a hag, she would be offended. If you do it to a streamer that knows the hag culture in internet, she would be ok with it. Don't know if you talk spanish but it's like calling "señora" (Miss) to a women instead of "Señorita" (Young miss/lady)

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I see, thanks. Thinking about it, youre basically calling the woman old, which is not something they'd want to be called as.

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It also has the older meaning of referring to a witch, or old women who are specifically both old AND ugly. It's only something you should say to someone who knows you're NOT using it as an insult, as it's default form is an insult.

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I can hear the modulating but I think the majority is basically just what she sounds like.

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Sniffing hag pits like its cocaine

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we cool /hag/?

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Not him, but just start talking to women (probably not at work). If you're too autistic to approach people, use a dating app. Even if you aren't that into someone you match with, still try and take them out, just ask them if they're free over the weekend and want to meetup somewhere (bar, coffee, etc). You'll spill your spaghetti a lot, it will be really embarrassing and emotionally difficult, since you'll get rejected/ghosted a lot. Don't let yourself fall into the incel/redpill rabbithole because it's hard, you're always going to fail a lot when you first try something new.

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You really overestimate how difficult is to get matches for average people in those apps. And even if you get matches most of them are not gonna reply

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I meant to write "subestimate"

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Nah, I know it's gonna be <0.1%, and even a fraction of that you'll ever meetup with, but like I said, it's hard and you'll face a lot of rejection.

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Then it's not really a good advice, he shouldn't waste his time in dating apps when he's gonna get like 10 matches a year and most of them are going to ghost him. Better hit the club. Also most advice I see when someone ask something like that is "Go talk to women". It's like saying someone in a wheelchair "Go walk until you do it better" There's previous steps that everyone skips when explaining what to do

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We cool honey

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It's "underestimate" in English, anon.

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Eigo muzukashii

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What part of this did you not understand
>if you're too autistic to approach people, use a dating app.

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I hate spics so much
t. Spanish

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>use a dating app that will only let you approach people if you're 9/10+
Yeah that would totally work...

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botan culo

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Sexo con Botan...

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Status report/hag/

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Going to sleep with my hag wife. Oyapolu~

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Thinkin' bout Pochi

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>chubby old hag gussing herself up and acting too cute for her age
>a year ago i thought this was a bad thing
i literally cannot watch anything but hags what have you done to me

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Someone said that Koyori liked choking in another hag thread. Is there a source?

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more for me then

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>what have you done to me
Saved you

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remember to remind your hag that you're willing to commit long-term even to their flustered surprise

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Pink Dog Induces Pink Thoughts

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What kind of pink thoughts we're talking about here?

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Thinking about what it'd be like spending time with a hag who's talkative when I'm the kind of person who's not good at starting conversations or knowing what to say.
Also thinking about what I'd feel like if she suddenly got a little too close for my comfort and started to touch me. As much as I dislike being touched (I'd also feel "unclean") I'd have a really hard time saying no to a hag even if she could smell that I was uncomfortable.

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Which hags have the most R18 art?
Which ones have a critical lack of R18 art?

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I assume that Mio has the most.
Not sure but Lui and any non holo could always use more.

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It's so weird to me that Lui has so little R18 art. And art in general. I get that she's newer, but even if you take the amount of art created for her since debut and art created for other holohags at the same timeframe...

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I will reveal to you my (legitimate) autistic knowledge of how to learn to talk to people
Realize that everything you think is going to go wrong is just in your own head, and that your brain is actively working against you because being alone is more comfortable than taking a risk
Conquer your fear, and you can do anything
Worst case scenario, realistically, is that one person won't talk to you again

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