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ITT: Vtubers who would be good wives

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>being raped by your wife every morning

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IRyS because she says what she thinks and at the same time the things she is saying are not annoying.

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How can it be rape if I always want it?

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I don't want to have a job, I just want to duoqueue and have sex

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I love her and might be a bit biased but a solid pick on objectivity anyway

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My magwife

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Just imagine.

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She properly gets to work when it starts hurting after the second load she got out of you. You beg her to stop and that you have nothing left but she just laughs at you whilst muffling your screams with her hand. No one can hear you. She does not stop. She does not care.

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I love my retarded and nonmalicious wife!

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In addition to Mary I propose Botan
This is also a solid choice >>34016949
Might as well make this a hagthread

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Asking to get cucked.

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Based Botan

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But Anon....the IQ of your children...

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t. never watched kurokami

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I can fix her

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Many have tried and failed.

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Vesper was mindbroken trying to...

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Very brave anon. Stupid. But brave.

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IRyS is best girl.

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She’d be good for me since I need my alone time as well. Also great chef (like >>34016793
). Korone is up there too on the alone time thing.

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>is extremely kind to the elderly
>loves wildlife
>very willing to help those in need
her purpose was to bear my children and raise them to be upstanding members of society

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How do you fix a whore?

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I dont really watch her anymore, but yeah I agree. Shes a bit moody but generally kind.

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I don't think I could marry a woman who doesn't want to live together

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I almost want to agree with you, OP, but I like eating meat.

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Is she the kind of woman who can’t befriend/eat with normal ppl? No problem making a meat dish for you and plant dish for her if shes normal.

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it's one thing to be friends with people who eat meat, it's a completely different thing living with (and kissing) someone who eats meat being a vegan
she even said her whole family is vegan once

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the dream....

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Its a bit weird needing different housing but I can understand sleeping in different rooms, having a floor for yourself etc. totally get that its a no-go for most people.

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She cooks her cats rabbit

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Eh, it's down to the individual. My sister-in-law is a life long vegan, but she cooks meat for my brother all the time.

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NTA but how would that work out when they have kids? Seems like it would cause problems down the line when kids copy one parent.

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Would gladly take the IQ hit for my children if it meant getting to wife this up

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She's that wife that would get angry at something very stupid but then forget about it the next day

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Ask your father

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>I will never be her ojishota husband
why even live

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is fauna vegan for health reasons? why would kissing be a problem?

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Today's collab showed my wife could not be less manipulative or dishonest

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From a few things they've said I doubt my brother would allow his kids to be raised vegan while they were young, and I don't think his wife would insist on it. Eventually they'd just have to make their own choice when they get older.

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It baffles me that a woman this perfect can exist
The fact that she's so insecure only makes things better

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i believe its on the grounds of morality, she just really loves animals but clearly understands that cats need to eat meat.

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She was cute today hoomanbro, every time she popped up on Gura's pov was fun.

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She's so cool...

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Fauna will be my motherwife

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>shits out a 4 pound vegan baby
>starves to death in hours

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crazy how nature do dat

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Fauna is vegan but not retarded(shocking, I know)
She feeds her cats meat since she knows they need it and would feed a baby whatever it needs because for her veganism is a choice you should do once you are grown up and used to be a not-vegan

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Definitely cool. But good wife? She’d just watch apex tourneys and play videogames. Reminds of someone.

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IRyS is a trophy wife. Don't expect her to clean up or cook for you.

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it wouldnt be (you)r child though

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I would like to live in a smelly gamer cave with her and have stinky unwashed sex whenever apex is tilting her too hard

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so kissing shouldn't be a problem right? or do vegans believe in some kind of meat cooties that if they get touched by meat they become unpure or something, I know fauna specifically feeds her cats meat so why would that anon specify kissing?

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>What do you mean you don't want to go to DisneySea every weekend???

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>male collab whore
>good wife

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Yes Anon. She streamed along a male coworker. So?

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>Have a baby with Fauna
>a common potted plant plops out of her body on the final push
>the pot smashes on the floor and there's dirt everywhere
>the root cord gets cut
>doctor slaps the plant out of fear as a face materializes
Really miss Fauna
>its first words

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unironically hard working pure slut bread winner that knows how to get what she wants

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Good thing OP said wife and not mother. I'm gonna adopt a kid

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Imagine raising your wife's cats

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You got a taste of it via Nowa bro. It's not worth it

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Fauna is the kind of vegan who would murder you if you yelled at her cats, terrible wife.

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>sang a love song with male but it wasn't a collab promise
>she won't male collab at all promise
>she'll only male collab if she's invited promise
>invited males herself but it's just a coworker thing promise
>you are here
>she won't solo male collab promise
>she won't surprise invite a male during member stream promise
>she won't ditch her fans to join a male's stream promise
You fucking teacucks are as retarded as deadbeats.

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She's more of a neighbor or pal feel

>> No.34021824

>avoids you all the time
great wife

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Kill yourselves saplings, go role-playing on your own thread

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Uuuu that's not very nice. Owie.

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Wife love!!

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you would have to nurse her sickly hag body, I don't think she would be a great wife

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Nekomata Okayu izu goodu waifkyatto

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You marry Irys so you can try to sneak it into Bae's ass during threesomes

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>woman who is strong enough mentally to go against injust practices
>a woman who is comfortable in her relationship and can properly separate platonic love from romantic love
uh, yeah? why wouldnt i want that

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But I don't wanna cheat

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Fauna is literally a grandmother's brain in a younger woman's body.

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>Fauna is literally a grandmother's brain in a younger woman's body.

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it's not cheating if your wife encourages you to do it

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0 evidence

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Risu would not be good wife. She would be perfect wife

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are SEA women good wives?

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Oh it's a sapling on sapling crime

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>both of us have avoidant personalities
>spend most of our time doing our own things
>just enough daily interaction to not feel lonely
wow it's perfect

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I was honestly disappointed that the rest of this was porn.

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>Cutting long hair short
Fucking disgusting.

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It's symbolic

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>Muh character development arc
Just give them a ponytail or even longer hair. Never cut it.

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I love her so much.

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the short hair is for husband-only neck kissing

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that's fine, I can handle it, maybe she can at least help me with cleaning the dishes from time to time

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why are women in aprons so sexy?

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anon she's vegan...

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that honestly sounds like the perfect woman.

>> No.34029080

so she won't swallow?

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She's probably seen some marriages fall apart from people around her age and doesn't want it to be messy if it happens to her. I guess that's why she's always mentioned she doesn't want either one supporting the other financially and each pay their own bills. She's also mentioned not wanting to lose her friends and with how most Japanese men are the "I can hang out out with my friends but you can't hang out out with yours" or the "my friends are our friends so you don't need yours anymore" kind, I get her wanting to live apart or at least giving her space to hang out with her friends .

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She's probably seen some marriages fall apart from people around her age and doesn't want it to be messy if it happens to her. I guess that's why she's always mentioned she doesn't want either one supporting the other financially and each pay their own bills. She's also mentioned not wanting to lose her friends and with how most Japanese men are the "I can hang out out with my friends but you can't hang out out with yours" or the "my friends are our friends so you don't need yours anymore" kind, I get her wanting to live apart or at least giving her space to hang out with her friends .

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Unironically Polka I love this fucking clown like you wouldn't believe, Now I will list the reasons why I think Polka would make the best wife.
Her persona is absolutely endearing to me
>Fellow weeb
Her anime knowledge is down pat her manga knowledge too probably the issue with 80% of women who are weebs or say they are is that they for the vast majority only know extremely popular seasonal shit or whatever is the most Shojo-esk. Polka is not like that
>Her laugh
I fucking love it.
>Her sense of adventure
She was down for sky diving she'll probably be down for other crazy shit too!!!
>The sex
>She can't really cook and she knows it
Most women can't cook but refuse to accept this reality she knows she can't follow a basic recipe so this works perfectly for me I enjoy cooking.
>Into watching idols
Fuck yeah imagine getting to watch other idols with your oshi wife? Fucking amazing aint it.

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In EN it's basically IRyS and Fauna. All others are a downgrade from these two.
In JP there are many more options.
In ID maybe only Kaela and Zeta.

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No you can't. No one can.

>> No.34030711

I wrote this post

>> No.34030731

She’s already for the streets, it’s no point.

>> No.34032349

isn't she a bit too desperate for love or something?

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>any chuuba from /hag/
Please Lord I beg you, guide me to a beautiful hag so that I can fertilize the dozen eggs she has left and make her the mother she always wanted to be.

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t.not axl

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I ca fix her

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I can fix her

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Go for it, anon.

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One of the few sane people in here

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gold digger

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Fix her? Theres nothing wrong shes operating as intended.

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She seems perfect in ever way, I’d want to pamper her and love her while I cuddle her. She’d be the perfect house wife.

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She ain't Rushia. Polkas issue is that she mostly doesn't think shes worth watching and instead tries to encourage people to watch other Holo's. But despite this she is still really great and it has kept her humble unlike some other chuubas...

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An alcohol wouldn't make a good wife

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I feel like Senchou would be super high maintenance, but super worth it if you can keep up.
Alternatively I wouldn't mind being Pekochan's husband (slave), providing for her every need while she streams/plays videogames the whole fucking day, basically replacing her mom. Not sure I would consider her a good wife, but as a fan she would make me happier than being with someone I don't respect nearly as much. Furthermore she notoriously likes kids which is a big plus.

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She's a menhera.

>> No.34041713

Sounds good to me and I don't know why

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