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This is the correct path

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And none of them deserve it. Pekora is the only one who actually paved the way with pure effort.

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That deflection is too obvious, Deadbeat-kun

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i'm not even a deadbrap, but i do think calli has worked more than those 2 combined.

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Subtract 70% of the work you think she does. deadbeat.

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By playing popular game and FOTM games at the right time? That doesn't take much effort.

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C'mon Deadbeat, Kaela works the hardest and she's at the bottom, that's not the reason and you know it too

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FGO is a card pack opening simulator on top of that. literally porn for poorfags.

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>"Honorary JP" doesn't speak Japanese

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Schhh Chumkeks need to cope about their overrated lazy oshi somehow

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If she does then she's literally JP

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watch streams

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Kaela is an autist. She doesn't work hard, playing games 24/7 is her lifestyle. I think Mori's music suck except one or two titles,but gotta say she works harder. Even Kaela says several times that her lifestyle is bad and she doesn't want to influence her audience doing the same.

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Cease this cope, deadbraps. Mori does work hard, but only for herself, not for her mates, and definitely not for Hololive. She doesn't think about the lasting consequences or her actions.

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Correct take

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I hope she sees this bro

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>She doesn't think about the lasting consequences or her actions
What are these then?

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the golden age of mori was long gone, her new song is losing to fucking kiara's

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hololive stop buying subs for the deadbeats

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She's a true unicorn. That alone makes her JP

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Kaela doesn't work hard. She just plays games all day and has no life.

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Its normies only there for the music. Just like the streamer herself. To think she could have been a vsinger and they could have had Pomu instead just like CouncIrys and you could have had 5 whole people working on MC without some cancerous lump hanging around the railroad tunnel

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>To think she could have been a vsinger
With shitty deal like IRyS? Lol she wouldn't have never even went to that route.

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>lives in japan
>doesnt speak Japanese
>somehow got super fat
Literally the definition of lazy

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Fuck anything to keep her pretending to play video games and like nerd shit

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Marine schizo status?

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>pretending to play video games
What? How can you pretend to play video games?

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Still more impressive than
>a chuuba who was favored by the algorithm and EN thus wider audience
>a chuuba who panders to coomers and made a softcore porn MV that was clipped in several languages
>a chuuba with a wide audience in EN
Pekora got to where she is by purely doing what she's always been doing and being entertaining without needing to resort to other things.
Fubuki too who'll be getting to 2M soon herself.

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>golden age of mori
there never was one

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Nice bump from fucking page 11, OP.
Gotta keep your thread on life support?

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That wasn't me

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At this pace in like half a year to a year Peko will claim her spot back from mori.

It's also possible Kobo will get way-up there in a few months if her growth rate holds even half as much as it is, because she seems to have broken out into some other algo-megaboosted category like Gura did.

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Nousagi forever seething, Umisea are the faces of hololive get over it.

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That's beautiful to see, the two best vtubers of all time at the top of the tower, truly amazing.

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why are deadbraps like this?

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The falling down of Mori has begun. She and her supporters will receive the consequence of their action. Hope the idol faction won't let her leech out of pity

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>still inclining moderately despite being at the top
gura is a monster

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She's already sunk quite a ways down otherwise she wouldn't have gotten passed up by Maririn streaming like once every two weeks. Mori's CCV is definitely lower lately, she sinks into 2-3k range sometimes now in solo non-buff games (and still does bad even in buff games, only 7k for Holocure? wow) and her known SC income is also down, and the views on her latest music are less per week after release than even other ENs now.

Her scenario has been kind of a death by a thousand cuts kind of thing, sooner or later, she will eventually annoy you enough to just stop caring about her because it's happier to live life avoiding thinking about her. She always talks about haters but it's more like whoever currently-is-annoyed-enough to talk about her is basically in the process of flaming out in their interest for her and finally let out steam to admit to themselves/everyone that they're over her. After that venting process? Nothing. cold dead nothing. most people who hate her don't think about her at all, and she deludes herself into thinking being controversial is a way to sell herself as an edgy underdog when no she's just becoming slowly but surely, forgotten and left behind for better chuuibas. That, is what the numbers indicate.

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Mori brought several paypigs to her roommate twitch . She doesn’t give a fuck anymore honestly

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That includes Franklin the Bully Hunter? Is he still Whaling? I haven't watched a stream from her in 3 or 4 months now.

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Actually I haven't seen that guy in months either.

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Prinnies and jprsnrs come to mind. They must have gifted at least over 300 subs a piece the last two roommate streams.
Plus others obviously. Mori could fuck off from Hololive tomorrow and be more than fine

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I pray for the day she does. It will be a good one.

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I rather she at least get hot/fit first so her roommate is bearable to look at it but meh

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why did the pirate become so popular

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She's a good streamer when she's on and is practically the opposite of Mori in bending over backwards for her fans and trying to make them happy. She hardly fucking streams at all anymore for the past I dunno, half year now, but she does put out music and that is what's powering her along. Mori has a checkered reputation but puts out a lot of music of varying quality, Marine has a stellar spotless reputation and puts out bangers with amazing videos only. Definitely a quality > quantity affair.

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Because she's good

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She used to stream a lot before her throat get fucked up and was probably among the 5 most hardworking holo

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>somehow got super fat
The only reason the entire island isn't full of burger sized lard buckets is that everyone walks everywhere. Her job doesn't involve any walking or commuting and anytime I've watched a stream she was getting food delivered. So not even walking to the konbini.

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mori's CCV are fucking scarce, but supa is very high.
Proof that she has YABEs.

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That’s a nice way of saying Korone anon

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So when will she stream Touhou 18?

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a reaper set up a collection box somewhere

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>Honorary JP
>Can hardly speak Japanese
Chumicorn cope is on a whole other level.

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Finally, Mori can get completely numberfag mogged instead of almost completely numberfag mogged.

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Seethe harder, faggot.

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>Honorary JP
Chumkeks actually believe this.

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The newfags will never know
They keep thinking she suddenly become popular because of her newest MV

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effort does not make a personality, just look a kiara. that being said i like pekora.

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I just wanted to post this, no reason whatsoever. I just like shark sing.

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thanks, chum. i needed that.

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Have a good week anon, hope they refueled shark energy.

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Honorary JP

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M-My knees….. I’m kneeling?!

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Hmmm, breddy good.

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No one said she was doing it for her genmates or Hololive, just that she's a hard worker. If we're talking about effort, Mori puts in more than Gura when it comes to making actual content. It's been two years and Gura still only has one original song.

Mori had an actual concert in a venue in Japan and released 3 original EPs and an album.

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she is literally a vocaloid but with emotion

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Let them cope

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