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What is happening deadbeats?

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> don't stream
> half of the rare apparition are dick sucking stream
Nobody is surprised she isn't getting any sub

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Deadbeats know that she's one step back to being in her favorite spot, 4th place.

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Kiara's new song is mogging all of her recent releases. Also mogged her rust numbers multiple times. Wonder why her fans are leaving in droves.

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she streams more than marine though

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That's what she gets for her efforts as a streamer. This is not even an insult, just look at the history of her streams so far. I doubt she even cares, since obviously music is her first priority.

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the way western whores keep championing meritocracy(talent/effort) who'd move on to better content instead of coombait(unicorns) when coomers are the one staying loyal will never not be funny to me since it reflects in the numbers that they aren't that entertaining.

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Calli beat her in twitter likes>marine

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To be fair here, Marine shows up on literally everything else, but streams. Radio shows, shows, advertisements and such pretty much 24/7.

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>Wonder why her fans are leaving in droves
Are they though? I still see the same names in her SC readings and a lot old day one members in the chat.

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Anon, come back to me tomorrow when the new collab song with Watame drops.

The only song that was "mogged" by Kiara's song is the once niche cover from the One piece movie. No offense to Kiara though, her MV was great.

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Post YT member content likes

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No. No she doesn't.
You are making up lies on the internet because you are too cucked tp give up your oshi for a superior JP girl.

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>Leeches off watame because Gura wants nothing to do with her after the house party and Suisei is having surgery
Jesus she's do predictable.

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>Leeches off
Not how it works.

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Watame asked Calli for the collab a while back anon. They're good friends.

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what the fuck is a sapling doing in this pic

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You have to understand, the Twitter army cannot help Mori at the moment as their forces are spread thin rallying support for Kronii. They can only focus on one thing at a time you see and the next outrage is right around the corner!

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lol, why did you crop out Gura? Anti much?

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mori is a one trick pony who doesn't know how else to get /vt/ to seethe about her again. she tried SO HARD during the male collab arc and there were barely any bait threads. she probably had to start a few herself. losing mind share and relevancy among the schizos is an actual new low

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Sui had her surgery, she's recovering

>> No.33840158

link to tweet? was it a success? the anxiety is killing me

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>she tried SO HARD during the male collab arc
DYRBI she did those collabs just to make this place mad? Even she knows people except her to collab with them

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there are proofs of mori making male collabs in order to restructure holoEN

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You BITCHES hate Mori because she smoked your favourite rappers like a pack.
She killed Drake's career the moment she came out and Blac youngsta's career is hang by a thread thanks to Mori.
You know that one diss track from her can END any vtuber's career instantly?

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Then post those proofs.

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You guys made 3 of the same thread. Is the fighting over those giftcards that intense?

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We do NOT spoonfeed on /vt/. Do (You)r reps

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halloween sales coming up and I ain't missing my free games

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Trying to make pink board but your average shitposters doesn't care anymore about Mori so their threads die without hitting the bump limit.

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Your schizo babbles aren't proof.

>> No.33840592

because its not about her dumbass
same way i cropped out korone, ame and the rest

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The power of collabing with men and generally not being entertaining.
Honestly I'm more surprised Marine is doing better than Pekora in subs. I guess that most recent pv really paid off.

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>Gura wants nothing to do with [Calli]
Source? I heard the house party drama was overblown.

>> No.33840725

>The power of collabing with men
Nothing to do with that. She had been day one like that so deadbeats know what to except.

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I don't listen to rap lol wigger faggot

>> No.33840953

Deadbeat, Dying Channel
Pink Woman, Homo Collab
A Schadenfreude Treat , Get Ready to Dab

>> No.33841045

Probably the owning teh incels debuff.

>> No.33841113

Is this a fucking Markov chain AI?

>> No.33841348

"owning the incels" is a buff

>> No.33841387

A buff to reach irrevelance, yes.

>> No.33841389

yeah maybe on twitter
this is youtube we're talking about

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lol no, it isn't. She's been reclining since trash taste. It gives you a temporary buff from twitter faggots, but as they're not even real fans, just here to fight their gay culture war, it doesn't last thankfully.

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twitter should just open their own streaming site already, their twitter space CCs are too damn advanced to just be used for a lame voice log feature. Then twittards won't have anymore excuse not to watch streams

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Functioning human beings dont like rap

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Attacking unicorns is like getting high off Lean, you run a quick high, but then immediately crash.
Just like Mori's numbers.

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It was obvious if you watched Gura during the rust season finale but I'll spoonfeed you.
Mori spammed the world chat constantly telling Gura to come gamble with her instead of playing with the jp senpai which got so bad Suisei asked Gura what Mori was doing and Gura's response was to audibly cringe.
Then when Mori scurries out of the safe zone thinking the fighting was over Gura immediately hunts her down and headshots her after only a few sounds were heard over the open mic.
This is all on top of Gura making remarks about Mori during her rust streams that sounded like she was making snipes at her.

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Can I get a timestamp? I want to see Gura hunting her down.

>> No.33842064

Sounds like she still wants to use her for content though.

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Every kingdom needs a jester.

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Bro? You ok?

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These songs have been done since the first half of the year.

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File: 1.39 MB, 1280x720, Mori dies [sound=files.catbox.moe_2Fcgypo2.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it this? I just saved it because it's hilarious.

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>Takes nearly two weeks off
>Still streams more than every Council, Gura and Ina
The fuck guys?

>> No.33842244

how long before she quits hololive to stream exclusively on her roommate

>> No.33842267

Botched the sound there chief

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File: 1.39 MB, 1280x720, Mori dies [sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fcgypo2.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah it was fucked. I think I fixed it.

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After many sub culls, she made it. Senchou is awesome

>> No.33842414

Gura doing the server a favor.
It's depressing that when Kronii plays Rust, Mori is going to sink her claws further into her.

>> No.33842437

Ah now I get it. It’s a Kronie deflection thread!

>> No.33842470

Don't try and change the subject, you won't get your coupon then.

>> No.33842529

Ah, it is Kronie coping. Don't put shit on Mori if you can't handle Kroniis decision.

>> No.33842590

which subjects get me paid

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>deadbeat damage control team has arrived

>> No.33842610

More like Kronie damage control team has arrived.

>> No.33843787

Good explanation but there is more to it than that

>> No.33843816

>Twitter tourist won't do reps

>> No.33843839

>Everyone I don't like is a Kronie
Are you at least getting a gift card for this?

>> No.33843864

>Everyone I don't like is a deadbeat
I can say the same for you

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Only I don't like you and you're a deadbeat.
Major difference deadbeat.

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Don’t you EVER call me number 3

>> No.33844603

males happened

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File: 2.70 MB, 1280x720, Mori's Revenge on BigFish[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2F3cv8sb.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Mori got revenge though

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oh please let's not pretend like the recline is because of males
males are but an effect of an underlying mental issue, NOT the cause

>> No.33844964

That is what you think.

>> No.33845158

Mori clearly got what she deserved.
This month, mori received conner condom chats at rm's twitch stream.
She has said many times that rm activity is just venting, but it's about time she realizes who the real antis are.

>> No.33845179 [DELETED] 

Mori is successful on her roommate channel now too she literally doesn’t need Hololive now. This doesn’t effect her at all

>> No.33845188

>but it's about time she realizes who the real antis are
Who are the real antis?

>> No.33845207

He’s lying though mori never has donations turned on for rm streams. She just gets a shitload of gift subs

>> No.33845264

Does she always sound this inauthentic and drool?

>> No.33845359

Hi, mori.
What are you doing here so early in the morning?
Do you really think you can keep the current CCV when it is obvious that most of the viewers are deadbeats?

>> No.33845398

I think it was chat comment.

>> No.33845437

No, she caused hysteria when she read the recent comments about whether or not she had been in contact with connor.

>> No.33845480

Recent comments where?

>> No.33845521

“Proof” means Mori making some snarky tweets that heavily imply she’s talking to the people on /vt/ who make bait threads of her.
It means she enjoys seeing some of the people here seethe and cope (namely the ones who are her antis). That does not inherently mean shit.

>> No.33845554

Oh the twitch comment asked if she had been with Connor recently and she said she hasn’t talked to him in awhile. That’s literally what happened . She said it was a”Weird thing to ask” because some of the chat actually thinks theyre a thing

>> No.33845582

It was only last week, so the archives are still there.
Check it yourself.

>> No.33845687

Well, it seems like her current success is built on her connections with TT.

>> No.33845744

Her top sub donators are literally deadbeats.

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missing fauna

>> No.33845789

Apparently (and rightfully so), the only people watching her channel are deadbeats.

>> No.33845838

They said the same for coco
then rushia
I kek with the power of a thousand suns

>> No.33845887

She recognizes normies won’t care about her until she loses weight and looks better in person so that’s what really prompted her “fitness” arc. But that’s just a theory… either way she’s set with top payers regardless of the number

>> No.33845902

>implying is proof
low iq nigger

>> No.33846079

I don't condone connor's personality, but I appreciate him as a numberfag.
The fact that he hasn't been in contact with mori proves that the mori buff is off.

>> No.33846309

I still hate how the comment made mori quit talking about him he is her boyfriend

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>> No.33846425

aight anon let's not project the copium on others..
outside SKDW, you literally can't point out where she has appeared in past 2 months.
and no thanks I don't need deflection replies, just links

>> No.33846599

why is mori not trying to be idol while rm is trying so hard to be idol?

>> No.33846980

Gura's pussy was overblown by mori's friends

>> No.33848090

It's just a minor throat surgery
Too lazy to link tweet but she did announce she will take a 1.5 months break at her last stream

>> No.33848123

How long before Pekora will pass Mori's subs?

>> No.33848181

A buff for twitter likes kek

>> No.33848226

Marine has only streamed a few times in the last year due to her throat issues my dude

>> No.33848265

Rm is ugly and can’t get away with anything she wants there

>> No.33848369

Pecola is getting 2k-3k new subs daily and will overtake mori within 1.5 months.

>> No.33848451

Unfortunately, 2 YEB deadbeats are buying her twitch gifts all over the wall.

>> No.33848512

That's only because original song releases from Kiara are not that common though?

I actually really like DO U, but Mori released an EP with music videos for almost all of the songs. Comparing that to numbers for a single MV from someone who doesn't release a lot of originals is a huge reach.

>> No.33848535

Kaela 176 hours...
my god

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