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what is their talent? no bullshit please

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Shining the light on whores for us

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you can all agree that as men, men are superior to women.
why spend your day being a cuck to some girl that you'd never be with when you can spend your day with the boys where you don't have to worry about courtship since it's just guys doing guy things.
you're a cuck if you watch the girls, whereas you're a bro if you watch the homies.

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Streaming and also exposing the whores

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then NijiEN > Tempiss

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Making unicorns seethe.

Nobody's watching unless it's for a collab.

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>no bullshit
Destroying their collegues' fanbases like a charm.

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I don't watch EN sorry

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Making unicorns mald.

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They are a new novelty at a company that was already successful.

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Great steam card farming for shitposters.

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>what is their talent?
Using the power of cock to make the less intelligent members of Holo EN fuck up their own careers

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Assassinating the Hololive brand. The chinks will have the last laugh.

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talent freedom, of course!

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Altaire: Music and singing skill, ,also softboi fujo-bait, trained to be the leader of the gen and wrangles the others also the most supportive of his genmates to the point of going extended periods of time to watch all his gemmates streams until it make him to physically weak to continue.
Vesper: Although having no idol skills at this point he is much older bringing in a different swathe of content, cultural background, and alot of life stories and a different audience on account of being 10+ years older than the others. In other words he is a nice autistic granpa and people like listening to his stories. He is also an insane optimizer for his shit constantly trying to study others streams come up with bits and fine tune his own not really for views but so his fanbase likes him more even if his 2view optimization mentality sometimes causes him to overthink.
Magni: Art skills like honestly impressive in speed-to-detail if limited in scope Art skills, and memes. The most in-tune with the twitter crowd and the best natural entailer of the group he also is the other biggest fujobait member.
Axel: Singing and knowing Japanese. He is the most honest and open member speaking his mind and is as close as you can get to a True Bogan while being Asian. Thanks to his dads immaculate taste he is possibly the biggest /m/fag of the cover talent and if the Japanese permission hell ever gets overcome could become the hero Mecha fans wish for. He struggles with live covers and keeping his energy up durning solo streams but does 100s of takes for his pre-recorded covers to get them just right due obsession with music and saves the rest of his energy for colab streams. Also colabs the most with starsJP on account of actually being able to talk with them.
Is this autistic yes but fuck it they made me recall why I like online personalities in the first place.

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>Based Retard
Knows Japanese
Knows everything about bicycles
>Doc Ock
Can draw
>Not Astel
Is allegedly good at FPS games

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> music chops
> fluent in JP
> good game instincts
> dumb as fuck

> shines in collabs, good at bringing out stories/reactions from others
> strong FPS skills but doesn't just spam Apex

> zatsudan, has actual life experience to draw on for telling stories
> different taste in games from most chuubas
> nonthreatening in collabs
> constantly trying to improve himself

> fast as fuck at drawing
> willing to experiment with streams
> improvs well with a partner

As a group
> click together well
> are their own most frequent collab partners by a mile
> genuinely seem excited to do things together

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Motherfucker I have real friends I do not require imaginary ones.

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I have a girlfriend but I don't have any friends. I don't need a parasocial girlfriend but I do need a parasocial male friend. It's as easy as that

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Fodder for nijiniggers and twitter/discord failed abortion shitposters.

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Altare plays instruments, can sing, can do martial arts.

Magni can dance, can mix songs and can rap, funnier than the girls.

Axel can sing and gives away wisdom from his Zatsudans.

Vesper turned what should have been boring streams into somewhat mellowed out, fun ones. He can bike, he's an actual prepper and best of all, he takes the time to know all the games he plays.

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OP said no bullshit retarded roastie

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Draw shitty memes
Ex IT guy
Womanizer, make your oshi creams her pants
Worse Mysta

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not in this case though, they don't even have good voices unlike the girls
I actually gave them a chance and they're just mid
Magni is only fun when he's not half asleep and, let's be honest, he's always tired, and he's terrible at games
Vesper is interesting but only when he's playing games he's good at (FTL or Project Zomboid) other than that he's pretty boring
Regis... I don't need to explain this
Axel is an honest retard but he's not fun to watch when he's alone and he's not a good gamer either
they work well as a team but none of them are talented as solo streamers
girls are more creative, better at drawing and singing, and they can be both cute and cool
these guys don't have any special talent (they play Apex a lot but they are way behind Towa and Aqua, Regis is supposed to be good at FPS games but Botan would kick his ass)

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Master of Zatsudans
FPS god
Funny man
BFE god

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These two basically got it down, but to add on a bit more
>High charisma, can basically get any of his collab partners to join in conversations or bounce off of them.
>High amount of improv skills, both shown in-house collabs and in the collab 1-1 with Kronii.
>Can apparently dance very well and has been dancing since high school, talked about it on a twitter space in the early morning one time. >Can also sing to a degree
>Down to earth type of person, is the most "grounded" of the group which is already a huge plus.

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This is very well put together. Save it if this thread ever comes up again

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