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>no yabs
>never interacted with males
>gets best sponsorships
Looking at EN then looking at Miko is like night and day. Like different worlds.

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Looking at Miko is like night and rape.

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>no yabs
No one remember the Yaoi doujin incident with Marine
Alright newfag you just outed yourself, hope you enjoy your steam gift card.

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>never interacted with males
not sure if shitpost or massive newfag

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>no yabs

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>>never interacted with males
I see you are just a two year old baby when it comes to vtubers and simply don't know better.

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>not sure if shitpost or massive newfag
They literally do not know that male collabs were common before Gen 3.

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Or a Nijinigger falseflagging stirring shit for a steam gift card.

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>Never interacted with males
Oh boy... Another one with no reps

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>Yes Great post OP 10/10

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she said the nigger word

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Don't you mean

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>No yabs
>Raped Pekora
>Said the gamer word

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That was a complete non-issue and Cover were pussies for making her and Marine apologize.

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Not a yab, that was a huge W

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>never interacted with males

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The fact that Hololive did male collabs regularly back when they were a tiny shitty Nijisanji wannabe agency, and that their growth exploded into infinity after most of the members abandoned male collabs, is in fact the best argument for not having male collabs.

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he made this thread just to post these btw

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>no yabs
loru, rumao.

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>he doesn't know

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Is that all you got? A twitter interaction?

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here's (You)r $5 Steam gift card. Treat yourself to something nice.

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pol meme denied

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>cherry picking post
also it's literally written friendship chocolate in Japanese

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>No yabs

Yeah I don't know about that one chief

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>never interacted with males
how new?

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bl incident doesn't count since it's marine's fault

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>can't read japanese

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>never interacted with males
This is very wrong

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op only said never interacted with males

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Anon no one on this board knows hololive origins

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Don't let the fact that Kronii fucks her dog distract you from the fact that Miko raped Pekora.

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how is that relavant to his post?

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Miko is the entire reason Hololive exists as it is today. People praise Sora but nobody watches her or listens to her music. Miko and her nigga moment brought people to the yard and Miko's perfection keeps people watching

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You forgot to add;
>The only true otaku of hololive
>Great taste in animu and manga, better than most /a/non
>Always the center of attention in every Collab she is in
>Yahoo called her the protag of Hololive
>She interacts and loves her fanbase the most, even though they always break her balls about stuff and tease her constantly
>Greatest reactor of hololive
>Her roommate is top 3 on the cute scale of hololive( top for me but people have different tastes)
>Her fanbase is the most militant defenders of her online, we would put lunaitos to shame

Truly Elite and without peer.

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>not a new ip
you're wasting your time if you think posting like this will make people to hate miko

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Miko got Rushia fired despite Miko being a bigger whore than she was. For that I can never forgive her.

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The top image is the thumbnail for a collab they had.

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Heh, I tried to think of a single yab by Miko and couldn’t come up with a single one.
35p keep winning

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I stated a fact, unless you think Sora’s 40k for a song is what drives Hololive?

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how's your gift cards farming going nijibro?

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It's not fair a chick like this exists and she lives 5k miles away from me

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Also one of the most watched female streamers in the world. All that and still on top. No other streamer can say that.

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The fridge...

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Maybe OP confused Miko for...uh...mmm...

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>t-they just wanted to be friends!
>she did it to a ton of vtubers!
cope. JP are just as much of whores as EN.

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Sora serves a purpose but yes Miko is far more important and valuable to the company.

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>can't refute an argument
>process to reply with discord buzzwords
typical SEAslug behavior

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clearly a newfag

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>schizo pulls up tweets from 2019
true, she has acknowledged it would be problematic these days, not that her fans care
>muh fridge doujins
couldn't care less, was pissed that she was banned from streaming for a week.
>n word
how many million new viewers did hololive get from that clip again? you're welcome...

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do you understand the meaning of the word never

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>type nijishart and miko name together in search bar
>all results are about nijishart and miko

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get your dyslexia checked anon

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Guess my oshi isn’t as pure as I thought…

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Hey buddy. You can say the word nigger here. We aren’t on Reddit.

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Yes it’s her talking to him. The 2nd link is her even having a collab with him.

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nigger your oshi is from nijisanji what did you expect? also this thread is about miko so your post irrelevant to OP post

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Obvious bait thread. Miko had a rough start (and she shouldn't have raped Pekora) but she's amazing nowadays.

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and? my post was about cherry picking that image where miko gave that guy a chocolate

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She’s pretty boring nowadays honestly. Koyori is more entertaining and streams more and plays a wide variety of games.

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>plays a wide variety of games
miko also did that but there're not much games to play nowadays

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She has the most annoying voice I’ve ever heard

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ollie and Kiara exist

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>>never interacted with males

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stop bumping your own thread nijifaggot

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>>never interacted with males
Oh no no no no no

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Filtered plebian

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Everyone talks about Pekomiko, but how come no one talks about Mikorone suddenly disappearing? Seriously, what happened? Did Miko try to rape Korone too?

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>heart shaped chocolate
>heart pupils in her eyes
>only did that to men
>just friends bro

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>only did that to men
anon she literally gave chocolates to some niji girls in that link

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Literally just collabed with a male recently. Her unicorns are upset regardless of the context given that her videos have more dislikes now than before

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First two are links are two dudes. Third one doesn't seem to be targeted at anyone in specific. It's just a generic message.

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>heart shaped chocolate
>heart pupils in her eyes
>only did that to men
>just friends bro
I can't believe miko is dating all these people is she bi?

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>never interacted with males

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>Her unicorns are upset regardless of the context given that her videos have more dislikes now than before
come on nijisis why are you making shit up and what are you trying to archive by doing that? surely not for gift cards right?

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what about this anon? is miko dating her too?https://twitter.com/sakuramiko35/status/1095733603051261952?s=19

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it's obligation chocolate

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>Kumicho dozo
Literally asking her for cock lmao

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negro? nigglet? oh you mean nigger. that is yab? kek

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Check what "literally" means from a dictionary you braindead SEAtards

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or else? gonna cry and shits your pants?

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>blushing so hard
Ok, they probably are

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>>The only true otaku of hololive
People say this, but what makes her more of an otaku than Suisei or Marine?

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she's 10 years older than miko anon

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she's not into hags? What a shit taste

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Her knowledge of anime, manga and VN.
She also went to comiket a bunch of times. Some after she got famous even.
Hotimati and Senchou are huge normalfags compared to Migoti

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kek, newfag stick out like a sore thumb

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Why didn't she get the AmongUs sponsorship?