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Finally... my "Uruha Rushia Birthday Celebration 2022" Lifelong Engagement Ring has arrived....

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I feel sorry for you anon but I must laugh because this is pathetically comedic.

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reminder that Rushia got herself fired after ENcucks gassed her up with virtue signaling

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is that how it goes? I remember the assholes at 5ch that started it

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At least it's a collector item now.

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now that you mention it, it could sell for a lot

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the ring is cursed with cuckoldry
if you put it on a girl finger, she will cuck you within 48 hour timeframe

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Don't encourage such unhealthy behaviors guys, we are in the Mori and Kronii era now.

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Or you can just get a real ring and settle down with someone that will actually love you.

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If this is real you could actually sell this for a huge, huge profit.

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that just makes it more valuable. Imagine putting it on jeff bezzo's wife. or for even better revenge yagoos

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keep it, anon. The memories are too precious.

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Save it for the day you get married for real, its not like the girl will know about it

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Sorry... I actually bursted in laughter for once kek

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why'd you buy it in the first place?

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>propose with walmart ring

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Who would know?

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Believe in your own Rushia, don't let others interfere with her.

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Nobody tell him.

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OP you knew you would ridiculer for posting this, and for that you have my respect.

Had me a good laff

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why is every fag itt pretending it really is OP's ring with no timestamp

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Because it is fun

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(1) Why are you seething about Jeffie
(2) You don't need magic to have a rich man's wife cheat on him

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Why waste money on a new ring? Just give the girl this one.

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I'm sorry for your lo- ahahahahahahahaha fucking hell that has to suck lmao

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I seethe about most elites but the problem is most of them are gay so they wouldn't really be hurt by this ring, jeffie is the only one that comes to mind immediately as someone who has a wife.

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The ENtards definitely added straw to the camel's back.
The guy is paper rich. His company is massively overvalued so when (not IF) its share price tanks his wealth evaporates with it.
He's kind of a red herring.

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<on a board about pretending to believe made-up shit for entertainment
gee I fucking wonder why

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like I said, I dont really have any better targets who could be hurt by this ring sadly. most of these faggots dont even have a real wife.

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Give it to your mom so she'll have sex with me.

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Why would any dude buy such a feminine ring in the first place?

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>Forever engaged to Rushia
I'm so proud of you, my son!
But I really want grandchildren, please marry some thot.

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>doesn't understand what an engagement ring is

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it would be cheaper to pay for surrogacy.

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Yeah he has a mole you don't have to point that out.

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I'm fucking laughing
Thanks for the entertainment anon

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It might sell for a a lot as long as you dont mess with it

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>ENfags get gigacucked by Omega officially making EN a mixed gender branch and Kronii becoming the cockslurping disciple of Mori
>G-Guys...Rushia and mafumafu
This is just fucking sad now guys. How long are you going to keep clinging to this as your "big win" over JP, especially when Rushia reincarnated and is doing better than most of EN still

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Don't touch it, this might be the new Charizard TCG card. Might sell for a lot later.

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I dont see any timepost so sure OP, anyway WOW almost one year to get it that was a long journey.

If you dont want it then sell it

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sorry bro... your princess is in another castle with a bunch of whores in it...

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>ENCuck deflection thread

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this is so sad

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>ENcucks deflecting
How sad, at least Rushias incarnation has the decency to at least pretend to give a fuck about her fans and their wishes, you English cucks can't even manage that with your chuuba.

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>better than most of EN still
seemingly not give what must be her massive drug habit and lawyers feeding her bullshit about protecting her reputation. bitch is in the poor house apparently.

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>fancucks coping replies

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I can't tell if you're talking about Calliope "Lean and $1000 rapper cap" Mori or not

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>ENfags trying to flex their one win over JP because most of their girls turn out to be whores in the end

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No I'm talking about Uiharu "Drop stacks to get 5ch retard to apologize and $5000 handbags" Rushia

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Nice try cuckbeat. Enjoying the homo collabs? More coming soon. Not a single vtuber fan is more cucked than you are. Omegatroon has spoken, bend over and take the Tempus cock

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>her massive drug habit
We are not talking about Mori anon, we are talking about how you ENfags are trying to deflect the massive cucking happening right now.

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>Massive drug habit
So...Mori. Why are you seething over tempus taking over EN bro?

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Based fancuck deflecting from the cunt doing her poor me poor me company bad song and dance all over again. Fuck off back to your little bunker fag.

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>ENfags desperately trying to deflect from their oshis being Tempus cumrags
ruroh rumao

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>No I'm talking about Uiharu "Drop stacks to get 5ch retard to apologize and $5000 handbags" Rushia
Nowhere in here does it mention a drug problem anon, must have gotten your "le epic line" for Rushia mixed up with your general description of Mori.

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>butthurt fancucks have no other options but to deflect to Mori

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Keep deflecting little fancuck

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>n-no you're deflecting
Bold strat in a deflection thread but you're still a fucking cuck and getting tempus dick, now start sucking faggot

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>Butthurt ENCucks have no other option but to create an entire bait thread about Rushia because they can't handle their cucking

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You mentioned drug problem anon, the only person with a known drug problem even relevant to the conversation is Mori.

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>EN getting dicked down right now on orders of Omegatranny
>"G-Guys did you h-hear...Rushia g-got a DM from Mafumafu...A-alien dick...hah hah"
God damn you're fucking destroyed by this. Fucking hilarious. kys faggot your branch is eternally cucked and so are you

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Guys my Kronii daki just arrived! I can't wait to feel just like Vesper when he sleeps with my oshi!

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>shitposters and newfags shitting up the board about homo collabs even though JPs do that already
>this is somehow worse than Rushia getting a dm from her boyfriend and going on a menhara meltdown so large it hasn't even stopped yet

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Alexa, play Shiny Smiley Story

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Yeah because your entire fucking branch got cucked. Rushia was one talent and wasn't even the best one. EN has Mori, Kronii and Baelz all working together to get as much Tempus faggotry into every stream they can. Enjoy!

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The very fact that you had to create an entire bait thread when your cuckening is happening proves how pathetic you are faggot.

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>ENfags play the Rushia card to try and deflect from their branch imploding from Twitter trannies taking it over
>Get BTFO in their own bait thread

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She'll really appreciate that cheap steel ring with a glass "gem" you bought for someone else.

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the fact that their stupid little whore got kicked out of the company hurt some fancucks

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Thx anon, i will enjoy watching my boys get the slob job by those 3!

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I think the fact Mori is still in the company actually hurts EN fags more lmao

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this whole thread is just jp cucks deflecting about en cucks, it's all just retards and not a single person is winning

>> No.33623498

I think JPchads are winning because EN keeps getting worse and worse and the ENfags "nuclear option" is pulling out 6 month old drama that has zero impact on JP currently

>> No.33623543

HoloEN is EOP's 1st chuubas, it's normalfag central. They know this or that buzzword, but have no idea what it means. Expect them to act exactly like the normalfags they are.

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I unironically want to have this now, along with Mafumafu's engagement ring.

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Self insert is the way to go

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>Rushia is long gone and Vshojos problem now
>Mori is still in EN and actively shitting it up right this very moment
Tell me again who the winner is here my dear ENfags?

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Loving every laugh. Lie in the bed you made faggots

>> No.33623821

yes you old hag we know how your shit sounds like just because you clogged the toiler 6 times this tuesday doesn't mean you won, go to your damn clinic

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>wife's dead already
rejoice anon, now you can marry someone else

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Big respect to Rushia for creating literally the perfect merch. This is what all of Hololive should be.

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For sale: engagement ring, never worn.

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>people still have to lie and pretend that Rushia had a boyfriend to cope with half of HoloEn becoming Nijisanji Lite
Why do we pretend EOPs are worth listening to about anything

>> No.33627367

He's recently divorced IIRC

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My condolences about your fiancé passing, just know she's in a better place watching over you.

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Let them have their cope anon. EN is a dumpster fire right now, they need this

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>put it on yagoo
>he fucks your oshi
monkeys paw.

>> No.33630222

What took so long?

>> No.33630820

Had to ferment in mafu cum for 6 months

>> No.33631474

Right, please use the correct terminology: "live-in opposite gender apex partner who you go on dinner dates with and who calls you cute pet names". NOT boyfriend.

>> No.33631932

Kore2 debunked this, schizo

>> No.33632096

She'll cuck you over it and the prophecy will be fulfilled.

>> No.33632100

holy kek
unironically though, this is an historic artifact, do not throw it away OP, it's a piece of chuuba history

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I don't have an oshi but damn shion always makes me laugh because of how smug she looks.

>> No.33633884

When Rushia said she doesn't talk to men because she's afraid of them, dumbasses actually believed her. Now, we've gotten to the point people are so desperate to maintain what little dignity they have left they'll selectively argue one point out of a list with a dozen.
She wasn't his gf nor did she live with him, but only because she got rejected. She was cock hungry and they did date at least once and kept in contact after, while playing games and using pet names and shit. All while claiming to be too shy to take to men. Cuckfans will forever be the biggest example of cuckoldry in vtubing, they literally can't be beat.

>> No.33634027

Just pretend she's a character from FGO

>> No.33634089

Lamy's is better.

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No, I still believe in Lamy and Chloe.

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How did this thread become people shitting themselves over EN? What the fuck does EN have anything to do with Rushia ring?

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Just tell her that it was his grandma memento or something

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Be proud that you supported her while she was around, anon.

What are you gonna do with this? Because I'll buy it if you don't want it

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Why would I need to defend anything when your interpretation of her actions is head canon
You're not a fan though, so I suppose it makes sense that you fundamentally misunderstand her. Poor EOP

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>Lamy and Chloe
My condolences.

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>cold chicken

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based and same

>> No.33636836

actually it is made of plated brass. steel is a poor material for this design.

>> No.33637120

Nice christmas stream Pekora

>> No.33637958

At least she is smart enough to ignore the drama and now can laugh about it instead

>> No.33638027

Weird cope

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AHAHAHAHHAHAH, I'm sorry fancuck but I can't stop laughing AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!

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how the hell is this thread still up

>> No.33638633

A fucking dust collector

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live "assassination" by Migoo

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Not refunding this should give cover the legal right to sell your payment information to whoever they want.

>> No.33646108

Okay I laughed

>> No.33646232

Now sell it because it's rare merch.

>> No.33646339

Put it on your dick, it will probably fit you retard

>> No.33646390

Damn, all these posts yet the IP count hasn't gone up since this morning and it had to be bumped from the bottom an hour ago.

>> No.33647536

i suppose there's not much to discuss, huh?

>> No.33647760

Whatever Rushia did wrong the only highlight of the situation was that Rushia showed that for the menhera queen she is, she does care about her audience, and not only because of money. Somehow .