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Why did you give up on Fubuki, /vt/? She used to be hololive's rising star; more Sora than Sora. She was the original breakout character until Gura came along. Don't you love burgerfox anymore?

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she's doing fine without /vt/ in fact it's good that she's rarely brought up

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Korone is better, though.

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She is boring and her demeanor and voice are fake as fuck, i never understood her appeal, she is one of the few holos i had never cared about

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You dumb anon?
Since when /vt/ given up on her
>/vt/ gives up on a chubba when your start seeing alot of hate threads about her

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You mean like the anime character she's supposed to portray and not her IRL self, you stupid piece of shit?

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/vt/ doesnt watch JP.
no, all those "watch JP, ENcucks" posters dont actually watch JP.

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You take that b-back!

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get his ass, anon

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NTA but I don't give a fuck about what you think vtubing is, retard. What drew me to it in the first place was the holos that used it to be more themselves tha they ever were before. Twitch streamers are faker than most holos, same goes for NND thots. And the reason for that is that women are most honest when they are held to a sexual standard by their audience

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Pants-on-head retarded. Vtubers are enjoyable because they're not meant to be like every other money-grubbing streamer. They're meant to be an idyllic and pure anime girl that you can suspend your disbelief about and enjoy. This is precisely why I don't like Calli because aside from occasionally saying shit like "Underworldian Japan", she's literally no different than her IRL self.

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Anon the biggest problem is her fucking laugh, it's the most forced shit i'd ever heard and filters me instantly, not even luna, the most in charcter holo causes me that effect.

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Is this our first Fubuking anti thread? Curious to see how Konbankitsunes will react to it. If they react at all.

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I like Fubuki, but the last stream I watched from her was the Necrodancer one. I blame the algorithm

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Why did she remove the scatman video? That shit was a milestone.

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>Why did you give up on Fubuki, /vt/?
never did

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I love Fubuki but she plays a lot of games that I cant stand and on top of it, always turns it into some autistic gacha shit. (pokemon, minecraft axolotl, etc.). I love her zatsudans and I like her in collabs.

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People here don't bring her up much because she's JP and pretty much drama free.
You'll find most people here don't actually care about watching streams. She still has her own solo general here, which is usually a sign of a pretty popular vtuber considering how inorganically fast this board is now, and she shares a general with the Bakatare group

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some japanese vtuber I will never watch because I don't understand japanese.

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Learn Japanese

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>he thinks vtubing is where girls are supposed to pretend to be pure
No, girls are supposed to be pure irl, vtubing is where girls go to finally be pure irl like they're supposed to be
vtubing is where modern women go to become women that aren't whores, actually become not whores, not simply pretend

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Nobody I know of clips her so I have no idea what she's up to. That's all.

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>I love Fubuki but she plays a lot of games that I cant stand and on top of it, always turns it into some autistic gacha shit.
Would you like it better if she grinds gacha or anything like that off stream instead like Suisei?

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She has high stats in just about everything (MC-ing, voice, model, zatsudan, kayfabe) but her game choices are horrible. There's only so many FF14 and PSO I can watch without tuning out. I do think she's very important to Hololive though. Probably the second or third most important member.

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She streams an actual worthwhile game like once a year lol

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She's a schizo

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Male collabs, friend meme, not sticking by either coco or the CN girls, solo content is stale and low effort

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There's not that much clippable of her anymore, she's kind of just an advertiser now for brand partnerships instead of a good streamer

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>Male collabs, friend meme

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Go to bed Chang great leader is going to start cracking down on people like you for bourgeoisie Internet consumption of cartoon girl obsession. You have been warned

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Alll the Gamers are great

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I still love burgerfox. But unfortunately I am not Japanese so I became a clipwatcher

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Nah I mean japs seem to like it. Some of her most autistic gacha streams have like 30k views. Its like, fine, good for her, but I cant watch that shit.

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Watching Japanese Vtubers without knowing Japanese used to be a thing, it isn't anymore. English speakers watch English-speaking vtubers now.

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Explain why Suisei is still being flocked by EOPs.

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Blue Mori retained a relatively high amount, but it's still a phenomenon in decline.

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her channel name is in moonrunes and it filters EN babies

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She is a gambling addict, Feed her

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She has always been doing fine on numbers but creatively now it's on the rise too since she decide to take the kurokami character out of jail more often.

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>They're meant to be an idyllic and pure anime girl that you can suspend your disbelief about and enjoy.
>she's literally no different than her IRL self.
Take it you're not much of a fan of the JP girls who regularly drop the veil and discuss their daily life gripes and normie takes?

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Fubuki uses too smart of Japanese for my dumb weeb brain to process.

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Even Marine has lost her oveseas sexy guys for the most part.

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Her popularity is due to china. She lost most of her fanbase when hololive decided to cut ties with them. Honestly, i admire fubuki's courage, she went against most of her viewer base to stand with her friend. Even now she's still getting harass by bugs

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She's in retirement mode by choice. She doesn't do in-house collabs or touch any kind of buff content and has no projects or ideas or ambitions as a vtuber. She probably always wanted to be a minor streamer with a small dedicated audience and now she's achieved that.

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Well, almost 2 million people disagree with your retarded opinion, faggot.

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>Don't you love burgerfox anymore?
we do

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strange it looks like they've given up on Gen 5 considering how hard we have to work just to keep threads up...

Man if there was only a way to know when someone was streaming without the algorithm giving you the notice

Probably a claim thrown by the company behind Scatman himself.

The entire compulsive gambling thing is offputting NGL. At least Lamy is one who when she gambles goes in with a goal and then will stop. FBK and the other gigawhales just are uncomfortable to watch as these are the people who apparently are the norm for gacha?

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Gacha whaling streams are a genuine moral hazard. I don't know if it's worse when they're paid for it or worse when they do it for free.

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It's the same for all HoloJP
This board is mostly EOPs and there is not a lot of post about JP

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>the kurokami character out of jail more often.
It's her million sub milestone gift. That means this is something she's been pushing for with management for 2 years.

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She literally cried on stream once years ago about being the most popular member and everyone expecting the world from her. She never wanted to be top dog.

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So whit that logic mori is a better vtuber than fubuki since she has even more subs

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I never paid attention to FubuFlare before Rust but now I think it's really cute. Sorry Watame.

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She was already a star on NND, before YAGOO convinced her to join Hololive.

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I assume all evidence has been deleted or privated and can only be revealed to you in a dream?

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fucking newfag

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what do you mean, "she doesn't do in-house collabs"?

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Who is your oshi? Is it Gura? Do you think Gura is an actual shark lady from atlantis?

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Most well-informed EN baby

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