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Give me all your rrats of every single holo chuuba.

>Tokino Sora
Yagoo's Niece or some other relative
Is not actually 21. She is at least mid 20s or late 20s.
Is an actual Menhera and had problems with Aqua
Tried to /u/ Pekora in bed during their off collab.
Daughter of an English teacher or something, not a Psychopath but milking the rrat anyway for more views
Former AKB48 Idol
Actual Menhera and depressed
>Aki Rose
Housewife with children
>Haachama/Akai Haato
Parents hate her being in hololive, was abused in Australia
Legitimately Autistic and loves China
She made the first move to Marine
From a poor and unlucky family. Her stream voice is fake and because of that she damaged her voicebox
Housewife with children
Divorcee with child, later ex-husband won custody of her child
Fatto Catto
Right wing nationalist and dislikes most of her peers, especially Kiara
NoeFurea is a kayfabe
Legitimately suicidal
Brocon that creeped the fuck out of her brother that he got married the first chance he go to get away from his tittymonster sister
Is an actual virgin because she's unattractive (at least to jap guys)
Overweight and possibly suicidal
Was a stripper/erotic dancer when she was in the US
Was sexually abused during her childhood
Compulsive liar, and also fucking stupid
Has some sort of long term disease
Alcoholic to the point of being abusive to everyone around her
ADHD and disowned by her family
Divorced, had abortion
Fatto and had abortions twice
Doesn't even wanna do vtubing in the first place and is an asbolute tryhard. Will leave if she had the chance
Her rrats deserve a separate thread
Bipolar. Actual Schizo. Slashes her wrists
Cause the death of one of her family members because she was too busy being an e-thot
Lives alone and will probably die alone

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What about ID?

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didn't have sex on stream

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Connor.....the fingering....
Daughter of a very rich and/or powerful family who coerced or paid cover big money for her to be a vtuber
Doesn't even know why she's in hololive as she had no prior experience nor an actual personality

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Ollie likes to get fucked on stream.

Moona is actually a conjoined twin of Anya who's retarded.

Risu likes black cocks.

Reine knows what your doing.

Iofi actaully eat shits in real life and jerks off to necro porn.

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Iofi is as autistic as Baqua.
Moona knows she is a leecher and she milks it for more views ans subs
Risu is a tryhard and a numbersfag. Tries to be edgy but ends up being stupid

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You don't understand, anon.
I can save them. I can save them all.

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Some of these aren't rrats but outright confirmed by the subjects themselves

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I need the strongest rrats /vt/

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Reine is actually th

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Pekora has developed an online exhibitionism fetish. Now she only streams naked

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iofi is a nasty fujo, huge numberfag, and thirsty for any japs 4 cm dick
risu is a lazy ass cunt
moona unironically on the spectrum

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this, OP >>3256453 is tourist.

>Her stream voice is fake and because of that she damaged her voicebox
No shit Sherlock... maybe next time try to listen her singing?
Do the rommate reps...

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>Daughter of an English teacher
Why go for such a boring rrat when you could use the Russian one?

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Anyone who even read a fucking word here is going to go on a mandatory quarantine right now. I repeat, you are no ogey.

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I think Ame shot and killed someone in self defense and thats why her hearing is all fucked up. Her mother being absent for a good chunk of her life is also related to this somehow. Story old as time in every trailer park around the country.

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Haato never had any australian friends in Australia. Used to be a massive westaboo but people laughed at her for being japanese and having a weird accent so she literally only hanged with other japanese people, she's said this much on stream.
Now shes a hardcore weeaboo that pretends to be a 2ch oldfag even though she never ever used any japanese social media because of her chronic westabooitis. She spends or used to spend hours everyday reading moepedia and filtering niconico videos by old to pretend she was there. The way she got excited when she understood Marine's lets go onmouji entry-level "reference" 'proves' she really did study japanese memes.
This is probably the first time in history this has ever happened.

Pekora, Aqua and A-chan are/were varying degrees of either RW nationalist or RW pan-asian ethnat. Aqua specifically half believes that an old school classical chinese pan-asian commonwealth is the way to go for Asia in 2020 if they wnat to compete, and goes out of her way to buy CJK-only products. This one may sound weird to you because you're sheltered in western talking points, but its not an uncommon belief in asia at all, its close to the default political opinion (as opposed to japanese or korean isolationism which is more fringe).
Pekora and A-chan at least were /v/pol/-tier internet nationalists. How much of their shitposting was actually their honest opinion and how much were meme exaggerations is up to you, but the actual irl non-rrat truth is that Pekora never studied English in school because she only likes Japan and Japanese, and that A-chan was ranked on the Japan top 200 in HS Japanese at some point and says "Kakugo" instead of "Nihongo".
This makes these three the most based in hololive.

Marine is not a virgin but she has Z tier fetishes even by western standards and she's extremely open about some weird ones on stream (genuine ryona, diaper fetishism, sleep rape) so the ones that she only says in private are probably way worse. This coupled with the fact that she's 17 (round 2, +2) years old probably doesnt help her dating in japan. Also most of her friends are either comiket gross otaku or comiket gross fujoshi so her social circle sucks for dating.
She's is also very brash and loud and japanese men dont like that. She's is also a woman so she just has to ask, "femcels" are not a thing.

Ina has the same problem as Marine when dating. She lives in a house in the Canadian boonies with her mother, and all her friends are online-only and either autistic artists or addicted ff14 grinders. Imagine being so desperate you apply to fucking hololive, autism central, to make friends.

Lamy is an actual alcoholic, and didnt seem to realize people werent memeing about this until she joined hololive and discovered drinking beer two jugs at a time was not normal, which leads me to believe her family is also alcoholic.
People usually assume her finishing-school-tier manners and vocabulary come from being rich, and they might, but there's a chance her parents are not very nice when drunk and she's just polite all the time as a reaction.

Coco was not a stripper because she's a) not attractive enough to be hired b) not poor enough to consider being a stripper. She did go to pole dancing classes at some point but that one is a normal female hobby now.

Mori is an oldschool /a/ regular and likes anime and vtubers but not idol culture. They told her hololive was only an idol company in name, and while they didnt lie, she was probably expecting something more along the lines of vshojo or an indie 3 people company, not having Cover reading her stream logs to see if she said anything about Coco.
She likes the EN girls more than she likes the EN staff and way more than she likes Cover. If she got along worse with her genmates she probably wouldve bailed by now.

Most of the other rrats are either confirmed truths (Shion got grabby, Matuli is depressed, relationships are mostly keyfabe) or retarded (all of the marriages, most of the menhera rrats).

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God keep the rightful Tsarina, and her blessings upon us all

>> No.3260965

That's a fucking saga

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Matsuri: Has done FC2 before, when she entered that fan's Animal Crossing home, she immediately noticed the setup which shows she has prior experience with how the room is used. In contrast, Rushia played around in the room without knowing the setup. It was only when chat told her what the filming equipment was for that she noticed the setup.

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I usually limit my own meds posting, but you need to take your meds dude

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>Coco was not a stripper because she's not attractive enough to be hired
Come on now

>> No.3261919

holy shit

>> No.3261963

Da, tovarishch

>> No.3262012

Buut coco was like 6 when she lived in virginia

>> No.3262045

Anya one is incorrect, the most common rrat is even with her lack of talent she was brought in by Reine since they’re friends and cover had to oblige

>> No.3262059

I agree that coco’s attractive, although at the same time I can’t really imagine why she would become a stripper in the first place

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Graduated and been replaced by a really shit impersonator. Everyone who watches vtubers is apparently so mentally ill they go along with the rrat.

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I think you need sleep and water it'll help

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>Azki Former AKB48 Idol
>Matsuri Actual Menhera and depressed
>Aqua Legitimately Autistic
>Okayu Fatto Catto
>Marine Is an actual virgin because she's unattractive
>Polka Fatto
>Ina will probably die alone
Do some very basic and superficial level roomate reps and you can easily confirm or dismiss all of these

>> No.3265291

>>/pol/ user

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Now this is copypasta worthy

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You don't expect someone to know rrats about a chuuba that isnt their oshi

>> No.3282265

Not 4chan maybe 2chan

>> No.3282928

>Aqua roomate
Isn't she like a ghost? I've heard that even 2ch schizos don't know who she is

>> No.3285406

A reclusive NEET

>> No.3285802

Yeah, a very cute and unwittingly sexy one, if my headcannon is to be believed.
And it absolutely is.

>> No.3287298

>Lives alone and will probably die alone

>> No.3290778

So has she been lying about living with her parents this entire time? This rrat is one of the least believable on OP's list

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>Was sexually abused during her childhood
No fucking way. Someone explain this shit.

>> No.3291151

wow what the fuck these rats are too gay for me

>> No.3291340

>Coco was not a stripper because she's a) not attractive enough to be hired
She's very good looking in makeup and has a great body, but I think you're right that she probably just took classes because she's from a pretty well off family and wouldn't need to do it (or anything) for money.

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