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proof that rrats mean nothing in the face of cuteness

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once a cheater, always a cheater

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she will forever regret failing the HoloEN audition

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She wasn't even a vtuber when the auditions happened.

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she's doing pretty good where she is now

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Only a matter of time before she trend hops again on the next thing. Leaving yet another fandom behind. Regardless of the money involved.
And of course the rrats were never gonna go anywhere. It was always personal contained drama.
Her mask will slip eventually.

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>A-Any day now!

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Happened once before.

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People used to say the same of Luna. I still think she'll be the first from gen 4 to graduate

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That slut owes me a fucking refund.

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epic meme anon you are winrar

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haven't watched her streams yet but her voice is so f*cking cute

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I hardly have to do anything. Her threads go to shit themselves.
Its the little things.

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I know of the rrat, but I don't care because it's not my problem.
Also she's better than Ina.

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She's supposed to be a lich but where's the bones? She just looks like generic succubus demon vtuber #628
It's so disappointing. Where's the glowing eyes? Is she showing no bones to appease to chinese market?

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Probably because being an actual D&D lich wouldn't net her many akaspas. People want cute girls, not horror monsters.

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I'm fairly sure she does have glowing eyes
She has a LOT of live2D accessories and such since she drew it herself.

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idk i like the design

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>she debuted on vshojo after HoloEN debuted
She's obviously a flunked one from the HoloInterview

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Yes, but I'm not going to fuck her, much less date her, so should I care?

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The thing with Luna is - does she even have anywhere else to go? Re:AcT? She's not leave anytime soon.

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This. Same with Nyanners. This IRL shit means nothing in the face of my enjoyment of their content.

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Ollie is a zombie and still makes it work
Fruit is just, Oh I have horns, wings, big Halloween theme and bam. There is nothing there. Just demon succubus design.
She can draw accessories and such herself yet she fear making cute bone? That is shame.

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What the fuck is with your obsession with bones? You a Korean plastic surgeon?

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Ollie is still mostly human-looking, but it's really her personality that carries her. Froot has a cute voice but other than that, she's basically British Ina. If she was an actual talking skeleton, I doubt it would carry her far.

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>Apricot or "froot"
>neither an apricot nor a fruit
I want my fucking money back...

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>not a fruit

Untrue. She definitely wants Zen's giant dragon futa cock.

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literally who

>> No.3234175

>still mostly human looking
Do your eyes miss the parts of stitched up parts? There's some actual effort to her undead look
If froot advertised herself and branded herself as a succubus or demon girl vtuber this wouldn't be a problem. What is a problem is her design is misleading. There is nothing undead about her.

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some whore who cheated on her husband

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I mean grim reapers usually have bones too but no one seems to call Cali out on it.

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Cali's design also annoys me. Fuck chinese for getting the spooks more bones. Make her more undead looking.
Doesn't change my stance on froot's misleading character design. Show bone. Fucking bone post.

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Based boneposter
She could easily be just as cute as long as the top tier facial structure is preserved

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One or two of you weirdos might want a skeleton chuuba but no one else does. That shit wouldn't sell, and it's not just because of China (though that should be a consideration too). Cute girls with attractive and entertaining personalities make money, not horror freaks for niche audiences.

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I don't think anyone is after some Ainz Ooal Gown ass avatar just something that says necromancer instead of demon

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tfw no ainz ooal gown vtuber

>> No.3234755

You say that but I guarantee someone on twitter has been pining for this for years.

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>doing the magic calm down thing after a lewd moment
>overly chuuni dramatic speech before fighting a boss
>filter for "internal voice" that chat isn't supposed to be hearing
wait that would be sick

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silvervale's brother streams with a skelly live2d, he's pretty good

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IDK, infidelity is a big no-no for me. If I found out one of my friends had cheated on his gf/wife I don't think that friendship would have much time left l either

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So you’re saying you’d be fine with a chuuba who’s roommate account is all about how she throws rocks at birds and mugs grannies for fun as long as she makes cute noises and says funny things?

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You say that like half the people on this board wouldn't think all of that is based and wouldn't support her specifically because of said behavior.

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lol based
fuck p*geons
go back moralfag

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The only vshojo I’ll tolerate.

>> No.3238665

I'd be more than fine with it. Someone this openly terrible is usually a blast to watch from a safe distance.

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Dude, these people are from Reddit. The only time they won't watch a chuuba is if she is racist or says soimilk tastes bad. Remember you're talking to vshojo fans.

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Something about this cunt crying from "success" despite what she did that just kinda irks me.

>> No.3239145

Good to hear

>> No.3239226 [DELETED] 

aww hoping to get your dick wet?

>> No.3239275

vshojo fans aren't the ones thinking chuubas are girlfriends :^)

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Yet they defend them like they do.

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>vshojo fans aren't the ones thinking chuubas are girlfriends :^)

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I think I'd defend a gf with more than "lol I don't care"

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>I-I don't care
you sound like you're about to cry, little baby.

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oh ok

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Another thread derailed.
The Froot curse lives on.
Until the next one.

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das cute

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Where have I heard this before?

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>people want cute girls, not horror monsters
Why not both?

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Silence rrat

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>Jannies sweeping it up as usual.

A whore remains a whore, regardless of if it hides behind a 2D avatar or not.

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I mean, isn't that basically MILF Ina?

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