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Confess your stuffs.

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whene ever my oshi streams i start sniffing the screen. Not hard but gentle sniffs. To enhance the experience i stick my fingers between my ballsack and thigh to get all the gunk buildup and imagine that its my oshis scent

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sometimes i touch my peepee and white stuff comes out

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I masturbate to niji girls without even knowing what they sound like. Selen's new tits are nice

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I anti chuubas I like to bait people into defending them

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I love tempus and I hate male-female collabs

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I actively seek out roommate pictures and then unconsciously gravitate away from the ones I get confirmation that are ugly, despite telling myself that I wouldn't do that.

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I watched more holofightz than actual holo streams

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I like Sapling hijinks more than I do Fauna.

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I masturbate to Moona, but only once every full moon.

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Just like me frfr

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I laugh hysterically when I post "Yeah, I was busy in her ass." or some variation when a vtuber stream is delayed

I hope this thread is still alive when I wake up so I can think of more things I'd like to confess.

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I was writing Anya being fucked by futa Reine and Ollie

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i think you're a dirty esl

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I also giggle every time I respond to a post with "Yeah, me"

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>go into favourite 2views chat
>post emote
>"hi anon! how are you today"
>say nothing
>stream ending
>say goodnight
>"goodnight anon! thanks for always stopping by!"
Every single stream. It's a taste of love in a simple way and I like to think we have a good thing going on

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fuck... maybe it's time to make a youtube account after all

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Chat with them anon. 2views end up being groomed because they're so willing to talk.

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When Magni said he worked at a host club I immediately thought of him being a male stripper
and liked it

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Typing in chat makes me anxious. I played cards with humanity with her and others on her discord server and spilled my spaghetti. She still says hi to me whenever I pop up in chat so i'm satisfied with the positive social interaction I get from her for now

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wait what
did he live in Japan?
he worked as an actual host or just backend kind of stuff?

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I don't know how to chat with 0-2views, I am afraid of being labeled as a groomer and I'm not even confident in my conversational skills, so I just watch them silently

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I dropped Petra after her new outfit.

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Literally just say anything. They're just happy to have someone to talk to so they know they're not screaming into the void

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I'll try to say something next stream

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Is it weird that i hate male-female collab not because I'm unicorn but because i feel shippers would cause more trouble?

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Something about Fubuki being lewd just awakens something in me, the thought of someone so anti-relationship just acting like a dirty lustful whore

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doesn't even need to be male-female for shippers to ruin shit, just look at Ame-Same.

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Most people feel that way. There are brigading Redditfags trying to "break down the wall" in Hololive specifically because they think the girls are unable to do what they REALLY want, which is collabing with Tempus.
Even if you ignore the shitposters just trying to cause drama, genuine retards on Reddit think the girls are being denied the opportunity for male collabs despite the girls themselves saying they don't want to.

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I want to like Anya but I've yet to watch her, even when I'm bored out of my mind and she's streaming.

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I liked her loli oppais

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I had a dream where I fucked Miko, she's not my oshi. And no, I'm not sorry

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Noel and Choco makes me rock hard when I see them on a swimsuit. Can't help but to beat my meat

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I'm Shark-side membered to Gura and only watch 1 stream every couple of months. I refuse to do reps.
I am here all the time shitting on greys.

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Having kids is a pain in the ass, i can't wank in peace like i used to.

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When I attend streams of girls I don't care about (allegedly), I have fun and almost always manage to get them to laugh with my whimsical greyposting, which is always a joy to experience. But when I'm with my oshi, I become so emotional and fretful, I never send chats or supers or anything really. I don't want to be this way, but I can't seem to shake it off. I feel like this is some seriously fucked up behavior.

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I love my oshi but I rarely have time to watch her streams nor want to watch clips.

I like to imagine it as the kind of relationship two workaholic partners with good synergy and implicit understanding have.

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I spend most of my time in /#/ calling everyone nijiniggers

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Based, number threads are awful

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I want to make a cute hag depend on me emotionally.

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I am a fan of Holo STARS EN and I don't want them to collab with the girls outside a few one offs and some covers. I shutpost at Unicorns to rile them into schizo frenzies and cause them to double down on their unicornisim. If they killed themselves I would feel I have dine a good deed because they were weak and the herd must be culled. All of this because I am an idolfag and I want these brats to act like proper idols.

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Maybe she's not your oshi. It's okay to misread and oshi someone who isn't actually.

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long fluffy hair and titties on small frames are my favorite things among others and I've always wanted to draw those
Turns out she liked more modest bumps, don't seem to like the original model, and those fluffy hair annoyed her, so now I'll probably just find another character like with those 2 to draw

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I sometimes larp as holofag to stir shit up on their general

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Why are you even watching vtubers if you're happily married?

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I made 10 google accounts with 10 brand channels each last night

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I make all my fellow chumbuds look bad by being the one feeding into the stereotype of them all being pedophiles

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I feel like I've finally changed oshis after being in an in-between state for a while.
Inner cute but bittersweet. Faufau is just sweet.

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die mosh

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I bought Aqua's perfume and fap to the smell

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i use multiple youtube and twitter accounts to anti Ame

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I don't really care about male collabs (I'd never watch one tho) but I'm loving how /vt/ has turned against Whorii. Holy shit what a manipulative bitch she turned out to be. Completely undeserving of all the love she's gotten until now.

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Link perfume

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I hate how fast food places never seem to have shakes available for one reason or another.

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I get sad when I post about wanting to choke various vtubers and don't get agreement.

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