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You can bring one of them back to life
Who do you pick?

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Sana 100%. EN feels empty as it is. We need all we can get.

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my oshi

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Aloe. I hate the others.
I want to see what Aloe was capable of

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What crime did Aloe commit again? Anyway, probably her.

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I choose CN.

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Rushia 100%
The other three never really offered much.

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Coco, her new model just doesn't suit her voice like Coco's.

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2 whores and 2 pure, there is no need to bring them back, you will just taint Sana and aloe and the other 2 i shouldn't have to explain.

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Aloe. Already seen what the others can do. She’d be the most intriguing

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All of them had their chance and wasted it, besides Aloe. She's the only one who deserves it.

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You won't get an answer because mods ban everyone who mentions it.

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rushia after counselling

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Rushia was the only one that mattered to hololive
She was important and actually brought content, she was an icon, a true IDOL

The others are just grifters

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I'm thinking that too. Aloe is basically the Mystery Box option. We know what the other three would do, Sana would disappear for weeks at a time then show up randomly to play Kirby/Pokemon, Rushia would GFE until the wheels fall off, Coco would get harassed by zhangs, but Aloe represents the infinite possibility.

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It wouldn't be a stretch to say Aloe is the least pure Holo there ever has been or will be.

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Yeah yeah, doxxing and whatever. Still better than being a whore and/or American.

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Aloe, because i saw the shi that the other did, so i would choose Aloe to see what we could have see

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No, that's what Rushia did.

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Any of them except coco

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the rest burn in hellfire

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Aloe because the others suck.

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Yogiri. Rushia if I have to pick from these 4.

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No, Rushia had a boyfriend. That's why she was fired.

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They are enemy of Hololive.
None should back to life

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This, but only if it implies conditions improved...

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My kamioshi. If she never graduated I wouldn't have felt so much animosity towards Cover and end up dropping Hololive altogether in favor of Nijisanji JP and Holostars.

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Blame Artia not Coco faggot

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I really miss her and want her collab with EN more than this.

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But two of them are in vshojo
And the other two are gonna make their vshojo debut in 53 days

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>delete kson from existance
>keep bugmen contained
>bringing back coco
a million times coco

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Sana before her dog died.

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Succ or Necromancer probably the former
Didn't realized Sana was gone. guess she was never there to begin with.

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Rushia every single time. Sankisei is not the same without her.

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Aloe, she did literally nothing wrong and literally didn't had any chance to show what she got.

Coco would be the second pick, she did in the Taiwan incident literally nothing wrong. The only reason she is second is because she kinda steped down herself and then after being indie, entered another corpo. So why bother bringing her back.

Sana wanted to quit, so...quit.

Rushia...while the discord shit wasn't her fault...holy shit she fucked up good later. So no, not coming back.

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Coco’s fault for acting like a western whore. Arti’s fault too.

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do you think rushia's gfe defenders would get along with tempusfags of right now?

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Aloe had huge potential with Cover's backing. Great design, good voice, special abilities, sweet personality.

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Aloe is the only answer merely because she never even showed what she could really do.

Wouldn't have changed anything due to bad streaming schedule.

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We ruchads dodged a bullet in the long run. Soon all of JP will be forced to male collab.

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Coco just to graduate her again

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Aloe could've prevented COVID.

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None. As others have said, Aloe would be the only one worth bringing back, but gokisei is better with her gone.

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The trans one

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Rushia. I get sad when I see sankisei without her

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Coco because I actually watched her every once in a while. I don't know anything about Aloe, she was gone before I ever even heard of Hololive. I never cared for Rushia. I didn't really watch Sana but she seemed OK, she'd be a distant runner-up.

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The pink one. The pink army needs more soldiers.

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Aloe, although i'm content with her not dealing with Holoan and trying to live her best possible life

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you'll never see rushia swimsuit

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I would say Coco but I know she didn't like the idol focus of Hololive, so I'd pick Rushia because it seems like she'd be missing the idol stuff. She seems like the one who would miss it the most.

Sana and Aloe weren't cut out for it.

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Probably Aloe because the others are traitors and Sana was ugly and lazy.

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Definitely wouldn't bring back Sana or Rushia. I'd bring back Coco for the drama, and so people stop yapping about Kson. Aloe deserves it the most--she definitely didn't deserve to be unlifed.

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The CEO of Sex, because the others are worthless and she never got a chance

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Bring back coco just to make zhangs seethe.

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Aloe because she got fucked over. The others fucked off or fucked up.

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Coco before the CN yab. Like that she wouldn't have had depression, that means she would still like hololive, that means collabs with EN, etcetc. If it's the Coco of last months, no, she would quit again.

Or Aloe to give her the opportunity to shine as it should have happened

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I choose the 5th option: Yogiri

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or fucked in

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Can I take the place instead? None of them should come back

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Aloe, no contest. The other 3 are doing just fine without Hololive.

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Rushia. I came buckets to her streams and her model + the ping / evil rushia. Her ASMR streams were cute, cooking streams were cute, she was great in collabs, etc. I miss old Rushia. Mikeneko and Nezuna can fuck off tho'.

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Losing Aloe was a fucking tragedy, I'd bring her back without question.

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Aloe was in a more unfair situation so her, Rushia fucked up on her own and the other 2 left out of free will

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i guess this is how i find out she also graduated from her reincarnation

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Are you just pretending to be retarded?
Because that still make you a retard

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I think deep down Coco regrets leaving Hololive,
she would never admit that because of her ego and because she's a menhera but even though she always had a plan and she's doing well, she's clearly not that happy now

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>Coco: issues with management so no
>Sana: wants to play chink games so no
>Rushia: apparently bad blood with some JP so no
>Aloe: would bring her back, she never had a chance to do anything yet

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>Rushia. Mikeneko and Nezuna
there is no difference.

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I'm choosing Coco in this case. Aloe and Rushia are too menhera for Holo. Sana is lazy as fuck.

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She deserves everything that happened to her

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This. She didn’t even get a chance. The others squandered their moment.

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Haven't never even seen Aloe, I'd still bring her back vs the others.

Coco was a very strong bridge in getting vtubers popular to the point of expanding to other areas, but she essentially has served her role and can move on.

Rushia, she screwed herself, plain and simple.

Sana too chose to quit. As much as I enjoyed her, she just never was committed. Back injury aside, which yeah, they suck, but you either address it or move on. Overall, she says she tried, but nowhere near hard enough for THE number one company in the game.

Aloe got the raw end of things and was cut short. I'd bring her back to see what she can do.

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>Coco: Very successful as Kson, would be nice but she's happy where she is
>Rushia: Very comfortable as Nazuna, her circumstances were dubious but she still has a lot of fans
>Sana: Obviously didn't enjoy streaming, chose gacha money over Hololive
>Aloe: Graduation was due to circumstances completely out of her control (harassed, doxxed, kusodad)

Aloe by far.

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>Happy where she is
That’s not what she said this morning

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Rushia, no contest.

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You make it sound like it would be a good thing to bring any of them back. I'd like to send some more off to join them in Hell.

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>We ruchads dodged a bullet in the long run.

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What did she say?

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She was pretty entertaining and I didn't pretend she was my girlfriend because i'm not retarded. Now she's stuck with low tier coomers.

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She made the choice, can't blame anyone else.

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The only correct answer

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How is this even a question.

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>>32170664 (lol)
I agree with the survey--Aloe definitely deserves it.

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All of them. Fuck you.
I will save them all

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Poor Aloe

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go to sleep Shirou

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Aloe is there because she never really had any chance to have a real career with real yabs. She is a Tabula Rasa to most.

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Rushia. Deep down she is the only one that sort of misses everyone and everything. Still think a lengthy suspension would have been better than outright termination.

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I don't really remember what happened with Aloe, too lazy to look it up, quick summary? (Headcanon included)

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I like how /vt/ thinks she has a huge ego purely because of her roleplaying. It's cute. It's like seeing people amazed that she isn't 6 feet tall IRL.

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Don't think she'd want to be back and seems content as an indie
At this point I'm not sure if VTubing is really her forte
Probably secretly wishes she still had everything in Hololive. Although her mental state is a major concern. It's extremely unwell
Being under the spotlight is her biggest weakness, and she crumbled under it in her brief stay at Hololive. I think she should just lay low the rest of her life to avoid being in that bad limelight.

A rehabilitated Rushia is my pick. That said, I don't think any of them coming back would make a notable difference. I'll admit Coco collabing with some of the HoloX girls like Laplus and Lui would have been interesting at least. But she isn't the kind to want to have others boss her around at this stage and is truly independent on principle.

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Cocock, it's for the better good

>> No.32181628

sana so she can live long enough to get a live2D update that can fully realize the SEX of her design

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She was gone before we even got the chance to know her...

Real answer though: Coco. Wasn't the biggest fan of her but I have to give her credit for getting me into the rest of Hololive with the Yametekudastop clip. Before that I only watched Korone and Miko and actively disregarded everyone else.

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Aloe would've saved Hololive, vtubers, and the world...

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As others have said, Aloe, if only just so we can see what she could have done.
Sana still wouldn't stream, Rushia fucked up too bad, and Coco has become hololive's Uncle Ben and I wouldn't want to take that away.

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>hack who's had 6 years to hone her craft and can only come up with meme reviews and gunpla building
>doesn't like hololive
>slut who cheats on me with dramatubers and ayyrumaos
>the takeshi of hololive...for men who aren't me
Fuck it, just bring back Hololive CN. Rosalyn liked cool robot anison and played card games.

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None of them would contribute anything of worth. Fuck the Aloe fags especially. I hope she actually does commit suicide one day.

>> No.32184060

>Rosalyn liked cool robot anison and played card games
Rosalyn was also a two-faced brainwashed bug, even more than Artia.

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File: 675 KB, 1200x1356, __master_gundam_and_rosalyn_hololive_and_3_more_drawn_by_luckystarchannel__1ee3286fbab885dd49bbb09775e946a9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My point still stands

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Can someone fill me in what happened to these 4? What did they do to "die"?

>> No.32184615

all used for shitposting non-holo companies and got axed
good riddance tbqh

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I'm gonna slam it

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>said taiwan, then antagonized Hololive's core chink demo who clipped them since back when nobody cared
>took the job and apparently didn't like it since she stopped streaming, seemingly has too much other work going on to focus on a formal streaming career
>leaked company communications to keemstar (japanese) to try covering up her private affair with ayywumao
>unflattering rm twitter, leaked the model prior to debut, spread rrats about another vtuber, allegedly had a menhera breakdown from the burden of being hololive and ran off to mootxico

>> No.32185385

I think aloe needed hololive to save her the most. She might have gotten emotional support from the girls and life support from the company. Sana and coco don't want it and rushia set herself ablaze so not much of a choice anyway.

>> No.32185467

We've seen everyone's story in Hololive except for Aloe play out, so it has to be Aloe.

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It's all wrong faggot NYS now

>> No.32185719

Narrative. There was never physical proof of this. I hate that this rumor spread because the guy who originally posted it was very clear that the source for it was some unfounded bilibili post.

>> No.32186901

How did Aloe the turbowhore end up becoming the least controversial of those 4

>> No.32186955

Because she was larping harder than the average indonesian with insider info here.

>> No.32186981

Picking anything other than Rushia outs you as retarded newfag enshart

>> No.32186998

there's a bunch of stories of what happened and I doubt anyone knows the full truth. official story from cover was she couldn't handle the stress of the job after getting suspended for revealing her model early. unofficial story is she shit talked another streamer for getting doxxed and obviously ended up getting the shit doxxed out of herself as a result and THAT was the stress that made her quit.

>> No.32187069

Rushia. I don't care about the mafu rrat. I miss her streams. And no Nazuna is not the same.

>> No.32187156

ok redditchama

>> No.32187175

don't sign your posts

>> No.32187236

>n-no u!
keep simping for whores, cuck

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Jitomi Monoe

>> No.32187291

don't sign your posts

>> No.32187308

She got harassed by nijiniggers after they found out she had a boyfriend which made her abusive dad be abusive. Stop making shit up you mentally challenged cock sucking indog subhuman.

>> No.32187342

Sorry mate, just because you shout reddit at everything doesn't make you any less of a redditor.

>> No.32187361

keep saying it

>> No.32187409

It's not even her fault

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>> No.32187435

shes just a vocaloid otaku who faked her age and bragged about things she never did

when things crashed and burned she didnt move straight to another model or company

now while kson and neko are breaking down shes coming back to make the entire industry kneel

>> No.32187505

speaking of, I found out she was an octopus vtube thing here once. but I can't find the channel anymore, that still a thing?

>> No.32187522

Does this involve magic and/or a time machine? Because bringing Coco back doens't mean anything if she's still an open target for the Chinese, bringing Sana back doesn't mean anything if she still barely streams and bringing rushia back doesn't mean anything if she's still a nutjob. even Aloe would immediately get doxxed all over again.

>> No.32187536

>aloe the least controversial
>not sana
I knew how irrelevant she was but come on.

As for aloe, she got out early just before the EN1 came. So EOP like you probably wouldn't feel the impact that much.

>> No.32187623

Kek, fandeads are in shamble

>> No.32187748

the doxxing was only a small part of why aloe left. her situation is much more stable now, so that wouldnt be a problem. she already said she wont join a company though

>> No.32187749

Got the screenscap of her saying her boyfriend made her cum fourteen times in a row?

>> No.32187861

You dodged nothing.
Also it's ironic that I only know that Rushia use GFE as her selling point after she got dumped by Cover. The Rushia I knew is this entertainingly angry Vtuber who use her anger outburst as a comedic tool.
I guess I'm too normie to understand the concept of on screen GF. Why liking a gf that you can't even snuggle up with or playing pup tent under the blanket if you know what I mean

>> No.32187974

>she already said she wont join a company
This is a red flag no?
I have this feeling that a girl who said things like that probably going to be trouble in the future.

>> No.32188116

shes not anti company and it was in a mengen stream after someone asked if she would join vshojo. no biggie

>> No.32188374

>back to life

Cure Dolly was too good for this world...


>> No.32189441

If you don't want me to call you a redditor, stop acting like a redditor.

>> No.32189785

Aloe because Delu is great but that model never being used is a fucking crime

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>> No.32191308

Genuinely Sana
>yab free
>tight virgin aussie indo cunny
If only she streamed more often, what could have been

>> No.32191887

fuckin Aloe of course, this is a no brainer. she didnt get her time in the sun before yagoo stole it away from her. she deserveed the world! also a model that great is a shame to be wasted

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No. She personally won't join a company. She understands there are people who thrive in a company environment but she isn't one of them. Outside of a few menhera episodes she has only ever said great things abiut Cover. Even if she could she never would because she cares too much about the talents. She is the ultimate saviorfag. She also sees no value in holding grudges like that. She wants to spread kindness. She wants people to know they're not alone and that the corporate path is not the only way. Even then she isn't seeking pity she wants to leave her mark and retire to become a cafe owner.

2 years after her graduation on the exact same day as she decided to give up her live 2d and her dream. She recieved her Delta live 2d from her rigger papa. She apologized to Chitose. She took back her family and sense of self worth. We all fought a long bloody war but the only freedom was on the inside trapped. But Delta has been given freedom, freedom to be outside.

This is good isn't it?

>> No.32194280

This makes me HARD

>> No.32194492

I would unironically bring Rushia back if she acted like this upon her return. My duck would explode.

>> No.32194821

definitely aloe; she barely got a chance to stand out

>> No.32194988


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>> No.32197843

OH HELL NO! that bitch and her genmates can all burn in hell

>> No.32197906


>> No.32198302


>> No.32198596

Would Coco want to come back? Probably not

Would Sana want to come back? Probably not

Would Rushia want to come back?
Just after getting fired she would have, but she really let her anger stew and now, again, probably not

Would Aloe want to come back?
Maybe. She actively avoided popularity, but that seems to have changed.

>> No.32199017


>> No.32199395

feepee beepee

>> No.32200643

Rushia obviously. Coco would never escape the CCP, Sana didn't stream and was boring/cringe/annoying as fuck when she did, and Aloe is an unhinged, mentally/emotionaly damaged menhera that didn't stream at all before leaving. Yeah, Rushia's incident showed us that she's manipulative ultra cunt who'd stab you in the back just to save her own skin but in terms of a business perspective, those super chat numbers make it all that bullshit worth it.

>> No.32201081

based as fuck!

>> No.32201181

>best vtuber ever and china hater
>gfe whore
>literally who
Coco is the only correct answer

>> No.32201674

Sana is the only innocent one. Although she is aussie, blame the government of her country for being retarded, not her herself

>> No.32201984

No, never trust aussies

>> No.32203206
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remember what they took from you

>> No.32203259

Coco of course, she hates zhangs.

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>It's been a long time.

>It's been more than two months since I stopped broadcasting on January 14 due to health reasons, during which time I have been actively negotiating with the company about graduation, in addition to taking care of my health condition. My intention was to send an official announcement to everyone once everything was taken care of, so I did not update the progress on any channel during the negotiation period.
>Due to the difference between the company's training expectations and my personal development direction, I have officially terminated my contract with the company on March 4, 2022, and this will be the last update I send out as Luli Kuri. Thank you all for your continued love and support, and thank you for the company's understanding.

>Have a happy day :)

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Anon, half of CN is still active.
Artia stopped streaming because she got into a fight with management, but she's still active on Twitter.
Yogs is >>32204966
Doris dropped off the face of the Earth after graduation.
Yes, you can still watch your LOUD Sichuanese gf.

>> No.32206828

>The average Rushia content
*thing happens*

Wow. Very cool.

>> No.32207626

I didn't really like her but she was the more important among all the retired members
Also her graduation is literally the biggest yab of Hololive and probably make Yagoo cries everyday

>> No.32207648

What's Artia's Twitter?

>> No.32207716

I'd argue Aloe but Sana is the safest choice. The former is still a fucking menhera so she might explode at some point.

>> No.32207815

>Coco is a vapid self centered bitch that hates Hololive
>Sana has bad taste in games
>Rushia is a bat shit insane lying retard that hates Hololive
>Aloe is a diagnosed retarded whore that hates Hololive
Tough choice.

>> No.32207816

>and probably make Yagoo cries everyday

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I will never forgive nijinigger for taking her away from us!

>> No.32207948

Coco reminds me of that image of Asian girls v American girls where the American girl is just screaming about how strong of a bitch she is and how you just can't handle a real woman.

>> No.32209122
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>streams about 150h+ per month
What could have been.... at least we got coyote

>> No.32210329


>> No.32210788

Rushia was hololive jp piggy bank. For revenues purpose the right choice would be her or coco.

>> No.32211263

Shes not happy in the position shes in at vshojo. She was given the illusion of talent freedom and got burned.

>> No.32211475

The harsh truth is she just isn't talented.

>> No.32219279

Real talk?
All of the accusations against her are bullshit, I don't care if she dated, she kept it under wraps and tried her damn best to keep her idol image intact.
She went a little menhera after being fired but who wouldn't.
Sana is a piece of shit, talentless boring and didn't care about her job in the first place.
Coco is fun and produced some of the best content in Hololive, I would only bring her back if she could somehow get rid of the chinese antis and all the restrictions but since those won't go anywhere, I'll pass.
Aloe is a whore, no thanks. Even if she's actually a virgin ironically acting like a whore that's not the type of culture I want in Hololive.
Bring Rushia back.

>> No.32222742


>> No.32225807

You're putting me in a difficult situation here because I want all of them to be back, but personally I would bring back Coco. I miss this based Reddit dragon and unique her personality, but I would only bring her back if she could do what she wants to do and if she was free from her Chinese antis.

Since she left, the collabs between the JP and EN girls became more and more uncommon. Hololive needs someone to be a bridge between JP and EN like she was and actually get the girls from both branches to get closer to each other like it was in 2020.

I also miss Meme Review a lot, it was pure Reddit cringe sometimes but it was something fun and refreshing, and the JP members reactions were priceless. Hololive needs someone like her back, a talent that brings a unique content like Asacoco or Meme Review

>> No.32226050
File: 276 KB, 850x2761, __yogiri_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_loalo__sample-f8002eedfc606cd844097221e05b8a21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.32226105

Imagine how awesome it would be if Ame, Gura, Mori, Mumei and Fauna all did a mass graduation together. Then Cover could merge Myth and Council into a singular perfect gen of 5: Kiara, Ina, Baelz, Kronii and IryS.

>> No.32227230


>> No.32227249

Aloe, just out of curiosity.

>> No.32227362

Anyone who isn’t saying Rushia is a covid tourist

>> No.32230092

She couldnt even save her own self from herself

>> No.32233459

Rushia in a heartbeat

>> No.32234077

>Rushia was the only one that mattered to hololive
Then why didn't you watch her in Vshojo

>> No.32234125

None, I won't bring one back. If she wants to come back then why not.

>> No.32237448

all 4 in vshojo, fuck being in indentured servitude to yagoo and those fuckwad managers telling them when and what they can do. Life is too short for that shit.

>> No.32237653

2 doesnt even wanna go back

>> No.32238019

Pure Reddit

>> No.32241419


>> No.32242627

>Coco left in her own free will
>back hort never cared
>Aloe is so afraid of schizos that she never wants to be part of a corpo ever again
>Rushia wants to come back but she fucked up so hard that is impossible to happen

Aloe if someone can convince her to try it again

>> No.32246349

All 4 are active.

>> No.32246954

Sana, cause I loved her model.

>> No.32247249

let her go
Pako san

>> No.32247256

Honestly I think Aloe getting canned was for the best. She was not ready for the stress of being a huge figure and negative opinions from randos. But more than that her step father probably would have killed her or done something horrible to one of the other girls if they ever went to her place (not that I think she'd let them come).

The way things panned out her step dad slowly boiled over with jealousy until he did some stupid shit to get him divorced instead of quickly exploding into something potentially worse. Also I want to fuck her mom.

>> No.32247871


>> No.32248993

Aloe, just to give her an actual chance. If not her, Sana so she at least gets a 3D live and Holofes. Coco's graduation was bigger, but she at least got the "full experience" before she left.

For what it's worth, while Coco and Sana retired from Hololive, both still get brought up and the door feels like it's open for them to return one day. Coco's tail plug for example was on the Gen 4 float in the recent SSS video.

>> No.32249154

Only Aloe. Her life would've been probably a lot better if THAT didnt happen. The others are pretty much better off without the Holo brand.

>> No.32250296

None. Rushia was shit and my ears still bleed whenever i remember her. Coco clearly couldn't be creative inside the confines of hololive and Sana was literally not present. Aloe by default I guess.

>> No.32250735

Bringing her back would literally change nothing in that regard.

>> No.32251719

Debateable. Personally I would take 2022 Delta returning as Aloe. The silver lining of her graduating and taking the hard path is it forced her to look at herself and reflect on who she was and then the support from fans which ultimately saved her changed her world view. Finally her friendship with Ruki oulled her from the edge so many times I swear Ruki is her guardian angel. This is also Devil I know vs Devil I don't situation. I know she is happy right now you can hear it in her voice and how excited she is to be traveling for work and taking her Mama on vacation.

On that note I think Delta coming back and redubuting as Aloe would be the coolest shit ever. Would Cover allow her? Good chance she actually left on decent terms with them. Even if they were iffy Lamy, Botan, Nene and a few other talents might swing their weight around. Would she want to? No. Not at this time. In her eyes she has worked too hard to come back as Delta to toss it aside. It wouldn't be fair to the fans who have patiently waited and donated money. Also she has no desire to deal with permissions hell.

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