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Who’s the most menhera holo?

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Either Matsuri or chama

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Matsuri followed by Polka, no contest

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Matsuri but its cool cause shes the fun to watch type of menhera, need to hire more woman like that

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I always hear Polka is menhera but i never watch her so I'm unaware of why she is considered so.
What has she done to be called menhera

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(RIP) Aloe

Most of the others are reasonably sane

>> No.3209005

She has basically gone fully dependent on her chat before in a breakdown way among other depressing moments, it’s obvious she’s clearly not well at times.

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Other than that attempted suicide incident Aloe is pretty sane in a family full of fucked up people.

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Nenechi. Who in their right mind would marry their entire fanbase?

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I'm surprised no one even mentioned Rushia

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She mostly hides it in her members-only streams, but occasionally she'll say really dark things during regular streams and collabs.

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>attempted suicide incident
Really? I knew her fucked-up family situation and the dox-induced harassment, but I didn't know that it got to that point.

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Noel is a legit brocon who moved away because she couldn't handle her brother getting married. Literally one bad day away from murder-suicide.

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Because she’s less menhera and more mentally fatigued, there’s a difference

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Didnt she have a double abortion before?

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I know jack shit about her past so this is purely talking out of my ass but knowing about how desperate for attention and love she is I doubt she’d abandon any partner, she’s probably a massive virgin or hasn’t had a partner in years.

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>massive virgin
What's the difference between a massive virgin and a regular virgin? You don't think Polka is KHV?

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what has she said before?

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Yeah, she was hospitalised a few times I think. I feel bad for her because having a fucked up family can really change your nature.

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Massive virgins are KHVs like (you). Normal virgins are just unlucky guys who will pop their cherry sooner or later, again, unlike you.

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Well shit that's sad, but at least she has chat I suppose. Some people don't even have that

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I guess...? But the fact the streamer is the one that fell for the parasocial relationship is quite sad and ironic. The fact she doesn’t really seek help is sad as well but all on her in the end.

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Towa. Having a schizo hissfit because you don't have chocolate and start clawing walls while wailing is peak menhera.

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Is this the schizo rratposting thread ?

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Yeah, she's a fatty in Japan so it's quite conceivable that she's never experienced love

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This is why Japanese birthrate is declining, unless she’s like extremely morbidly obese or pig tier ugly their standards are too high, polka deserves the love she wants.

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Whatever helps someone cope. I don't think a therapist would do much good anyways, they never help. She has her listeners and her friends in gen 5 so she'll be fine.

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She has regular members only crying meltdowns

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Boring question
How about who’s menhera in the sheets but seiso in the streets?

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Matsuri, Ollie and to a lesser degree Shion and Ollie are prone to mental breakdowns. Hiring zoomers was a mistake
Polka and Gura are depressed as shit. Gura can go on longwinded nihilistic rants where she doubts people's genuineness. And Polka craves affection and is using her chat to deal with it.
Watame also has some freaky codependency with her chat going on but she seems more stable than the rest i mentioned.
All in all I'd say Matsuri is the most mental. She's legit losing her mind because she has white fever and can't get the hafu pussy she craves so much.

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Meant Shion and Haato.

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Not even close guys.

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Shit I gotta join her membership

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Well that was a read and a half

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wew lad

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Thats normal menhera levels.

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1. Abayo

And 2. Knew most of this shit already, she seems to have cleaned up for the most part (relatively more composed than some of the others on stream at the very least) she’s nowhere plug suit level emotion pit.

>> No.3211308

Post her nudes please

>> No.3211340

>bad choices
she knows selling her body to random Japs was a mistake kek

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That's why she sabotaged a collab with subaru where she not stop ranted about not being able to be apart of usada kensetsu, forcing the managers to have moona release a statement saying that her and kiara are good friends and that there is no fighting, right?

>> No.3211476

I assure you rratman it’s not that deep and also it was definitely influenced because both of their fanbases were already being annoying as shit.

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Whatever happened to hiding our depression and letting it slowly kill us over a period of years without anyone realizing it.

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Took god damn long enough for her to get posted jesus christ.

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/vt/ constantly trying to keep her down these days too lmao.

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Does she even come here? Why would she come to this shithole of a website?

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i wish anons were nicer to her. poor girl has worked hard and suffered for too long, she doesn’t deserve to be mistreated.

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She has definitely come here before as she had brought up the Subaru doxx rrat before which had only been talked about here and some other stuff that really you’d never see outside of /vt/, however I don’t know if she has done so recently.

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They say don't stick your dick in crazy, but why does crazy always look so hot

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File: 96 KB, 850x602, __houshou_marine_and_uruha_rushia_hololive_drawn_by_mikan_chipstar182__sample-9d317708762013d81c80ef7aab2829df(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I only know about the flirting with best son from matsuri's menhera fits is she really the most menhera
A qrd anyone?

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>gura is hachiman

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> Subaru doxx rrat

>> No.3212012

Why did you post a blank image

>> No.3212059

Polka one of your best friends works in the same company...

>> No.3212095

>She's legit losing her mind because she has white fever and can't get the hafu pussy she craves so much
Bros, I will take one for the team. It's my burden to bear.

>> No.3212131

Ok, but you will have to wear a blonde wig and let her call you Sara.

>> No.3212155

Hi Hoshikawa

>> No.3212192

but doctor, I am Pagliacci

>> No.3212263

Both of those things are true, anon

>> No.3212363

Rushia legit wants to marry a fan and said so on her roommate Twitter
Matsuri drops fucking absurd amounts of simp bucks for that one Niji chick
Haato started the whole schizo split personality thing as a joke but it has consumed her
Polkas codependency on chat

>> No.3212484

so...what's so bad about Rushia thing?
a girl is happy, a boy is happy.

>> No.3212524

Rushia isn't actually menhera her entire character is an act.

>> No.3212598

Rushia is just so fake. I don’t think I’d marry her even if she proposed to me.

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Horseshit, you would jump through loop, set your ass on fire and drag your balls through 5 miles of broken glass if said conditions would net you a cute nippon waifu with a voice that can crack reality in half.

>> No.3212731

Rushia would be one of the worst holos to marry. She seems like the type to beat her husband, cut herself, then call the police and blame the whole thing on him.

>> No.3212805

Maybe in another life....

>> No.3212812

I can live with that

>> No.3213001

But did you see her home cooking

>> No.3213179

That video is years old. She could've slimmed way down

>> No.3213550

It’s ok, I will make her slim down and make her a much happier person.

>> No.3213865

Women never slim down. It's like a 5% chance.

>> No.3213991

A bit hard with these lockdowns but we still have RFA I guess.

>> No.3214188

Polka is both massive and a massive virgin

>> No.3214193

>girl find some cute boy
>boy ain't interested in fucking america tier obese IT
>girl gets her shit together and becomes cute
>girl bangs guy
>girl doesn't need to try anymore
Seen it IRL times and times again.

>> No.3214537

That's not nice anon.

>> No.3215551

>Rushia legit wants to marry a fan and said so on her roommate Twitter
so just marry him

>> No.3215632

How can one man be so cucked?

>> No.3216907

the shark

>> No.3217222

You missed the part about her lusting for pussy and not cock.

>> No.3217228


>> No.3217342

I can fix her.

>> No.3217460

You think Matsuri would say no to white dick?

>> No.3217589

Mori abandoned her life in america and moved to japan to be a groupie for a japanese hip hop group.
After she didnt immediately get accepted as part of the group with her wigger rap she slummed around for a couple of years as a youtube indie musician, until she applied to Hololive "as a joke".

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>> No.3218272

I feel like Gura is a slowly simmering to a boil menhera. She seems the most disconnected from Holo culture so I think there's a big part of her that thinks pretending to be a loli shark as her job is fucking stupid. It may take a few years but I think we will see a big "fuck this!" stream followed by her leaving the scene very abruptly.

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Good thing I dont have a vagina...

>> No.3218564

Careful, Anon. The last person who said Kiara itt got [REDACTED]

>> No.3218591

Natsuiro "15cm is too big for me" Matsuri is more of a bi, she likes both girls and boys, with an inclination for girls.

>> No.3218638

To this day i'm conflicted if she just has MASSIVE balls or is just genuinely stupid.

>> No.3218640

Nene really was menhera for a while last year, after schizos called her bland, unoriginal without personalty, she started hitting twitter and stopped using aru, lately she is paying attention to those who don't like her usewa cover

>> No.3218650

Matsuri thinks 15cm is huge. Any white guy with an above avarage dick would impale her.

>> No.3218755

Gura's depression is due to her high numbers. Pressure + fear that people are just being nice to her because of her numbers. Management also is having to fight off JP collab requests. People forget that the JP girls are rivals with each other.

>> No.3219088

What about noel?

>> No.3219113

where do people get depression in shork?
she's interested in lots of things, tries new, has hobbies and shit.
depression is just fucking drifting through day with nothing going for it.

>> No.3219182

>Natsuiro "15cm is too big for me" Matsuri

>> No.3219184

Is there any chance she can pull off a Filthy Frank, aka leave behind what she thinks is an old job like vtubing, and not have it carry over to future projects? Somehow I don't think so. Schzios in her fanbase will refuse to let her old stuff die even after she quits being Gura.

>> No.3219283

Watch her minecraft and skyrim streams from around December and January. You could tell she had crippling depression due to the lockdown and because she naturally distrusts people.

>> No.3219305

Yeah I think she’s just downbeat sometimes, not really depressed. A typical depressed vtuber would be someone like Kana.

>> No.3219325

anon, she already did that

>> No.3219355

>she literally already did this once

>> No.3219434

No I think the end of Gura will be the end of her roomate's e-presence as a whole. She'll fade away to normal life, a celebrity living in anonymity.

>> No.3219439

I need a girl who's that easy to impress.

>> No.3219442

i think you're reading way too much into things. she just doesn't like minecraft and skyrim, but has to play it for hours. that will make person unmotivated, not induce depression. even more so crippling.

>> No.3219444

Thats normal for small Japanese women. When I went to soaplands in Japan sometimes they would ask me how big my dick was because some of the girls couldn't handle foreigners sizes.

>> No.3219520

>Is there any chance she can pull off a Filthy Frank, aka leave behind what she thinks is an old job like vtubing, and not have it carry over to future projects
The only one who's pulling a filthy frank here is Mori

>> No.3219531

Shirogane “the keyboard destroyer” Noel

>> No.3219564

I can't believe chumcucks actually believe this shit and don't realize she's just another e-girl drumming up attention from retarded lonely weebs. How new to the internet can you be

>> No.3219577

>he's small enough for asian women

>> No.3219677

She did stuff before her old vtuber on youtube no? I remember seeing an old vid where she had to be no more than a teenager and she already had thousands of subs for stuff she did.

>> No.3219755

What do you call a male version of a menhera? A "MANhera"!

>> No.3219779

You missed the multiple parts where Matsuri said that she doesn't care about gender, only personality.

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Noel is very prone to hard rage, not the 'lol gremlin' type.
She once said in school she was bullied for her size which did not bode well, is a hard brocon, and some faggots back in the old /jp/ days even used to say that she turned misandrist, but that's so fucking idiotic that is only funny to remember.

>> No.3219953

Yeah? How long do you expect someone to play an infantilized persona with a different skin? She's probably mid-20s now. You think she wants to be doing this shit at 30? Gura will go full Edward Norton Fight Club in the next full years and pull out of the game.

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yeah, but just her moans will make you cum

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>> No.3220074

Holy fuck i would actually love a fight club with gura narrating.
And Dune. Imagine fucking Dune narrated by shork.

>> No.3220075

She's just playing.

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>> No.3220301

Why Risu anon?

>> No.3220414

Did you made this one so nonsensical so you get (you)s?

>> No.3220429

>Risu above Polka


>> No.3220634

this is pretty accurate actually

>> No.3220706


>> No.3220718

Pretty accurate imo, although I'd move Marine and Coco down to Improbable, and Polka up to the top.
Marine is weird as fuck but she's still the most adult in her gen after Flare.

>> No.3220746

some soaplands actually accept foreigners. money is money

>> No.3220830

Therapists are lifesavers anon. They are huge help 99% of the time for people who fell really down. If you have mental illness you need to take your meds, without that no therapist because you cannot overwrite processes occurring in the brain. Im speaking from personal experience and experience of many others I could talk to.

>> No.3220930

Anon, she is lesbian

>> No.3221029


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Luna is not menhera, she is fragile and depressed more easily, but she won't show it, she will keep the earthquake inside quietly

>> No.3221111

Nah, Gura being as she is, is just her character, its not depression. You guys should use proper terms here because "feeling down" like everyone does from time to time is not a depression. Whats happening with Polka with her constant meltdowns going on for long period of time and how she seems down so often. I also don't trust 95% of people I meet until they prove they can be trusted and Gura has good reason to mistrust some of her cooworkers.

>> No.3221121

If you are white, follow basic hygiene, and most importantly, speak Japanese they will let you in.

>> No.3221159

Huh? Why are we talking about soapland and prostitutes? I thought we're talkingabout mentally unstable women?

>> No.3221237

switch Ame with Gura and explain your reasoning for putting Risu on top

>> No.3221255

I was just saying Matsuri's 15cm thing is pretty normal really, used my own anecdotal evidence.
Anyway to get back on topic, Matsuri, Noel, and Kiara are the most menhera to me.

>> No.3221278


>> No.3221370

hot as FUCK, im diamonds.

>> No.3221421


>> No.3221464

What is this? I've been membered to Risu for just over 2 months now and I've seen every stream since then and she's very normal

>> No.3221556

she's on this site, so

>> No.3221594

>Ollie not in a tier of her own
>literally is on break because she had a mental breakdown at the very moment

>> No.3221615

That is love

>> No.3221718

that's true but that's only because no one gets out, I don't think she lets our retardation affect her because she knows we're retards

>> No.3221817

>fan marrying their idol
Sounds like a power imbalance in the making

>> No.3221840

Risu knows we are retarded. Its kind of like with Lauren Faust visiting /mlp/.

>> No.3221970

Its all about the living the high highs and retroactively living through them through the lowest of lows in the relationship

>> No.3222072

>[Streamable] Noel rants (embed)

You can tell this rage comes from deep inside. Tongue clicking included.

>> No.3222281

it's happened like, once

>> No.3222429

How much of her yandere moments is just her doing a bit, and how much is genuine?

>> No.3222430
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>explain your reasoning for putting Risu on top
I am Risu

>> No.3222471

Oh hi Risu

>> No.3222474

Because you dont do karaoke streams with your Ayunda voice that much you dumb SEA rrat

>> No.3222492

hello risu

>> No.3222497



>> No.3222607

Kiara hasn't even done anything for quite a while now. Could at least be bumped down a level at this point

>> No.3222658


>> No.3222695

So what was >>3211063 about? I can only guess...

>> No.3222768

>15 cm is too huge

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>> No.3222842

Ah right. Of course. I'm quite sure what picture banned anon used too.

>> No.3222851

remember the 'ina is a tightly wound ball of rage' rrat?

>> No.3222911

>"tree rat is streaming tonight, go watch her, should cheer you right up"
>"but doctor... I am treerat!"

>> No.3222916

I mean, that can't be proven or disproven until she does snap.

>> No.3222983

Sorry >>3222793, >>3222842 was meant to be your (you), I replied to myself like a retard. Here, have this one.

>> No.3222997

>be ina
>go to times square on your birthday
>finally snap and melt down so hard you wind up on national news

>> No.3223001

>mori that low
AHAHAHAHAA! Holy fuck I can spot you deadchincels a mile away.

>> No.3223126
File: 30 KB, 461x461, no nuts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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>> No.3223277

what is that a pic of festival-chan?

>> No.3223311


why not? korone is a late 30s larping as a dog baby

>> No.3223359

you forgot the time where she say she liked that male character from apex

>> No.3223443

>polka and ollie not at the top
also noel should be in dangerous, the most she can hurt is herself, and marine in keep watch since she's too considerate of others to have a breakdown, at most she'll go insane after graduation when no one else gets caught in the fallout

>> No.3223447
File: 1.18 MB, 4096x2304, Noel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want Noel to have one of her rage fits and beat me half to death

>> No.3223528

no, it's chicken room mate

>> No.3223754

>chicken roommate
why did jannies deleted it? i thought we all already knew about her and her gigantic german nose

>> No.3223787

Makes me think how Aloe's graduation actually impacted Polka

>> No.3223795

Based hard M

>> No.3224158

Mental help in Japan is fairly bad, mostly because their society sees unwell people as a burden (can't work well) in the system, even several Universities there have disarticulated their "Humanitarian" departments/careers because the government thinks it is not necessary/those don't work, heck, in fact one of the reasons several keep closing is because the government keeps sending recommendation "letters" to the directives so they close them. It's no wonder people jump straight into trains when help starts becoming smaller and smaller or is fairly ineffective/biased and hard to find, also a Taboo to a degree.

>> No.3224307


>> No.3224329
File: 563 KB, 741x737, 1613589048416.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ywn have a qt menhera japanese gf

>> No.3224392

But all women are partly menhera

>> No.3224508

To be fair it should be like this.
Deal with it or remove yourself.
Just look how well this shit made life in the west with mental asylum patients running around instead of feeding maggots.

>> No.3224582

both probably, she deserves respect and a good kick in her groin

>> No.3224587

Anon you don't even understand how mental illness works. Its not something you can just wish away. You need to go back to your failed containment board. You won't get points for being edgy in here.

>> No.3224625
File: 12 KB, 320x320, 1604415211623.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a good kick in her groin

>> No.3224685

It's not much better in the US despite what people say. At least as far as actually helping mentally ill people. Instead we've turned it into big business, putting psychos up for display on tv or in political office. There's a lot of money to be made showing lunatics ramble on about flat earth or alternative medicine or what have you.

>> No.3224706

I never said wish away. I said deal. That is check yourself into a mental asylum and let doctors work on you.
Just like you deal with physical illness, you go to a doctor for treatment.

>> No.3224720

Artists have exploded over not drawing a line right.

>> No.3224767

> menhera

What that means ?

>> No.3224778

Do you mean the clearly bullshit "I jumped from the 7th floor unharmed, I am unable to die" or was there something actually believable?

>> No.3224787

Mentally ill person

>> No.3224804

But the entire problem in Japan is that they have very shit institutional support for people with mental problems and social shaming of people with them.

>> No.3224834

Anon, reps, don't ask to be spoonfed the most basic terms

>> No.3224844


>> No.3224930

Fuck, how was I supposed to know that? And where i can check a list of words how usual use here?

>> No.3224940

because insane people are a fucking minority, they don't need fucktons of support. 99.5% of population don't hear voices in their heads or think they need to chop their dick off to be a girl. you catch my drift yet?

>> No.3224958


>> No.3224964


>> No.3224978

Trans rights :) keep seething polfag

>> No.3224996
File: 326 KB, 1024x1024, RisuDoot [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2F4wzrgo.ogg].png.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>apex stacy

>> No.3225003

>talking insane people
>trans right
it's a good thing you understand where they stand in regards to their psyche.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> smile

>> No.3225030


>> No.3225038


>> No.3225041

>and he starts talkng about trans people
Jesus Christ, you /pol/tards are truly the most pathetic bunch of people letting all those people live rent free in your heads.

>> No.3225050

lol they live rent free in your head

>> No.3225070

>a good kick in her groin
As if she'd feel anything there.

>> No.3225073

cocochi is just ignorant jap

>> No.3225075
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>Nabi has had one stream

>> No.3225091

Out of everything i said about voices in the heads and being a minority, your Biden-tier brain caught the tranny shit.
>who lives in whose where again?
ain't even funny at this point

>> No.3225184

Some are accurate, some are not. Korone nearly impossible? What? Just drop her in a place with other people for a few days and she'll be tearing the entire place apart

>> No.3225213



>> No.3225227

Get a load of this racist troon.

>> No.3225276
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>> No.3225324

at the same time!?!?

>> No.3225453

Which is funny because you would only know about her menhera side (which I still think is pretty minor compared to the high tiers, I think her placement here is justified) if you were a deadbeat

>> No.3225490

she literally doesn't know shit outside of her field of interest... do you even watch her?

>> No.3225527

OK troon, the Japanese woman is too retarded to understand simple concepts. We get it racist.

>> No.3225547

I remember from the follow-up stream with the four of them she seemed to be keeping it together at least, contrast to Lamy and Nene who were crying. I guess she's one of those dead-eyed deadpan mental breakdown types

>> No.3225549


>> No.3225574

yes Coco is a bit of a retard. Still love her though

>> No.3225687

I get your point but ffs, get out of this board.

>> No.3225707

D-DDi----DID YOU JUST insult an intellect of a person of another cultural heritage and race??///!/1j!JH!GH!hj!

>> No.3225731

You will never be a woman.

>> No.3225754

consume medicine instead of sperging out over imagined strawman

>> No.3225881

Funny how a thread about menheras attracted the most common mentally ill people in this board: Schizos and trannies.

>> No.3225909
File: 829 KB, 1067x1433, 1602142492696.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>third world shitholes
>stone mentally ill people to death
>asian countries
>shame mentally ill people to death
>western countries
>enable mentally ill people to death

>> No.3225932

all chuubas are mentally ill. not a rrat

>> No.3225958

Kek based.

>> No.3225985

Just because your head is empty of all issues doesnt mean other people thinking of problems is a bad thing, dumbass. Nothing gets done when you live in blissful ignorance.

>> No.3225987

you have to be somewhat mentally ill to want to play as an anime character

>> No.3225998

Because sadly a lot of those people are attention seekers, chronical ones.

>> No.3226161

>you have to be somewhat mentally ill to want to play as an anime character
Alright, we have reached the logical conclusion of /vt/, what now?

>> No.3226242



>> No.3226251

yea and it's sexy as fucking fuck

>> No.3226261

I guess...we shut it down?

>> No.3226533

I'm a proud sexist usually, but desu the rate for both women AND men to lose weight AND keep it off is really low

>> No.3226570
File: 394 KB, 1028x738, 1617944634324.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3226585

Just get the 4chanx extension

>> No.3226662

ame did

>> No.3226725

You're projecting hard there mate.

>> No.3226774

why are all the coments about vtubers

>> No.3226840

The music was probably used by a clip nigger

>> No.3226847

Mori also did

>> No.3226880

Correct CMT

>> No.3226947

Only the richest fandead

>> No.3227003
File: 34 KB, 590x550, 1618318874808.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Polkas codependency on chat
This can't end well

>> No.3227047
File: 53 KB, 732x445, 1614157051153.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Polka love!

>> No.3227145

>was probably
Have you never treated yourself to a clip?

>> No.3227175

Not from that channel, that's for sure

>> No.3227179

You forgot
>makes people mentally ill yet is required to function in modern society

>> No.3227277

At this point idk who's the /pol/tard anon and who's the tranny anon. Only know you both are utterly retarded.

>> No.3227309

Nah, she knew.

>> No.3227566

lol magyarposter

>> No.3227587

Why can't it be both?

>> No.3227890

nah, she sounded oddly relieved when she asked her chat how old they were and got a lot of 30s answers.

>> No.3228072

I think of it as a sort of chip on her shoulder or resents them being a failed idol previously and tried out multiple times to be a holo. Not really too much menhera

>> No.3228172

stream name?

>> No.3228400

you know why, Risu

>> No.3228437
File: 138 KB, 1024x630, 1612969691503.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3228550

someone spoonfeed me exactly how menhera is Matsuri

>> No.3228579 [DELETED] 

>she wanted to kill her mother

>> No.3228617

> lusted over a girl
>> got rejected by said girl saying she ain't playing the same field

>> No.3228635

>she tried to kill her mother with a knife

>> No.3228641

cucked beyond belief

>> No.3228654

Rather than that, do you think any of them do a lot of egosa?

>> No.3228684

cucked does imply a relationship, which she had none.
fucked, yes. on she got fucked so bad the hentai mahou shoujo blushes.

>> No.3228686

That’s every thread

>> No.3228745

>actual lesbians
Boner subsided, I can't get horny for women who reject penis.

>> No.3228746

She should've know, she has the YouTube stats, we can just lie

>> No.3228782

one of them is full, other swings for the away team just as much.

>> No.3228890

iirc, she went on a date with matuli that day, and left to stay with gundou at a hotel afterwards
yeah, matuli got cucked

>> No.3228900

Sell me on this rrat

>> No.3228916

Not a rrat

>> No.3228954

i hate to break it to you, but a date ain't a relationship. it fucking sucks, but it's true.
it's two people who kinda think it might lead to something test if said feeling leads anywhere.
at times it does not. at times the other party goes to get her carpet cleaned by an expert, whilst the other one goes to twitter to have a meltdown.

>> No.3228965

You got the link for the long-ass translation of Mamatsuri and Festival talking about stuff?, Lost the link and can't find the video.

>> No.3228993

Looks like Luger already TL the entire stream

>> No.3229061

Well, link?

>> No.3229078

Thanks, also Based Schizo Gachikoi Lyger/Luger. The contradiction will never cease to amaze me, truly based despite being one of the most off the record people translating stuff.

>> No.3229079
File: 36 KB, 383x435, tsunomaki janken oh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

um anon... I already did

>> No.3229113

Matsuri has said she dreams about kissing Matsurisu and has dreams about marrying one. She also got drunk and couldn't say anything good about them. Conclusion: crazy with a dash of instability.

>> No.3229138

Matsuri and Rushia by far and are kind of tied for it.

>> No.3229141

peak s.oy

>> No.3229142

I apologize for my Biden episode.

>> No.3229168

Are you all newfags or is it just that none of you remember when Risu went full meltdown last autumn over numbers and imposter syndrome
Like Matsuri she's gotten much better since her anniversary, but she still has something of a bipolar relationship with her chat
There's also the fact that she's here and has been here for a long while

>> No.3229176


>> No.3229195

I don't think most people would actually want to get into a relationship with any of them, even here. No normal person wants to be the idol of thousands of otaku and spend hours each day with a fake personality. If they're only in it for the money then that says something bad about them too.

>> No.3229219

It's useful to keep track of threads I've posted on

>> No.3229235

We are not regulars here, spoonfeed us whatever the heck happened to Risu or I will assume all of that is bullshit like the PekoMiko rrats.

>> No.3229307

Everyone. But each girl is a different flavor or variety of menhera that it's brushed off thanks to having an anime appearance and its being played off as cute.

>> No.3229363

I mean, Aki kinda has that inferiority complex in which she perceives her low-subscriber/viewer count as an indicator of failure to a degree, if anything, she's mature enough to not let it get to her head too badly, avoiding sperging.

>> No.3229427

Not unlike every single Korean below 30

>> No.3229486

>third world shitholes
>stone mentally ill people to death
You're incorrect about that. In fact we ignore them to death, which is often not their own.

>> No.3229501

Risu was top in ID since debut and would regularly sorta rub it in Moona and Iofi's faces during collabs
When EN debuted all of ID got a MASSIVE boost, with Risu's streams getting over double viewership despite her not changing anything (if anything, she started to sing less and put fewer hours)
Then PekoMoona happened and Moona rapidly overtook her
Risu was streaming angry through most of September/October, before disappearing from the internet entirely for a week just before an Area 15 collab, with Iofi saying she was 'lost' and continuing normally without her

>> No.3229510

Lurk moar

>> No.3229511

but Ukraine is UROP!

>> No.3229522

They don't want to get in a relationship with THEM, they want to be in a relationship with who they are on stream. Most idols show the best of themselves on stream and not the parts that people don't like about women.

>> No.3229528

She browses 4chan

>> No.3229532

Did that actually happen?

>> No.3229549

Yes. So much it's in every hololive clipchannel.

>> No.3229565

And then she got better suddenly or what?, this sounds like the Ollie mindbreak rrats which are circulating RN.

>> No.3229576
File: 2.04 MB, 1510x1076, 1619831057452.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are any of EN menhera material?

>> No.3229588


>> No.3229598


>> No.3229605

Take your meds

>> No.3229614

Most people that even think about dating them want to date a cartoon character, looks and all. Even who they are on stream loses some luster when you take the cute anime girl away. I mean personality can really compensate for a lot but the personality on stream barely exists. The ones that get too real on stream are usually the most unhinged.

>> No.3229631


>> No.3229641
File: 671 KB, 500x667, 1613179544360.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3229667

i reckon the management told her to unfuck the fucking up or else

>> No.3229685

>tfw 16cm
brb booking discount tickets to japan

>> No.3229722

Kiara, Mori, and Gura if. Kiara being by far the most unstable

>> No.3229762

She did bare minimum hours with low quality streams through all of December, and didn't improve until after her birthday in January

>> No.3229768

Depending what you consider to be menhera.
Cali is workaholic and has constant 'not good enough' feeling.
Gura seems to be nihilistic, but I don't find it to be dangerous in any way.
Kiara used to be massive menhera, but it seems that it's a bit better ever since she joined Holo
Ame and Ina seems pretty normal

>> No.3229775

dykes btfo

>> No.3229806

All of them except Ina

>> No.3229811

Damn, and here I thought Towa was sane.

>> No.3229845

I can see Noel hating men after being sexually harassed. Which is a great loss to the male sex because her roomate is built for breeding.

>> No.3229885

Not saying she was telling the truth but I have know a guy who fell from the 8th story because he was drunk and wanted a smoke and came out relatively unharmed.

>> No.3230205

WTF I Love Sara

>> No.3230468

some people used to have a case but at this point all of them just have down moments that they come back from relatively quickly

>> No.3230533
File: 1.11 MB, 800x1000, 1598617408528.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Found Kiara's roommate
I need to protect the chicken

>> No.3230604

Chicken is cute, I pray for chicken's mental state to not implode.

>> No.3231029

she's doing better besides recent moving stress and her ISP being dumb. She's definitely been hyper since the outfit reveals as evidenced by her last stream

>> No.3231175

In late but lamo that keyboard she broke that motherfucker in two

>> No.3231439

>keeps holding shield up
>complains about stamina
what an idiot, I bet she'd complain about the dick going soft after making you cum too

>> No.3231549

Is this bait?

>> No.3231851

yea I am a newfag, this board is craaaazy but pretty fun. For the past 4 years I haven't set foot out of /vp (the pokémon board) and now that I am I get called a newfag like every thread even though I've been here for almost a decade now

>> No.3232639


>> No.3232811

if society actually cares about menhera they would actually just ban social media
and yet people flock to Twitter/Instagram from Facebook as if the former is magically much better than Facebook
just quit it altogether
this alone will solve 90% of the social issues in society this day
the truth is everyone is just sad and pathetic and they constantly need to be praised
i want to throw up every time my friends pretend to smile for the camera and then trying again to find the perfect picture
its sickening

>> No.3232909

>ywn have a sister with massive tits

>> No.3232980

>Big breasted jealous brocon weeb
I still can't believe she exists

>> No.3233057

What is she crying about?

>> No.3233081

Imagine being able to fuck both her and Flare.

>> No.3233128

How do we save her?

>> No.3233234
File: 82 KB, 585x595, 1605625463344.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can't,
all you can do for her is fall into the hole with her to soften the landing for her.

>> No.3233320

Can't, don't even try, too far gone, instead go support other chuuba and her respective roommate so she doesn't end up like this.

>> No.3233377


>> No.3233493

I heard somewhere Ame used to be abused when she was younger

>> No.3233591

I bet being around her cats again is making her feel better.

>> No.3233731

Polka, please don't do it...

>> No.3233868

Ame overworks herself constantly, don't forget that she was high on caffeine during her debut stream

>> No.3234016

She states it herself in one of her roommate streams.

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